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[2001-08-15-NOAH] Takeshi Rikio vs Makoto Hashi

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The venue seems like a venue Toryumon JAPAN would've run around that time. Man, does this match rule. It's not a MOTYC or anything, but it's a really fun midcard Noah house show match. Hashi is north of the 100 kg weight limit for the Jr. division here, so they get to work a little more even. Hashi's main offense is his Samoan-esque hard head and he uses that to his advantage here and there's one of the most gruesome headbutt exchanges I have ever seen. There's particularly a close up of it and you can hear the thud clearly as their heads collide. Hashi also uses his head to ground Rikio by working over his arm with headbutts. However, Rikio playing the role of the bigger bully, just cuts Hashi off with some brutal slaps that bust up his mouth and Hashi just drapes the mat from his bloody mouth. The finishing run is pretty awesome as Hashi gets to kick out of some big moves before falling to a big powerbomb.

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