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[2013-12-16-50th Anniversary of Rikidozan's Death Show] Kensuke Sasaki & Yoshiaki Fujiwara & Super Tiger vs Jun Akiyama & Yoshihiro Takayama & Mitsuo Momota

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So Momota is Rikidozan's son? He's also spent the majority of the later years of his career doing opening card comedy matches in Noah. Here he breaks away from the comedy and works a serious match and he is the main focus on this and he's mostly worked over by everyone which is crazy considering his age. We get some brief exchanges between the big boys, but aside from Akiyama briefly wrecking Super Tiger with knees and kicks, there's nothing else noteworthy. The finish is worked smartly with Kensuke's trio catching Momota in submissions so he can get a rope break and draw some sympathy on him and he can get some hope chops in before he gets chopped down and put away with a Northern Lights Bomb.

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