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[2001-03-18-NOAH-Navigation For The Victory] Jun Akiyama & Kentaro Shiga & Takeshi Morishima vs Yoshinari Ogawa & Naomichi Marufuji & Takeshi Rikio

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This is boatloads of fun. This kicks off with a pretty brutal slap fest between the Takeshi's. After there's a pretty awesome moment with Ogawa getting tagged in and goading Akiyama who then comes in and Ogawa gets him to turn his back on Marufuji and Rikio who then jump in the ring and jump him from behind. This then breaks down into a southern-esque six man tag with Marufuji working from underneath as the FIP and he takes a brutal beatdown including some nasty body slams and getting put into some nasty manjigatames, namely from Morishima who tries to break the dude's spin in half. His comeback was not bad, as he kept it short and tagged out as soon as he could and smartly jumped off the ring apron and stayed on the floor to put over the beating he had taken before instead of jumping back on the ring apron and waiting to get tagged back in immediately. This breaks down and there's this cool spot where Marufuji tries his flying corner elbow on Akiyama, but Jun catches him in midair and hits him with a gut buster, sucks he doesn't really put that over much and is back to hitting highspots seconds later including an extremely weak looking dropkicks on Morishima. There's also this sweet looking double team spot here between Morishima and Akiyama on Marufuji where Morishima picks him up in front the turnbuckle and Akiyama dropkicks Marufuji from behind and he goes neck first into the turnbuckle. The guy who shines the most to me in this match is Shiga, who continues to look great in multi man tags. He hits some smooth looking submission attempts on Marufuji including a manjigatame during the beatdown and some slick armlocks in the finishing stretch one which he catches Marufuji in off a flipping dive from the top rope. Really fun match.

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