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Appreciate the callback on Bravo. 

There were never enough babyface stables in pro wrestling. The Brigade looks smart for banding together in the face of literal armies of heels, on top of having a strong lineup.

Big debut for the Hart boys as a new Canadian alliance forms!


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Nice follow up show. 

Spivey avenges his loss and appears to be heading for big things.

Like the French Revolution and they debut strong. 

LOL, Rose is gold on the mic. Man, with The Polish Prince and the Pretty Boy by his side, it's going to be a tough task getting the belt off Rose. 

Cobra gets the win tonight but I know Wakamatsu's men are plotting revenge. 

Another win for the brigade as Perez gets an impressive pin on Boyd. So far the Brigade is doing a great job of watching each others backs.

Fun main event as the Harts debut! Harts take care of the Starrs while CanCon takes care of Flowers and Embry. 

Good idea adding a tag title because your tag division is stacked! 

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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Victoria Memorial Arena, Victoria , June 8th

 Al Perez vs. Jonathan Boyd

 With the other members of The Brigade at ringside, Perez won with a German Suplex

Masanobu Fuchi & Mr. Hito vs. The Cobra & Keiichi Yamada

 A fast paced bout that ended with Yamada pinning Fuchi after a brainbuster

Billy Jack Haynes, Matt Borne & Chris Adams vs. Rip Oliver, Doug Somers & Ed Wiskowski

 In a match where Haynes and Borne both took a serious pounding, Billy Jack was still able to catch Oliver in a powerslam off the ropes for the win. Buddy Rose was at ringside and, although the Army lost, he seemed very pleased with their efforts.

Adrian Adonis vs. Tom Zenk

 Adonis seemed to have it in for young Zenk and battered him mercilessly, bloodying his nose. Zenk put in an heroic effort and looked like he might pull off a win, but a mistimed attempt at a back body drop led to Adonis nailing him with a DDT and getting the pinfall. The rest of The Brigade were once again at ringside and very supportive of his efforts, and when Adonis tried to go after Zenk post match, they stood over him and protected him.

AWA Pacific Tag Team Title Match : The Rock & Roll Express © vs. Texas Red & The Spoiler

 In a crazy match, The Rock & Roll Express won by DQ when Texas Red slugged the referee

"Diamond" Timothy Flowers, Eric Embry, Ron Starr & Chicky Starr vs. Ron Garvin, Leo Burke, Bruce Hart & Keith Hart

 Bruce Hart got the win for his team when he caught Embry with a flying lariat

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Texas Red's temper getting the best of him and it could have cost them the belts. Spoiler won't likely put up with too much of that.

If The Brigade can stick together, they are going to be a force here in Pacific. But I wouldn't put it past Rose to be trying to turn someone!!

Haynes, Borne, and Adams is one heck of a team, but man the babyfaces seem outnumbered around here!!

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Love that RnR vs. Texas Red/Spoiler match! 

Billy Jack impresses in the 6 man tag. He looks to be the Playboy's next challenger.

Adonis looked strong in that win against Zenk. 

Awesome main event! Hart's are coming in with some serious momentum. 


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