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[2008-06-01-BattlARTS-Young Generation Battle] Munenori Sawa vs Koichiro Kimura

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Hey, it's Kimura from RINGS not wrestling a 30 minute draw but something much more exciting! He's more aggressive with the submissions, going after Sawa's arm, fighting through Sawa's slaps and firing back with kicks and dirty stomps to beat him down in order to attack the arm with holds. Even when Sawa mounts a little comeback with the baseball punch and tries to choke him out, Kimura judo throws him down and goes back to the armbar. Good back-and-forth struggle toward the end before Kimura busts out some nasty rear mount headbutts and knee drops. He's able to block the Shining Wizard but Sawa snags him in a triangle for the submission. Fun match.

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