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[2008-05-05-DDT] HARASHIMA vs Sanshiro Takagi vs Yoshiaki Yago vs Seiya Morohashi vs Dick Togo

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This is part of the coolest dumb storyline I've found on DDT Universe: METAL VAMPIRE, a Dick Togo faction. They were Koo aka Shuji Ishikawa (who wasn't very good at this point but he was big so him hanging around the ring beating people up is great, although he's also wearing a terrible mask), Seiya Morohashi, and Togo. The match is ridiculously overbooked. For one, it's a five-man elimination title match. There's also three referees involved. The first one is Megumi Grace, who was DDT's main ref until 2010 or so. METAL VAMPIRE has their own ref, I don't know his name but he has a rad blonde dye job, so you can tell he's evil. HARASHIMA is handcuffed, Koo interferes, there's an Antonio Honda run-in to low blow Koo, the heel ref incapacitates Megumi Grace takes over. Togo blades for this, which shows he's a real one. And after the vampire ref fucks around and lets his stablemates do hideous things to HARASHIMA and Takagi for a while, out walks Kyohei Wada (!), who gets a bunch of dumb hero spots, standing up to the mean heel faction and their patsy referee. In the end, it's Togo and HARASHIMA who have a pretty solid match which ends with a nice Togo comeback win.

I had a lot of fun watching this match. It's the same kind of thing that i liked from watching AAA as a kid. ymmv

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