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[2001-02-03-MCW-TV] Steve Bradley vs Rodrageous

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Our first look at the former Rodney of the Mean Street Posse, now styling himself after Jesse Ventura and going by the name Rodrageous. A boot to the mid-section as opposed to a conventional lock up catches Rodney off guard, although he quickly gathers himself, ducking under a swinging right hand and retaliating with a bunch of his own. Hip toss, arm drag, a dropkick and I don’t think Bradley was expecting this as he takes to the floor to have a quiet word with Victoria about what he should do next. She leans into the ring under the bottom rope, distracting Rodney, which allows Bradley to sneak attack him from behind. He telegraphs the backdrop though and a flying forearm gets Rodney a two. Butterfly suplex, and this time Victoria grabs Rodney’s leg on the lateral press, pulling him off her man. He takes off after her but Bradley is lying in wait and levels him with a clothesline. Rear chinlock with Bradley digging the knee into the back for added pressure. The camera cuts to Victoria offering encouragement at ringside, although the fan to the right is more interesting in gawping at her ass (he’s blatantly staring at it) as opposed to watching the in ring action! Bradley chokes Rodney over the ropes and then diverts the referee’s attention so Victoria can do the same. Whip to the corner, Bradley comes charging in, but Rodney moves and he ends up straddling the turnbuckles. As the official checks on the Unified champ, Victoria hits a tornado DDT off the middle. Rodney kicks out of the cover and lands a DDT of his own. Bradley grabs one of his title belts but is stopped in his tracks by the referee who prevents him from using it on his opponent. It looks like they’d planned for that and almost ‘knew’ it was going to happen as Victoria is already in the ring and sledges Rodney with a double axe handle. That has no effect and she immediately starts to back off when he turns around. The ref gets between them, but while he does so Bradley clocks Rodney with his other title belt (the ref still had hold of the first one he took from him) and covers him for the three.


Rodney, sorry Rodrageous looks so much better than Pete Gas; he’s got charisma, personality and a decent understanding in there, the one thing he hasn’t got compared to his former partner is size, and that’s basically the crux as to why Gas is getting the main event push and he’s not. Solid TV match and Victoria continues to work hard from the floor channelling her inner Sherri.

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