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[2008-12-22-WWE-Raw] Chris Jericho vs CM Punk

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Chris Jericho vs CM Punk - RAW 12/22/08


Chris Jericho had a molten 2008 easily his career year while this was CM Punk's breakout WWE Year winning the Money In The Bank and World Championship. This is a random RAW midcard match that is a part of tournament to crown a number one contender for John Cena. This is the definition of a good match. There is nothing wrong with it, but nothing outstanding. CM Punk is an expert martial artist according to Michael Cole, which makes me laugh in 2018. Punk does have good kicks. Solid back and forth affair. I didn't like Jericho's counter from the G2S to Boston Crab at all. Punk gets a couple KO blows with a knee and a roundhouse kick to the head to make it look like he could win. Jericho hits a Codebreaker as Punk springboards in the air. I forget who hyped this match to me, but feel free to skip. It is good but nothing more, nothing less. ***

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