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Superstars of the Superstation

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March 3rd: The Omni,  Atlanta Georgia

*Note* Paul Orndorff & Tito Santana no-showed the card, so the Fantastics received a non-title match against The Long Riders

1. Brian Adias defeats Chris Markoff in 11:42
2. The Iron Sheik over Bugsy McGraw in 7:57
3. Norvell Austin Defeats Bob Roop in 14:02
4. TV Title Match: (c) "Mean" Mike Miller defeats via count out "Pistol" Pez Whatley After Miller slammed Whatley's leg around the metal ringside barrier in 12:39
5. NO DQ: Jake "The Snake" Roberts defeats "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff with a DDT in 16:10
6. Ole & Arn Anderson defeat Brad Armstrong & Al Perez in 17:22 when Perez was pinned by a spine buster from Arn Anderson. After the match, Al Perez was hit with a steel chair and thrown to the outside and the Anderson's tried to break the right arm of Brad Armstrong. As soon as Ole Anderson climbed to the top rope, Bob Armstrong charged the ring with a baseball bat tand knocked Ole Anderson off the top rope and then he chased the Anderson's to the back.
7. Non Title Match: The Fantastics defeated  The National Tag Team Champions, The Long Riders in 14:58 when Tommy Rogers pinned Bill Irwin after a sunset flip off the top rope.
8. Ted Dibiase ( with Gary Hart) DDQ David Sammartino ( with Angelo Poffo) in 12:49 after The Masked Superstar charged the ring after Dibiase had Sammartino pinned after a power slam. Gary Hart tried to help out, but the combination of Poffo & The Superstar knocked him out. All 3 men jumped on Dibiase and as The Superstar tried for his corkscrew neck breaker, "Wildfire" Tommy Rich came out of the audience to help out Dibiase and to chase away Poffo & his men. Rich helped Dibiase to his feet and they shook hands to the cheers of the crowd. Gary Hart offered his hand to Rich, but he just walked away.
9. National Heavyweight Title Match: (c) "Hacksaw" Butch Reed DREW "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer after 30 minutes
10. AWA World Heavyweight Title Match: (c) Jerry "The King" Lawler pins The Masked Superstar (with Angelo Poffo) after a roll-up in 36:41. After the match, Angelo Poffo and The Masked Superstar double team Lawler, until Lanny Poffo comes to the ring to chase away The Superstar. Angelo Poffo yells at Lanny as Angelo leaves the ring after several minutes.

March 4th: Cobb County Civic Center, Marietta Georgia

1.  Les Thornton over Shawn Michaels in 6:11
2. The Olympians over Scott Casey & Norvell Austin 11:42
3. Scott Hall defeats Sivi Afi in 8:37
4. Jake Roberts defeats Korsita Korchenko in 9:05
5. TV Title Match: (c) "Mean" Mike Miller defeats "Pistol" Pez Whatley in 13:29
6. "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer over Al Perez in 7:01
7. Brad Armstrong & Bob Armstrong DDQ Ole & Arn Anderson after 16:27
8. AWA World Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler & Ted Dibiase defeat David Sammartino & The Masked Superstar in 22:31

March 5th: James H. Gray Civic Center, Albany Georgia

1. "Iron" Mike Sharpe over Ken Timbs in 12:00
2. The Iron Curtain over Shawn Michaels & Terry Daniels in 10:32
3. Handicap Match: Yokozuna ( with Sivi Afi) over Chick Donovan & Joe Lightfoot in 2:41
4. Norvell Austin & "Pistol" Pez Whatley defeats Bugsy McGraw & Jim Powers in 7:38
5. National Tag Title Match: The Fantastics defeat via DQ (c) The Long Riders in 15:58
6. Arn Anderson defeats Al Perez in 13:49
7. National Heavyweight Title Match: (c) "Hacksaw" Butch Reed defeats Ole Anderson in 11:37
8. AWA World Heavyweight Title Match: (c) Jerry "The King" Lawler over "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer in 25:26

March 7th: Municipal Auditorium, Columbus Georgia

1. Terry Daniels over Jim Powers in 12:03
2. Chris Markoff over Shawn Michaels in 5:11
3. Brain Adias over The Iron Sheik in 13:47
4. Sivi Afi over Bugsy McGraw in 9:38
5. TV Title Match: (c) "Mean" Mike Miller defeats Al Perez in 12:29
6. David Sammartino over Lanny Poffo in 16:10
7. Brad Armstrong DDQ Arn Anderson in 24:55
8. AWA Heavyweight Title Match: (c) Jerry "The King" Lawler pins "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff in 18:28

March 8th: Macon Coliseum, Macon Georgia

1. Scott Hall over Chick Donovan in 3:47
2. The Iron Curtain defeat Shawn Michaels & Jim Powers in 7:29
3. Bob Roop over Al Perez in 14:21
4. "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff over Jake Roberts in 21:43
5. NO DQ: Brad Armstrong defeats Ole Anderson in 18:52
6. TV Title Match (c) "Mean" Mike Miler DREW "Pistol" Pez Whatley after 15 minutes
7. The Masked Superstar & David Sammartino over Lanny Poffo & Ted Dibiase in 24:10
8. AWA World Title Match: (c) Jerry "The King" Lawler defeats via count out "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer in 34:27
9: National Heavyweight Title Match: (c) "Hacksaw" Butch Reed over Arn Anderson in 17:34
10. National Tag Title Match: (c) The Long Riders defeat The Fantastics by DQ after 20:46


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To start, I love your Butch Reed. Fantastic portrayal, great babyface, perfect champion. If you ever decide to part ways with him for some crazy reason, PLEASE, let me know!!

If Ted Dibiase is aligned with Gary Hart, then Angelo, Superstar, and David had better watch out because Gary can out-devious them any day of the week! 

Seriously though, I like the route you are taking with David Sammartino. We all know how him being Bruno's son went, I think this would be about the perfect way to give the kid a chance to get over.

Longriders/Fantastics should be awesome when it happens, belts or no belts. 

Glad to see Brian Adias getting a little push. I am currently doing a WCCW watch through and I enjoy the guy.

Also glad to see Pez getting a run at the TV Title. Always enjoyed Pez as an underneath guy and thought he deserved more.

Lastly, Brad Armstrong had better watch himself. Messing with The Andersons is a sure fire way to get yourself hurt and hurt bad. Looking forward to this one!!


EDIT: and as I post this, I realize the Omni card is up! 

Another win for Adias! Nice!

Poor Pez. 

I knew Brad was in trouble, good thing Daddy was there to save the day. The Andersons will prevail soon enough!!

Oooh! Fantastics get the shot and defeat the champs!! Rematch for the belts should be awesome.

Reed and Sawyer with the draw. Didn't see that coming. No Time Limit for the rematch? Should be a fight.


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The Olympians gets a solid win over Tio and Tapu as they look to get a tag title shot. 

Young Scott Hall continues to impress with a win over veteran heel Timbs.

Like the twist with Siva as a manager. Man does he bring in some muscle as Yoko debuts and totally squashes Lightfoot! 

Great job with all the promos, you have really captured the Georgia feel. 

The tag division is stacked as the Fantastics are rising quick. 

Buzz Sawyer is a maniac but Reed seems more than ready for him. 

I've been very interested in the Dibiase storyline especially with his alliance with Gary Hart. His match with Sammartino will be intriguing. 

Ok, I'm really digging Mean Mike as the TV champ. I'm loving his matches and submission wins. I was a big fan IRL of Pistol Pez at this time so I'm looking forward to their showdown. 

Fun TV main event with all sorts of intrigue. AWA champ Lawler takes advantage of the distractions and puts down Poffo. Cant wait to see what happens in the Lawler/Superstar title match.

Superstars on the Superstation continues to be a must watch (read) 


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So much great stuff happening here...

Butch Reed makes for a great National Champion

The Andersons vs. The Armstrongs is going to be a fun feud to watch unfold

The Fantastics vs. The Long Riders will make for some great title matches

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The Omni card was pretty damn great! 

Mean Mike retains by C.O. in brutal fashion over Pistol Pez. Pez put up some fights on the loop but Mike still hold the title. Mike has really been impressive. 

Looks like Jake might of put an end to his feud with Koloff as he gets the decisive win via DDT! 

Oh man! Bob Armstrong is here! Cant wait for some Armstrongs/Andersons wars. 

Fantastics take advantage of Orndorff and Santana no showing and pull off an upset over champs the Long Riders. 

I knew something good would happen in the Dibiase/Sammartino match as Tommy Rich comes home! Looks like Hart is going to have to earn Tommy's trust. 

That Reed/Sawyer match must of been a brutal 30 minutes. 

Lawler retains but catches a beating until Lanny saves the day. Lanny is getting some good exposure here. 

You really made the most of the AWA champ on the loop. Nice job. 


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I'm glad everyone is enjoying this. I use a very basic outline on what I want and then I just start typing and things come together as I go. I like to try and keep things fresh with the house shows by throwing different pairings together and see how it turns out. I also use that as a feeler on how I might do something down the road. 

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I see that we use pretty much the same template when we write. And it's working for you as well.

I won't lie....you guys are giving me the itch to jump in.

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Great set of show!  The Omni card was great but I wonder if Tito and Orndorff will be looking for work after No Showing a major card!  I am on the same page as everyone else in the fact that I love Hacksaw Reed!  Really nice job here!

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March 9th, WTBS Studios:

The opening is a VTR showing Bob Armstrong saving his son Brad, from the Ole & Arn Anderson after their match at the Omni on March 3rd.

Gordon Solie: Welcome to the Peach State of Georgia and another 2 Hours of Superstars of the Superstation! I have right now with me a man who showed up unexpectedly last Sunday night at the Omni and the Ole & Arn Anderson wished that he didn't. (crowd cheers)
Bob Armstrong: Well thanks, Gordon. You know, I knew this was a big match for Brad and I wanted to visit him before the match to give him encouragement. I'm glad that I stayed around, as they injured his partner and then decided to try to do the same and put Brad out for a while. Brad has asked me to not help him in his fight with the Andersons' and I followed his wishes, but after they jumped him after the match, I couldn't sit back and watch my own son get beat-up or more importantly, injured.
Solie: Well Bob, I've known you for a long time and I know that you have been away for a while. Does this mean that you are here to stay?
Bob Armstrong:  Gordon, I can't let Brad take this Andersons' alone by himself. (crowd cheers) I have only one thing to say and this is for Ole Anderson. Ole, we have had many battles through the years and if I have learned one thing during these fights, it's not to trust an Anderson. So "Pig Face" Anderson (crowd goes nuts, chanting Pig Face), "The Georgia Jaw Jacker" is back and brother, you will have wished that you never tried to injure my son. As for Arn, don't worry about me, you have to worry about "Bad" Brad and what he has in store for you.

Norvell Austin vs. Omar Atlas, 15 MINUTES

It's all Norvell in this as he is just too fast for the veteran. Atlas gets a tiny bit of offense in, but in the end, Norvell wins with a flying headbutt and continues to look good with the victory over the well traveled Atlas.

WINNER via pin, Norvell Austin

commercial break

Yokozuna (with Sivi Afi) vs. Ken Timbs 15 minutes

The veteran Timbs has no chance against the 600lb. behemoth. The former Sumo wrestler is surprisingly quick for a man his size and traps Timbs in the corner after Timbs tries to run from his opponent. Yokozuna hits several forearms and knees to the body of Timbs, doubling him over in pain. Timbs falls to the canvas and after several well placed kicks in his chest, Yokozuna stands on the middle rope and drops a leg onto the prone Timbs. Yokozuna goes for the cover and as referee McGowen counts to 2, Yokozuna picks Timbs up to break the count. Sivi Afi yells some instructions towards Yokozuna and Yoko nods his head. Yoko whips a barely conscience Timbs into the corner and as Timbs bounces out violently, Yokozuna catches Timbs and swings him around and delivers a sidewalk slam as Timbs crumbles under the weight of his opponent. Yokozuna decides to cover Timbs and puts him out of his misery as Scrappy McGowen counts to 3 and raises Yokozuna's arm in disgust.

WINNER via pin, Yokozuna

Solie: Sivi Afi, you sure have yourself a find with this man
Afi: That's right Solie. Who is going to be able to beat this man right here? Can one man let alone 2 men take him off his feet? My Yokozuna will destroy everyone that gets in his path and in my way. We won't be satisfied until we hold all the gold! (hahaha.)

commercial break

Jeff Sword & Doug Vines vs. Joe Lightfoot & Chick Donovan 15 minutes

Sword and Vines are veterans of the sport and have been teaming together for many years. The continuity between the two men is evident as they tag in and out with the timing of a swiss watch. Lightfoot is able to tag out to Donovan after a rare miscue by Sword. Donovan has the advantage for a minute or so, until Sword holds the ropes as Donovan is attempting a dropkick after the whip into the ropes. Sword tags in Vines who works on the back and neck of Donovan. Vines tags Sword who climbs to the top rope and leaps off for a knee drop to the chest of Donovan. Sword covers Donovan ad Referee Patrick counts to 3.

WINNER via pin fall, Doug Vines & Jeff Sword

Solie: Welcome to the area gentlemen. 
Vines: Thank you Gordon, it's great to be here. You know, for years we were known as the "Devil's Duo" and back then, we were totally different people then we are now. We realized that we listened to some wrong people in the past and we have decided to change our Name from the "Devil's Duo" to "Heaven's Angels".
Sword: That's right Doug. We now fight for the right things in life and we have learned from our mistakes. We have completely changed our lifestyle and our beliefs as we want to fight the good fight now.

commercial break

Iceman Parsons vs. Shawn Michaels, 15 minutes

The crowd loves the style of the charismatic Parsons. Parsons is keeping the former light heavyweight champion off-balanced. Parsons uses a wide range of aerial maneuvers to counter balance his slams and suplexes. Thornton gets an opening when Parsons misses an elbow drop. Thornton's advantage is really short lived as Parsons ducks under a elbow meant for Parsons' jaw. Parson uses this to throw a dropkick to Thornton and as Thornton starts to get up, Parsons charges Thornton and hits him, butt first in the chest. Parsons covers as Referee Patrick counts to 3.

WINNER via pin, Iceman Parsons

Solie: Welcome to Georgia Mr. Parsons.
Parsons: It's Iceman, Gordon Solie. My main man "Hacksaw" Butch Reed called me last week telling me that he was coming to see me in St. Louis. We are both Missouri boys and we have always looked out for each other's best interests. "Hacksaw" told me about the action here in Atlanta and then I started to think that it was time to come down here to Georgia and face some of these sucka's he's been talking about. You have that ol' roody-poos like "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer, Ole Anderson, The Masked Superstar just to name a few. I want to... 
Solie: It's "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. It's a pleasure to have you out here.
Duggan: Solie, I'm not sure it's a pleasure, but I'm here. I'm the only true "Hacksaw" and Iceman Parsons, you can give your buddy this message. (Duggan runs towards Parsons and hits him with a lariat and starts to stomp on him for a few seconds)
Solie: Wait a minute! You can't..
Duggan: (looking right at Solie) I can't do what, Solie! I'm here for one thing and that is for that National Heavyweight Championship and to run that phony "Hacksaw" Butch Reed out of wrestling! 
Solie: Lets go to commercial.

commercial break

National Tag Team Champions ( The Long Riders) vs. Jim Powers & Pat Rose 15 minutes

The Irwin's attack before the bell and throw Powers out of the ring. The Irwin's both pound Rose all over his body, until he falls to the canvas. Referee Patrick tells one of them to get out of the ring and Scott Irwin goes to the outside Bill Irwin is all over Rose and he sees that his partner, Jim Powers is back on the ring apron, he launches Rose to their corner and tells Powers to tag in. Powers tags in and is met with a boot to the face. Bill Irwin calls over to Scott as he sends Powers to their corner. Scott tags in and beats on Powers for a minute or two. Scott tags Bill back in and Scott sends Powers into the ropes and catches Powers in a bearhug as his brother Bill gets some speed off the ropes and kicks Powers square in the face with his Cowboy boot. Bill Irwin covers for the pin.

WINNER, via pin, The National Tag Team Champions, The Long Riders

Solie: Gentlemen, you had yourselves an interesting evening the other night at the Omni.
Scott Irwin: Solie, The officials around here are trying to pull a fast one on us at the Omni. They had us face those midgets, the Fantastics on very short notice, because our original opponents were too scared to show up to face us.
Bill Irwin: That's right, Hog. I think this was a set-up all along that was perpetrated by those midgets, who got embarrassed after we beat them up a few weeks ago at this announcers desk. Well Fantastics, you think that you pulled a fast one on us? All you did was to make us even angrier then we usually are and we have decided to make an example out of the tow of you. (booing from crowd) You midgets better watch your back as you'll never know who's behind you.

commercial break

Ted Dibiase vs. "Iron" Mike Sharpe 15 minutes

Dibiase and Sharpe do some amateur wrestling on the mat for a few minutes. Dibiase takes the advantage and starts to work on the leg of Sharpe. Sharpe is able to get free by kicking Dibiase in the face, which makes Dibiase fall to the mat. Sharpe gets up and starts to give his opponent some double axe handle shots across the back. Sharpe is continuing the assault by kicking and gouging the eyes of Dibiase. Dibiase comes back with some kicks of his own and a few eye gouges for good measure. Dibiase whips Sharpe into the ropes and hits his powerslam as Sharpe falls hard to the mat. Dibiase covers as Scrappy McGowen hits the mat 3 times for the win.

WINNER via pin fall, Ted Dibiase.

Solie: (crowd cheers, chanting" Go Tommy Go") I would like to welcome back to the studio my long time friend, Tommy "Wildfire" Rich
Rich: (crowd erupts) Thank you Gordon, it's great to be back to see all of my Georgia Peaches. (girls cheer loudly) 
Solie: You made an appearance Sunday Night at the Omni, helping out an old friend and sometimes foe in Ted Dibiase. (VTR shows Rich coming to Dibiase's aid after Dibiase's match against David Sammartino. The Masked Superstar and Angelo Poffo jump on Dibiase after the Superstar knocked Gary Hart out of the ring. Rich clears the ring with a chair.)
Rich: You know Gordon, I had been watching from a far on what was happening here between Dibiase and Poffo and his men. I called Teddy up and talked a few things over with him and we decided to let bygones be bygones and let the water going underneath the bridge and to try and start fresh. The last time we were both here, we had a long and drawn out feud over something that was minor and tore our friendship apart. I knew that Ted didn't have many people that trusted him still after doing some of the things he did in the past, so I knew that I should be here for him just in case Poffo and his men tried something.
Solie: Tommy, everyone saw you and Ted hug after the match, but when Gary Hart tried to shake your hand, you just looked at him and walked out of the ring.
Rich: Well Gordon, I've also have had a lot of history with Gary Hart and he has sent men like the Great Kabuki and Abdullah The Butcher at me, trying to end my career. I've talked to Teddy about this and he has said that Hart is trying to turn over a new leaf, so to speak. I appreciate the thought of Gary Hart and wanting to shake my hand, but it's going to take me a while to actually be able to trust him. They say that a leopard never changes it's spots.

commercial break

(crowd booing) Angelo Poffo: Solie! The people around here are trying to steal everything away from us! It's because we don't care on what these idiots out there think about us (crowd boos louder).
Solie: Now Mr. Poffo, that is quite unnecessary.
Poffo: Really Solie? The Officials cheated David Sammartino and The Masked Superstar last Sunday night. And look at what happened to the Long Riders! They didn't even have time to prepare for their opponents after the 2 who they were suppose to face, ran with their tail between their legs and left the arena too scared to face them. I know who's behind this, it's the hoodlum, Gary Hart!
Solie: (shaking his head) Now Mr. Poffo, you can not think that there is a conspiracy against you.
Poffo: If there wasn't, then why isn't The Masked Superstar the AWA Heavyweight Champion? Tell me that Solie.
Solie: He's not the Champion because Mr. Lawler pinned him in the middle of the ring.
Poffo: Pinned him? He held the tights and the count by the crooked referee was very fast!
Solie: We have to go to the ring.

Lanny Poffo vs. Chris Markoff, 15 minutes

Poffo sees his Dad over at the podium and this allows Markoff to get an early advantage. Markoff uses his strength to keep Poffo from getting off the canvas, as he applies front facelock. Poffo is able to make it to the ropes, but Markoff refuses to break clean and kick Poffo in the head. Markoff uses the distraction of Lanny's Father, Angelo (who's at the announcer's podium, yelling at him) to take control of the contest. Markoff makes his mistake by allowing Lanny to get off the canvas and Lanny uses his speed to take control of Markoff. Lanny hits Markoff with several dropkicks and picks Markoff up for a belly to back suplex. Poffo climbs to the top rope and waits for Markoff to get to his feet. Poffo leaps off and takes Markoff down with a beautiful flying body press. Poffo hooks the leg as Referee Patrick makes a 3 count.

WINNER via pin, Lanny Poffo

Solie: (Angelo Poffo yelling in the background) Lanny, that was a great win under difficult circumstances
Lanny Poffo: (staring at his Dad) You know Gordon, I've listened to my Dad all of my life to take the shortcut, instead of doing things the right way. What has he done recently by doing everything his way? Nothing that's what.
Angelo Poffo: Listen here, how DARE you talk to me that way! (slaps Lanny across the face)
Lanny Poffo: (getting really angry, trying to hold his emotions) You know Dad, Mom was right about you. You are nothing then a dirty rat. I wanted to think that you were a good man, but you really aren't
Angelo Poffo: (angry) WHAT DID YOU CALL ME!! (slaps Lanny across the face again) What are you going to do about that, you loser! You are just like your Mother, a loser, just like her.
Lanny Poffo: (Now incensed, tries to go after Angelo, but The Masked Superstar & David Sammartino attack Lanny from behind)

They throw Lanny into the ring as Angelo tells them to hurt Lanny. Sammartino holds Lanny as The Masked Superstar punches and kicks Lanny in the face and stomach. Lanny is now on the mat as both men continue the mugging. The Superstar quickly grabs Lanny and puts him into his Cobra Clutch as Sammartino is kicking Lanny in the stomach. The crowd starts to cheer as Ted Dibiase and Tommy Rich come to the ring and go after Sammartino and the Superstar. All 4 men are fighting in the ring as the distraction allows Angelo Poffo to climb into the ring and hit Lanny in the face with a knee drop. He starts to slap Lanny in the face and as Dibiase & Rich get the upper hand, Sammartino, The Superstar & Angelo Poffo retreat to the back. Rich & Dibiase check on Lanny Poffo.

commercial break

Solie: (lower, more somber voice) That was a disturbing event that just took place. (crowd boos) I have now another pair that has been crossing the line lately in Ole & Arn Anderson
Ole: Crossing the line? Really Solie? (laughing) We are doing what we said we would by driving Brad Armstrong out of the sport.
Arn: That would've happened last Sunday, but Brad "Daddy" had to stick his nose into our business. They are both going to wish now that Brad just heeded our warning and just leave the area.
Solie: Ole, you and Bob Armstrong have had many the battle over the years and it looks like things are going to heat back up for the two of you.
Ole: Heat back up? It never left. I have a hatred for the Armstrong's and I always will. You see that Brad isn't here this week. he must be in the hospital, trying to heal up after the beating he received. That boy of his better ask his Daddy on how the beatings get worse from here and how they feel. This is just the start of things and it will be a proud moment for us when we take them out for good! (laughing)

Solie: That's all the time we have for this week and as Freddie Miller says, "Just Be There" !

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I love when things get personal like it is for the Poffos. To me, that was the highlight of this week's show. The Andersons and the Armstrongs are also on a collision course and it's gonna be explosive!

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Now that was Georgia Wrastlin at its best!  

-Armstrongs vs Andersons... two of the biggest wrestling names in the South.  This is going to be fun!

-Wildfire leaves one home in Memphis and returns to his other in Georgia.  He is golden where ever he goes.  Wildfire with Dibiase... so many possibilities.  

- 2 Hacksaws!!!!... something must give and I can't wait to find out what

-Irwins vs Fantastics... opposites for sure but will be an awesome watch

-Lanny getting a little time here which is cool.  I always wonder what he would have been like on his own.

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Great fall out show from the Omni. 

Bob Armstrong is back! The Andersons better be ready for a fight.

Norvell looks impressive. I think big things are in store for him. 

Speaking of big things, Yoko is making waves in Georgia as Siva Afi plans on taking him all the way.

The Devil's Duo have changed their ways. Who would of thought. Looking forward to Heaven's Angels. 

The Iceman is here but Duggan spoils his debut by sending a message to Reed. Cant wait for the battle of the Hacksaws! 

Long Riders with a dominating win and warn the Fantastics that next time they meet they wont be so lucky. 

Rich is back on the Superstation and everything is right in the world. Will Hart earn his trust? 

Things get intense and as Gordon said very disturbing as Angelo slaps his son and tells his henchmen to finish the job. Poffo has some strong back up with Rich and Dibiase. This is going to get bloody. 

Andersons end the show with some strong words for the Armstrongs. 

Man, these feuds are going to pack the houses! 

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March 11th: Wheeling Civic Center, Wheeling West Virginia

1. Scott Hall over Ken Timbs in 3:49
2. Pez Whatley and Brian Adias go to 20 minute DRAW
3. Bob Roop defeats Sivi Afi in 11:24
4. "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff defeats Norvell Austin
5. TV Title Match: "Mean" Mike Miller defeats Iron Sheik in 14:38
6. Bob Armstrong DDQ Ole Anderson in 6:01
7. Jake Roberts over David Sammartino in 16:55
8. Arn Anderson over Brad Armstrong due to blood loss in 24:47

March 12th: Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati Ohio

1. "Iron" Mike Sharpe over Shawn Michaels in 11:32
2. Yokozuna (with Sivi Afi) defeats Chick Donovan & Joe Lightfoot in 5:11
3. Heaven's Angels defeats The Iron Curtain in 12:46
4. Brian Adias defeats Sivi Afi in 9:03
5. Iceman Parsons defeats Killer Karl Krupp in 7:33
6. National Tag Titles: (c) The Long Riders DDQ The Fantastics in 19:45
7. National Heavyweight Championship: (c) "Hacksaw" Butch Reed over "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer via DQ in 25:19
8. The Masked Superstar over Lanny Poffo in 18:28
9. Ted Dibiase over Jake Roberts in 20:26

March 14th: Canton Memorial Civic Center, Canton Ohio

1. Chris Markoff over Joe Lightfoot in 8:29
2. Yokozuna (with Sivi Afi) over Pat Rose and Omar Atlas in 4:41
3. Terry Daniels defeats Korsita Korchenko in 12:07
4. Pez Whatley over Killer Karl Krupp in 10:48
5. "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff defeats Bob Roop in 14:22
6. Bob Armstrong over "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer via DQ in 19:53
7. The Masked Superstar defeats Ted Dibiase in 27:10
8. Brad Armstrong defeats Arn Anderson in 29:46

March 15th: Veterans Memorial Field House, Huntington West Virginia

1. Heaven's Angels defeat The Iron Curtain in 15:20
2. Norvell Austin over The Iron Sheik in 12:48
3. TV Title MATCH: "Mean" Mike Miller over Pez Whatley in 13:41
4. Jake Roberts DDQ "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff in 18:16
5. Lanny Poffo over David Sammartino in 15:37
6. The Armstrongs DDQ The Andersons after 14:53
7. NATIONAL Tag Titles: (c) The Long Riders 30 minute DRAW The Fantastics
8. National Heavyweight Champion "Hacksaw" Butch Reed & Ted Dibiase over The Masked Superstar & David Sammartino in 35:44

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Another good loop. 

I love all the interesting match ups that make these house shows so much fun. 

Mean Mike continues to dominate as TV champ. 

Heaven's Angels had a great week and are rising quickly. 

Yoko is having some dominating squashes. 

Fantastics are taking the fight to the Long Riders but Long Riders remain champs. 

Liking the Armstrongs/Andersons battles. 

So glad to see Reed at the top of the card defending his National Title. 

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Nice job of bringing along your rookies in the openers... Hall and Yoko will quickly move up the ladder.

I find your mixing in of heel vs heel matches fun with your TV title.... Mike Miller vs Sheik!

Fantastics still trying to get over on the Long Riders is one of those feuds that you can get a couple of months out of!

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WTBS Studios Feb 16th:

Gordon Solie: Welcome back to another week of the Superstars of the Superstation! This week is going to be action packed as we only have 90 minutes due to the Atlanta Braves Spring Training game at 7:35. We have a match ready to go in the ring.

Jake" The Snake" Roberts vs. Chick Donovan 15 minutes

Roberts & Donovan lock up and it's Roberts with the early advantage. Roberts hits Chick with a few knees to the stomach and a few short-arm clotheslines. Roberts slams Donovan to the mat and sets up in the far corner. Donovan rises up to his feet and Jake charges with a fine knee lift to the chops. Donovan is down, but not for long as Roberts quickly grabs Chick and boom, that fast Roberts lands with the DDT. Referee Patrick counts as Jake covers Donovan for the win.

WINNER via pin fall, Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Solie: Another fine showing by you Mr. Roberts.
Roberts: Gordon, after going victorious of Ivan Koloff, I find myself with the lack of opponents to face. So I was thinking and I noticed that the TV Champion, Mike Miller is on quite the roll. He has said that he hasn't had much competition lately, so I've decided to offer my services up as his next opponent for the TV Title. (crowd cheers)
Solie: Wow, that's quite the bombshell there Jake.
Roberts: That's right Gordon. I want to add the TV title and the head of Mike Miller to my mantle over my fireplace. Both pieces will look awfully nice sitting there. (sinister smile)

commercial break

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Pat Rose 15 minutes

Duggan charges Rose as soon as the bell rings. Duggan is using is overwhelming power advantage over Rose by just rag dolling Rose over the ring. Rose can't even catch his breath as Duggan is simply mauling him by kicking and punching him all across his body. Duggan whips Rose into the corner and Rose goes up for a backdrop. Duggan sets in a 3 point stance and as Rose gets up, Duggan attacks violently with a football tackle. Duggan covers and Scrappy McGowen counts the fall.

WINNER via pin fall, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

Solie: Impressive is all I have to say there.
Duggan: Impressive? Is that all you have to say? That was dominating! I hope you were watching Butch Reed as I'm going to take the name "Hacksaw" away from you and I want that National Heavyweight Championship to go along with it.
Solie: I think first Mr. Duggan, you will have to answer for your actions against Iceman Parsons last week at this desk.
Duggan: Answer for my actions? Answer for what? All that was used for was to get the attention of Parsons buddy, Butch Reed. Iceman Parsons don't belong in the same ring as me. He wouldn't last as long as that bum did in the ring.
Solie: I think you are underestimating the talents of Iceman Parsons a bit.
Duggan: Solie, I think you are underestimating my talents as the most destructive force in wrestling! Reed, watch your back as I'm coming for you, tough guy!

commercial break

Solie: (crowd cheers) I have with me the National Heavyweight Champion, "Hacksaw" Butch Reed. Welcome Hacksaw.
Reed: Gordon Solie, I see we have someone who is trying to get ol' Hacksaw's attention here. Well you have it now as you attacked my friend last week for no reason. Listen and listen good you crazy eyed sucka', if you think you are going to just come on in here and take his belt away from me, then you played too many games without a helmet. I have Iceman's back and he has mine and together we are going to drive you out as fast as you came in!
Solie: Butch, you are welcomed to stay out here as "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer is up next.
Reed: Sawyer, that's another crazy person who can't handle the Hacksaw.

"Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer vs. Omar Atlas 15 minutes

Sawyer sees Reed at the podium and is yelling at him. The bell rings and Sawyer just runs over to Atlas and throws him to the outside near Reed. Sawyer is yelling at Reed as he is telling him that this is going to be Reed the next time they meet. Sawyer slams the back of Atlas into the ring apron. Referee McGowen has the count to 6 as Sawyer rolls Atlas to the inside. After several vicious stomps to the back of Atlas, Sawyer hits him with a high vertical suplex. Sawyer scoops Altas off the canvas and whips him into the ropes and Sawyer connects with a devastating spinning powerslam. Saywer stairs at Reed while hooking the near leg of Atlas as McGowen counts the pin fall.

WINNER, via pin fall, "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer.

After the match, Sawyer is continuing to yell at Reed as we walks towards the podium. Reed walks towards Sawyer, yelling back at him and the start to throw punches. Sawyer & Reed are fighting on the floor and Reed is starting to get the upper hand, until "Hacksaw" Duggan comes from behind, hitting Reed in the back with a 2x4! The 2x4 breaks cleanly over Reed's back as both men kick the prone National Heavyweight Champ. The crowd cheers as help is on the way, but they are thrown to the side. Iceman Parsons comes charging out with a baseball bat, which he wildly swings at Duggan & Sawyer, as they head for a hasty retreat. Scrappy McGowen, Nick Patrick & Parsons check on Reed.

commercial break

Soile: Hopefully Mr. Reed will be alright. (crowd booing)
Ole Anderson: (laughing) He got what he deserved! Sawyer & this Duggan really gave him a beating, just like the one Arn & myself are going to give Brad and his old man Bob Armstrong.
Solie: Ole, I've known you for many years and I really thought that you would remember all of those fights you and Bob Armstrong had. They were brawls that went from one side of the arena to the other. I guess you have a short memory.
Ole: What do you mean Solie about a short memory? Maybe it's YOU with the bad memory because I ALWAYS came out on top as an Anderson will ALWAYS be better then an Armstrong any day of the week. Now lets go to the ring as Arn is about to make an example out of this man up there.

Arn Anderson vs. Ken Timbs 15 minutes 

Anderson starts out with some classic chain wrestling and starts to work the arm of Timbs. Arn twists and turns the arm in many different directions as Timbs screams in pain. The end happens when Arn locks in a shoulder lock with all of his weight on top of Timbs and Timbs has no choice but to submit.

WINNER, via submission, Arn Anderson

Solie: I have a video tape message from the AWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jerry "The King" Lawler, as Lawler will be back in a few weeks to defend his title.
Lawler: Well boys, I had quite the week several weeks ago when I was in Atlanta. I wrestled several talented men and I even got to team with one of those men. I know that The Masked Superstar and his manager, that slime ball Angelo Poffo were complaining that they got cheated out of this championship that I hold the last time we met at the Omni. I would be more then welcome to defend this belt against you again, Superstar, but you might have to wait in line as there are a whole host of just as deserving men that should get a title shot. I can't wait to see the fans of Atlanta again real soon.

Solie: (crowd cheers) I have here with me at this time Ted Dibiase & his manager, Gary Hart. Welcome gentlemen.
Hart: Well Gordon, I can't remember the last time someone called me a gentleman, so I thank you. Angelo Poffo, if you think that you are tired of me now, wait until you see what I have in store for you next. The way you treat your son Lanny, is a disgrace. Lanny is a fine and talented young wrestler and young man and it's such a shame that he has a father like you.
Dibiase: Superstar, you know that I haven't forgotten about you, don't you? You are trying to have Sammartino to take your punishment that you should be getting, as you sit back waiting to pick your spots like the snake you are. When you least expect it, is when I will be there.

commercial break.

The Fantastics vs. Jim Powers and Shawn Michaels 15 minutes

Bobby Fulton and Shawn Michaels start out and it's Michaels with the early control. He uses his speed to keep Fulton off guard, until he misses a drop kick. Fulton tags in Rogers, who starts to work on the legs of Fulton. The Fantastics tag in and out several times and have Michaels on their side of the ring, until the rookie is able to escape and to reach his corner to make the tag. Powers tries to use his bulk and power to counteract the speed of Rogers, but Rogers gets the best of him. After a few more minutes of quick tags, Bobby Fulton climbs the ropes after a back drop from Rogers and Fulton leaps off as Powers makes it to his feet. Fulton looks the far leg as Patrick counts to 3 as Rogers makes sure that Michaels can't make the save.

WINNERS via pin fall, The Fantastics

Solie: Tommy & Bobby, you have had your hands full with the Long Riders lately in some matches around the country.
Rogers: That's right Mr. Solie. It seems like whenever we have them on the ropes and have them ready for the picking, they either get themselves counted out or Disqualified. 
Fulton: It's so frustrating that these two shoot off their mouths, talking about how big and bad they are and when the going gets tough, the tough get counted out.
Solie: I'm sure at you are aware that the AWA World Tag Team Champions are coming in to the area in a few weeks. I'm sure that you would like to get a shot of those belts.
Fulton: We sure would Gordon. The champs are also 2 big and strong individuals and they also have a manager who will get involved when his team is in trouble, just like the Long Riders.
Rogers: We are use to having the odds stacked against us, so it's nothing new to us. With these fine people behind us, we know that we can overcome any challenge.

commercial break

Tommy "Wildfire" Rich vs. Joe Lightfoot 15 minutes

The crowd goes nuts chanting "Go Tommy Go" as Tommy Rich is in the ring. Rich's experience shows against Lightfoot as Rich mixes up his offense to keep Lightfoot guessing on what's coming next. Well what's coming next is Lightfoot whipping Rich into the ropes and Rich leaps on top of Lightfoot with the Thesz press and gets the victory as Nick Patrick counts Lightfoot's shoulders to the mat.

WINNER, via pin fall, Tommy "Wildfire" Rich

Solie: I see that you haven't any ring rust with that performance Tommy.
Rich: Did anyone around here say that we are all "fired up"! (crowd cheers) I'm just glad to be back home and in front of these Georgia Peaches out here in the crowd today. (girls chant" Go Tommy Go).
Solie: Do you have your sights set on anything in particular?
Rich: Well Gordon, everyone who wrestles wants to be the World Heavyweight Champion and I hear that Jerry Lawler is coming back in, in a few weeks. Maybe I can get a shot of the title to bring home to all of these fans out here.
Solie: There are people like The Masked Superstar, "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer, Ted Dibiase just to name a few, who has their eyes on Mr. Lawler.
Rich: That's right Gordon and I'm familiar with every single you have mentioned. There are a lot of deserving people here in Georgia and I'm just glad to be back. (crowd murmurs)
Solie: Well hello once again Mr. Hart.
Hart: I'm sorry to come out here, but I just want to thank Tommy for his help at the Omni a few weeks ago. I know that we have never seen eye to eye on matters in the past, but I hope that we could put that behind us and look towards the future. (extends his hand to Rich)
Rich: (stairs at Hart) Gary Hart, it's hard to forget about the past, especially when you tried to cripple me and put me out of wrestling for good. I helped out Ted Dibiase and you just happened to be there with him. As I said before, I have to think about things before I can trust you and shake your hand. (Rich walks away)
Solie: Well Mr. Hart, I don't think that ended up the way you wanted it to.
Hart: I understand that it will take time, but time heals all wounds. I will earn Tommy's trust and prove myself to him.



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Well, if Mike Miller didn't think he had competition, he will now with Jake Roberts throwing his name in the hat! And certainly keeping an eye on the Tommy Rich/Gary Hart situation. I don't blame Rich for not trusting Gary Hart. Who is anyway?

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Nice touch with a shortened show due to the Braves game. I totally remember these things happening. 

I'm 100% behind a Jake/Mean Mike program! This could end up being huge.

Love the feud going on with Reed/Parsons-Sawyer and Duggan. These guys will have some wars on the loop.

Ole has choice words for the Armstrongs and Arn follows up by dismantling Timbs in the ring.

It's still surreal seeing Gary Hart as a babyface LOL. He's working hard at gaining trust with Tommy Rich. Will Hart get that handshake from Rich?

Fantastics look good as they're still looking to dethrone the Long Riders and also are eyeing the AWA tag titles.

Looking forward to Lawler returning to Georgia in a few weeks.  



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Also love the usage of the Braves game. I remember getting so pissed off as a kid when they cut wrestling short for baseball. Who gives a shit about baseball!!!

I really like your Ole Anderson promo's and portrayal of the MWC in general.

The Battle of the Hacksaws is gonna be awesome, and with Iceman and Mad Dog involved the possibilities get even better.

as for babyface Gary Hart. Well, I am looking forward to the backstabbing!!

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Very realistic from top to bottom beginning with the Atl. Braves game.

Really looking forward to Hacksaw vs Hacksaw.

Andersons vs Armstrongs is an all time classic

Wildfire was my favorite as a little kid and you did him justice... I just hope he doesn't end up on the wrong side of both Hart and Dibiase

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Thanks everyone. Even though I grew up in WWWF/WWF country ( South Jersey), I always liked GCW and the NWA in general over the WWWF/WWF. They always had better action from beginning to end and I'm trying to do it justice.

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March 17th, Macon Coliseum, Macon Georgia
1. Scott Hall over Shawn Michaels in 8:28
2. The Iron Curtain DRAW 20 minutes Heaven's Angels
3. Brain Adias defeats Bob Roop in 14:37
4. Ivan Koloff defeats Pez Whatley in 12:45
5. Lanny Poffo DDQ David Sammartino in 16:39
6. NATIONAL TAG TITLES: (c) The Long Riders DRAW 30 minutes The Fantastics
7. "HACKSAW" Jim Duggan over Jake Roberts in 22:41
8. NO DQ: Bob Armstrong over Ole Anderson in 18:59

March 18th, Municipal Auditorium, Columbus Georgia
1. Norvell Austin & Pez Whatley defeat The Iron Curtain in 14:28
2. Brian Adias over Sivi Afi in 7:23
3. Kelly Kiniski over Les Thornton in 10:37
4. Yokozuna ( with Sivi Afi) defeats Jim Powers & Joe Lightfoot in 5:14
5. Ole Anderson over Brad Armstrong in 17:19 when Arn Anderson held Armstrong's foot that was near the ropes when the referee counted the fall.
6. Iceman Parsons over "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer via DQ in 19:27 when Hacksaw Duggan attacked Parsons after Parsons had Sawyer pinned after his "Butt Bump". "Hacksaw" Butch Reed made the save and chased Sawyer & Duggan out of the ring.
7. NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: (c)  "Hacksaw" Butch Reed over Jake Roberts in 28:41. After the match, Reed was attacked by Hacksaw Duggan and was left laying in the ring after being hit in the head with a 2x4. Jake Roberts simply walked out of the ring as several wrestlers made the save.
8. Tommy "Wildfire" Rich over The Masked Superstar via DQ in 14:22 when Angelo Poffo threw powder in Rich's eyes. Ted Dibiase & Gary Hart made the save.
9. Ted Dibiase over David Sammartino in 16:49

March 20th, Memorial Gymnasium, Rome Georgia
1. Ken Timbs over Joe Lightfoot in 9:16
2. Heaven's Angels defeat The Iron Curtain in 14:29
3. Norvell Austin over Killer Karl Krupp in 12:07
4. Yokozuna ( with Sivi Afi) defeats Pez Whatley in 7:20. After the match, Yokozuna continued his attack on Whatley, until Scott Hall came out and threw Yokozuna out of the ring.
5. TV TITLE: (c) "Mean" Mike Miller DRAW 15 minutes with Brian Adias
6. NO DQ: Ole & Arn Anderson over Bob & Brad Armstrong in 24:43, when "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer hit Bob Armstrong with a chain.
7. The Masked Superstar defeats Iceman Parsons in 17:22
8. NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: (c) "Hacksaw" Butch Reed over "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer in 36:11. After the match, both men needed help to the dressing room.
9. FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: Ted Dibiase over David Sammartino in 26:27 when Dibiase pinned Sammartino outside the ring after a chair shot to the head.

(Before the National Tag Title Match, "Hacksaw" Reed and "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer were fighting in the dressing room and it spilled out into the crowd and towards the ring. It took several wrestlers and Referee's Nick Patrick & Scrappy McGowen to break up the fight)

10. NATIONAL TAG TITLES: (C) The Long Riders defeat The Fantastics in 29:34 due to blood stoppage when the referee determined that Bobby Fulton couldn't continue.

March 21st, Cobb County Civic Center, Marietta Georgia
1. Omar Atlas defeats Jim Powers in 12:41
2. "Iron" Mike Sharpe over Chick Donovan in 11:02
3. Scott Hall over Chris Markoff in 14:48
4. Norvell Austin defeats Kelly Kiniski in 11:51
5. Lanny Poffo over "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff in 17:28
6. TV TITLE: (c) "Mean" Mike Miller DRAW Jake Roberts in 15 minutes
7. The Masked Superstar & David Sammartino DDQ Ted Dibiase & Tommy Rich in 15:37
8. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan over Iceman Parsons in 25:19
9: STEEL CAGE: Ole & Arn Anderson defeat Bob & Brad Armstrong in 23:02 when Arn pinned Brad
10. STEEL CAGE: NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: (c) "Hacksaw" Butch Reed defeats "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer in 46:20

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Some great action in those house shows. Always had a soft spot for the Long Riders given they worked with Lutte Internationale when I was a kid so I'm kind of rooting for them, even agains the Fantastics. I bet they definitely earned their main event spot with those matches.

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