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[2000-09-15-CMLL] Black Warrior & Blue Panther & Dr Wagner vs Rayo de Jalisco Jr & Villano III & Villano IV

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This was a Trios Championship match. Villano V was injured so Rayo took his place.

Judging this was tricky. It was long and given plenty of time on Televisa but it wasn't worked in the traditional title match style. It was worked in more of an all-action style that Los Laguneros, as much as any other trio, were responsible for pioneering. You could see Wagner's fingerprints all over it since he was regularly touring Japan and bringing back all sort of ideas about how to modernize lucha. I wouldn't say it was a full-on juniors match as it still retained elements specific to lucha but it forgoes mat work and submissions and Championship-level wrestling which obviously I'm a big fan of. I encourage everyone to watch it, however, as it was a long title bout and featured some traditional lucha guys exploring a new style and a new direction. Just don't expect any masterful exchanges or high-end lucha mat work. Judging by match reviews at the time, that was the case too when VIllano V returned  and Los Laguneros and the Villanos had their series of matches. Sign of the times, I guess. 

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