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[2018-10-28-WWE-Evolution] Ronda Rousey vs Nikki Bella

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Ronda's run of inexplicably good matches continues here. Although, I thought Nikki was fantastic here. Veteran who holds the match together isn't a phrase that I'd thought I would use to describe a Nikki Bella performance but that's what happened here. Even Brie, after being pretty awful since coming back, did a very nice job here working as a second. I really liked how Ronda kept herself vulnerable by being too cocky at times thus leaving herself open to cheap shots from the Bellas. She still had a few bad moments as she took too long to set up some of the bigger spots and she's clearly using constant trash talk to cover up obvious spot calling. In the end though, this match worked much better as a main event than it looked like on paper and it definitely should be commended for that. ***3/4

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