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[1998-03-06-JWP] Tomoko Kuzumi vs Hikari Fukuoka

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These two are such hit and miss workers. Half the time they will do generic sprint bullshit and the other half you'll get something really compelling. This was more on the compelling side because they didn't go long and took a more conservative approach & the match was laid out in an effective way. Lots of nice scrambling matwork in the opening minutes with a giant swing and a dropkick being the highspots. The match was then built around gutsy young Kuzumi trying to just blow away Fukuoka with her bombs and Fukuoka putting her back in place. Fukuoka looked convincingly ace-like by not allowing Kuzumi easy comebacks and using offense that wouldnt look out of place on a New Japan/All Japan main eventer (high kick, knee to the face, kick to the spine etc).  Kuzumi was like a more limber Sabu, always going for unpredictable highspots and suplexes. Should mention that her almost blowing a springboard move, landing on her feet and hitting a snap suplex on the floor may have been a botch that actually made the match better than if she had just hit her spot. This had 2-3 minor wonky transitions but the finishing sequence was really strong with Kuzumi looking beaten and trying to win with everything she had left in the tank.

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