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[1930-01-30-Boston, MA] Gus Sonnenberg vs Joe Stetcher

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2 short clips of this match from different angles: 

Full card: https://www.wrestlingdata.com/index.php?befehl=shows&show=115127

The short clips do a surprisingly good job of illustrating the psychology of the match.
Gus Sonnenberg, the new star champion with his football background, has the devastating flying tackle (aka the spear, the first real striking attack that got super over in pro wrestling and changed the game for ever more). Joe Stecher, the star of yesterday, is a "real" wrestler who wants to take the action down to the mat and work the body. Aiming to finish with his devastating body scissors.

Stecher is one of the greatest of all time but it made sense for him to put Sonnenberg over here.
Stecher was the top guy in the business from 1915-20 and again from 1925-28. He retired after losing the world title to Ed Lewis in 1928 but was forced to return after the financial pain inflicted on his farm by the 1929 great depression. He returned to a business focused on creating new stars. Sonnenberg being one of them. He had beaten Lewis for the world title in 1929 and was the top drawing star in the business for that year. A victory over a former great in Stecher, a guy who was the world champ just 2 years ago, would keep his strong run going. 

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