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WWF on Tour August 1986

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The long awaited SNME and man did it deliver! Bravo gets the Canadian crowd going. Classic tag title bout as Arn and Tully squeak out a win against the Rockers. Muta gets mainstream coverage and sure makes the most of it. Muta is quickly making an impact. Harts get the best of Demolition and rid them for 6 months. Great Body Shop segment that really furthers this epic story. WOW! Flair puts a bounty on Hogan. I cant imagine everybody who is getting in line to collect. Epic cage match full of drama and suspense. Savage finally does it and stands tall with the title and Liz. What a perfect way to end the show. 

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WWF Presents: Prime Time Wrestling 9/1

Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse the Body Ventura

Matches from: Providence, RI – Civic Center


PT opens this week with some footage from SNME and we see Gorilla and Jesse putting it through the roof but it doesn’t last long before the Horsemen come out. We hear from Heenan who is irate and is saying that the cameras didn’t catch Windham getting out of the cage first! He was the one who landed first and he should be the champion! Flair says he has got the briefcase ready and he knows wherever Hulk Hogan is… he has got a target on his back and he is going to pay for it generously for someone to just take him out. Then we catch Arn and Tully putting over the Rockers but saying they couldn’t get the job done. They talk about Tito and say he will be in the same boat when it is all said and done… but that brings out Santana. Arn and Tully want the match right now but Tito says that he partner is still getting here… he had to take a longer flight but he will be here for the main event! We’ll see what happens when that goes down as the crowd is white hot for our opening contest….


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Conquistador II

-A nice little showcase for Duggan who handles the Conquistador with no problem. The big clothesline is all she wrote and Duggan looks strong here.


-We cut back to Gorilla and Jesse who are joined by Demolition. We hear from them as they talk about how they are going to be next in line for a match with the Horsemen after tonight… but if they have to face Tito and his partner then they wouldn’t mind that either. Duggan comes over and celebrates with them that they kicked Demolition out of the USA and don’t think that they won’t do it to anyone else who they fell like!




-We return to PT with footage from the last couple of weeks with Paul Roma and Hercules. We see them teaming up but then breaking up after their loss to the Rockers. They join Jimmy Hart and it seems as though cooler heads have prevailed. They put over how there is a lot of Power and a lot of Glory and it really needs to be contained… they put over how they can be the top team in the WWF and it will be just a matter of time before they put all the pieces together.


Jim Powers & SD Jones vs Power & Glory w/ Jimmy Hart

-Power and Glory have seemed to work it out and they look good here tonight. Jesse said he spoke to the team and talked about how they have to find common ground and how important it is to work together and spread the power and glory between them. In the end we see the Power Plex and the three count. Hercules isn’t done though as he throws SD Jones out of the ring to the floor. Hercules then grabs the chain and he is choking Jim Powers out as the referees can’t stop him and Roma watches on as the crowd is booing… Roma then looks both ways and he comes out of nowhere with a dropkick on Hercules! He then comes with a couple of huge rights and lefts and then a big clothesline and Hercules goes over the top to the floor. Here comes Jimmy Hart and he gets rocked for his time! Roma helps up Powers as they have seemed to put their bad blood behind them. Jesse and Gorilla can’t believe it!




-We return to PT with an Event Center in which Mean Gene is putting over SNME. He talks about all the winners of the matches and really hypes of Randy Savage as the NEW Intercontinental Champion. We see the Rockers put over as a team who deserves another shot at the tag titles. We hear about the Harts being in line as well. We see a special on the Great Muta who is said to be in line for a television championship shot if he continues his momentum. We finish by hearing from Hulk Hogan who has a bandage over his eye.  He says that $100,000 isn’t going to be enough to put Hulkamania down and Ric Flair is going to have to dig deeper and deeper in his pockets if he can even think to find a way to stop Hulk Hogan from getting his hands on the WWF title again!




We return to PT with The Horsemen out near the ring as Flair and Windham are nearby too. They are on the house mic putting over this match as we see Tito Santana come out and he says he found a partner who knows a lot about the Horsemen and he is going to help him win tag team gold again… BLACKJACK MULLIGAN!





Tito and Blackjack Mulligan vs Arn & Tully ©

-What a surprise as Mulligan is here. Barry Windham doesn’t look happy about it one bit as Mulligan comes down and he and Tito have got ill intentions on their mind. They get into the ring and we see a fun 12-minute match with Tito and Mulligan really controlling the pace and the contest while the Horsemen are reeling. Tito has been a champion with Barry Windham in the past and now he is with Mulligan and lightning could strike twice. Windham and Flair can’t take it anymore and we see them get involved breaking up the match just as Tito and Mulligan looked like they could finish. We get an eye to eye with Windham and Mulligan that gets some fans excited as they know the story but it is foil for Anderson to chop the knee and them take control. Tully and Windham take Tito outside of the ring and start to wear him down but then the crowd explodes when we see Andre the Giant come out!




Andre comes out and he grabs Tully and Windham and a double headbutt! He gets in the ring and tosses Arn Anderson over the top and then he looks at Ric Flair who is selling like crazy. He grabs Flair by the suit and my oh my we’ve got something brewing here as Andre tosses Flair over the top to the floor! The crowd is going wild! Gorilla and Jesse put it over and talk about the big MSG show coming up tonight!





WWF Live 9/1
New York City, NY – Madison Square Garden
Hosted by Gene Okerlund & Lord Alfred Hayes





Randy Savage © defeated Barry Windham


Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, & Tito Santana defeated Flair, Arn, & Tully

The Russians defeated the British Bulldogs

The Hart Foundation defeated Don Muraco & Mr. Fuji


Curt Hennig © defeated Greg Valentine



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Always fun watching a Duggan squash match. WOW! Paul Roma gets some serious payback on Hercules. Is this the return of the Young Stallions? Tito's mystery partner arrives-Blackjack Mulligan!!! Awesome stare down between Windham and Mulligan. Typical Horsemen beatdown until Andre saves the day! Two big surprises in one match, now that's great TV. Hmmmm, could we be getting a Flair/Andre program?? 

Nice MSG card. Savage solidifies things with Windham. The 6 man tag would of been worth the price of admission. Andre is coming back big time. LOL, I liked when Fuji put the tights on every now and then during this era. Hennig gets a solid defense over the Hammer.  

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