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paul sosnowski

[1956-09-14-Kohler Chicago] Verne Gagne & Wilbur Snyder & Argentina Rocca vs Reggie & Stan Lisowski & Dick the Bruiser

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Talk about loaded with star power. We're dealing with 4 top 100 all time guys here in Bruiser, Gagne, Rocca, and Reggie Lisowski (the future Crusher).

Rocca is clearly the star of the pack - one of those "entertainers" who would've been hated by the older wrestlers of the time despite clearly being a once in a lifetime talent. Bruiser's one of the biggest draws ever in pro wrestling but is still pretty green here - one of those unique characters that you'd find in the territory days that no longer exist anymore. Gagne ranks up there with Thesz, Rogers, O'Connor as the best in-ring worker of the 50s - underrated today because of how long he stuck around on top. Snyder is probably the strongest candidate to make it on the WOHOF and not get inducted - great worker, consistent top 10 draw, no real weaknesses. 

This is a fun, interesting, 6 man that's worth watching just to see how all this star power meshes together. The crowd reactions are very revealing too. 


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