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[1991-04-01-SWS-Wrestle Dream in Kobe] Masakatsu Funaki vs Naoki Sano

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This definitely had its moments but the slower matwork was a little dry. But when they’re unloading on one another, swinging for the fences, it’s great! After a meandering start of love taps and trying to get something going on the mat, Funaki adds a lick of spicy mustard and smacks Sano in the face, knocking him down with a face kick. He stays on him, trying to finish him off with the same maneuver that won him their previous match – a German suplex into an armbar. Sano survives and they go back to the mat but Funaki’s quick hands land a few hard slaps in between. The finish was cool, as Sano hits the German suplex but the way Funaki lands on him, he’s able to snag an arm and submit him with the armbar.

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