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Charles (Loss)

[2013-02-17-WWE-Elimination Chamber] The Rock vs CM Punk

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Their Royal Rumble match was already disappointing, so the expectations weren't high for this 2nd meeting between the two, but even then, this was extremely disappointing. Like I said, the expectations weren't high, but I sure wanted it to be better than it ended up being. Punk pretty much dominates most of the match, and sadly & disappointingly, he just isn't interesting at all with it. Very uncharacteristic for the man, and then there's The Rock who just pretty much brings nothing to the table. If I had to say one thing I liked about this, it would be the count out tease after Punk's Rock Bottom -- that was some nice drama & worked well within the stipulation of the match. Other than that hot minute or two, the 20 or so these two went felt like 40. Not a good match at all. The Rumble match is far superior, and that one is certainly nothing-to-write-home-about either. *3/4

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