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WTBS Studios:
May 18th:

VTR of the finish of the Hogan/Superstar match is shown. 

Gordon Solie: We have another action packed show today. First I have with me The Masked Superstar and he wants to make a statement involving the World Title Match and more specifically, Ted Dibiase.
Superstar: Dibiase, I'm usually a calm person. However lately, you have once again stuck your nose in something that it didn't belong in. I had the World Title right in the palm of my hands, until that snake Dibiase decided to get involved in a situation that really didn't need his attention. Dibiase, I'm challenging you to a match at the June 16th Omni show and the winner will receive a title shot on July 7th Omni show. It will be a no holds barred, steel cage match in which anything goes. I expect an answer shortly from Dibiase.
Solie: That was quite the statement by The Superstar and I'm sure that Mr. Dibiase will answer that challenge. I think that they need to resolve this once and for all.

Harley Race vs. Pat Rose

The former 7 time heavyweight champion is back in Georgia and he starts out methodically as he starts to take apart Mr. Rose like a surgeon. It's obvious that Harley is using this as a showcase of his numerous abilities. Race works on every part of his opponent's body and decides that he is done with his workout. Race picks Rose up for a vertical suplex and he holds him up until the blood is rushing to his head. Race then slowly drops down to the canvas. Race then climbs the ropes and falls off the top rope with a headbutt to the upper chest of Rose. He covers Rose and get the victory.

WINNER: Harley Race

Solie: Harley, it's great to see you again.
Race: Thank you Gordon. I can't say that I'm pleased to see all of these people out here however. The reason that I'm here is that I want the World Heavyweight Title for an 8th time. Without a title around my waist, I feel naked and I need to get that feeling away from me. I don't care if it's Tommy Rich, Stan Hansen or Hacksaw Reed that I have to go through to get a title shot at Hogan.
Solie: I know that you feel that you need a title, but the list is pretty long of the people that are in front of you.
Race: Gordon, I don't care about the list of people, all I care about is getting a title around my waist.

commercial break

Scott Hall vs. Doug Vines

Hall dominates Vines by overpowering the veteran. Hall works on the back of Vines and it's obvious that Vines is in pain. Hall slams Vines a few times and whips Vines into the corner and as the momentum shoots Vines out, Hall is able to put the Big Squeeze on Vines and he takes no time in giving up.

WINNER: Scott Hall via submission

Ole Anderson: I told you Solie and everyone else out here that Arn would defeat that Armstrong kid and that the Andersons are ALWAYS better then any Armstrong. I hope that kid has another line of work lined up for himself as he is no longer employed by Georgia Championship Wrestling. (laughs)
Solie: I have to give you credit as you did say that your nephew Arn would defeat Brad Armstrong. You are also on a roll yourself after the match last Sunday night .
Ole: Solie, no one can beat an Anderson and with Buzz Sawyer with us, he will be unstoppable as well.

Buzz Sawyer vs. Ken Timbs

Sawyer attacks Timbs before the bell and nails him with forearms and elbows, knocking Timbs into the corner. Sawyer stomps away at Timbs as Nick Patrick counts to 3.... 4... and Sawyer finally backs off. Sawyer then goes back on the attack, being as vicious as the rules will allow. Sawyer uses forearm smashes across the face of Timbs and he bloodies the mouth of Mr. Timbs. Sawyer mauls Timbs for several more minutes as Ole Anderson is yelling encouragement from ringside. Anderson then tells Sawyer to finish him and Sawyer sends Timbs into the ropes and as he rebounds off Sawyer hits a devastating spinning powerslam for the 3 count.

WINNER: "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer

commercial break.

Solie: I want to welcome Iceman Parson out here for a minute. Mr. Parsons, there's a VTR currently showing you knocking down Hacksaw Butch Reed during the melee after the National Heavyweight Title Match from Sunday Night's Omni show.
Parsons: As I have already told Butch, it was simply an accident. We are brothers from Missouri and I would never do anything to hurt my Brother.
Solie: People might be skeptical after the words you said about doing what you must to get what you want.
Parsons: I didn't mean hitting Hacksaw, I meant that me getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Champion. I already apologized to Hacksaw and it's a closed matter to the both of us.

Ben Bassarab (with Mr. Kiniski)  vs. Jeff Sword

Bassarab is an impressive wrestler as he has a strong wrestling background. The former amateur champion is simply out classing the veteran. Bassarab has Vines spinning trying to figure out on what Bassarab will do next. After both men are up on their feet, Bassarab charges from across the ring and Vines turns around, only to see Bassarab flying towards him with a flying body press. Scrappy McGowen counts the fall after Bassarab hands on top and hooks the leg.

WINNER: Ben Bassarab

Solie: Impressive debut sir.
Bassarab: Gordon Solie, enough with the pleasantries as I'm here for business and business only. I'm here to help my good friend and fellow Canadian, Kelly Kiniski in showing these American's that we are the superior amateur wrestlers and the best professional wrestlers in the world come from Canada. We don't care if it's the Fantastics, The Gunslingers or especially, The Long Riders. We are here to prove that we are the best in the world.

commercial break.

World TV Title Match: Stan " The Man" Hansen vs. The Iron Sheik

The Champion Hansen is in the ring and is yelling at The Sheik. Hansen charges The Sheik and throws the rulebook out the window. The bad man from Borger Texas is on the loose and is hitting the Sheik with everything including the kitchen sink. Referee Nick Patrick calls for the bell and is trying to get Hansen off the Sheik. Patrick is thrown to the side by Hansen and Ivan Koloff charges the ring and starts to beat on Hansen. It's now a 2 on 1 attack as Hansen is getting worked over, until a flash of crazy-looking hair comes across the screen and it's Bruiser Brody! Brody is going crazy on Koloff and The Sheik. All 4 men are now brawling in the ring and the Sheik and Koloff retreat to the outside and back into the dressing room area.

WINNER: The Iron Sheik via DQ. Stan Hansen is still the champion

Solie: WOW! That was a pier six brawl if I ever seen one.
Hansen: I made a call the other day and the man who picked up the phone told me that it was time to get the band back together! Koloff, Sheik, the 2 of you will wish that you never jumped me from behind last week and at the Omni. This man right here I can count on and I think of him as a blood brother as we have shed a lot of blood over the years in fights all over the world.
Brody: Huss, Huss. I don't care if it's the Russians, The Iranian's or anyone else who jumps on us. We will fight you to the death if we have to.




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May 20th: Jaffa Mosque Shrine Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania

1. The Gunslingers over Heaven's Angels in 12:46
2. Scott Hall over Hiro Saito in 9:05
3. Arn Anderson over Iceman Parsons in 16:23
4. Harley Race over Baron Von Raschke in 11:55
5. Mr. Kiniski over Brian Adias in 14:29
6. NATIONAL TAG TITLES: (C) The Long Riders over The Fantastics  when Bill Irwin pinned Bobby Fulton after 23:30
7. David Sammartino & Angelo Poffo defeat Lanny Poffo & Gary Hart after 12:19 when Sammartino pinned Lanny.
8. NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: (c) Hacksaw Reed DDQ Hacksaw Duggan after 6:41
9. The Masked Superstar over Ted Dibiase in 37:25

May 22nd: Cole Field House in College Park, Maryland

1. Charlie Fulton over Les Thornton in 10:28
2. Johnny Rodz defeats Jim Powers in 15:45
3. Arn Anderson over Pez Whatley in 8:26
4. Ben Bassarab defeats Norvell Austin in 13:28
5. Baron Von Raschke over Killer Karl Krupp in 9:47
6. Harley Race DRAW 20 MINUTES Iceman Parsons
7. Stan Hansen & Bruiser Brody DDQ Iron Sheik & Ivan Koloff in 16:01
8. STEEL CAGE: Tommy Rich over Ole Anderson in 24:11
9. Ted Dibiase defeats Buzz Sawyer in 19:43
10. NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: (c) Hacksaw Reed over The Masked Superstar in 31:47

May 23rd: Halsey Field House in Annapolis, Maryland

1. Yokozuna DDQ Scott Hall after 4:11
2. "Mean" Mike Miller over Terry Daniels in 10:13
3. Terry Taylor over Brian Adias in 18:20
4. Lanny Poffo defeats Mr. Kiniski in 14:52
5. Ben Bassarab over Baron Von Raschke in 11:05
6. TV TITLE: (C) Stan Hansen over The Iron Sheik in 12:48
7. Bruiser Brody DDQ Ivan Koloff in 8:12
8. Hacksaw Duggan over Iceman Parsons in 21:39
9. NATIONAL TAG TITLES: (c) The Long Riders over The Gunslingers in 11:37

May 24th: Baltimore Civic Center in Baltimore, Maryland

1. Johnny Rodz defeats Pat Rose in 7:13
2. Baron Von Raschke defeats "Mean" Mike Miller in 12:08
3. Pez Whatley over Killer Karl Krupp in 10:33
4. Ben Bassarab & Mr. Kiniski over Brian Adias & Iceman Parsons in 16:29
5. Ole Anderson over Terry Taylor in 12:57
6. Arn Anderson defeats Scott Hall in 14:05
7. TV TITLE : (C) Stan Hansen over The Iron Sheik in 11:41
8. Bruiser Brody DDQ Ivan Koloff in 15:38
9. NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: (c) Hacksaw Reed DQ win over Hacksaw Duggan in 22:47
10. Harley Race over David Sammartino in 17:01
11. STEEL CAGE: "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer over Tommy Rich in 42:46
12. Ted Dibiase & Gary Hart over The Masked Superstar & Angelo Poffo in 14:39

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Harley Race throws his name in the hat for title contention and immediately business picks up.

The Andersons and Buzz Sawyer are one hell of a trio. When they decide to go for the tag titles, whoever has them are in big trouble.

Hansen and Brody have come together! Sheik and Koloff are in big trouble, and that is yet another huge team that could potentially take over the tag team ranks.

Awesome series of house shows, but that last one in the Civic Center was killer.

Good stuff all around man!

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Superstar makes a challenge to Dibiase! That cage match is going to be MONEY! 

Great seeing Harley here. He seems rejuvenated and wants back in the title picture.

Really like Scott Hall's build here.

Man, the Andersons and Sawyer are going to be hard to contend with.

Looking forward to watching Bassarab and Kiniski working together.

OH SNAP!!!! Hansen and Brody are together! Watch out!


Reed continues his awesome title reign on the loop.

That Rich/Sawyer 40 minute cage match would of been awesome.  

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Harley Race better step up his game if he wants a shot at Hansen or the World title if he can't beat Iceman!

I agree with Lee.   The fans in Georgia are really getting some value with the price of admission.

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Good to see Race here, he's a good fit!

Superstar vs. Dibiase has had a great build....looking forward to the cage match!

uh oh....Brody/Hansen back together spells trouble for everyone in Georgia!

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WTBS Studios:
May 25th:

VTR showing the finish of the Reed/Duggan match from Baltimore.

Gordon Solie: Welcome to the Peach State of Georgia. First thing is that I would like to bring out Ted Dibiase and his manager Gary Hart. Gentlemen, welcome.
Hart: It's good to be here Gordon. We heard the crying and the challenge from The Masked Superstar last week. Unfortunately, we had other business to tend to and we just want to confirm that Teddy will accept the challenge for the no holds barred, cage match at the June 16th show at the Omni. 
Dibiase: That's right Gary. The Superstar for all the cheating that he does, sure cries when somebody out foxes him and turn the tables against him. I was out there as Hogan's 2nd to make sure that Angelo Poffo couldn't/wouldn't try to undermine the outcome of the match. Even though I did help Hogan out, I still want another title shot against him. I have an idea, the June 16th match will determine the #1 contender in the area and will receive the title match at the July 7th show. (crowd cheers)
Hart: Great idea Teddy. Lets see if he has the guts to accept OUR challenge.
Solie: Woah, what a way to add even more intrigue into a match that has been building for the past several months. We have action to go to, so lets go to the ring.

The Fantastics vs. Heaven's Angel's 

Vines and Fulton start out and neither can get an advantage early on.  Fulton is able to take over Vines with a side headlock into an armbar. Fulton works the arm and tags in Rogers, who continues to damages the arm of Vines. Vines escapes by raking the eyes of Rogers and tags in Sword. Sword's advantage is short lived as Rogers is able to get free with a good ol' kick into the mid-section. Rogers worked on the leg of Sword and after a few minutes, he tags Fulton. Fulton bounces off the ropes as Rogers whips Sword toward Fulton. Rogers quickly runs behind Sword as Fulton hits a flying body press onto Sword and both wrestlers trip over Rogers as he dropped down in the old school boy move. McGowen counts to 3 as Rogers is able to cut off Vines and the Fantastics are victorious! 

WINNERS: The Fantastics

Solie: Great win as they are a double tough team.
Fulton: That's right Gordon, they are a double tough team and they gave us all we could handle. After saying that, we want another match with those Long Riders for the National Tag Team Championship.
Rogers: Gordon, I had my foot on the rope as the referee counted to 3 and everyone in the arena could see this. We continue to get ripped off by the cheating of those Long Riders and we purpose a Steel Cage Match for the titles at the June 16th show at the Omni. We also want to say that if we lose this match, we can't challenge for those titles ever again.
Solie: Are the two of you sure that you want to have that stipulation attached to that challenge?
Rogers: Yes we have thought about this and.... (crowd boos as the Long Riders approach the podium.)
Bill Irwin: So you two midgets want yet another shot at our titles? You want another beatdown to the point where you are in the hospital for the next week?
Scott Irwin: You two midgets want it, you got it! We want to have the stipulation that you mentioned added to the contract. So if you agree to that, then we will gladly put these belts on the line one more time. We will do anything to get rid of you two pests.
Fulton: You two have yourself a deal. It will be our night once and for all on the 16th.

commercial break.

Magnificent Muraco vs. Charlie Fulton

Muraco dominates by using his aggressive nature to punish the veteran Fulton. Muraco works on the neck of Fulton and wins the contest with the "Hawaiian Hammer" piledriver. Referee Patrick could count to 100 and Fulton wouldn't kick out.

Muraco: Gordon Solie. How is it to have me back in the area after such a long absence?
Solie: Well, your talent has been missed, but your attitude hasn't been.
Muraco: Attitude? I'm just being my normal laid back self. All I do is fight fire with fire when fighting the Tommy Riches, Stan Hansens' and Dusty Rhodes' of the world. I'm here for that World Heavyweight title and the fastest way to do so is to make an impression of the largest cable station in the world.

commercial break.

Terry Taylor vs. Jim Powers

Taylor and Powers put on a nice scientific match-up, but Taylor totally outclasses the young rookie. Taylor wins after several minutes with the "five" arm.

WINNER: Terry Taylor

Solie: Nice to this you again Mr. Taylor.
Taylor: Glad to be back in front of these wonderful fans. Always great to see everyone here in Georgia as we able going up and down the coast putting on the greatest matches that anyone could ever want to see.
Solie: What do you have in store while you're here?
Taylor: Well Mr. Solie, I'm happy to see my friends Tommy Rich, Ted Dibiase and Hacksaw Reed after not seeing them for a year or so. I am interested to see on how the Ted Dibiase/Masked Superstar ends up and on who's standing tall after that. 

Hiro Saito (with Sivi Afi) vs. Shawn Michaels

Saito is trained in the catches catch can style of wrestling. He was a university amateur champion growing up in Japan. Saito dominated the young Micheals and is totally out classed by the young Japanese veteran. Saito works on the back and neck of Michaels and after softening him up for a few minutes, Saito goes behind Michaels and hits a German Suplex and then he bridges while holding Michaels to the canvas.

WINNER: Hiro Saito

commercial break.

Tommy Rich vs. Ken Timbs

Rich takes control with headlocks and front face locks. Rich whips Timbs into the ropes and lands an elbow into the chest of his opponent. Timbs is gasping for hair and Rich charges Timbs and hits Timbs with the Lou Thesz press for the 1,2,3.

WINNER: Tommy Rich

Solie: It seems like your feud with Ole Anderson & Buzz Sawyer is continuing to heat up even more.
Rich: Yes Gordon, both have been a thorn in my side lately. If I'm wrestling one, then the other gets involved and I think it's time to get myself a partner to help me keep an eye out for me.
Solie: I see that you have another tag team match with Buzz Sawyer & Ole Anderson on the 16th.
Rich: (Laughing) Oh, I have myself a BIG partner to watch my back in that match. 2 weeks ago we had a wild match at the Omni and the referee couldn't keep an eye on everything and Sawyer got the best of me. This time it will be different, A LOT different with my BIG partner at my side.
Solie: Care to say on who this man is?
Rich: Nah, let them keep on guessing on who it could be. They are going to be in for a HUGE surprise.

National Heavyweight Champion: Hacksaw Butch Reed vs. Pat Rose

The champ looks to be in incredible shape as he throws Rose around like a rag doll. The power of Reed is on display and to be the quickness that this man has, he is surely tough to beat. Reed picks up Rose for a high vertical suplex and then climbs the ropes and as Rose finally gets up, Reed dives towards Rose with a flying football tackle as Reed gets the victory.

WINNER: Hacksaw Reed

Solie: Another great win champ.
Reed: Gordon Solie, I have a lot of sucka's coming after this title. Whether it's Sawyer in Saginaw or Duggan in Huntington, I have quite the week coming up.
Solie: I wanted to know if you want to address the situation that occurred at the Omni when Iceman Parsons accidentally hit you after the post match brawl.
Reed: No need to address it here. We talked about it in the dressing room and he assured me that it was an accident and I'll take my Brother's word on that.

commercial break.

National Tag Champs: The Long Riders vs. Johnny Rodz & Terry Daniels

The Long Riders attack both men and throw Rodz to the outside. They work on Daniels and put the boots to him. They make short work of this team when Scott holds up Daniels and Bill comes off the ropes with a vicious boot to the face. Scott covers for the victory.

WINNERS: The Long Riders

Solie: Another week of exciting action as the..... (coming out of the back and towards the ring,Tommy Rich is being attacked by Ole Anderson & Buzz Sawyer)
Solie: We need to get some help for Tommy!

Rich is covered in blood and his white t-shirt is ripped to shreds. Anderson and Sawyer are trying to break the arm of Rich as Sawyer wraps the arm around the ringpost and Anderson has a cowboy boot. Anderson is hitting Riches' left arm with the boot several times as Hacksaw Reed charges out with a baseball bat to chase away Sawyer and Anderson.....


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Well, Tommy Rich could've needed his BIG partner at the end of the show. Never count out Ole Anderson & Buzz Sawyer!

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Oh man, The Fantastics taking drastic steps to get another shot at the title. Let's hope Tommy and Bobby don't regret that one.

Good debut wins for Muraco and Taylor. I expect big things for Muraco here.

Dibiase vs Superstar in the cage for the next shot at Hogan is a great match and awesome main event for the next Omni show.

Tommy Rich having another surprise partner is all well and good, but he needs to find someone to watch his back every week!

Good show man!!

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May 27th: Wheeling Civic Center in Wheeling, West Virginia

1. Hiro Saito over Les Thornton in 8:14
2. Yokozuna defeats Brian Adias in 12:09
3. Baron Von Raschke defeats Killer Karl Krupp via the claw in 10:37
4. Ben Bassarab & Kelly Kiniski over Jim Powers & Shawn Michaels in 9:23
5. Bruiser Brody over The Iron Sheik in 11:56
6. Lanny Poffo over David Sammartino in 15:20
7. TV TITLE: (C) Stan Hansen over "Mean" Mike Miller in 13:48
8. Arn & Ole Anderson over The Gunslingers 17:29
9. WHEELING STREET FIGHT: Tommy Rich defeats "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer in 38:24

May 28th: Veterans Memorial Field House in Huntington, West Virginia

1. Scott Hall defeats Sivi Afi in 7:23
2. Heaven's Angels over Ken Timbs & Pat Rose in 9:20
3. Brian Adias over Terry Daniels in 11:26
4. Baron Von Raschke defeats Killer Karl Krupp in 13:48
5. David Sammartino over Iceman Parsons in 18:01
6. Tommy Rogers defeats Scott Irwin via DQ after 12:44
7. Bill Irwin over Bobby Fulton after 14:29
8. Arn Anderson over Lanny Poffo in 19:28
9. Stan Hansen & Bruiser Brody over Ivan Koloff & Iron Sheik in 15:14
10. NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: (C) Hacksaw Reed DDQ Hacksaw Duggan after Iceman Parson and Buzz Sawyer got involved after 23:37

May 29th: Grand Rapids Civic Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan

1. The Gunslinger 30 MINUTE DRAW The Fantastics
2. Harley Race pins Baron Von Raschke in 11:47
3. Brian Adias over Kelly Kiniski via DQ after Ben Bassarab interferes in 14:32
4. TV TITLE: (C) Stan Hansen over Ivan Koloff in 16:29
5. NON TITLE: The Fantastics defeat NATIONAL TAG CHAMPS The Long Riders when Rogers pinned Scott Irwin after 29:11
6. Ole Anderson over Lanny Poffo in 13:55
7. Iceman Parsons defeats David Sammartino in 15:28
8. Ted Dibiase & Tommy Rich & Gary Hart over The Masked Superstar & Buzz Sawyer & Angelo Poffo in 23:47

May 30th Saginaw Civic Center in Saginaw, Michigan

1. Scott Hall over "Mean" Mike Miller via submission in 19:35
2. Magnificent Muraco over Norvell Austin in 7:14
3. Ben Bassarab over Jeff Sword in 11:00
4. Kelly Kiniski defeats Doug Vines in 9:42
5. Yokozuna over Brian Adias in 13:28
6. Terry Taylor over Pez Whatley in 12:49
7. Tommy Rich 30 MINUTE DRAW Hacksaw Duggan
8. NATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: TITLE CHANGE !!!! "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer over (C) Hacksaw Reed when Nick Patrick was on the canvas and Hacksaw Duggan and Iceman Parson were in the ring. Duggan had a football helmet and as Parsons and Duggan struggle over the helmet, Parson accidentally hit Reed in the head with the helmet. Reed fell to the mat and Duggan tossed a shocked parsons outside the ring. Sawyer then whipped Reed into the ropes and hit his spinning powerslam for the victory.


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Holy Shit! The reign of Butch Reed is over!!

Man, Reed was fantastic as champ, and like Edger just said, I can't think this is gonna sit well. Fool me once and all that.

I only live about 90 minutes from Wheeling, would love to see that house show!!

Good Stuff!

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Solid TV as things are set up for the big June 16th card. 

Fantastics put it all on the line for one last shot with the Long Riders. Will the Fantastics finally pull it off?

Heel Muraco and babyface Taylor have impressive debuts. Both men will make an impact here.

Afi has a new man in Saito. Afi is building up quite a stable. I've said this before but I love how you're utilizing Afi.

Oh man, I wonder who Rich is bringing in? 

Reed continues to be one of my favorite champs in this game. 

What an ending! Sawyer and Ole don't want Rich to make it to that big tag match as they really do a number on him. 


OH NO! New National Champ! Right after I compliment Reed's reign LOL. Parsons might have some more explaining to do an that one. Looks like Sawyer and Rich will now be feuding over the National title. 

Liked that Brody/Hansen-Sheik/Koloff match. Also, good seeing Heaven's Angels get a win. Kiniski/Bassarab could be a breakout team in Georgia. 

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Muraco is a great addition to your roster....looking forward to seeing where things go with him

Shocking title change.....Sawyer beats Reed.....I loved Reed's title reign but Sawyer makes for a great champ as well. 

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Great TV show with an awesome build to the next big show on July 7.

Rich needs some big help!

Like the first showing of Muraco and Taylor

Mad Dog with the National Title is cool and sets up so many choices.  I thought this was going to be a big title feud that ended with Hacksaw.  

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