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[2018-03-11-wXw-16 Carat Gold 2018: Day Three] Absolute Andy vs David Starr

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An absolutely epic finals match to a great tournament. Absolute Andy & David Starr are 2 characters who's stories were told perfectly throughout the 16 Carat '18 - you got the underdog babyface Starr trying his hardest to achieve what is his biggest goal & then you got the grizzled veteran in Andy who cheat his way to the finals by using cheap tactics in every match that he had. A perfect characters clash, right there. Starr's babyface performance in this is absolutely phenomenal - if it wasn't for Johnny Gargano pulling out that magic at Takeover vs. Andrade Almas, what Starr did here would be my pick for the best babyface performance in quite a while. His selling was top notch, his body language was terrific & his fire was great. Andy was tremendous beating the crap out of him too & his character work was tremendous, as it was all tournament long. A classic match - one of the best ones in wXw's history. Just a perfect storm of the ultimate babyface in David Starr meeting the absolute bastard that is Absolute Andy. As of now that I am writing this, it's my #3 MOTY. ****3/4

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