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22 hours ago, kevinmcfl said:


January 8, 1984


From coast to coast, continent to continent and border to border, we welcome you to AWA All-Star Wrestling coming to you from the Pavilion in downtown Calgary on WGN.  I am Rod Trongard and joining me today with some special interviews will be Gene Okerlund.  Well fans, the new era of the AWA has begun and what a kick-off classic we had this past Friday night in the Coral right here in Calgary.  Unfortunately, the shenanigans of the Sheiks were once again one of the major stories.  Let’s check out the action in their World Tag Team title defense against Rick Martel and Curt Hennig. 

VTR:  We see a video of Sheik Adnan Al Kassie using his cast to clock Curt Hennig and help Patera and Blackwell retain their AWA title.

Gene Okerlund:  Well ladies and gentlemen… we all just saw it… the Sheik used the cast as a weapon

All of a sudden, the Sheiks rushed out and took over the interview.

Sheik Adnan Al Kassie:  Hala   Assalum Alaikum.  Insha Allah Masha Allah.  Ahlan Marhaba Wa Sahla.  Gene Okerlund…. You upset me very much.  You claim that I used my cast as a weapon.  I told you last week my arm was broken doing good deeds all across the Middle East and now you accuse the great sheik of cheating.  I assure you, my men are the best wrestlers in the World and can beat Rick Martel and Curt Hennig or any other team the AWA has to offer.

Gene Okerlund:  I guess you failed to watch the tape we all just saw. Anyway…  this Saturday in Edmonton, Blackwell and Patera… you will be meeting Rick Martel and Curt Hennig but this time in singles competition.

Patera and Blackwell are pretty good on the mic themselves and they let everyone know exactly what they are going to do Martel and Hennig. 

After the Sheiks leave, AWA President, Stanley Blackburn comes out and informs us that tonight we will see the first match in the tournament to fulfill the open AWA North American title that was vacated by the suspension of Bad News Allen.   He lets us know that there will be 8 competitors and tonight it will be Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart vs Tom Zenk.  Blackburn also informs us that Bret Hart will face off against Superstar Graham in a first round match this week in Sales Pavilion in Edmonton.  And next week, right here on All-Star Wrestling we will find out that last 4 competitors.


MATCH:  The Road Warriors defeat Tom Stone & Pete Jackson

This is a complete squash match that gives Rod Trongard time to hype up the brutality of the Road Warriors and reminds all the fans in Edmonton that the Road Warriors will be action this Saturday night. 

MATCH:  Al Perez defeats Verlon Biggs with a Sleeper

Rod Trongard pushes the youngster Al Perez hard and it is obvious that the AWA has plans for him down the road.  Perez does a nice job of getting over with the fans.  Between Al Perez and Rick Rude, the AWA has some young talent who could just turn out to be stars. 


Match:  King Kong Bundy with Bobby Heenan vs Lanny Poffo

Poffo has shown a lot of skill of late but this is an impossible task.  Poffo attempts a few forearms but they have no effect on KKB.  Poffo knows he is in trouble and tries to escape but Bundy snags him. The end came quickly as Bundy hit the Avalanche.

Gene Okerlund:  Ladies and Gentlemen… this Friday night at the Sales Pavilion in Edmonton…  Bobby Heenen and his man King Kong Bundy … will get another shot at Hulk Hogan for the AWA World Title.

Bobby Heenan:  Listen up all you Humanoids … the reason for the rematch is simple… the AWA officials know the referee messed up in Calgary as Hogan couldn’t do anything against the monster that is King Kong Bundy.  We all saw it.  Hogan illegally grabbed Bundy by the throat and choked him and the ref refused to make him break the hold.  Hogan should have been stripped of the title and put in jail for assault.  I threatened to sue the entire AWA but then they agreed to give Bundy another title shot this week in Edmonton.  If I see any funny business, I will be on the phone to the lawyers immediately.  King Kong Bundy will by the champ within a week. 

Gene Okerlund:  Oh, the web we weave when we seek to deceive.  Bobby Heenan, your nose is growing.  You know as well as I do that Hulk Hogan slammed King Kong Bundy in the center of the ring and then got the 1..2..3.

Match:  Brett Hart defeats the Assassin (Roger Smith) with the Northern Lights Cloverleaf

After a tough match against the Assassin, Bret Hart tells Gene Okerlund how excited he is to be in the North American Title tournament and he can’t what for Saturday in Edmonton with his first-round match against the Superstar!


Before we get back to the ring, we go to Gene Okerlund with Superstar Graham

Superstar Graham:  You know Gene Okerlund…. I hear the rumors that the Superstaaaa is a little long in the tooth.  (As he flexes his big biceps)  Well, I know I have been in this game a long time and all that means is that I am real goooood!  Bret Hart…. You were out here a few minutes ago acting all humble…. Well you should be.  This Saturday night in Edmonton, I am going to teach the young buck something… and that something is HE AINT READY!

Match:  Mr. Hito defeats Larry Cheatum with the Senton Bomb

Before the match starts, Rod Trongard tells us we are in for a treat.  The fans of Stampede have known that Mr. Hito is one of the best lightweights for a long time and know the fans of the AWA know that to.  He was awesome tonight and the fans appreciated his skill.  It is rare, but Mr. Hito is one of the few fan favorites from Japan wrestling in America.

Match:  Jos Leduc vs Bruce Hart

Before this match started, the Sheepherders and Leduc were interviewed by Gene Okerlund about the feud that is going on between them at the Harts.

Jos Leduc:  I will tell you the problem. No respect… No respect for the British Commonwealth.  The first sign of trouble and that sniffling Stu Hart goes and sells his company to an obnoxious American capitalist.  Why…. Because he must protect his little boys.  Well make no mistake about it… Harts… the Commonwealth is coming for you.

As for the match… it is a repeat of last week when Leduc took on Crusher.  It lasted only a minute or two and then the brawl was on.  Bruce and Keith Hart along with the Crusher vs Leduc and the Sheepherders. 

Ron Trongard:  I can’t believe how hot this feud has gotten in just two weeks.  These guys really loath each other.  Fans in Edmonton… the Sheepherders will be taking on Bruce and Keith Hart this Saturday night.  All I can say is hide the women and children


Out of the break we see the AWA Champion, Hulk Hogan, with Gene Okerlund who first hypes up the fact that no matter what Bobby Heenan says, Hulk Hogan did indeed bodyslam King Kong Bundy last week in Calgary and reminds Hogan that Bundy will get one more shot as Hogan this week in Edmonton.

Hulk Hogan:  As I told you last week Mean Gene… Hulk Hogan backs down to no challenge.  I saw Bundy down and I summoned all the power in these 24 inch pythons and I scooped up King Kong Bundy and slammed him to the mat.  And I will do the same this week.

Gene Okerlund:  Indeed… Indeed.  Hulkster what I am about to show you may disturb you but take a look at this video from Jerry “the King” Lawler


Jerry Lawler:  Well Hulk Hogan, I heard you say last week that I better be careful if you come down to Memphis as all the Hulkamaniacs down here would turn against me.  Well you are right!  I would be very afraid if a maniac came at me.  I mean a maniac is someone who should be locked up because they are out of their mind and anyone who roots for you is out of their mind.  I have heard people say that Hogan is afraid to come to Memphis and that I should come to you.  Well I know one thing.  I am not coming to the great white north where it might be 40 below zero.  I am not afraid of you but the polar bears might get me.  And if they don’t, then something much scary than polar bears might come after me and that’s Canadian women!  I think I will be right here waiting for you Hogan if you ever get the guts to come to Memphis

Hulk Hogan:  Mean Gene, I am getting sick and tired of hearing from the King of Nothing.  He knows what would happen if I wrestled him anywhere in the country and that includes Memphis.  He can try to bribe everyone in the Mid-South Coliseum including the referees who I know for a fact are related to Jerry Lawler and it won’t make no difference….   Hey Jerry Lawler…What you gonna do when Hulkamania and the largest arms in the world run over you!

Gene Okerlund:  Well Rod, you heard him… Hogan is ready for anyone including King Kong Bundy or Jerry Lawler.

Match:  Dynamite Kid vs Bobby Fulton

The AWA Light Heavyweight Champion, Rock n Roll Buck Zumhofe joins Rod Trongard at the announce table for this one and they hype of the stacked light heavyweight division here in the AWA including Dynamite Kid, Bobby Fulton, Steve Regal, Greg Gagne, Mr. Hito and Bruce Hart.  This is where Eddie Gilbert comes out and wonders why they have left his name out.  Zumhofe and Gilbert get into each other’s faces and have a pretty good verbal fight.  Rod Trongard tries to keep the peace as he reminds Gilbert that Zumhofe wrestles whoever the AWA says he wrestles. 

As for the match, it is awesome.  So many technical moves as these guys are moving around the ring like they are on fire.  In the end, Dynamite knocks Fulton down with a spear and then catches him with a Diving Headbutt and gets the three-count.  Dynamite Kid goes over and helps Fulton get to his feet and this match then ends just like it started… with a Handshake.  The crowd loved it.

Dynamite sees the scene between Gilbert and Zumhofe and goes over to the announce area where he is confused at how Gilbert thinks he is in line for a title shot as it should be him.  Verne Gagne comes out and let’s everyone know that he has a big announcement next week about the AWA Light Heavyweight Title and that will come next week.  This seems to ease the tension between Dynamite and Gilbert but Zumhofe has a quizzical look on his face.



Jim “The Avil” Neidhart vs Tom Zenk

So, what is stronger… a chiseled bodybuilder like Tom Zenk or a barrel-chested guy shaped like a fire hydrant.  Well this match will give us the answer.  The crowd is going for Zenk as the men don’t like the antics of the Anvil while the girls can’t get enough of Zenk’s good looks.  Zenk starts strong but both men know there way around the squared circle.  The Anvil is able to get on top and hits Zenk with everything but the kitchen sink but he can’t get the pin as Zenk keeps kicking out at 2 ½.  Neidhart, as we have seen before, gets frustrated and tosses Zenk to the floor and follows him out.

WHAM… The Anvil has clobbered Zenk with a chair and the ref immediately calls for the DQ.  Zenk may have moved on in the tournament but the Anvil doesn’t stop his beating of Zenk.  In the end, we see a bunch of jobbers come from the back and pull the Anvil away.

Rod Trongard:  Well folks… we will have to see what Stanley Blackburn and Verne Gagne have to say about what we just saw.  I know that this is something the AWA won’t stand for and Jim Neidhart might have just gotten himself in some trouble.  We are out of time tonight but don’t forget the big show in Edmonton on Friday and TNT Wrestling on the USA Network on Saturday.  So long from the Corral.


1.      Al Perez defeats Tom Stone with the Sleeper

2.      Mr. Hito defeats Lanny Poffo with the Diving Senton

3.      The Road Warriors defeat Steve O and Phil Lafon as the Road Warriors hit the future Doomsday Device on Lafon.  Wow the Road Warriors are impressive

4.      Dynamite Kid defeats Mr. Electricity Steve Regal with the Diving Headbut

5.      The Sheepherders vs Bruce & Keith Hart ended in a 20 minute time limit draw that saw both teams beat each other all over the ring.  Neither team wanted it to end and the locker room had to empty to regain order

6.      Sheik Jerry Blackwell defeated Curt Hennig after Hennig was clobbered once again with Sheik Adnan Al Kaissie’s  and the Blackwell hit a top rope Giant Splash 

7.      Rick Martel defeated Sheik Patera when he ducked under the Cast shot and Al Kassie actually clubbed hi own man.  Martel made the quick cover and then went after Al Kassie.  Hennig came back on the other side of the ramp and they #1 contenders to the tag titles cornered Al Kaissie and began to rip of the cast.  WHAM… Blackwell came from behind and attacked.  Patera recovered enough and the brawl was on…. And it carried on all the way to the locker room

8.      AWA NORTH AMERICAN TITLE TOURNAMENT MATCH:  Bret Hart defeated Superstar Billy Graham with the Cloverleaf.  This match was a little awkward as Superstar had some difficulty getting around the ring and his bumping and selling were not up to par.  Hart made the best of t and it didn’t really matter as Bret is so over in Canada that just his presence excited the fans. 

9.      AWA WORLD TITLE MATCH:  Hulk Hogan defeated King Kong Bundy with Bobby Heenen.  Bundy did have his time on top in this match and looked to be on the verge on the championship as he went for the Avalanche but Hogan moved at the last second.  Hogan fulfilled his promise and body slammed the big man and then connected with the Big Boot and Leg Drop for the win!  Hogan also endeared himself to the fans of Calgary as he grabbed Heenen by the neck and press slammed him to the Mat. 

Things are moving at a fast pace on All-Star Wrestling! 

The Light Heavyweight division is really heating up. Buck is going to have his hands full with Dynamite and Gilbert chasing him. Couple of heated feuds going on as the Harts and Crusher are having some serious brawls with Leduc and the Sheepherders. Also, the Sheiks are having a tough time with Martel and Hennig. And now that the Road Warriors have arrived, the tag team scene is getting hotter. Nice debut for Al Perez. The King lays it out for Hogan and Hogan responds. These two are heading for a collision. Zenk advances but man Anvil gave him a pretty good beating.

Solid card at the Pavillion. Love that Dynamite/Electricity match. Road Warriors looked dominant. Sheiks/Hennig and Martel still have unfinished business as do Harts and Sheepherders. Bret advances with a credible win over the Superstar. Hogan reigns over Bundy...Again. Hogan looks more than ready for Lawler. Once again your tag division is stacked! 

Great job Kev!  

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Don Owen makes a deal with Verne! The AWA now has the West Coast. This is going to be a lot of fun to follow. Looking forward to watching what you do with that roster Rain. 

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9 hours ago, kevinmcfl said:


It appears that Jim Barnett and Georgia Championship Wrestling were stuck between a rock and a hard place but found a last minute solution.  Barnett was really not happy with the idea of selling his company to either Ole Anderson or Vince McMahon, both of whom he distrusts immensely.  Barnett has seen the landscape of professional wrestling change dramatically offer the last few weeks with many of the old guard NWA promotions joining Verne Gagne and AWA wrestling so Barnett figured he had nothing to lose when he picked up the phone to call Vern.  Rumor has it that the talks have gone well as Barnett would love to stay in the game and Verne would love to scoop up the Superstation as another national television channel airing his new brand.

Stay tuned.... who could be next?   Cowboy Bill Watts, Fritz Von Erich, the Grahams in Florida or maybe even Vince himself will succumb to the power that is AWA Wrestling!

It's true, The Superstars of the Superstation will debut on the Superstation itself, the world famous WTBS 17. Our championships will be as followed.

National Heavyweight Champion
National Tag Team Champions
Superstars of the Superstation TV Champion

We will be running house shows in Georgia, West Virginia, Michigan & Ohio and our top show will be at the World famous Omni in Atlanta Georgia.

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