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Really good TV show that captured Pacific's new direction. 

Brutus Beefcake is born. Badd Co. and Brutus are meant for each other. With Missy leading the way, this could be the breakout stable in 85. 

Fun action packed match between Gilbert and Fuchi. This is going to be a gem of a feud. 

The White Angel debuts with an exciting showcase. You just know he's going to be a star. He's in a good spot teaming with Adams and feuding with Jake and Taylor. 

If anyone knows how to play the game in Portland, it's Buddy Rose. Smart move using the Vice Squad as his hitman. 

Solid main event. Hector puts up a fight but man did Gordy come back with a vengeance to retain the title. This has to worry Chavo a bit. 


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Enjoyed each segment here... good use of Missy Hyatt to help change Eddie Hogan to the new confident Brutus.

Muroco vs Steamboat anywhere is awesome but it just seems perfect in the Pacific... loved the line "Steamboat doesn't even surf"

And the white angel comes to light... looking forward to the build here!

Why can't the Vice Squad see they are being used by the Playboy.... because he is AWESOME!


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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the LA Sports Arena, Los Angeles, January 25th

Tournament for the California Title, First Round

 Phil Lafleur vs. Manny Fernandez

 Fernandez won with the Flying Burrito

Tom Zenk vs. Jim Backlund

 Zenk hit a top rope missile dropkick to advance in the tournament

Mad Dog Vachon vs. Ed Wiskowski

 Both men were counted out when brawling outside the ring

Too Cold Scorpio vs. Buddy Jack Roberts

 Scorpio went for a top rope flying cross body press , but Roberts ducked it and then followed up with a running Bombs Away kneedrop to score the victory


Brutus Beefcake vs. Kendo Nagasaki

 Beefcake hit the Final Cut ( running jumping kneelift ) to put down Nagasaki for the three count


Tournament Semi Finals

 Tom Zenk vs. Manny Fernandez

 Fernandez made it a knock down, drag out fight, but Zenk was able to catch him with a running cross body press to pull out the win


 Buddy Jack Roberts advanced into the finals


Pacific Light Heavyweight Title Match : Keichi Yamada © vs. Norman Smiley

Smiley was attempting to lock in the Norman Conquest (Crossface Chicken Wing) but Yamada blocked it and hit a Tiger Suplex for the victory


California Title Tournament Finals

 Tom Zenk vs. Buddy Jack Roberts

 Roberts really put the boots to Zenk and was trying to put him away with a piledriver, but Zenk held on and countered with a small package that got the one two three. Tom Zenk is the new California Champion.

Pacific Heavyweight Title Match :  Terry Gordy © vs. Mando Guerrero

 Gordy caught Mando flat footed with a massive lariat to successfully defend his title


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Pacific Coast Wrestling Show from the UCSB Event Center, Santa Barbara, January 26th

 Larry Cameron vs. Jim Backlund

 Cameron caught Backlund coming off the top rope and reversed it into a crushing powerslam for the win

Jake Roberts vs. Tracy Smothers

 Smothers really took it to Roberts but ultimately the Snake caught him with the DDT for the victory

The White Angel vs. Kendo Nagasaki

 An intense martial arts and strong style duel that White Angel won with the Moonsault

Too Cold Scorpio vs. Buddy Rose

Rose was working Scorpio over in the corner when Scorpio caught him by surprise with a sunset flip, but Rose blocked it by grabbing the ropes and pinned him by sitting on his chest with his hands gripping the ropes

Ricky Steamboat vs. The Barbarian

 Barbarian unleashed his considerable power offense to try to do as much damage to Steamboat before his match with Don Muraco, but the Dragon was able to rally and get the victory with the top rope flying cross body press

The Crazy Gang vs. Billy Jack Haynes, Texas Red & Mike Rotunda

 Rude pinned Rotunda after hitting the Rude Awakening

California Title Match : Tom Zenk © vs. Doug Somers

 Somers was relentless against the Champ but Zenk ultimately hit the top rope missile dropkick to successfully defend his newly won title

Golden State Tag Team Title Match : Mr. Hito & Masanobu Fuchi © vs. Badd Company

 Both teams took each other to the limit in a match that went to a 30 minute time limit draw


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The full card has been announced for the second annual Aloha Spectacular from Neal S. Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, taking place on January 31st

The Royal Family vs. Leo Burke & Bam Bam Bigelow

Eddie Gilbert vs. Manny Fernandez

Keichi Yamada & Tracy Smothers vs. The Starr "Cousins"

Falls Count Anywhere Match Dave Schultz vs. Texas Red

The Thundercats vs. The Vice Squad

California Title Match : Tom Zenk (c) vs. Buddy Jack Roberts

Mr. Hito, Masanobu Fuchi & Kendo Nagasaki vs. Brutus Beefcake & Badd Company

Pacific Tag Team Title Match : Buddy Rose & Doug Somers (c) vs. Dan Spivey & Al Perez

Terry Taylor & Jake Roberts vs. Chris Adams & The White Angel

Grudge Match : Don Muraco vs. Ricky Steamboat

Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Terry Gordy (c) vs. Chavo Guerrero

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Fun California Title tournament. Zenk earned that title with big wins over tough vets Fernandez and Buddy Jack. 

Beefcake's confidence must be at an all time high because he finally got the pin on Kendo. 

Yamada is hitting his groove as LHW champ. 

Speaking of champs, Gordy retains with a decisive win over Mando. 

Steamboat looks to be ready for Muraco as he gets the win over Barbarian. Man I cant wait for Steamboat/Muraco! 

I know the Fuchi/Hito-Badd Co. match had the fans on the edge of their seats. I'm hoping for more of these.

The Aloha Spectacular will defiantly draw a good crowd. Shultz vs. Red in a falls count anywhere match will be all kinds of crazy. Add in Muraco vs. Steamboat, a classic 6 man tag, a Gordy title defense and this will be a historic night for Pacific. 

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San Francisco - 01/17

- Solid squash for Muraco
- Hito & Fuchi, like I said before, is a real interesting pair of tag team champs 
- Another win for Bigelow to build him up. 
- Guerreros - Freebirds will be an awesome, awesome feud 
- Solid win for the tag champs 

Again, not the biggest show, but solid stuff

Oakland - 01/18

- Yamada & Smothers ranks a solid .7 on the WAR tag team scale
- Vachon and Wiskowski brawling i not a surprise
- Whomever could that man in white be. 
- Another fun tag team title match, but honestly, Zenk needs to get rid of that boring Rotunda
- Huge win for Chavo, really putting him over. 

Fresno - 01/19

- Haynes & Red vs. Ragin & Ravishin' would be an entertaining brawl, especially with the chain, and Rude eating the chain assissted lariat is a good way to end the match. 
- The Thundercats try again, but can't quite pull things over the line. 
- Taylor-Burke is a fun main event for Fresno. 

Los Angeles - 01/24

- I look forward to fans of this world now being permanetly confused whether Eddie Hogan was actually Hulk's brother or not. 

- Yes, Muraco should defend his place as the true King of Hawaii. I doubt Steamboat spends half the year on the beach, like he does! Seriously though, fun promo. 

- Vice Squad & Playboy Club teaming up is good for nobody except those two groups. 

- Great main event, and the Guerreros-Freebirds feud is only getting hotter.

Los Angeles - 01/25

Interesting tournament, and I'm surprised you didn't put the belt on Beefcake to really push him. 

I can only hope the Hawaiian fans rightly cheer the true Hawaiian in the match, as opposed to Ricky Steamboat.

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Interesting tournament in LA.  Was surprised to see Zenk keep getting the win round after round but looking forward to seeing him get "the push" here in Pacific Coast Wrestling.  

Looking forward to the trip to the Blaisdell Arena

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Pacific Coast Wrestling Aloha Spectacular from Neal S. Blaisdell Arena , Honolulu , on ESPN / TSN , January 31st


Leo Burke & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. The Royal Family


In their past matchups, Boyd and Morgan have tried to keep Bigelow out of the ring and focus their damage on Burke, only for Bigelow to end up overwhelming them. For this match, they changed things up and kept the young rookie in the ring for as long as possible, letting him wear himself out and slowly chipping away at him. Even when Burke was in the ring, he took quite a pounding from the Royal Family before being forced to tag out again. Slowly but surely, Bigelow was able to rally back and put the Royal Family on the defensive with some big power moves, eventually catching Boyd coming off the ropes with a crushing powerslam to potentially get the victory. Unfortunately, the ref was unable to make the count as he was distracted escorting Burke from the ring, and Morgan nailed Bam Bam with a nasty running kneedrop to the back of the head before reversing the pin. The ref turned around and saw Boyd covering Bigelow, making the three count and giving Bam Bam his first pinfall loss. A tough break for the Beast From The East, but time will see how he bounces back from this.


Eddie Gilbert vs. Manny Fernandez


 This match pitted two of the craziest newcomers to Pacific Coast against each other. While Gilbert does have a solid background in technical wrestling, you wouldn't know it from this match. Fists were flying, every dirty trick was played, it was an out and out brawl.  Manny Fernandez was able to hit the Flying Burrito and went for the pinfall, but Gilbert had the presence of mind to get his leg on the ropes to break up the count. Fernandez initially thought he had gotten the three count and started to celebrate, but when he was informed that the match was still underway, he nearly went off on the ref. Instead , he went for another Flying Burrito, only this time Gilbert ducked it and countered with the Hot Shot that did get the three count. A hard fought match, but Gilbert ultimately prevailed.


Keiichi Yamada & Tracy Smothers vs. The Starr "Cousins"


On paper, Yamada and Smothers would look to be the most unusual pairing in PCW, however they found common ground in both their mutual respect for each other and their mutual distaste for Ron and Chicky Starr.  The Starr Cousins dug deep into their bag of tricks and used every short cut they could think of to get the advantage over the considerable technical skills of Yamada and Smothers. Yamada and Smothers both would rally back, but the Starr's could not be kept down for long. Yamada got Ron set up for the Tiger Suplex, but Chicky came in to break it up with a blackjack, only to be stopped in his tracks by a savate kick from Smothers. Yamada completed the Tiger Suplex and scored the pinfall. They might seem  like an unlikely team, but Yamada and Smothers work together like a well oiled machine.


Falls Count Anywhere Match : Dave Schultz vs. Texas Red


 Texas Red has gradually built up quite a following in the pacific coast, with his unusual look and intense style. This has brought him into the sights of the always dangerous Dave Schultz, who has stated his intention to cut the raw boned youngster down to size. The result was a knock down, drag out fight that went all over the arena and deep into the fans area. No matter what Schultz threw at him, Red would just keep coming after him.  Schultz was able to bring him down when he grabbed a chair and whalloped him hard across the back a couple of times. Schultz was clearly looking to hit him in the head for the coup de grace, but Texas intercepted it with both hands and yanked the chair out of his grasp. Red then threw the chair in Schultz's face then unleashed a flurry of punches. Texas Red's usually stoic demeanor was gone, replaced by raw fury as he rained down punches on Schultz, followed by a big chokeslam on the chair that put an end to the match. Both men were bloody and battered, but Texas Red had come out on top.


The Thundercats vs. The Vice Squad


These two groups are newly arrived in PCW and both quite eager to prove themselves. In most of their matches so far, the Thundercats have come out on top. But the Vice Squad have brought a whole new dimension to their feud by getting provisional associate status in the Playboy Club, and were led to the ring by the "Polish Prince" Ed Wiskowski. This new twist to their fortunes was shown in an even cockier attitude , if that was even possible, and they never seemed to take the Thundercats seriously. This is never a good idea, and the diverse and well coordinated offense of the Thundercats kept the Vice Squad members flying all over the ring. The turning point came when Larry Cameron sent Brian Knobs over the top rope with a mighty clothesline, and when Knobs was trying to recover on the floor, Cameron nailed him with a massive Harlem Hammer off the ring apron that sent Knobs crashing into Ed Wiskowski. This enraged the Polish Prince, and when Cameron got back to his feet, Wiskowski ambushed him from behind and drove him head first into the ring steps. This served to ignite Jack Victory and Jim Backlund, who were all over Too Cold Scorpio and Norman Smiley. Scorpio and Smiley tried to come back, but with Knobs recovered and Wiskowski sneaking in cheap shots, they were overwhelmed by the numbers and went down after Jack hit a pair of Victory-Plexes on Scorpio. This was not enough for the Vice Squad, who dragged the unconscious Cameron into the ring to do some serious damage on him. Suddenly, someone came running out of the audience and into the ring. It was Mad Dog Vachon, who sent the Vice Squad members sprawling with big punches. The Vice Squad decided to beat a strategic retreat rather than deal with the crazed French Canadian barking in the ring. It looks like the Thundercats now have a guard dog watching their backs, and the Vice Squad had best watch out.


California Title Match : Tom Zenk © vs. Buddy Jack Roberts


With Zenk having recently become the inaugural California champ, the handsome Minnesota has continued to have the support of the young ladies in the audience who squealed for his every move. Not so much for Buddy Jack Roberts, who was still smarting from his loss in the tournament finals and looking to bring more gold to the Freebirds. Roberts certainly put Zenk through his paces in this back and forth match, but in the end Zenk once again prevailed with the Missile Dropkick. Another impressive victory, but who knows what new challenges await him as champion?


Mr. Hito, Masanobu Fuchi & Kendo Nagasaki vs. Brutus Beefcake & Badd Company


Missy Hyatt's men have been on an incredibly roll lately, with the newly minted Brutus Beefcake showing more confidence every day and Badd Company providing a tough challenge for the Golden State Tag Titles. Gary Hart has clearly taken these challenges to his men quite personally and has sworn vengeance upon Missy Hyatt. The Japanese team seemed to have an added element of viciousness to their martial arts moves and submission attempts. Missy's men were not intimidated  , and countered with a combination of Beefcake's considerable power and Badd Company's speed and double teams. When Beefcake locked Kendo in the sleeper , it looked like that was it for the match, but then Gary Hart signaled to the back. A black masked figure dashed out to the ring and clobbered Beefcake in the head with a set of nunchaku. Beefcake went down and the ref called for the DQ , only to be repaid with a thrust kick to the jaw. Tanaka and Diamond in turn were knocked out by the nunchaku, leaving Missy Hyatt alone and vulnerable. She was clearly screaming as Gary Hart ordered his men to drag her into the ring and had Fuchi and Hito hold her while the newcomer pulled his mask off and revealed himself as the Great Kabuki. Kabuki and Kendo clearly looking to hit her with a double blast of the green mist and it looked like there was no way out for the Walking Riot when rescue came from an unexpected source. Eddie Gilbert ran to the ring as fast as he could and threw a massive fireball at Kendo and Kabuki that sent all of Hart's men scattering. After checking to make sure that Missy was alright, Gilbert helped Beefcake and Badd Company get back to their feet and the four men escorted a clearly shaken Missy Hyatt to the back. While Hart has brought out a very big gun in this war, time will tell what Missy will do to retaliate.


Pacific Tag Team Title Match : Buddy Rose & Doug Somers © vs Dan Spivey & Al Perez


While the Playboy Club have kept a very tight grip on the Pacific Tag Titles since winning them at San Diego Battleground, the young up and comers of the Brigade have been very hot on their heels. As is their tradition, Spivey and Perez had their Brigade teammates, Mike Rotunda and Tom Zenk, in their corner, cheering them on and watching their backs throughout , but the veterans Rose and Somers were clearly not intimidated. What resulted was an exciting clash between the power and enthusiasm of the Brigade and the experience and cunning of the Playboy Club. At several moments it looked like the challengers had Rose and Somers dead to rights, only for the champs to wriggle out by way of subterfuge or ingenuity. Perez was all set to bring the titles home when he set up Rose for the German suplex, but Somers cut him off with a nasty clip to the knee from behind. Rose then hit the Inside Out Backbreaker and that put an end to the challenge of the Brigade … for now, at least.


Terry Taylor & Jake Roberts vs. Chris Adams & The White Angel


This situation started out as a simple challenge by Adams for Taylor's TV Title, but the presence of Jake Roberts and the arrival of the White Angel has transformed it into something far move volatile. With each man in the match possessing one of the most effective finishers in wrestling (the Fivearm, the Superkick, the Moonsault, and the DDT) , it seemed like this match would break into a race to see who could get theirs first. By this point in the feud, Taylor and Roberts were no longer off guard and were going full bore after Adams and the White Angel, who responded in kind. The action never let up until Angel hit an impressive dive to the outside that landed on Roberts that took them both out of action. This just left Adams and Taylor to go at it with everything they had, and when Taylor missed a Fivearm, Adams caught him on the rebound with a Superkick that put him down for good. Enough to win the tag match, but now he needs to get that three count in a title match.


Grudge Match : Don Muraco vs. Ricky Steamboat


Don Muraco made his entrance to Pacific Coast Wrestling in especially dramatic style with a brutal and underhanded ambush of Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. He followed up with insults to the popular superstar and proclaiming himself the King Of The Pacific and one true Hawaiian. This has all led to them to try to settle the score in their shared homeland. Normally, Steamboat would have had the entirety of the audience in his corner, but this crowd seemed pretty much split down the middle, with a fair number of the Hawaiians present identifying with Muraco and his freewheeling style and spacey charisma. Steamboat was running hot through much of this match, with his temper leading him to make some mistakes and to fall for some traps by Muraco early on. The Magnificent One, for his part, maintained an oily self assuredness and kept the same cocksure grin on his face no matter what Steamboat did. Eventually, Steamboat took some time out on the outside to compose himself. He returned to the ring much calmer, and managed to keep his own cool in several exchanges with Muraco. He kept chipping away an Muraco's guard and would keep dodging when Muraco tried to strike back. Now Muraco was getting frustrated, and when Muraco thought he had Steamboat lined up against the ropes for a big clothesline, Steamboat yanked down the top rope and sent Muraco crashing to the outside.  Steamboat then went up to the top turnbuckle and went sailing to the floor with a flying karate chop on the Magnificent One. Steamboat was able to beat the count back into the ring and get the victory by countout, but Muraco was hot on his heels and the two continued to slug it out long after the match was over. Steamboat may have won this match, but this feud clearly has a long way to go before it is resolved.


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Terry Gordy © vs. Chavo Guerrero


After Gordy won the Pacific Heavyweight Title at San Diego Battleground, the Guerrero Brothers made an immediate challenge for his belt, and while they have scored some impressive victories over the Freebirds in tag matches, the champ has proved difficult to unseat in one on one bouts. Gordy served notice with a vicious dismantling of Chavo's brother Hector last week in Los Angeles, letting it be known that he would do whatever it took to keep a firm grip on his title. Both men's partners accompanied them to ringside, but the ref immediately announced that PCW Commissioner Dutch Savage had declared a special stipulation for this match, that both the Freebirds and the Guerreros were banned from ringside. Both sides started to complain, but the ref held firm and they were escorted from the ring. This would be exclusively one on one for all the marbles. This was a truly epic battle , and no one knew who would come out on top. Chavo would use hit and run tactics against Gordy, only for Gordy to level him out of nowhere with massive punches and lariats. Chavo used every counter imaginable to avoid the dreaded Freebird Piledriver, but Gordy proved far to big and strong for Guerrero to execute the German Suplex. Ultimately , Chavo was able to knock Gordy down in the middle of the ring for the top rope flying somersault senton. However, Gordy still had the presence of mind to roll out of the way at the last second, and Chavo went tumbling hard to the mat. Gordy then locked him up in the Asiatic Spike, and nothing Chavo could do would get him out of it, so he had no choice but to give up the match. A noble challenge, but Chavo fell short, and the question remains : can anyone take the title from the big Freebird?

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Nice to see Bam Bam take the loss.  The early success could go to his big head... but a loss might make him mad.... Can't wait to see what's next

I wonder if Gilbert just went over Fernandez or if we have the start of a great feud... Would love to see this one continue

Texas Red defeats David Schultz... This is huge!  Red is ready to explode

Like the role of the Vice Squad here as they seem to be unaware they are being used by the Playboy Club... and what is up with Mad Dog?

Missy with Eddie just seems perfect

Steamboat and Muraco in Hawaii... AWESOME... and I cant to see more

I think Hawaii is a great place to hold a major show.... Nice work here

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Really liked this big show! Love the creative way you work the history into the matches. 

Bam Bam takes his first pin but that's just part of paying dues. The Royal Family needed this win. 

Gilbert shows he has fire as he goes toe to toe with the Raging Bull and puts him down.

Yamada and Smothers are the last two people you would think would form a team but man does it work. Just ask the Starr cousins. 

Texas Red gets his biggest win to date as he beats Dr. D in a match he thrives on. Big things ahead for Red.

Vice Squad's alliance with Playboy has given them a new lease on life. They get the win and do some damage. However it looks like the Thundercats now have one Mad Dog Vachon to counter Easy Ed. 

Zenk retains against Buddy Jack. Working with Buddy gives Zenk major credibility as champ. 

Wild 6 man tag! Kabuki has once again returned to Gary Hart! On the other side, it was only a matter of time before Gilbert caught up with Missy. This feud has really gone to another level! 

Rose and Sommers are rock'n as tag champs! 

Action packed tag grudge match. Adams finally gets the pin on Taylor but as mentioned, can he do it with the title on the line? 

I couldn't wait for the Muraco/Steamboat match and it lived up to expectations. Steamboat gets the CO win but Muraco still takes the fight to him. This is great because we're going to see a lot more of this. 

Solid main event to close the show. Chavo brings his best but Gordy was just to much. Valiant effort from Chavo and no shame in losing to a top of his game Gordy. It looks like Gordy will have a long reign. 

Great job! 



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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, on ESPN / TSN , February 7th


Brian Knobs vs. Too Cold Scorpio


The Thundercats and the Vice Squad had a vicious and chaotic match at the Aloha Spectacular , and now the members would be squaring off in singles matches. First up would be the young high flyer Too Cold Scorpio against the Pennsylvania brawler Brian Knobs. Knobs had Ed Wiskowski in his corner, while it looks like Mad Dog Vachon has cemented his new alliance with the Thundercats by showing up to watch Scorpio's back. Scorpio consistently had a step ahead of Knobs, with his superior speed and agility frustrating the East Coast tough guy. Knobs battled back through some nasty cheap shots and eye gouges. Knobs was able to clothesline Scorpio over the top rope, then turned around to brag to Ed Wiskowski. Unfortunately for him, he failed to take in that the Polish Prince was screaming at him that Scorpio had caught himself on the top rope, and by the time Knobs turned around, Scorpio came off the top rope with a flying cross body press that got the three count. Wiskowski was clearly rubbing his forehead in frustration as he and Knobs left the ring.


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Rip Morgan


Bam Bam was coming off a tough loss at the Aloha Spectacular and was very determined to prove himself in this match. Both men had their partners at ringside for this match, and Bam Bam tried to use his considerable size to bowl over Morgan, but the big New Zealander was not about to be intimidated, and fought back with his own considerable power offense. Morgan tried to take him down with a powerslam, but Bigelow's size was just too much and he tipped over with Bam Bam on top. Bigelow got a 2 count, then tried for a slingshot splash. Jonathan Boyd saw his chance to strike, and swept Bam Bam's legs from underneath him with a clothesline.  Bigelow fell hard to the outside and was unable to make it back into the ring in time, giving the match to Morgan. Bam Bam was clearly very upset and frustrated after the match, and Leo Burke did his best to calm down and reassure his young charge. Hopefully this young superstar can regroup and get back on track.


Jimmy Del Ray vs. Norman Smiley


The next match in this feud featured the former Jim Backlund, newly renamed Jimmy Del Ray , so dubbed to better fit with the slick aesthetic befitting his provisional associate status with the Playboy Club. He might not have a classically sculpted physique, but he certainly had plentiful skill on display.  Smiley himself was no slouch, being a standout graduate of the Malenko Family's wrestling school, and the two were evenly matched throughout the match. It looked like either man could win the match until Smiley whipped Del Ray into the corner, then ran in only to be taken down by a savate kick. Del Ray then went up top and hit a flying legdrop to put the match away.  The Vice Squad have evened it up going into the last match of the series.


Interview : Frank Bonnema stands in the ring


Bonnema : Ladies and gentlemen, my next guests were hit with a vicious ambush at the Aloha Spectacular … Missy Hyatt , along with the members of Hyatt International!


Missy Hyatt come out with Brutus Beefcake and Badd Company, and she is quite clearly furious, nearly shaking with rage as she walks to the ring. Joining their number is Eddie Gilbert, evidently aligning himself with Hyatt International after coming to her rescue last week.


Bonnema : Missy Hyatt, I am sure you have plenty to say, but I want to direct my first question to Eddie Gilbert. You have no past association with Hyatt International, what made you come out to save Missy last week.


Gilbert : Bonnema, a man can only put up with so much before he has to take a stand. I have cut some corners in my time, done a few things that maybe some people didn't approve of, but nobody treats a lady the way Gary Hart tried to treat Missy. I am making it my business to make sure that he never tries it again, so I am joining up with Hyatt International and going after Hart and his goons.


Missy grabs Bonnema's microphone and starts shrieking into it.


Missy : GARY HART, HOW DARE YOU? Nobody lays their hands on Missy Hyatt and gets away with it. You and your bunch of creeps tried to use the green mist on me, and I will never forgive that. Well, you took your best shot, and I am still here. I've got the toughest , the strongest, the most skilled wrestlers on my side.  I've got Brutus Beefcake, I've got Badd Company, and now I have "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert, and they all want to tear you and your crew to pieces. You had your shot and you blew it , and now it is time to reap what you sowed.


Jack Victory vs. Larry Cameron


This would be the deciding match in the series, and presented an interesting matchup. Cameron has several impressive singles wins to his credit and would look to be the favorite. However, Victory's finisher, the Victory-Plex, has pulled out some sudden, err, victories in a number of tag matches, and could easily tip the match in favor of the New Jersey powerhouse. Both men went at it full force in this match, and the ring rocked with ever slam and tackle. The tension was high and both Ed Wiskowski and Mad Dog Vachon were heavily invested in the result of the match, both determined to ensure that their charges came out on top. It came to a boil when Wiskowski tried to take a swing from the outside on Cameron. Vachon swiftly retaliated by tackling the Polish Prince, which in turn led to the rest of the Thundercats and the Vice Squad coming out and getting involved. While all of this was going on, Cameron was able to block the Victory-Plex with a kneelift, then follow up with the Harlem Hammer to get the hard fought victory . Immediately after, he was jumped by Ed Wiskowski, and all 8 men went at it in the ring until they were cleared out by security. Clearly, this feud has a long way to go before it is resolved.


Ricky Steamboat vs. The Barbarian


Ricky Steamboat had a titanic match with his fellow Hawaiian Don Muraco in Honolulu , and while the Dragon did get the win by countout, that clearly did not bring satisfaction to him, and he is determined to get another shot at the Magnificent One. For this match, he would have to content himself by taking on one of his stable mate's, the mean and powerful Barbarian. Barbarian was clearly looking to do as much damage as possible to Steamboat before Muraco got his turn, with huge gorilla slams and big clotheslines. But the Dragon showed his resilience and fought back, bit by bit, inch by inch.  When Barbarian tried to put him out with the Face Kick Of Fear, Steamboat showed the presence of mind to dodge it and catch him in a single leg rollup that got the fast one two three. Right after that, Sheikh Kaissie and Steve Strong rushed into the ring and started to put the boots to him. Soon, the members of the French Revolution charged to the ring and ran them off. It's good that Steamboat now has allies against Kaissie's men, but his focus remains locked on the Magnificent Muraco.


Michael Hayes & Buddy Jack Roberts vs. Billy Jack Haynes & Texas Red


The Freebirds have been waging a campaign of terror up and down the Pacific Coast, but in this match they were facing a team that were not intimidated in the slightest. Billy Jack and Texas Red were coming off a brutal war with the Crazy Gang, including an incredible match between Texas Red and Dave Schultz at the Aloha Spectacular, and were now looking to angle towards getting a shot at Terry Gordy's Pacific Heavyweight Title. Gordy was not involved in this match, but his Freebird brothers were clearly determined to nip this challenge right in the bud. The certainly took it to their opponents, but found that they had struck a hornet's nest with this popular duo. Billy Jack took down Hayes with a series of crushing power slams, and managed to get the Full Nelson on Roberts, only to have it broken up by well timed interference from Hayes. Buddy Jack was able to escape that predicament, but came up short when he went after Texas Red coming off the ropes, but was caught by a thunderous chokeslam that not only got the pinfall, but knocked him out . The Freebirds may have survived the challenge of the Guerreros, but it looks like they have gone from the frying pan straight into the fire.

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Lot's of heated feuds! 

It's amazing how your entire roster is involved in something. Props to you.

Vachon has officially aligned himself with the Thundercats and it's already paying off as things are evened up. I liked the 3 match series tonight. With the way things ended I think we're heading into some wild 8 man tags. 

Looks like Steamboat has some allies in the French Revolution. He really needed some backup going into battle with Adnan's men. 

The Hyatt Int./Gary Hart feud is going to be a wild one! It's been elevated now that Gilbert has joined the fight. 

Billy Jack and Texas Red get a big win over the Freebirds. Gordy has some strong challenges ahead. 

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23 hours ago, spaldoni said:

Lot's of heated feuds! 

It's amazing how your entire roster is involved in something. Props to you.


First thing I did once I knew what my roster would look like after the various drafts was line everyone up in an initial program. Some people were doing double duty for various reasons and those programs are now starting to shift around after the Aloha Spectacular, but I wanted to make sure everyone on my roster had something going on.

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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Victoria Memorial Arena, Victoria, on Pacific Super Cards, February 8th


The Thundercats & Mad Dog Vachon vs. The Vice Squad & Ed Wiskowski


Smiley was able to force Del Ray to give up to the Norman Conquest to get the win for his team


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Rip Morgan


Morgan took advantage of a knocked down referee by clobbering Bigelow in the back of the nick with a loaded boot, followed by a Bombs Away kneedrop to get the tainted pinfall


White Angel vs. Ron Starr


Angel won with the Moonsault


Ricky Steamboat & The French Revolution vs. Don Muraco & The Untouchables


Muraco pinned Bravo after a belly to belly piledriver


Pacific Tag Team Title Match : Buddy Rose & Doug Somers © vs. Keichi Yamada & Tracy Smothers


Rose hit the Inside Out Backbreaker on Smothers to successfully defend their titles


California Title Match : Tom Zenk © vs. Jonathan Boyd


The tough Australian veteran gave Zenk a ferocious challenge, but Zenk eventually caught him in a running cross body press for the victory


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Terry Gordy © vs. Mando Guerrero


Gordy was ultimately able to trap Mando in the Asiatic Spike to gain the hard fought win

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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Kelowna Memorial Arena, Kelowna, February 9th


Dan Spivey & Al Perez vs. The Starr "Cousins"


Perez forced Chicky to give up to a Japanese Armbar (Wakigatame)


Jake Roberts vs. Tracy Smothers


Smothers really took it to the Snake, but Roberts kept his cool and ultimately prevailed with the DDT


Mike Rotunda vs. Dave Schultz


Rotunda won by DQ when Schultz punched the referee in the face for some reason or another


Ragin' & Ravishing vs. Chavo & Hector Guerrero


RnR took advantage of Hector's neck injury at the hands of Terry Gordy throughout the match, culminating in Rick Rude hitting the Rude Awakening on him for the victory


Buddy Jack Roberts vs. Texas Red


Texas Red leveled Buddy Jack with a flying lariat to get the one two three


Michael Hayes vs. Leo Burke


Hayes was ultimately able to defeat the wily veteran Burke with a Bulldog Headlock


Pacific Light Heavyweight Title Match : Keichi Yamada © vs. Phil LaFleur


An exciting match that had the crowd on their feet throughout where Yamada was able to pull out the win with a reverse cross body press. Yamada and LaFleur shook hands afterwards as the fans gave both of them a standing ovation


Hyatt International vs. Kendo Nagasaki, The Great Kabuki, Mr. Hito & Masanobu Fuchi


A heated and vicious match that waged back and forth until Gilbert and Beefcake hit a spike piledriver on Hito to score the pinfall


Pacific Television Title Match : Terry Taylor © vs. Chris Adams


An epic battle between two sworn rivals that went to a 30 minute time limit draw


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I am really liking the Freebirds vs Texas Red and Billy Jack!  So many fun options here!

Eddie Gilbert just seems to be at home in Hyatt International!

I also must compliment your structure.  You are seemingly thriving with a large roster and have a place for everyone.  I am not having that success at all and seem to be wondering aimlessly right now

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Out of all the house show results my favorite finish had to be Dr. D punching the Ref for some reason or another. LOL that was classic. 

Zenk is finding his stride as TV champ. 

That Yamada/LaFleur match was pretty epic as was the Taylor/Adams match. 

Hyatt Int. wins a battle with Gary Hart's stable. 

Gordy retains against Mando. Looks like Gordy is wrapping things up with the Guerreros and new challenges are ahead. 


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