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[1987-11-26-WWF-Survivor Series '87] Demolition & Islanders & Hart Foundation & Bolsheviks & Greg Valentine & Dino Bravo vs Strike Force & British Bulldogs & Killer Bees & Young Stallions & Jacques & Raymond Rougeau

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This is hard to write about because of the frantic pace. There's tags every few seconds and it's such a fast tempo for a match of it's era. The 'Russians' are eliminated first, allowing the more talented teams to get some action. The rapidity of this reminds me of that amazing ten man tag from Canadian Stampede. No one man is legal for long (with the exception being when they were building for a hot tag), and everyone gets a time to shine. Valentine once again reminded me that I need to dive into his work as he was brilliant at isolating the babyface into his corner and he's a phenomenal bumper to boot. No one here looked bad, even Volkoff looked decent during his brief tenure opening the match. Clocking in at 37 minutes and featuring 20 men, this is an absolute unit of a match. Whilst there is some dragging in places, this is still a great watch.


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