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[2001-01-28-WWF-Philadelphia, PA] Steve Austin & The Rock vs Triple H & Chris Benoit (No DQ)

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The pop here for the Rock is pretty insane, bigger than the one Austin gets. Triple H and the Rock start, and of course they have a nice sequence because they've done this literally hundreds of times by this point. Austin and Benoit go pretty hard, busting out a superplex five minutes into a house show match, in case you're wondering why these guys had neck problems. Trips is avoiding and antagonizing Austin here, which is fun. Nice pop when Austin finally gets some shots in. They take things out to the crowd for some brawling, although it's not a very long stretch. Otherwise, this is a relatively tame No DQ match. Longish heat segment on Austin. Hot tag to the Rock, and they go pretty quickly to the finish, which is the Rock Bottom on Benoit. Solid match. If you're curious about what a WWF house show felt like at the time, this match of the three from January is probably the one to check out.

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