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Great action! 

Loved the Reed/Sawyer battles! 

Man that Andersons/Armstrongs cage match looked epic! 

Mean Mike had some tough draws as he holds on to his title. 

Scott Hall gets a good shine by throwing Yoko out of the ring. Cant wait to see these guys go at it. 

Dibiase gets the best of Sammartino. Also Hart continues to gain the trust of Rich. 

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Great series of shows, you're doing a great job capturing these guy's promos with Rich, Ole Anderson, etc on television.  I can hear every word in their voice which makes the shows that much more enjoyable.

Andersons vs. Armstrongs in a cage would have had me BEGGING my Dad to take me to this show!

Miller is lucky to still hold on to his TV title against Jake....we'll see how long she can hold on.

Babyface Gary Hart is the sorta thing that makes this game the most fun to me....I could totally see him pulling this off.....of course I also see him making a huge turn at some point and having even more heat than ever....fun stuff!

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MARCH 23rd

Gordon Solie: There are a lot of action in today's program, so lets go right to the ring.

Brian Adias vs. Ken Timbs 15 minutes

Adias and Timbs have a feeling out process until Timbs gest Adias to the corner and rakes Adias' eyes right before the break. Referee Patrick reprimands Timbs and Timbs takes control with a hip toss to the canvas. Timbs bounces off the ropes and misses a knee drop. Both men are on the canvas until Adias gets to his feet first. Adias grabs the stunned Timbs and hits him with a Russian leg sweep. Adias covers and hooks the near leg for the victory.

WINNER via pin fall, Brian Adias.

Solie: Great win over a tough veteran Brian
Adias: Thank you Mr. Solie. There are a lot of interesting things going on in the area and I want to be in the mix. I see that Kelly Kiniski is now in the area and he was an old nemesis when I was in Texas. If he wants to continue our rivalry, I'm all for it as nothing really got settled. As for Gary Hart and his new change in attitude, well I have been apart of a few situations in which I wrestled some of his men and all I want to say to Ted Dibiase and Tommy Rich is that man is as evil as they come and I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.
Solie: That is some strong words coming from a man that has had dealings with Gary Hart in the past.

commercial break

Solie: The AWA has been buzzing lately because we have a new AWA Heavyweight Champion as Hulk Hogan has regained his title from Jerry "The King" Lawler. We also have new AWA World Tag Team Champions as The Road Warriors who are managed by "Precious" Paul Ellering defeated Crusher Jerry Blackwell and the former Olympian Ken Patera. Since both titles are being defended at the Omni next week, the board has made a decision about the opponents for both Champions. I have this memo from the chairman of the board of the Superstars of the Superstation, Elo Nosredna. " Dear folks, the board has decided that the AWA World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan will face Ted Dibiase, who is managed by Gary Hart. The Road Warriors will face the winner of a match here today on TV between The National Tag Team Champions, The Long Riders, who are managed by Angelo Poffo and they will face Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton, who are known as The Fantastics. The match will be 1 fall with no time limit. ( crowd cheers wildly). (crowd starts to boo)

Bill Irwin: What do you mean that we have to face those midgets, The Fantastics once again? We have beaten them from pillar to post all across this country and we have to face them again just because someone named "Elo Nosredna" says we do? What kind of name is Elo Nosredna anyway?
Scott Irwin: ( pointing to Gordon Solie) You had something to do with this, didn't you Solie? 
Solie: Listen, I had nothing to do with this as this was a decision by the board of directors and the governing body of the AWA. All I know is that someone will pay for this today and it will be those midgets.

Scott Hall vs. "Iron" Mike Sharpe, 15 minutes

Hall and Sharpe tie up and Sharpe looks surprised by the strength of Hall, as Hall easily pushes "Canada's greatest athlete" around with ease. Hall uses slams and suplexes to soften up the back of Sharpe. Sharpe gets an opening by kicking Hall a bit low when referee McGowen wasn't looking. Sharpe punches and kicks Hall and then whips him into the corner. Sharpe charges, but is met with a boot to the face. Sharpe wobbles around until Hall charges him and nails Sharpe with an elbow to the head. Before Sharpe can fall down, Hall grabs Sharpe and puts the "Big Squeeze" on him. Sharpe has no choice but to give up.

WINNER, via submission, Scott Hall

Solie: Another impressive win Scott.
Hall: Thank you Mr. Solie. I see that Sivi Afi is telling people that no one can take his man, Yokozuna off his feet, but I have some footage here saying otherwise. (VTR of a match between Yokozuna & Pen Whatley in which Hall makes the save after Yokozuna defeats Whatley. Hall came into the ring and tossed Yokozuna to the outside.)
Hall: This proves that Yokozuna isn't some kind of immovable object that Afi says he is. I'm 6'5" and weigh 285lbs.and I know for a fact that Yokozuna can be pushed around.

commercial break

Solie: (crowd booing)
Angelo Poffo: This is a miscarriage of justice! How isn't my man, The Masked Superstar not getting a rematch against the World Heavyweight Champion! Can you tell me that Solie!
Solie: Well Mr. Poffo, Jerry Lawler lost the title to Hulk Hogan, so technically, your man isn't in line for a rematch.
Poffo: How isn't he in line for a rematch!!! He was robbed the last time at the Omni as Lawler cheated and had the referee in his pocket.
Solie: Now Mr. Poffo, you have no evidence of such a thing.
Poffo: I have no evidence? Did you see the match Solie, or are you even blind with those glasses you have on? Unfortunately for the man in the ring up there, The Superstar is going to make an example out of him.

The Masked Superstar vs. Shawn Michaels 15 minutes

The Superstar doesn't even wait for the bell and attacks the youngster with shots to the stomach. Michaels is hunched over as the Superstar starts to pound and twist the neck of the rookie. The Superstar is smothering Michaels, not letting him get a breath, let alone any offense in. The Superstar sets Michaels up in the middle of the ring and uses his Corkscrew Neck breaker on Michaels. Instead of pinning him. He picks him up again and applies another neck breaker. Referee McGowen tries to check on the youngster, but the Superstar shoves him to the side. The Superstar hits a 3rd Neck breaker and then picks up the lifeless Michaels and applies his Cobra Clutch to add to the pain of the 3 Neck breakers. Referee McGowen immediately calls for the bell, but the Superstar won't break the hold. McGowen starts a fast count to 5 and the Superstar releases the hold at 4.

WINNER via stoppage, The Masked Superstar.

Solie: Out with me now is Iceman Parsons. Iceman, how is the National Heavyweight Champion doing after the attack from "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan last week?
Parsons: Well Mr. Solie, Hacksaw is hurting a bit, but he is fine and in the gym with one thing in mind and that's to get those 2 Roody-Poos in the ring and to get some revenge. 
Solie: Speaking of revenge, you have a date in the Omni facing "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan.
Parsons: That's right Gordon. Duggan, I'm going to dish out some Street Justice when I get you behind in the ring next Sunday Night (crowd cheers) And Sawyer, you are in for the whuppin' that your mama should've given you when you get into the ring against ol' Hacksaw.
Solie: The match for the National Heavyweight Title will have a 60 minute time limit.
Parsons: That Sawyer is gonna wish that he was never born after Hacksaw gets done with him.

commercial break.

Solie: I have Brad & Bob Armstrong here with me and it's good to see you Brad.
Brad: Thank you Mr. Solie. I took a bit of a beating a few weeks ago when the Andersons jumped me after that match. I'm better now and I'm focused on giving them some good ol' Marietta home cooking if you know what I mean.
Bob: Gordon, you know that when I say something that means I have every intention of following through with those words. So "Pig Face" and that little piglet Arn Anderson, you 2 are going to get the "Georgia Jaw Jacker" so many times that you won't be able to feel your face. Actually, the beating you 2 will receive will probably be an improvement to those ugly faces of yours! (crowd cheers) The both of you might be in need for a Plastic Surgeon after next Sunday at the Omni.

Solie: Well thank you Bob & Brad and I think the Andersons better be careful, especially when you attack another man's son.
Mike Miller: I want to come out here and saying something, Solie.
Solie: Well, even though we have a match to get to, go right ahead.
Miller: Jake Roberts. You have never faced anyone like me before. I'm a leg breaking, submission machine. I don't care on how long it takes, I will make you scream in pain and I will take great joy in doing so. (smiling and laughing)
Solie: So does this mean that you have accepted Mr. Roberts' challenge at the Omni?
Miller: Oh, I have accepted the challenge and that Snake will wish that he stayed in the hole he came out from

National Tag Team Champions, The Long Riders vs. The Fantastics 1 fall no time limit

Both teams are taking their time early on and neither team can get the advantage after the first 8 minutes or so. Scott Irwin knee in the ribs along the ropes to Rogers gives the Long Riders a leg up. The Irwins start to work on the chest and head of Rogers. They tag in and out and show on why they are the National Tag Team Champions. The Long Riders manager, Angelo Poffo is at ringside encouraging them to injure Rogers. Rogers is having trouble catching his breath after a elbow caught Rogers high into the throat. Rogers is looking to tag Fulton, but every time he gets close, the Irwins pull him back towards their corner. Things change after Bill Irwin gets a bit cocky and misses a leg drop to a prone Rogers. Both men are trying to get to their corners and Rogers is finally able to make the tag to Fulton. Fulton jumps in and attacks both Bill & Scott as Scott is now the legal man in the ring. Fulton has Scott Irwin on the ropes, using his speed to keep the bigger man off-balance. Fulton hits a drop kick and climbs the ropes and delivers a double axe handle to the back of Scott Irwin.

Irwin appears to be disoriented as he staggers around the ring. He gets too close to Tommy Rogers who hits him with a forearm to the head. Fulton and Rogers take turns doing this as Poffo is outside the ring yelling at Nick Patrick to do something about it. Fulton tags in Rogers and now it's Rogers time to get some revenge. Rogers is bouncing between both Irwins delivering damage to weaken both wrestlers. Rogers uses his speed and quickness to keep Scott Irwin guessing and Irwin appears to be getting gassed from trying to keep up with his opponent. Rogers goes to the air and hammers the back of Irwin with an elbow drop. Rogers goes for the cover, but Bill Irwin makes a save at 2 1/2. Fulton joins the fray as Nick Patrick is trying regain control. The Fantastics send Bill Irwin into the ropes and hit a double drop kick, which sends him to the floor. They turn their attention to "Hog" Irwin and this time, it's a double back body drop for the bigger Irwin. At this time, Angelo Poffo jumps onto the ring apron and as Nick Patrick  & Bobby Fulton turn and see this, Fulton hits Poffo with a forearm to the chest. However, something goes flying into the ring and Bill Irwin picks it up. Fulton & Patrick are still dealing with Poffo not seeing this. Rogers turns around and Bill Irwin punches Rogers square in the jaw and Rogers just crumbles. Bill drags his brother Scott onto Rogers as Bill Irwin turns his attention to Fulton and Patrick sees Scott covering Rogers. Scott has the leg hooked and as Bill & Fulton fight, Patrick counts to 3. (crowd boos)

WINNER via pin fall, The National Tag Team Champions, The Long Riders.

Gary Hart is at ringside trying to tell Patrick on what happened. This allows Poffo, The Masked Superstar and David Sammartino to come into the ring and attack Hart. They kick and stomp Hart as Poffo & Sammartino hold Hart up off the canvas and The Superstar puts the Cobra Clutch on Hart. Hart is just to go out as Sammartino & Poffo are holding off some of the younger wrestlers. Tommy Rich and Lanny Poffo come to the ring and Lanny Poffo hits his Dad, Angelo in the head with a chair! Angelo goes down hard and Rich chases Sammartino from the ring. Lanny Poffo just stands over his Dad as The Masked Superstar looks at him as he is on the outside trying to pull Angelo to safety.


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Looking forward to the Long Riders facing off with the Warriors for the World tag team titles!

Masked Superstar is pissed and rightfully so....the blood will be on the hands of the AWA Championship committee.

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Action packed show from beginning to end!  I agree with Brian Adias that Gary Hart can't be trusted.  The question is whether or not Ted Dibiase can be?  Tommy Rich better be on his toes.  Gordon Solie got a little feisty hear calling the Fantastics, Midgets.  I think he just got nervous when the Irwin's where yelling at him.  I think Superstar has a point.  Just because Hogan won the title, he should get his title shot.  Poor Shawn Michaels paid the price for this one.  Iceman and Superstar should be a fun angle.

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30 minutes ago, kevinmcfl said:

Action packed show from beginning to end!  I agree with Brian Adias that Gary Hart can't be trusted.  The question is whether or not Ted Dibiase can be?  Tommy Rich better be on his toes.  Gordon Solie got a little feisty hear calling the Fantastics, Midgets.  I think he just got nervous when the Irwin's where yelling at him.  I think Superstar has a point.  Just because Hogan won the title, he should get his title shot.  Poor Shawn Michaels paid the price for this one.  Iceman and Superstar should be a fun angle.

It's Iceman vs Duggan. Iceman & Reed against Sawyer & Duggan. 

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I like Adias mentioning his Texas background and dealings with Kiniski and especially Gary Hart. Adds more intrigue to this very interesting angle. 

Good job in the building of Scott Hall. It's fun to see Hall and Yoko going at it in this stage of their careers. 

Hogan winning the AWA title has shaken things up. Dibiase gets the next shot and Masked Superstar takes his rage out on Michaels. I have a feeling Superstar is going to get involved in the upcoming title match. Another good angle going here.

Good promos from Iceman and the Armstrongs. Mean Mike also gets some time as he gives Jake a stern warning. 

Action packed TV main event as the Long Riders get the shot at the Road Warriors. Post match chaos as Hart takes a beating. Poffo gets some satisfaction by hitting his Dad with a chair. I think Angelo is going to go all out now. Long Riders/Road Warriors should be a wild brawl. 

The angles are really working here. 


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March 25th: Grand Rapids Civic Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan

1.  Norvell Austin & Pez Whatley over The Iron Curtain in 12:49
2. Jim Powers defeats Joe Lightfoot in 7:23
3. Brian Adias over Bob Roop in 10:54
4. Ivan Koloff over "Iron" Mike Sharpe in 8:16
5. TV TITLE: "Mean" Mike Miller over Terry Daniels by submission in 9:38. After the match, Jake Roberts lays Miller out with a DDT.
6. Ole Anderson over Brad Armstrong in 16:30
7. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan over Iceman Parsons in 20:41 when Buzz Sawyer hits Parsons with a chain.
8. Tommy Rich & Lanny Poffo DDQ David Sammartino & The Masked Superstar in 14:29
9. Ted Dibiase over "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer in 26:11

March 26th: Saginaw Civic Center in Saginaw, Michigan
1. Sivi Afi over Les Thornton in 9:31
2. Pat Rose DRAW Jim Powers in 20 minutes
3. Heaven's Angels over The Iron Curtain in 13:52
4. Pez Whatley over Killer Karl Krupp in 5:01
5. Bob Armstrong DCO Ole Anderson in 14:29
6. NATIONAL TAG TITLE: The Fantastics DDQ (c) The Long Riders in 28:57
7. NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: (c) "Hacksaw" Butch Reed over "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer in 37:00
8. TEXAS DEATH: Ted Dibiase over David Sammartino after 14 falls in 56:28
9. The Masked Superstar over Jake "The Snake" Roberts in 23:21

March 28th: Baltimore Civic Center in Baltimore, Maryland

1. Shawn Michaels over Chick Donovan in 11:18
2. Norvell Austin over Sivi Afi in 9:33
3. Iron Sheik over Jim Powers in 7:29
4. Scott Hall DDQ Yokozuna in 8:45
5. TV TITLE: Jake "The Snake" Roberts CO over "Mean" Mike Miller in 13:41
6. Brian Adias over "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff in 16:27
7. NO DQ: Ole & Arn Anderson over Bob & Brad Armstrong in 15:19
8. NATIONAL TAG TITLES: (c) The Long Riders over The Fantastics in 34:12
9: TEXAS TORNADO: "Hacksaw" Butch Reed & Iceman Parsons over "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan in 28:30
10. Lanny Poffo over David Sammartino in 17:58
11. STEEL CAGE: The Masked Superstar over Ted Dibiase via pin fall after Angelo Poffo handed The Superstar Brass Knuckles in 44:36

March 29th: Wheeling Civic Center in Wheeling West Virginia

1. Bob Roop over Killer Karl Krupp in 8:11
2. Norvell Austin & Pez Whatley defeat Heaven's Angels in 18:28
3. Scott Hall over Sivi Afi via DQ when Yokozuna got involved in 9:01
4. Brad Armstrong over Arn Anderson in 29:36
5. Tommy Rich over The Iron Sheik in 12:45
6. NO DQ: Bob Armstrong over Ole Anderson in 13:57
7. Brian Adias over Chris Markoff in 6:34
8. NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer over (c) "Hacksaw" Butch Reed by CO in 26:20 when "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan hit Reed in the back with a chair when Nick Patrick was distracted by Sawyer.
9. Iceman Parsons over "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan via DQ in 12:37 when Buzz Sawyer attacked Parsons in the ring. Tommy Rich & "Hacksaw" Reed cleared the ring.
10. David Sammartino over Lanny Poffo in 21:34

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Nice set of house shows.  You seem to have a great sense of organization and have a plan for everyone.  I wonder if Mad Dog was upset at Duggan for causing him the title when he hit Reed with the chair causing the countout! Was surprised to see Sammartino vs Poffo in the Main Event slot which such a stacked card in Wheeling.

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I really like your usage of The Long Riders here, and I hope they give The Road Warriors one hell of a fight!

Also cool to see Adias referencing his time in Texas and his dealings with Gary Hart, good stuff.

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March 30th
WTBS Studios:

Gordon Solie: Welcome back to the Peach State of Georgia! This week we have the AWA World Heavyweight Champion, "The Incredible" Hulk Hogan, the AWA World Tag Team Champions Hawk & Animal known as The Road Warriors, managed by "Precious" Paul Ellering. Also here is The Masked Superstar, along with his manager Angelo Poffo. Ted Dibiase with Gary Hart, will be in action and The Andersons and the Armstrongs will be here and much more on this action packed episode. Before we start, I have with me The National Heavyweight Champion, "Hacksaw" Butch Reed. "Hacksaw", how are you feeling after "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan hit you with a chair during a match between Buzz Sawyer and yourself in Wheeling West Virginia?
Reed: Gordon, I'm getting tired of looking behind my back to see if Sawyer or that sucka' Duggan are coming to jump me. I was defending this title (holding up the belt) against that crazy Buzz Sawyer, when that cross eyed Duggan hit me in the back of my head with a chair when I was outside the ring. All I know is that I'm going to have to start having my main man Iceman Parsons watching my back during all of my matches. Sawyer, Duggan, if you 2 of you think that you can take this (holds up belt) away from me, then the 2 of you are crazier then I thought. (crowd cheers)
Solie: Thanks Butch. Now we have to go to the ring for some tag team action

Jim Powers & Shawn Michaels vs. Chick Donovan & Pat Rose

The rookie team of Powers & Michaels take the ring and it Michaels starting off against the veteran Donovan. Donovan gains control as he uses his experience and guile to take the advantage on Michaels. Donovan tags in Rose after working on the legs of the speedy Michaels. Rose continues to do the same as the veterans have the match under control. Things change as Michaels catches Rose sleeping and is able to tag in Powers. Powers uses his strength to keep Rose & then Donovan contained. Powers works over Donovan and picks him up for a slam, but Donovan holds his ground and puts Powers in an inside cradle. Referee McGowen counts to 3 as Powers furiously tries to kick out, but he can't and Rose cuts Michaels off before he can break up the pin.

WINNER, Chick Donovan & Pat Rose

Solie: I have with me former Junior Heavyweight Champion Les Thornton. Les, I noticed that you were standing off to the side out of the cameras range watching this contest.
Thornton: I was watching the match for a reason and that is because I see a lot of potential in both Jim Powers and Shawn Michaels. I think that they both have the talent to be major players in the wrestling business for many years to come.
Solie: So Les, does this mean that you are now coaching these men and giving them some of your wealth of knowledge?
Thornton: I'm currently not coaching them, but I do have some interest in helping these young men out. I plan on talking to them to gauge their interest to see if they have any interest in me helping them to move forward.
Solie: That would be quite interesting to see, as I think that Mr. Thornton would be an excellent adviser.

commercial break

The Masked Superstar ( with Angelo Poffo) vs. Joe Lightfoot

This is all Superstar and the match is basically a glorified workout for the Masked man. Superstar works on the neck of Lightfoot and when he is done enough damage, Superstar applies his Cobra Clutch and out goes Lightfoot as Nick Patrick calls for the bell. Superstar doesn't want to release the hold but Patrick starts to count to 5 extremely fast and Superstar is forced to drop Lightfoot to the canvas.

WINNER, The Masked Superstar

Solie: Another impressive match Mr. Superstar.
Poffo: I'm going to talk for my man as he is still highly angry about the decision to allow that scum Ted Dibiase to get the match with the Heavyweight Champion, instead of my man getting his rematch. I know that snake Gary Hart had something to do with this miscarriage of justice.
Solie: I know for a fact that Gary Hart nor anyone else had a hand in this decision. It was the head of the board of directors, Elo Nosredna who had the final say.
Poffo: I don't believe you for one minute, Solie. In fact, I think it was YOU (points his finger at Solie) who had the final say in all of this.
Solie: Once again, I had nothing to do with any decision and it's time to get back to the ring.

Kelly Kiniski vs. Norvell Austin

The son of former Heavyweight Champion, Gene Kiniski is one big and tough looking man. Kiniski tries to bully Austin around the ring, but the veteran Austin won't have any of that. Austin catches Kiniski with an elbow to the chops, which draws a little bit of blood from the mouth of Kiniski. This makes Kiniski angry and he attacks Austin by throwing him to the ground and he tries to choke him out. Kiniski rubs Austin's face into the canvas for a moment and then he picks Austin up and hits a vicious looking back drop suplex, which appears to knock Austin out. Kiniski covers his man as McGowen counts to 3.

WINNER, Kelly Kiniski.

Solie: Welcome to the Superstars of the Superstation, Kelly. I knew your Dad Gene, very well.
Kiniski: First of, it's MR. Kiniski to you and second is that My Dad told me about you and he didn't have anything kind to say, so you better watch yourself.
Solie: Fair enough, Mr. Kiniski. I understand that you had quite the rivalry with Brian Adias in Texas before Adias came to Georgia a short while ago.
Kiniski: That's right. That coward Adias ran and took off when I continued to beat him every night for a month and most nights, I didn't even need to shower afterwards because it was so easy.
Solie: Well, both of you get to renew things tomorrow night at the Omni.
Kiniski: I know for one thing that Adias won't be enjoying it after I wipe the mat up with his carcass and enjoy another in a long line of easy matches against that no talent.

commercial break

Solie: (crowd booing) Well Mr. Anderson you and Arn have to face the Armstrongs in a NO DQ match tomorrow night.
Ole: Hear that Solie, that sound is the clock ticking on what's left of the careers of the Armstrongs. We are going to finish what we started a while back to Brad. We at the time wanted to just get rid of Brad, but now since his Daddy stuck his nose into Anderson business, it will be a 2 for 1 special at the hospital tomorrow night. (laughs) (crowd boos)
Solie: I still think that you are taking them far too lightly.
Ole: Far too lightly? The only thing that we are taking is their careers.

AWA World Tag Team Champions , The Road Warriors ( with Paul Ellering) vs. The Iron Curtain

The Warriors hit the ring and go right after Markoff & Korchenko. Animal is pounding on Korchenko, while Hawk is dominating Markoff in the corner. Referee Patrick tells Hawk to leave the ring and he answers first by tossing Markoff from the ring. Animal uses his freakish strength to Military Press the 320 lb Korchenko in the air and toss him to the canvas. Animal tags in Hawk as Korchenko is whipped into the ropes and as Korstia bounces back to the center of the ring, he is met with a boot to the face from Hawk. Korstia tags in Markoff and is met as soon as he came in by a charging Hawk. Hawk beats on Markoff for a minute or so and tags in Animal. Animal whips Markoff into the ropes and hits Markoff with a flying shoulder block. Animal tags Hawk, who climbs to the top rope as Markoff is lifted onto the shoulders of Animal. Hawk comes off and hit a violent clothesline which makes Korchenko to do a flip in the air. Hawk covers and Patrick counts to 3.

WINNERS, The AWA World Tag Team Champions The Road Warriors

Solie: WOW! That was certainly an impressive display of power by your 2 men Mr. Ellering.
Ellering: Gordon Solie, my 2 men are the most dominating force in Professional Wrestling. All I have to say to the Long Riders is I hope you have your life insurance paid up, as you never know on when you will need it.
Animal: That's right Paul. Long Riders, My brother and myself can't wait to get our hands around your stinkin' throats. After we are done with you, you are going to wish that you lost that match last week instead of facing the power of the Warriors. Tell em' Hawk!
Hawk: WEEELLLLLL, Gentlemen, I think that you have a problem on your hands as after tomorrow night, you will wish that you have never heard of the Omni and never owned a pairing of Wrestling boots.

commercial break.

Solie: I have out here my friends is Bob & Brad Armstrong.
Bob: Gordon, I can't wait to get that "Pig Face" Anderson in the ring with me and "Bad" Brad! (crowd cheers) Ole talks about taking our careers from us, the only thing that he's going to be taking is a trip to the hospital tomorrow night.
Brad: That's right Dad. Arn, I have been Xing out the days on the calendar waiting and thinking about getting my hands around your throat. You tried to take me out and cripple me a few weeks back. Tomorrow night is the night of payback for me and to have my Dad fighting alongside of me, will make it an extra special night for me.

Solie: (crowd chants, "Go Tommy Go) I have my good friend Tommy "Wildfire" Rich. Tomorrow night Tommy, you will be facing The Iron Sheik.
Rich: That's right Gordon. Not only will I be back at the Omni wrestling for the first time in several years, I will be facing an old nemesis in The Sheik.
Solie: I'm sure that you will also be watching and keeping an eye on the match between Hulk Hogan and your friend, Ted Dibiase.
Rich: That's right Gordon. I'm going to be lurking around making sure that none of Angelo Poffo's goons try and interfere in Teddy's chance of getting that World Title. Hogan is sure a big and tough man, but I know that Ted is up for the challenge.

Lanny Poffo vs. Omar Atlas

Poffo comes out using a bit more of a rougher style then he usually does. Poffo uses a few more punches and kicks then he normally does as the veteran Atlas is trying to keep up. Poffo decides to end things with a dropkick of the ropes and while Atlas is down, he climbs up the ropes back towards the ring and does a somersault onto the stunned Atlas for the victory.

WINNER, Lanny Poffo

Solie: I'm sure Lanny that you can't wait until you can get your hands on David Sammartino.
Lanny: Mr. Solie, I tried to keep a distance away from my Father and his dealings, but after what he has done physically and said verbally,  I refuse to take it anymore. He basically said that Sammartino was the son that he never had. That cut right through my heart and tomorrow night, I will cut through his.

commercial break

AWA World Heavyweight Champion, "The Incredible" Hulk Hogan vs. Terry Daniels

As game as Terry Daniels is, he is simply no match for the 6'5", 320 lb champion. Hogan uses his extraordinary power to control the match form the start and this is basically a showcase for the champ in front of a world wide crowd watching on TV. Hogan slams Daniels in the middle of the ring and hits the ropes and drops his famous leg across the chest of the former Marine. Hogan gets the victory as Patrick counts to 3.

WINNER, AWA World Heavyweight Champion, "The Incredible" Hulk Hogan

Solie: Hulk, it's great to have you here.
Hogan: Well Gordon Solie, it's a pleasure to be here. I spent a few months here as I started out and I know that the fans of Atlanta are very knowledgeable. 
Solie: Tomorrow night you have a stiff challenge in Ted Dibiase.
Hogan: I sure do as I know that Dibiase is as tough as they come. I'm going to have my hands full and I have a warning to Angelo Poffo and The Masked Superstar. If either of you think that you are going to get involved in our title match, you better think twice. You both have been complaining non stop about what you think is some big injustice and conspiracy against you and all I have to say that you can be next in line after I defeat Ted Dibiase and retain this championship.

March 31st at the Omni:

Brain Adias vs. Nick Kiniski
Scott Hall vs. Yokozuna (with Sivi Afi)
Tommy Rich vs. The Iron Sheik
Iceman Parsons vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
AWA World Tag Titles: The Road Warriors vs. National Tag Team Champions, The Long Riders
National Heavyweight Title, 1 HOUR Time Limit:  "Hacksaw" Butch Reed vs. "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer
TV Title: "Mean" Mike Miller vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts
NO DQ: Bob & Brad Armstrong vs. Ole & Arn Anderson
AWA World Title: "The Incredible" Hulk Hogan vs. Ted Dibiase ( with Gary Hart)
Lanny Poffo vs. David Sammartino ( with Angelo Poffo)


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March 31st: The Omni Atlanta, Georgia

1. Heaven's Angels defeat Jim Powers & Shawn Michaels in 8:43
2. Yokozuna CO win over Scott Hall in 9:16 
3. Nick Kiniski over Brian Adias in 14:20
4. "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff over "Pistol" Pez Whatley in 11:38
5. Tommy Rich over The Iron Sheik in 10:31
6. TV TITLE: (c) "Mean" Mike Miller DRAW 20 Minutes Jake "The Snake" Roberts
7. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan defeats Iceman Parsons in 18:53
8. David Sammartino defeats Lanny Poffo in 17:39 when Angelo Poffo hit Lanny Poffo with Brass Knuckles when Referee Scrappy McGowen was distracted by David Sammartino.
9. NO DQ: Bob & Brad Armstrong over Ole & Arn Anderson in 13:25 when Bob Armstrong pinned Arn Anderson.
10. AWA World Tag Title Match: (c) The Road Warriors defeat The National Tag Champions, The Long Riders via CO in 17:41
11. National Heavyweight Championship: (c) "Hacksaw" Butch Reed over "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer in 48:29. After the contest, "Hacksaw" Duggan attacked Reed and Iceman Parsons made the save.
12. AWA World Heavyweight Title: (c) "The Incredible" Hulk Hogan pins Ted Dibiase in 36:27 when The Masked Superstar hit Dibiase with a loaded mask, when Hogan, Dibiase & Referee Nick Patrick were laying in the ring after a collision in the corner between all 3 men in the ring. After the match, Dibiase, Superstar, Sammartino & The Long Riders beat on both men until Tommy Rich, Gary Hart, Butch Reed & The Road Warriors cleared the ring. Dibiase & Hogan shook hands after the match.

April 1st: Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center in Augusta, Georgia

1. Bob Roop over Jim Powers in 9:17
2. Pez Whatley DRAW "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff in 20 minutes
3. Killer Karl Krupp over Joe Lightfoot in 4:38
4. National Tag Team Titles: (c) The Long Riders over Heaven's Angels in 11:02 when Bill Irwin pinned Vines
5. Brian Adias over The Iron Sheik in 10:35
6. TV TITLE: "Mean" Mike Miller over Norvell Austin in 7:41
7. AWA Tag Titles: (c) The Road Warriors over Ole & Arn Anderson in 16:59 when Hawk pinned Ole
8. STEEL CAGE: Ted Dibiase & Tommy Rich over David Sammartino & The Masked Superstar in 27:17 when Rich pinned The Superstar
9. "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer defeats Bob Armstrong in 18:42

April 2nd: Macon Coliseum in Macon, Georgia

1. Yokozuna & Sivi Afi over Jim Powers & Shawn Michaels in 7:38 when Yokozuna splashed Michaels 
2. The Olympians defeats The Iron Curtain in 15:25 when Sheik pinned Markoff
3. Norvell Austin over Terry Daniels in 11:07
4. The Fantastics defeat Heaven's Angels in 12:42 when Fulton pinned Sword
5. STREET FIGHT: Ole Anderson over Bob Armstrong in 19:46
6. Nick Kiniski defeats Brian Adias in 14:59
7. NO COUNTOUT: Brad Armstrong over Arn Anderson in 25:31
8. National Heavyweight Champion "Hacksaw" Butch Reed & Iceman Parsons DDQ "Hacksaw" Duggan & "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer IN 30:49
9. AWA WORLD TITLE: (c) "The Incredible" Hulk Hogan over Jake "The Snake" Roberts in 13:21
10: Tommy "Wildfire" Rich over David Sammartino in 17:48

April 3rd: Cobb County Civic Center in Marietta, Georgia

1. Terry Daniels over Pat Rose in 12:56
2. Chris Markoff over Jim Powers in 9:22
3. Pez Whatley over Bob Roop in 16:03
4. TV TITLE: (c) "Mean" Mike Miller over "Jake "The Snake" Roberts via DQ in 14:47 when Roberts wouldn't break a choke hold along the ropes.
5. Iceman Parsons over Kelly Kiniski (sub Buzz Sawyer) in 11:50
6. Scott Hall DDQ Yokozuna in 9:33
7. AWA TAG TITLES: (c) The Road Warriors over The Fantastics in 21:45 when Animal pinned Fulton
8. AWA WORLD TITLE: (c) "The Incredible" Hulk Hogan DQ over The Masked Superstar in 33:48
9. STEEL CAGE: Bob & Brad Armstrong defeat Ole & Arn Anderson in 29:53 when Brad pinned Ole

April 4th: Municipal Auditorium in Columbus, Georgia

1. "Iron" Mike Sharpe over Jim Powers in 10:44
2. Heaven's Angels over Norvell Austin & Pez Whatley in 17:30 when Vines pinned Austin
3. Killer Karl Krupp over Shawn Michaels in 5:11
4. Chris Markoff & "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff over The Olympians in 15:29 when Koloff pinned Roop
5. Scott Hall CO over Yokozuna in 16:38
6. NATIONAL TAG TITLES: (c) The Long Riders defeat Bob & Brad Armstrong in 19:01 when Bill Irwin pinned Brad
7. AWA TAG TITLES: (c) The Road Warriors defeat Ole & Arn Anderson in 17:14 when Hawk pinned Arn
8. AWA WORLD TITLE: (c) "The Incredible" Hulk Hogan over David Sammartino in 21:37

April 5th: Baltimore Civic Center in Baltimore, Maryland

1. The Iron Sheik over Chris Markoff in 12:11
2. Brian Adias over Nick Kiniski via DQ in 18:30
3. "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff defeats Bob Roop in 11:42
4. BODYSLAM CHALLENGE: Yokozuna over Scott Hall when Hall can't slam Yokozuna within 10 minutes.
5. STRAP MATCH: Bob Arnstrong over Ole Anderson in 22:41
6. Tommy "Wildfire" Rich DDQ "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer in 27:55
7. NATIONAL TAG TITLES: (c) The Long Riders over The Fantastics in 20:46 when Scott Irwin pinned Tommy Rogers
8. NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: (c) "Hacksaw" Reed over David Sammartino in 16:27
9. "Hacksaw" Duggan over Iceman Parsons in 28:01 When Duggan hit Parsons with a low blow and then a football tackle.
10. SPECIAL CHALLENGE MATCH: Lanny Poffo defeats via CO Angelo Poffo in 8:33
11. AWA HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: (c) "The Incredible" Hulk Hogan over The Masked Superstar in 46:09 when Ted Dibiase hit the Superstar with a loaded glove.


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Nice set of house of shows.  Loved the bodyslam challenge!  This might be the only time David Sammertino was the main event instead of Hulk Hogan.  That is how over Tommy Rich was in Georgia.  He better watch his back because when Hart turns on him, he could run for Governor of Georgia.

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You do a fantastic job using your TV to build to the big show, and Damn, if that show in the Omni doesn't look like it would have been amazing.

Also, I want to reiterate how awesome of a job you are doing with Butch Reed. The interviews are spot on, the feuds are nicely built, and I can just see the fans being 1000% percent behind the guy. Really great stuff.

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Great TV show.

It was nice seeing Georgia mainstays Rose and Donovan get a win. Les Thornton seems to have an interest in Michaels and Powers, I think they should take him up on that offer.

Clearly the issues between Masked Superstar and Dibiase are far from over.

Kelly Kiniski arrives and gets a solid win over Austin and wants to continue his rivalry with Adias. I'm looking forward to watching what you do with Kiniski, oh sorry Mr. Kiniski.

Man, the Road Warriors simply dominate Iron Curtain. Long Riders are next.

Lanny Poffo is showing more aggression and has ominous words for his Dad.

AWA World Champ Hulk Hogan makes an appearance and is ready for Dibiase and also sends a warning to Superstar.

Liked the promos with the Andersons and Armstrongs to keep this feud moving.

Another good round of matches on the loop.

Hogan retains against Dibiase after interference from Superstar. Looks like Hogan got some payback with that win over Superstar in Baltimore. And I'm sure Dibiase got his blows in on Superstar during that cage match in Augusta. 

Armstrongs might of got the best of the Andersons this week. 

Road Warriors retained against different teams. 

Loved that Rich/Sawyer match in Baltimore. Man, I'm hoping they get a feud down the road. 



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I love the balance there has been in the feud between Andersons and the Armstrongs....good way to keep it hot.

Good showing from the Hulkster here in his tour through Georgia and the Road Warriors as well!

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April 6th:

VTR clip of the Masked Superstar interfering in Ted Dibiase AWA World Championship match against Hulk Hogan from the Omni last Sunday night. 

Gordon Solie: Welcome to another 90 minutes of action packed wrestling here on the Superstation. Right now I have Ted Dibiase with his manager, Gary Hart. Men, I want to talk about your shot at the World Heavyweight Championship against Hulk Hogan in which The Masked Superstar got involved as he appeared to hit you with a loaded mask.
Dibiase: Gordon, I'm starting to get tired of the Superstar either interfering or costing me matches. It's not the first time and I'm sure as Hell don't think it's going to be the last time.
Hart: That's right, Teddy. Poffo, Superstar and the rest of your gophers are starting to make us angry. As you know yourself Gordon Solie, neither Teddy nor myself are strangers in "bending the rules a bit".
Solie: Well gentlemen, you seemed to get some retribution last night in Baltimore when the Superstar had a match against Hulk Hogan and Mr. Dibiase came in to even the score.
Dibiase: That's right, I DID settle the score, but it's just a small taste of what's in store for Poffo and his crew. The Superstar should know that I can do more then use a glove to simply knock you out.
Hart: Also, this message is for you, you snake Angelo Poffo. Beware what you start because we will have no issue in finishing it for ya'!

Scott Hall vs. Ken Timbs

Hall's confidence is growing as the youngster is all over the veteran in this one. Hall quickly picks up the victory after using a modified back breaker and then "The Squeeze" to make Timbs submit.

WINNER via Submission, Scott Hall

Solie: That was an impressive performance Scott. You seem to be growing more and more confident in your abilities.
Hall: Thank you Mr. Solie. I have been in the gym everyday working on moves and technique as there are a lot of great wrestlers in this area.
Solie: You seem to be having a bit of an issue with Yokozuna lately.
Hall: I wouldn't call it an issue, I would call it a disagreement. His manager, Sivi Afi has told everyone that Yokozuna can't be taken off his feet, but I have proved that is not the case. Yokozuna is a big man, but I'm also a big man and this man right here will pick you up and slam you to the mat and prove to everyone all over the World that I'm someone that will need to be reckoned with.

commercial break.

Kelly Kiniski ( with Gene Kiniski) vs. Joe Lightfoot

Kiniski uses his amateur background to take off Lightfoot off his feet. Kiniski cranks the pressure off a side headlock even more when hos Dad, Gene barks orders towards Kelly. After several minutes of wearing Lightfoot down of the mat, Kiniski kicks his opponent in the stomach and as Lightfoot is doubled over, Kelly picks his man up for a vertical suplex. Kiniski goes back to the mat and applies a Camel Clutch, which makes Lightfoot scream and Kelly's Dad smile with delight. Gene tells Kelly to finish him and Kelly picks up Lightfoot and uses his Dad's old finishing maneuver, the Back breaker to make Lightfoot Submit mighty quickly.

WINNER via Submission, Kelly Kiniski.

Kelly Kiniski: Before you say anything Solie, remember, it's MR. Kiniski to you!
Solie: Yes Sir, Mr. Kiniski. I see that you broke out your Dad's old Canadian Back breaker to finish off Mr. Lightfoot.
Gene Kiniski: Solie, when you talk to my son Kelly, You talk to him with the respect that he deserves. He's going to be a future World Champion, just like I was. (crowd boos)
Sorry to infuriate you, Gene.
Gene: It's MR KINISKI, to you Solie!
Solie (looks disgusted) I think this interview is over

commercial break

Solie: I have here with me the Superstars of the Superstation TV Champion, "Mean" Mike Miller. I understand that you wanted this time to clear something up.
Miller: That's right Solie. I want to clear up that I RAN that "Snake" out of town and since I have beaten everyone else around here, I guess that I will need a new challenge.
Solie: Well you have been mighty impressive since your arrival here from the Pacific Northwest.
Miller: Impressive? That's all you can say to me is simply impressive? I've been dominant. I've been so.... (out comes Verne Gagne of the AWA Championship committee.)
Miller: (looks confused and then smiles) I guess you are here to congratulate me for being the top wrestler in the World. I would like a shot at Hogan and his Heavy.....
Gagne: Yes you have been a fine TV Champion, but you have also went out of your way to try and injure and cripple the opponents that you have faced. Since you said that you have no one left to face you, I have a surprise in the back and his man would LOVE to challenge you for that title:
Miller: (looks worried) What do you mean you have a challenger hiding in the back?
Gagne: Oh, he's not hiding, as he will be facing you today for the TV Title. (crowd cheers loudly)
Miller: (pissed off) So old man, who am I facing?
Gagne: I already gave you a hint and if you didn't figure it out, then you will have to wait until he comes to the ring.
Solie: WHOA, what a bombshell there Mr. Miller. It appears that you have a new challenge ahead of you.
Miller: ( points at Solie) YOU had something to do with this, didn't you? Well Solie and Gagne, I'm not going to face an unknown opponent.
Gagne: If that's the case, then you can just hand over your title and lose by forfeit.
Miller: (angry) FORFEIT! Never, bring him out here now!
Gagne: Well, we already have a match scheduled in the ring, but get ready as it will be up next.
Miller: NEXT! (mumbles to self and storms off the set)
: I'm thinking that Mr. Miller bit off more then he can chew with this one.

Iceman Parsons vs. Pat Rose

Parsons tries to shake hands with Rose, who just simply walks away from him. The bell rings and Rose runs towards Parsons, but Parsons catches him out of the corner of his eye and hits Rose in the face with several left jabs. Rose staggers around and this allows Parsons to bounce off the far ropes and nails Rose good with his "Roody-Poo" maneuver, which flattens Rose and all Iceman has to do is hook the leg as Referee McGowen counts to 3.

WINNER via pin, Iceman Parsons

Parsons: I see that there are some around here that are starting to get some payback to others for what they have done in the past. I would like to join that list as Buzz Sawyer and you cross-eyed "Roody-Poo" Duggan are about to get theirs!
Solie: I know things have been a bit tough for yourself and the National Heavyweight Champion, "Hacksaw" Butch Reed. (out comes Reed)
Reed: Gordon Solie, things are about to happen up in here. Saywer, Duggan, both of you will be getting a Whuppin of a lifetime very, very soon. We have some matches coming up against the 2 of these Suckas' around the country and "Crazy" Buzz Sawyer and that cross-eyed Duggan will be feeling some pain and agony for some of the things they have done in the past.

commercial break.

TV TITLE MATCH: (c) "Mean" Mike Miller vs. ?

Miller is standing in the ring and waiting for his opponent. Miller is tired of waiting and goes to the podium.
Miller: Solie, where is this mystery man at? Does he have a bit of a yellow streak going down his back or something? ( Suddenly, the crowd erupts as Stan "The Man" Hansen, grabs Miller by his neck and throws him into the ring post.) 

Hansen grabs Miller after hitting the steel and rolls him into the ring. Referee Patrick calls for the bell and the match is underway. It's all Hansen as Miller can't even catch his breath as Hansen is all over him like a cheap suit. Hansen is beating Miller from pillar to post and Miller tries to roll to the outside, Hansen just simply grabs him by the trunks and tosses him towards the middle of the ring. Miller is stunned on the canvas as Hansen yells at him to get up. Hansen attacks Miller with kicks and knees to the body of the Champion. Hansen picks Miller up and whips him into the corner and Hansen charges, but misses and hits shoulder first into the post. Instead of going after Hansen, Miller tries to leave the ring and Verne Gagne is at ringside telling Miller that he will be stripped of the title if he loses by count out. All of this has allowed Hansen to shake off the pain and as Miller turns around, Hansen devastates him with his famous Lariat. Hansen covers the knocked out champion and hooks a leg as Patrick counts to 3! The crowd goes wild as Patrick hands Hansen the title.

WINNER via pin, NEW TV Champion, Stan "The Man" Hansen

Solie: (smiling) Welcome back Stan. Congratulations on becoming the new TV Champion.
Hansen: Well thanks Gordon, it's great to be back in Georgia. (crowd cheers) I've been watching from a far and I've been keeping a close eye on things around here. I got a call asking me if I had an interest in coming back to Georgia and I said, Hell Yeah!
Solie: What else do you have in store for us?
Hansen: First things first is that I will defend this title on TV every week. Unlike this clown lying in the ring, I will not be picking and choosing on who I want to wrestle, as I will wrestle who they put in front of me.

commercial break. 

Solie: (crowd boos)
Ole Anderson:
I see that my old tag team partner is back in town.
Solie: Yes he is, Ole. He is the new TV Champion.
Ole: He always was the weak link of our team and were the reason that he ever lost the World Tag Team Titles.
Solie: Instead of worrying about Stan Hansen, you need to focus on the challenge set to you by Bob Armstrong.
Ole: Challenge, what challenge? What type of crap are you trying to pull!
Solie: The challenge made that at the next Omni show, that it would be you and Arn against Bob and Brad in a Texas Tornado Tag Team Match.
Ole: (laughs) That is a challenge? That is perfect for Arn and myself, as this will give us a chance to wipe them out once and for all.

Terry Daniels vs. The Iron Sheik

It's the Marine against the man from Iran. The Sheik appears to be taking Daniels lightly as Daniels tries to out wrestle the former Olympian on the mat. Daniels after several opportunities, is able to roll the Sheik into a backslide for a count of 2. The Sheik now looks angry as he wants to make Daniels pay for trying to embarrass him. Sheik kicks Daniels in the knee that Mike Miller injured several months ago in the TV Tournament. As the Sheik tries to put Daniels in a spinning toe hold, Daniels once again rolls The Sheik up, but this time it's an insider cradle for another count of 2. The Sheik has had it as he really puts the boots to Daniels and starts to choke the Marine out. Referee McGowen counts to 4 and then 5 and calls for the bell as he disqualifies The Sheik and gives the match the Terry Daniels. As Daniels has his hand raised, The Russian Bear, Ivan Koloff and Chris Markoff come into the ring and they start to stomp on Daniels. The Sheik joins in on the fun and after 35 seconds or so, The Iron Sheik's tag team partner Bob Roop comes to ringside. After looking at the situation, Roop climbs in and decks Koloff and Markoff. The Sheik looks stunned as Roop is cleaning house on the 2 Russians. Terry Daniels gets to his feet and hobbles over to the Sheik and hits him with a forearm to the back of his head. The Sheik goes after Daniels, but Daniels starts to get the best of him and the Sheik hightails it out of the ring, as Roop follows the Russians to the back.

WINNER via DQ, Terry Daniels.

Solie: That's all we have for you this week as at 7:55, the Atlanta Braves face the Los Angeles Dodgers from Fulton County Stadium.

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Mike Miller taking credit for running The Snake out of town, copping attitude with Gagne, and then getting absolutely demolished by a debuting Hansen is great television!!

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3 hours ago, Blehschmidt said:

Mike Miller taking credit for running The Snake out of town, copping attitude with Gagne, and then getting absolutely demolished by a debuting Hansen is great television!!

Thanks. I will put my house shows up for the week tonight.

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April 8th: Grand Rapids Civic Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan

1. Shawn Michaels & Jim Powers & Les Thornton over Ken Timbs & Pat Rose & Chris Markoff in 14:22
2. The Fantastics over Chick Donovan & "Iron" Mike Sharpe in 8:03
3. The Iron Sheik over Terry Daniels in 7:19
4. Ivan Koloff defeats Bob Roop in 11:46
5. Bob Armstrong & Brad Armstrong DDQ Ole & Arn Anderson in 18:33
6. Tommy Rich over David Sammartino in 15:29
7. TV Title Match: (c) Stan "The Man" Hansen over "Mean" Mike Miller in 10:48
8. National Tag Title Match: (c) The Long Riders over Heaven's Angels in 11:27
9: NO DQ: The Masked Superstar over Lanny Poffo in 22:53 when Angelo Poffo handed The Superstar a metal object for a loaded mask.

April 9th: Saginaw Civic Center in Saginaw, Michigan

1. Killer Karl Krupp over Pez Whatley in 13:00
2. Scott Hall over Sifi Avi by DQ when Yokozuna interfered after 8:11
3. Terry Daniels over Chris Markoff in 12:48
4  Kelly Kiniski over Brian Adias in 16:30 after Gene Kiniski interfered
5. STREET FIGHT: Arn Anderson defeats Brad Armstrong in 24:15
6. "Hacksaw" Duggan over Iceman Parsons in 17:29
7. NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: (c) "Hacksaw" Butch Reed over "Mean" Mike Miller in 18:25. After the match, Buzz Sawyer & Hacksaw Duggan attacked Reed, trying to injure the arm of Reed. Iceman Parsons cleared the ring with a 2x4.
8: NATIONAL TAG TITLE: (c) The Long Riders over The Fantastics in 33:55
9. TEXAS TORANDO:  Tommy Rich & Ted Dibiase over The Masked Superstar & David Sammartino in 29:41

April 10th: Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio

1. Norvell Austin & "Pistol" Pez Whatley over Jim Powers & Shawn Michaels in 16:22
2. Bob Roop DRAW 20 MINUTES with Ivan Koloff
3. Scott Hall DDQ Yokozuna in 8:13
4. Brian Adias over Kelly Kiniski in 18:46
5. NATIONAL TAG TITLE: (c) The Long Riders over Heaven's Angels in 11:40
6. NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: "Hacksaw" Butch Reed DCO "Hacksaw" Duggan after 12:38
7. Ole & Arn Anderson & "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer defeat Bob & Brad Armstrong & Iceman Parsons in 28:01
8. TV TITLE MATCH: (c) Stan "The Man" Hansen over David Sammartino in 11:52
9. The Masked Superstar over Tommy Rich in 31:59 when Angelo Poffo hit Rich with brass knuckles when Referee Nick Patrick was distracted by The Masked Superstar. After the match Poffo & Superstar attacked Rich until Gary Hart came in with a 10 ft long chain to clear the ring. Hart & Rich shook hands after the match.

April 12th: Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio

1. "Iron" Mike Sharpe over Ken Timbs in 7:31
2. Tommy Rogers over Scott Irwin in 17:33
3. Bill Irwin over Bobby Fulton in 15:29
4. Kelly Kiniski 20 minute DRAW with Brian Adias
BODYSLAM CHALLENGE: Yokozuna over Scott Hall after Hall couldn't slam Yokozuna in 10 minutes.
6. Bob & Brad Armstrong & Stan "The Man" Hansen over Ole & Arn Anderson & "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer in 25:48
7. Iceman Parsons Defeats Hacksaw Duggan via DQ in 19:47 when Buzz Sawyer hit Parsons with a chair. Duggan & Sawyer attacked Parsons' Arm until Hacksaw Reed came in to make the save. After the match, Reed & Parson challenged Sawyer & Duggan to a Ghetto Street Fight.
8. SPECIAL TAG MATCH: Tommy Rich & Lanny Poffo defeats David Sammartino & Angelo Poffo after Gary Hart hit Angelo Poffo with Brass Knuckles.


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What a show! 

The Dibiase/Superstar feud is really heating up as Dibiase is ready to break some rules.

Like Mr. Kiniski using his Dad's backbreaker, nice touch.

Scott Hall is certainly making a name for himself.

Great TV title segment! Freak'n Stan Hansen comes in and gives Miller a beating to win the TV title. What made this work so well is that Miller has been crippling all of his opponents during his dominant reign, then Hansen storms in and takes the title. This was one of the best TV angles I've read.

I like Roop coming in and saving Daniels. Daniels will learn a lot in the ring from Roop. Looking forward to their feud with the evil foreigners. 


Another solid house show loop with all the feuds running full throttle! 

Your TV is doing an outstanding job bringing the fans out to the arenas. Every match means something. 

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