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[2018-04-02-CaraLucha vs Lucha Memes] Barbaro Cavernario vs Ricky Marvin

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So I just noticed that +Lucha put up a complete version of this a few weeks ago, and god damn, it is so good. Marvin decides that he's going to make the caveman work for every little thing in this match, spending a lot of time and effort destroying his arm and cutting him off in ways that seem really legit. For a second it looks like a nasty foot stomp might be enough to stop the match (that one looks even more nasty in the Estrellas del Ring version that went up in April and, it turns out, is only a little bit short), but Cavernario eventually recovers and, to the delight of the fans, finally makes a real comeback.

Cavernario is one of my favs, and while I love watching him swing skinnier luchadors into barriers in Arena Mexico, seeing him have to really scrap to get one over on a pissed off veteran is a great different side. Marvin continues his great run this year, and I think this is even better than the Cerebro matches and the great Keyra match. If you like wrestling that has holds and moves, but still at times resembles a real fight (and I'd wager if you're reading this you do), this is definitely one to seek out.

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