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[1998-03-15-GAEA] Meiko Satomura vs Sakura Hirota

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Yeah, I'm pimping a Hirota match now. What are you gonna do about it?

This was a cool sprint that WORKED and told a STORY due to Hirota being Hirota. This was before she was a total clown act, so she actually tried to be competitive with Meiko by rushing her with hip attacks and rollups, and Meiko putting her in place with arm-snapping flash submissions and general viciousness. Hirota's Hip Attacks work because she has a variety of them – hip attack to the shoulder, hip attacke to the side of the head, avalanche hip attack etc. Match a few neat moments (including Hirota reversing the armbreaker in a great sequence) and Hirota's partial sloppiness actually added to the match. Also, badass finish where Hirota keeps blocking Satomura's finisher so Satomura does like a modified judo throw into her DVB. Never seen that anywhere.

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