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[2001-08-06-NJPW] HiroyoshI Tenzan vs Osamu Nishimura

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Hey, I'm all about technique vs. power match-ups and this one worked really well, despite Tenzan's limitations. Osamu is snug as always, really working the hell out of Tenzan's arm and Tenzan really selling the submissions as dangerous. Tenzan is Tenzan but he works well as the counterweight to Nishimura's approach. The armwork goes away but the back half of the match is a lot of fun. Nishimura smartly blocks the crab hold attempt and I loved his collapse after the big face slap. Always a top notch seller. The two count off the German suplex hold was great, and I thought the finishing stretch was good. After Tenzan hurts his knee on the calf branding and misses the moonsault, Osamu dropkicks the knee to set-up the spinning toe hold, which Tenzan Mongolian chops out of before finishing him with the TTD.

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