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[2001-02-03-MPPW-TV] American Dragon & Shooter Schultz vs Lance Cade & Joey Abs

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Lance is backstage with Randy Hales and he doesn’t see his name on the booking sheet for today’s show. Randy confirms that he hasn’t got a match and while he’s okay with that, tells him that he’s got business to take care of with ‘the Kliq’ and that’s starting today. Later in the show we return from a commercial break to see the American Dragon laid out in the dressing room with Cade standing over him and holding aloft his mask saying “one down, three to go”.


Jason Sensation, Shooter Schultz and an unmasked American Dragon enter the ring with a message for Lance Cade. Jason describes Dragon as a ‘hazardous weapon’, having seen him chop and kick holes in other men, so there is no way Lance could’ve taken his mask by himself. He must’ve paid off ten stooges to do it for him, and for that he’s going to pay. Shooter says how he proved last week that Lance Cade doesn’t belong here, he made him tap and showed everyone what he’s really made of. After what he started though, it looks like he’s going to have to do it again! Dragon finds it hypocritical that Lance doesn’t approve of the Kliq’s actions, as they’ve never attacked an injured man or done anything as disrespectful as stealing someone’s mask, but he’s come to the conclusion that people around here don’t respect the mask anyway so from now on is going to wrestle without it. Even though he’s still injured he begs Cade to come out right now and fight them. Lance doesn’t need asking twice and even gets a shot in on Jason Sensation before being overpowered by the two on one odds. Joey Abs rushes to help him out and gets a great powerslam in on Dragon. A leg lariat to Shooter, who ducks to the floor, as Corey suggests that referee William Gibson just rings the bell and makes this a match.


Gibson must’ve heard him as he calls for the bell and we’ve an unscheduled tag team encounter on our hands. Big clothesline by Abs on Dragon and a nice looking suplex gets him a two. He grabs a waistlock, O’Connor roll, but unbeknownst Schultz tags his partner as he hits the ropes. Boot to the mid-section by Shooter followed by a butterfly suplex. An exploder gets him a two before Dragon and Abs trade hard chops. A stiff lariat folds Dragon up and that gives Joey the chance to make the hot tag. Lance jabs away at Shooter and then powerbombs him to the mat forcing Dragon to break up the pin attempt. That brings Abs back into the fold as all four men fight it out in the ring. Schultz saves Dragon from ‘the Absolution’ and, after a forearm smash takes care of him, they look to double team Cade. Lance ducks the double back elbow and a sunset flip on Shooter. Dragon grabs hold of his hands to stop him from being taken down, but Abs nails him with a dropkick. Cade completes and the sunset flip is enough to put Shooter away. On the conclusion of the match Spanky sprints from the dressing room and clocks Abs in the back of the head with his title belt. He handcuffs him to the bottom rope and it’s four on one against Lance. Shooter puts Cade in ‘the Clutch’ until Pete Gas with the unexpected save runs ‘the Kliq’ out of there.

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