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[2009-04-26-FUTEN] Kengo Mashimo vs Shinjitsu Nohashi

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This kind of match...this is my bread-and-butter. A 12-minute ditty with Mashimo working like he's too good to be in the same ring as little Nohashi, who puts on a fun underdog performance. The strikes are stiff, the matwork engaging, and the camera is...uh, adequate. Mashimo starts with these condescending bald head slaps before they scramble around the mat, with Nohashi trying to hold his own. After a good hard kick to the ribs, Mashimo muscles Nohashi up with a deadlift gutwrench suplex and keeps peppering him with the knees and kicks (including an ASS KICK) until Nohashi stops his momentum with a big headbutt. Mashimo is quick to recover, utilizing a crisp takedown into the double wristlock, but Nohashi is able to cut him down with a leg trip, stomping at his face and head before turning him over into the single leg crab. He transitions from the single leg>STF>rear naked choke but Mashimo's able to exert more pressure, turning the hold against him. Finally, Nohashi unloads with some absolutely nasty headbutts (including a running headbutt), bloodying himself in the process. He hits a backdrop suplex, an awesome top rope basement dropkick, and goes right back to the choke. But in the end, he can't hang on and after powering out, Mashimo hits the brainbuster and high kick to the head to KO Nohashi.

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