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[2000-12-02-NOAH-The Final Navigation] Jun Akiyama & Kentaro Shiga & Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Takeshi Morishima vs Kenta Kobashi & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Takeshi Rikio & Kenta Kobayashi

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Jun and Kobashi stary off hot and they are on a road of hatred heading into the 12/23 match. The two Takeshi’s then square off which is interesting to see givien the future for these hosses. It is engaging to see Akiyama being able to recruit his own stable and he is established as a major pillar of NOAH. KENTA looks tiny compared to Morishima and they take over on young KENTA to gain an advantage. Its cute seeing KENTA wearing the Kobashi orange and Shiga representing his boy with the white tights. Shiga and Kikuchi have a pretty awesome battle against each other as the lieutenants of their respective teams. The way the roster is defined here is so great as each team has a legend/lieutenant/junior/brute. That type of hierarchy really sings to me and is even more rewarding when you see stuff like Kobashi going after Shiga. KENTA becomes the whipping boy and takes some nasty punishment from Kanemaru on the outside. All 4 of Sterness do a giant swing pancake into the mat and then Morishima brutalizes KENTA some more. Kobashi gets the hot tag and we go to the final sequence. Some more beefy action with Rikio and Morishima in there at the final stages. Sterness takes turns wearing out Rikio and Morishima finishes him off with a big lariat. Fun ass six man. ***3/4 (7.5)

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