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[1987-03-26-NJPW] Nobuhiko Takada & Akira Maeda vs Shiro Koshinaka & Keiji Mutoh

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This was a whirlwind of non-stop, no nonsense action, with plenty of stiff kicks and suplexes from Team UWF. I mean, the selling is non-existent but there's little to no downtime. This builds from their 3/20 match with Takada being a little more on the ball when it comes to Koshinaka's wiliness. After Koshinaka catches a foot, Takada slaps his way free and blasts him with a back kick to the grill. Maeda suplexes everyone around the ring, including dumping Koshinaka on his noggin with a belly-to-belly. Mutoh pulls off the moonsault press for a fired up crowd but it's not enough to beat the shooters. Koshinaka tries for a few roll-ups but Takada is able to counter an attempt with a cross kneebar and Koshinaka has no choice but to tap out. A fun, suplex-happy match with everyone poppin' up and hittin' moves.

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IWGP Tag Team Champions Shiro Koshinaka & Keiji Mutoh vs Akira Maeda & Nobuhiko Takada - NJPW 3/26/87

The Impossible Dream Team of Koshinaka & Mutoh upset Team UWF six days earlier after getting slaughtered for 95% of the match, but it only takes three seconds to win. Will Team UWF come out firing or will they be more cautious? Stream of consciousness style so I can get to bed quicker:

Takada & Mutoh start and Takada is more tentative. They trade wild kicks to the head. They trade knucklelock takeovers. Typical New Japan start where the work is tight and crisp. Takada single leg & back heel trip into the leg lace. Here's the Takada we all know and love. At least it doesnt last long. Takada lands two nice kicks to the side. Mutoh tags out. Koshinaka in and he gets SMACKED immediately. Koshinaka plays defense well. Takada tags out. Maeda is not playing this game. Big kick to the head but Koshinaka blocks.  Koshinaka SLAPS Maeada in the ropes! BALLSY! Maeda gets his receipt and here come the kicks! Koshinaka works leglocks well. Maeda single pickup into leglace and Koshinaka scrambles out. Good man! Koshinaka dropkick and wants a hiptoss. Maeda says homey dont play that and THROWS Kosh DOWN! Spikes him on his head an in crazy reverse crotch hold down. Maeda works douuble wristlock and snapmares him into the UWF corner. Takada comes in with kicks but Koshinaka leg drags him to Muto and Mutoh works a toehold. This is far more even and it is still great work but doesnt have the charm of the first match. Takada works a TIGHT headlock! The work is so good tight and crisp. I love it. Now Takada figure-4s the head, definitely a more standard match. Mutoh pops out into a Bow & Arrow. He has not stolen the Mutalock from Inoki yet. Mutoh tags out and Koshinaka applies a chinlock into headlock. Takada wriggles free into a kick. Tag out. Maeda and Takada double team him. Wicked Maeda kick to head to finish for two. Koshinaka bulls Maeda over but Maeda applies an arm bar. Mutoh Bombs Away Kneedrop to save. Big legdrop by Kosh and into chinlock. Loved the Maeda Fireman's Carry as an out! Maeda spikes him with a belly to belly throw and a wicked piledriver. Takada meaty kicks and then Tombstone Piledriver and then Belly to Belly Suplex. Back to leglace. The offense is high octance, but the eveness and more holds hurts the rhythm. Koshinaka the master of working leg holds aggravates Takada with slaps to force him to release hold. Takada misses an Enziguiri and Koshinaka works the Scorpion Deathlock a wildly popular 80s New Japan move. Everyone used it! Takada tags out in the hold. Maeda comes in kickin'! Big German by Maeda. Maeda with big Spinning Heel Kick on the incoming Mutoh. Team UWF is taking advantage of being in pro wrestling with a zillion suplexes. Takada missile dropkick and Saito Suplex. Mutoh misses the Back Handspring Elbow but Takada misses the Jumping roundhouse Kick. Backbreaker -> Moonsault! Electric! Maeda saves! Spike Piledriver! Takada kicks out because Maeda does not save....BOOOOOO! SUPER REAR VIEW! Only gets two! Maeda dropkicks Koshinaka and Takada Dragon Suplex! I think they have done every suplex possible. No Butterfly or Gutwrench. Maeda Spinning Heel Kick gets two! He misses in the corner! Mutoh tags in and gets the Boston Crab. Takada KICKS THROUGH MUTOH! Maeda Dragon Suplex on Mutoh for two! Koshinaka tagged in, BUTT BUTT! O'Connor Roll! Jacknife! Takada gets a legbar out of O'Connor Roll and Maeda dropkicks Mutoh to prevent the save and Koshinaka tags out.  

Team UWF's offense was awesome! That was really where the match begins and ends. I think the more even layout and more holds hurt the match. While the offense looked cool all the kicks and suplexes, it was a bit over the top. The Mutoh finish stretch was hot in the first match and it was hot here. Just didnt do it for me as much as the first match. ***3/4


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