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Really good TV show that captured Pacific's new direction. 

Brutus Beefcake is born. Badd Co. and Brutus are meant for each other. With Missy leading the way, this could be the breakout stable in 85. 

Fun action packed match between Gilbert and Fuchi. This is going to be a gem of a feud. 

The White Angel debuts with an exciting showcase. You just know he's going to be a star. He's in a good spot teaming with Adams and feuding with Jake and Taylor. 

If anyone knows how to play the game in Portland, it's Buddy Rose. Smart move using the Vice Squad as his hitman. 

Solid main event. Hector puts up a fight but man did Gordy come back with a vengeance to retain the title. This has to worry Chavo a bit. 


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Enjoyed each segment here... good use of Missy Hyatt to help change Eddie Hogan to the new confident Brutus.

Muroco vs Steamboat anywhere is awesome but it just seems perfect in the Pacific... loved the line "Steamboat doesn't even surf"

And the white angel comes to light... looking forward to the build here!

Why can't the Vice Squad see they are being used by the Playboy.... because he is AWESOME!


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