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paul sosnowski

[1982-01-01-NJPW] Tiger Mask vs Dynamite Kid

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The Brit focuses on taking out TM's leg after he apparently took an odd bump. Quick thinking! On top of that he drives the masked head of Sayama into the mat with some devastating moves. I mean there's more to it than that but, you can watch it. Its worth your time. Very good match, ***1/2 area.

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Love this as a sequel to the first match almost a year earlier. Dynamite has had months to watch Sayama stay undefeated (I assume), and the rematch has real stakes with the vacant WWF Junior Heavyweight Title on the line.

Dynamite comes out aggressive from the bell, Sayama matches him and it looks like it'll be a repeat of 4/23, only for Dynamite to switch gears and viciously attack the knee. So we get a slower more methodical match, but it makes total sense for Dynamite to try this game plan out. And it actually works, with Dynamite somewhat quickly hitting Sayama with an awesome looking cradle piledriver and far reaching flying headbutt, only to then stop the count himself at two to repeat. So Dynamite succeeds, but wants to really hammer home his superiority which ends up being his downfall as Sayama moves out of the way of Headbutt #2. 

Dynamite regains control with a Figure 4 but once Sayama reaches the ropes it's all over. Dynamite tries to put it on again but is repeatedly kicked off. Both men back to their feet, Sayama stops selling the knee as much, but lets call it adrenaline as he leaps over a charging Dynamite in the corner, grabs him in a rollup (with all of own weight on top of Dynamite's legs) and gets the victory.

This truly feels like it's playing off at least the dynamic set up from the first match, with Dynamite trying new things and Sayama being prevented from hitting the same types of moves as the first time. I'm very intrigued to see how Dynamite reacts to his own hubris costing him both the rematch and a title.

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