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[2018-01-07-DDT-D-King Grand Prix 2018] Daisuke Sasaki vs Yukio Sakaguchi

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Really good match wrestled at a breakneck pace. Sasaki comes out and immediately throws a running knee at Sakaguchi and tries to choke him out. Sakaguchi survives but Sasaki takes it outside. They trade control back and forth really quickly but there's almost always a real sense of struggle. For instance, Sakaguchi gets drop kicked, which seems to set up Sasaki's tope suicida, but Sakaguchi regains his wits, climbs back in the ring and gets an armbar. Sasaki gets out of the armbar by stacking and then stepping on Sakaguchi's face. Sasaki going for the arm trap crossface but Sakaguchi escaping to get a rea-naked choke was another moment I liked a lot. Sakaguchi is at his best here, throwing some nice strikes and some really great sweeps and throws. The finish is very sudden, after Sakaguchi locks in the cobra choke thing he does and blocks Sasaki from getting to the ropes.

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