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[2006-04-30-WWE-Backlash] Edge vs John Cena vs HHH

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Triple Threat match for the WWE Title.


My biggest gripe about this match has to be that it's supposed to be babyface John Cena defending against two heels, but only Edge is seriously trying to get heel heat here. It doesn't spoil the match but it does get aggravating. They work the triple threat formula quite well with Edge staying out of the action at the start, just getting involved to break up a pin attempt, at which point Cena and HHH decide best to beat him up first before HHH attacks Cena from behind. Cool spot where Cena gets both HHH and Edge up for an FU at the same time which gets the crowd to their feet even if it gets blocked.


HHH does a ridiculous blade job from being rammed into the post by Edge. Not quite an Eddie '04 but 75% of the way there. He gets DDTed onto the table and that's him taken out for Cena and Edge to fight it out. There's another cool spot where Triple H gets back involved. Cena has Edge up on the top rope for a super-FU but HHH jumps in and throws them both down. A Tower of Doom spot that didn't seem contrived is a worthwhile achievement. It is a bit silly that Cena has Triple H in the STFU who is covered in blood mounting this heroic fightback like Austin in the Sharpshooter. But this all leads to a good finish where Cena actually outwrestles HHH and beats him with a roll-up counter. This feels more decisive in the context where Triple H was constantly pushing himself as a superior "wrestler" to Cena.


***3/4 Very good main event with some innovative stuff and good drama. I'm gonna disregard the post-match where a bloody Triple H kills everyone with a sledgehammer and stands tall roaring to close the show. Oh Hunter.

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