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[2018-02-02-NOAH] Kenou vs Yuko Miyamoto

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This was a disappointment.


In the build up to this match miyamoto (a part time deathmatches wrestler part time normal wrestler) had been using some more hardcore gimicks to be able to hurt kenou and even beat him by ref stoppage after a fire thunder driver off the apron through a table that caused a nasty gash on kenou's head.


Kenou a grumpy man at the best of times was expected to be ruthless in this match attacking Yuko and going by the match time of just over 15 mins that is what I expected. A 15 mins ghc title match is a godsend after the past few years of every major title match having to go 30+.


The first half of this match is exactly what I wanted they don't bother with any sort of mat Wrestling and kenou just starts blasting Yuko with kicks and throws him out of the ring. They follow this up with some brawling around ringside and back inside using the guardrail, the ropes, a chair and the ring post. All so good so far. Yuko manages to hit the fire thunder driver again through a table but kenou manages to just get back inside to break a count. From here the match goes downhill and fast.


From here it just turns into a bunch of moves not built to and not sold. Worst of all kenoh hits a top rope dragon suplex and miyamoto is up first, hitting a fire thunder driver in the ring less than ten seconds after taking a top rope dragon suplex.


The match does have a good finish where kenou beats up Yuko relentlessly and hits a double footstomp from the top to the floor through a table on miyamoto before another one for the win in the ring.


But really this match really had something going for it, it was heated, stiff and had some hate there but they ruined it by throwing in 5 mins of big moves that meant nothing and no sold them because that is what a world title match has to have apparently. *** Huge shame.

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