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[2001-02-03-IPW] Scoot Andrews vs Frankie Capone

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The crowd are thoroughly behind Scoot here with a loud “B-N-B” chant as the bell rings to get us underway. Drop down, leap frog, shoulder tackle and both me go down. Capone whips Scoot into the turnbuckles and we get a horrible botch as he’s far too close to Scoot on the tip up and he kicks the inrushing Capone under the jaw with his ankle as he goes to vault over him. That gets a mixture of “Oooohs” and laughter from those in attendance. Nice elevation on the dropkick but it barely grazes Capone, although he sells it like caught him flush in the face and he takes a powder to the outside. A terrible looking spin kick by Capone and a scoop powerslam for a two count. Lots of choking by Frankie and not much else. Scoot reverses the whip into the corner and is losing him on the side slam so just lets him fall to the canvas instead. That gets even more laughter from the crowd! They go right back to the same spot where from the side slam Scoot continues the rotation and pancakes Capone, but Frankie even struggled second time out! A “Frankie sucks” chant breaks out as the fans let him know exactly how they feel about his efforts here. Capone holds onto the ropes after being whipped into them resulting in Scoot dropkicking thin air, and now he’s getting a “you can’t sell” chant. They’ve completely lost all faith in him as a lone voice yells “he’ll mess up again” and he almost does right away with the side slam. More choking (not much variety here from him either) and when you think this can’t get any worse, the ‘Earl Hebner shove spot’ which sees Capone bump for the mulleted official. Scoot cuts off whatever Frankie had planned with a clothesline but then runs into a knee to the mid-section. Capone takes an eternity climbing to the top rope and you know he’s going to get crotched up there, which he does! Scoot slams him to the mat and add that to the list of things Capone is incapable of doing even adequately. He catches Scoot with some variation of a jawbreaker, but picks him up at the count of two as obviously dishing out more punishment is of greater importance to him than winning the Light Heavyweight title. Irish whip, however Scoot keeps hold of the arm and hits the ‘Pumphandle driver’ to save us all from any more of this.


Capone was shockingly bad and, despite his efforts, there was nothing Scoot could do; he was fighting a losing battle in there. He did try to cover for the many blown spots (and it wasn’t like Capone was screwing up on tricky stuff) but in the end it was like he just god fed up of doing so. When the fans realised they were watching a train wreck they amused themselves with chants at Capone’s expense, and while I’m not usually a fan of stuff like that, he kinda bought it on himself. Poor, make that a very poor match.

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