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[2001-03-03-NOAH-One Night Navigation] Yoshihiro Takayama & Takao Omori vs Takeshi Morishima & Kentaro Shiga

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This is far better than it has any right to be. While the lineups indicate it should be a squash match, it turns out it's not as Morishima and Shiga put on a fiery performance. They take up the approach Marufuji did in the previous match against Misawa and they attack NO FEAR before the bell and it's awesome because the crowd gets going and they stick to everything they can and Shiga takes off Omori's shirt and he chokes him with it. Then what was originally a squash for NO FEAR turns against them and they are the ones getting squashed and the fans begin to believe Morishima and Shiga will pull off the upset before Omori smashes Morishima with an Axe Bomber and the sight of an upset is over. Really fun match.

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