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Steamboat looks impressive as his road to Muraco continues.

Rude and Manny made a statement tonight as Hector does the stretcher job.

1985 could be Beefcake's year as Gilbert and Missy have him focused and winning.

Cool seeing Jimmy Del Ray take on a leadership role. 

If your going to have an ace up your sleeve well then Orton is your guy. Shultz is a smart man. 

Big win for Billy Jack as he makes Hayes submit. Texas Red has a date with destiny with Gordy and the title. That's going to be a money making match! 



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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Oakland Alameda County Arena, Oakland,  on Pacific Super Cards, February 22nd


Jonathan Boyd vs. Bam Bam Bigelow


Boyd lured Bigelow into chasing him around the ring, setting him up to be ambushed by Rip Morgan, who drove Bam Bam head first into the ringsteps. Boyd then won by countout


Larry Cameron & Norman Smiley vs. Jack Victory & Brian Knobs


Cameron hit the Harlem Hammer on Knobs to get the victory for the Thundercats


Mike Rotunda & Dan Spivey vs. Dave Schultz & Bob Orton


Orton pinned Spivey after a lariat


Eddie Gilbert & Brutus Beefcake vs. Kendo Nagasaki & The Great Kabuki


Beefcake hit the Final Cut on Nagasaki to score the pinfall


Too Cold Scorpio vs. Jimmy Del Ray


An exciting bout that Del Ray won with a flying legdrop


White Angel vs. Mr. Hito


Angel won with the Moonsault


Pacific Coast Tag Team Title Match : Buddy Rose & Doug Somers © vs. Keiichi Yamada & Tracy Smothers


A very fast paced and gripping match where the younger team put up an incredible challenge but in the end, Buddy Rose caught Smothers in the Inside Out Backbreaker to successfully retain the titles


California Title Match : Tom Zenk © vs. Masanobu Fuchi


Zenk hit the missile dropkick to get the three count


Don Muraco & The Untouchables vs. Ricky Steamboat & The French Revolution


Steamboat pinned Barbarian after the top rope flying cross body press


Pacific Coast Heavyweight Title Match : Terry Gordy © vs. Billy Jack Haynes


Haynes was attempting to apply the Full Nelson when he was attacked by Michael Hayes and Buddy Jack Roberts, leading to a DQ victory for Haynes. Texas Red then came out to the rescue. Gordy retained the title.

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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Selland Arena, Fresno, February 23rd


Tracy Smothers vs. Ron Starr


Smothers won with the Jawjacker


Leo Burke vs. Dan Spivey


Spivey won with the Spivey Bomber (running lariat)


Mando Guerrero vs. Jack Victory


Victory pinned Mando with the Victory-Plex


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Mr. Hito


Hito really put Bigelow through the wringer, but Bam Bam managed to rally and pull out the win with the Nuclear Splash


Dino Bravo vs. The Great Kabuki


Kabuki pinned Bravo after a thrust kick to the jaw


Mad Dog Vachon & Norman Smiley vs. Ed Wiskowski & Jimmy Del Ray


Del Ray caught Smiley in a sunset flip out of the corner to score the pinfall


Al Perez vs. Chicky Starr


Perez made Starr give up to the Japanese Armbar


Pacific Coast Television Title Match : Terry Taylor © vs. Chris Adams


Both men went to a 30 minute time limit draw


Pacific Coast Light Heavyweight Title Match : Keiichi Yamada © vs. Phil LaFleur


Yamada was able to defend his belt with a Tiger Suplex


Ricky Steamboat vs. Don Muraco


This match completely broke down and wound up as a double DQ

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Boyd and Morgan continue to get the upper hand on Bigelow.

I'm hoping for a big Orton and Shultz push. They're off to a great start.

I'm sure the fans were out of their seats during that Del Ray/Scorpio match.

Thanks to his Freebird brothers, Gordy escapes with his title but Texas Red is on his heels.

Huge win for Victory over Mando. 

Al Perez is moving up in the world. 

Taylor and Adams put on another classic. 

Big time main event as Steamboat and Muraco battle to a double DQ. Cant wait for more! 

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Olympic Auditorium , Los Angeles , on ESPN / TSN , February 28th


Bob Orton vs. Russell Swann


Bob Orton made his first appearance in a long time last week (his first since losing a Loser Leaves Town Match, in fact), and has clearly thrown his lot in with the Crazy Gang. Dave Schultz was at ringside for this match, but the Cowboy had no need to call on his help as he pretty much tore Russell Swann to pieces. Every lariat, slam and backbreaker seemed to have an additional edge of viciousness to it, and by the time he hit the Superplex, it was pretty much academic and he was putting Swann out of his misery. Dave Schultz on his own is dangerous enough, but Doctor D and the Ace is a pairing that has to have the Pacific Coast locker room scared.


Pacific Coast Light Heavyweight Title Match : Keiichi Yamada © vs. Chicky Starr


Since becoming the inaugural Pacific Coast Light Heavyweight champion, Keiichi Yamada has taken on all challengers, but the Starr "Cousins" have been persistent thorns in his side.  Despite Chicky bringing his usual cheating and melodrama to the match, Yamada handled it with a cool confidence, shutting down every Chicky Starr rally as soon as they happened.  Yamada was able to catch Starr in a running cross body and got a quick three count, but Chicky took umbrage at the speed of the count. As much as Chicky argues, the ref stood firm, so Starr then went after Yamada again . This led to their respective partners, Tracy Smothers and Ron Starr, to get involved, and when Chicky got on the mic and challenged them to a Loser Of The Fall Leaves Town match at the Sports Arena, Yamada and Smothers quickly agreed.


Chris Adams vs. Jake Roberts


Chris Adams has had his sights set on Terry Taylor's Television Title, but has had to deal with Jake Roberts' protection of the Champion at every turn. The help of the White Angel has kept Adams in the hunt , but thus far he has not been able to win the title.  This match would not necessarily get him a title match, but Adams clearly was looking to work out some frustration on the Snake.  Adams was so relentless in going after him that Roberts seemed caught off guard, but he fought back with his traditional nastiness. A ref bump seemed to open up an opportunity for Roberts, and his acolyte Terry Taylor rushed out to the ring to hit Adams with the Fivearm, but Adams ducked at the last second and Taylor hit Roberts instead. Adams tossed Taylor out of the ring and hit the Superkick on Roberts. By now, the ref had recovered and made the three count.  Taylor was all apologies as they made their way back to the locker room, but while Roberts said nothing the whole time, he was quite clearly livid.


The French Revolution vs. The Untouchable


Speaking of people looking to work out some frustration, the members of the Untouchables are coming off some solo losses to Ricky Steamboat and were looking to reestablish their initial aura of dominance. The French Revolution are close allies of Steamboat and that made them ripe targets for the wrath of Sheikh Kaissie's men. Barbarian swiftly sent Bravo hard to the concrete with a brutal front kick while Bravo was on the ring apron. He and Steve Strong then proceeded to maul poor Phil LaFleur, tossing him about the ring like a ragdoll. Eventually, Strong hoisted LaFleur up in a bearhug and the Barbarian came off the top rope with a flying clothesline, which put an end to the match but not the carnage. Strong then picked up LaFleur in another crushing bearhug while Barbarian lariated Bravo on the outside, then followed up with a top rope flying headbut to the concrete. Both of the Revolution had to be taken out on stretchers.


Leo Burke & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. The Royal Family


Perhaps the king of frustration right now is young Bam Bam Bigelow. Leo Burke's student made a huge splash (no pun intended) in his first matches, catching the imagination of the fans with his combination of charisma, strength and agility. But lately, a series of losses at the hands of the Royal Family have halted his momentum and led to some whispers that perhaps he was just a flash in the pan. Clearly this has led to some anxiety for Bigelow, as he would frequently allow himself to get tricked or caught off guard by Boyd and Morgan. Burke would keep pulling Bigelow in and calming him down, which seemed to help the New Jersey fireball to regain some focus and confidence. Bigelow managed to take Rip Morgan down with a lariat, then set him up for a slingshot splash. Once again, Boyd went for a lariat on the outside to sweep his legs out from under him, but this time, Bigelow jumped at the last second to avoid the subterfuge, and followed it by diving off the ring apron and crashing into Boyd. He then picked up Boyd in a mighty military press and tossed him into a row of chairs that had previously been occupied by now fleeing fans. By this time, Morgan had recovered in the ring, but Leo Burke tackled him and drove him into the mat with a piledriver. Burke then pointed to the corner turnbuckle, from which Bam Bam came off the top with a Nuclear Splash that shook the ring. One two three and it was all over. The Beast From The East is quite clearly back and on track.

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1 minute ago, kevinmcfl said:

Great TV card for espn.  Must admit, my favorite part was the Adams-Snake  match.  This one is so full of twists and turns.  

Like a snake! :)

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Really good TV this week! 

Orton put on a strong and dangerous showing. Him and Shultz are going to be a force.

The Starrs might be in trouble because Yamada and Smothers are pretty hot right now. 

Adams and Snake put on a solid match. Taylor might be in the snake pit after his interference backfired. 

Good grief the Untouchables really did a number on the French Revolution! They even do a double stretcher job! Big moment on TV. 

Bam Bam finally gets his payback and looks to be back on track. Leo Burke's guidance is really paying off. 


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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the LA Sports Arena, Los Angeles, February 29th


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Rip Morgan


Bigelow won with a slingshot splash


Eddie Gilbert vs. Kendo Nagasaki


Gilbert hit the Hot Shot for the victory


Dave Schultz & Bob Orton vs. Mike Rotunda & Dan Spivey


Orton pinned Rotunda after hitting a lariat


Loser Of The Fall Leaves Town Match : Keiichi Yamada & Tracy Smothers vs. The Starr "Cousins"


Yamada executed a brainbuster on Chicky Starr to get the win. Chicky Starr now must leave Pacific Coast Wrestling


Mad Dog Vachon & The Thundercats vs. Ed Wiskowski & The Vice Squad


The Thundercats won by DQ when Wiskowki attacked Vachon with a chair. He hit him over the head with a chair multiple times, busting him open, over the protests of the Vice Squad. Mad Dog Vachon was taken out on a stretcher.


Terry Taylor & Jake Roberts vs. Chris Adams & The White Angel


The White Angel pinned Taylor after a moonsault. Jake Roberts seemed very reluctant to help his partner during the match.


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Terry Gordy © vs. Billy Jack Haynes


The match went to a double countout when both men were brawling outside the ring.

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Pacific Coast Wrestling Show from the UCSB Event Center, Santa Barbara, March 1st


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Jonathan Boyd


Bigelow won with a Nuclear Splash


Chavo & Mando Guerrero vs. Ragin' & Ravishing


Rick Rude pinned Mando after the Rude Awakening


Larry Cameron vs. Doug Somers


Cameron pinned Somers after hitting the Harlem Hammer


Brutus Beefcake vs. Leo Burke


A match between two fan favorites that had both men dueling to apply their respective Sleeper holds went to a 15 minute time limit draw. Beefcake and Burke shook hands after the match.


Too Cold Scorpio vs. Buddy Rose


The rookie Scorpio gave the Pacific Tag champ a hell of a fight, but ultimately the Playboy was able to execute the Inside Out Backbreaker to pull out the victory


Al Perez vs. Buddy Jack Roberts


This match very nearly went to the 20 minute time limit but Perez was able to hit the German Suplex at the last second and pin Roberts


Golden State Tag Team Title Match : Mr. Hito & Masanobu Fuchi © vs. Badd Company


Another epic title match that ended when Fuchi was able to counter an attempted axe kick by Tanaka with a legsweep and then forced him to surrender to the STF


California Title Match : Tom Zenk © vs. Jimmy Del Ray


Both men went all out in this match with Zenk prevailing in the end when he caught Del Ray coming off the ropes with a thrust kick to the jaw


Hawaiian Strap Match : Don Muraco vs. Ricky Steamboat


An intense battle where Steamboat was able to leapfrog over Muraco to touch the 4th turnbuckle and win the match

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Great set of house shows!  Muraco vs Steamboat was the highlight for me.  Bam Bam is getting ready to move up the card,  Great job of developing him.  Same with Too Cold who takes Playboy to the limit.

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I like the variety of your roster. Hoping for a Gordy vs Bam Bam match at some point down the road, as well as maybe some Yamada vs Steamboat stuff? Dare to dream...

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Bam Bam is on a roll.

He had a fun run but Chicky must pack his bags.

Easy Ed does a number on Vachon. I'm sure the Thundercats will be out for revenge.

Trouble brewing between Taylor and Roberts.

Billy Jack and Gordy battle to a double c.o. Looking forward to more matches between these hard hitters. 

Rude and Fernandez are getting the better of the Guerreros.  

Nice way to shake things up as fan favorites Beefcake and Burke go the limit. 

Perez pulls out a big last minute win over Buddy Jack. Perez proves he's a threat. 

Love that Hito/Fuchi-Badd Co. match! The champs retain but I think we'll get another match.

Zenk continues to shine as TV champ getting a nice win over a red hot Del Ray. 

Awesome main event with a great finish as Steamboat outsmarts Muraco. 


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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Portland Sports Arena, Portland , on ESPN / TSN , March 13th

Flamboyance vs. Shannon Elkins & Jimmy Johnson

 With the intense competition in the tag ranks and the always shifting landscape of Pacific Coast Wrestling, the fans were very curious to see just who was this new tag team called Flamboyance. The first person out was Ron Starr, on his own since his "Cousin" Chicky was sent packing from PCW last week. He got on the mic and introduced his new partner in Flamboyance … "Leaping" Lanny Poffo. The fans weren't sure what to make of Poffo as he strode to the ring in a blue sequined jacket, twirling his waxed moustache. Their confusion wasn't helped by his rather eccentric ring style, with plenty of showboating and somersaults. But they certainly couldn't deny his considerable talent. "Leaping" Lanny, a member of the legendary Poffo family, easily dominated both Elkins, working with Starr like they had been teaming their whole life before dispatching Elkins with the Skydrop (short range Moonsault).  It looks like Ron Starr is going to pick up right back where he left off.

Brutus Beefcake vs. The Great Kabuki

 Beefcake has gotten some impressive victories over Kendo Nagasaki, but in this match he would square off with Gary Hart's most vicious enforcer, The Great Kabuki. Missy Hyatt and Eddie Gilbert were both in Beefcake's corner, cheering him on, and Brutus put up a brave fight against the Japanese veteran. Kabuki certainly put him through the wringer, with painful nerve holds hampering his ability to apply the sleeper hold, but Brutus kept battling his way out. He was able to whip Kabuki into the ropes to attempt the Final Cut, but Kabuki caught himself on the ropes, then fired back with a thrust kick to the jaw that got three count. After the match, Gilbert and Hyatt helped Brutus to his feet and provided consolation and encouragement as he made his disappointed way back to the locker room. He may have lost the match, but he is determined to bounce back.

Buddy Jack Roberts vs. Texas Red

 With both Billy Jack Haynes and Texas Red gunning for Terry Gordy's Pacific Heavyweight Title, Buddy Jack Roberts  finds himself on the Freebirds front lines trying to block them. He was certainly more than a little reticent about this match, doing everything he could to put off locking up with the huge Texan. To his credit, the wily veteran was able to stick and move, doing some notable damage to Texas Red. But eventually, Red decided enough is enough and started levelling Roberts with powerful blows, finally finishing him off with a huge chokeslam. The Freebirds will have to do better than this if they want to get Texas Red off their trail.

Number One Contenders Match for the Pacific Tag Team Title : The Thundercats vs. The Vice Squad

 The war between the Thundercats and the Vice Squad could be described as a game of two halves. The Thundercats came out strong and got several big wins over the Vice Squad early on. But with the Playboy Club taking an interest in them and the mentorship of Ed Wiskowski, along with the emergence of Jimmy Del Ray as a leader in his own right, the Vice Squad have had the momentum of late. For a while, the Thundercats had Mad Dog Vachon backing them up to help even up the sides. But with Vachon being taken out of action, the fan favorite team have been at a distinct disadvantage. Even with Larry Cameron in their corner for this match, Norman Smiley and Too Cold Scorpio were still down in the numbers, with Wiskowski and Jack Victory backing up Jimmy Del Ray and Brian Knobs. The Thundercats were clearly distracted by the potential of outside interference, while the Vice Squad were all confidence as they regularly got the upper hand . The popular Cats managed several rallies throughout the match, but Del Ray was regularly able to shut it down with a well placed cheap shot or by distracting the referee. He got Scorpio set to whip him into the ropes, but Scorpio was able to reverse it at the last moment. Wiskowski clearly wasn't paying close enough attention, as he reached in and tripped Del Ray, thinking it was Scorpio. Del Ray staggered out of the ropes and was caught by Scorpio in a big belly to belly suplex that managed to get the surprise pinfall. The Thundercats were triumphant while the Vice Squad argued vehemently with Wiskowski back to the locker room.

Don Muraco vs. Ricky Steamboat

Another man down in the numbers is Ricky Steamboat . His allies, the French Revolution, were sent out on stretchers by the Untouchables, and he is now forced to stand alone against the Sheikh's men. Steve Strong and Konga The Barbarian prowled ringside like angry dogs, and any time Steamboat got near the ropes, one of them would try to sneak a shot in. He did his best to keep focused on Muraco, but when the Magnificent One clotheslined him out of the ring, his allies swept in for the kill. Steamboat swiftly grabbed a folded steel chair and batted them away, then returned to the ring and hit Muraco with the chair, resulting in a DQ win for Muraco. Any one of the Sheikh's men who tried to enter the ring got a taste of the chair, until Steamboat got a house mic and challenged them to a six man match against him and 2 partners of his choosing. The Sheikh accepted, and that match will take place at the Portland Memorial Coliseum.

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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Portland Memorial Coliseum , Portland , on Pacific Super Cards, March 14th

 Tracy Smothers vs. Lanny Poffo

 A fast paced and exciting match that Poffo won with the Skydrop

Eddie Gilbert vs. The Great Kabuki

 A crazy brawl that went to a double DQ

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Buddy Jack Roberts

 Bigelow won with a Nuclear Splash

The Brigade vs. The Crazy Gang

 Bob Orton pinned Dan Spivey after a lariat

Pacific Tag Team Title Match : Buddy Rose & Doug Somers © vs. Too Cold Scorpio & Norman Smiley

 Interference from the Vice Squad set up Scorpio to be pinned by Rose after the Inside Out Backbreaker. After the match, both the Playboy Club and the Vice Squad beat down the Thundercats. Larry Cameron ran in to help his partners but was outnumbered until somebody else ran into the ring, swinging a chair and scattering the Playboy Club and the Vice Squad. It was Bill Dundee, making his first appearance on the Pacific Coast. Dundee then sat himself down on the chair in the middle of the ring and dared them to come in, but they fled back to the locker room. Looks like the Superstar is taking the side of the Thundercats.

California Title Match : Tom Zenk © vs. Rip Morgan

 Zenk, wrestling for the second time tonight, was able to defend his belt by hitting the Missile Dropkick on Morgan

Don Muraco & The Untouchables vs. Ricky Steamboat & ?? & ??

 The Sheikh's forces came out laughing and unimpressed by Steamboat's arrival on his own. Steamboat swiftly turned the tables by getting on the mic and introducing his partners … Crusher Blackwell and Nord The Barbarian! The result was a wild and hard hitting match that ended when Steamboat caught Muraco in a top rope flying crossbody press.

Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Terry Gordy © vs. Texas Red

 The night closed off with an epic match that went to a 30 minute time limit draw

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from McArthur Court, Eugene, March 15th

 Chavo & Mando Guerrero vs. The Untouchables

 Konga pinned Mando after the Front Kick Of Fear

Bill Dundee vs. Brian Knobs

 Dundee caught Knobs in a running cross body press to score the victory

Keiichi Yamada & Tracy Smothers vs. Flamboyance

 In a major shock, Poffo pinned Yamada after the Skydrop

Larry Cameron vs. Jack Victory

 A knock down, drag out fight that ended when Cameron was able to execute the Harlem Hammer

Al Perez vs. Bob Orton

 An intensely competitive bout where Perez worked hard to get the Oriental Armbreaker but Orton blocked it and hit a nasty backbreaker to get the three count

Billy Jack Haynes, Texas Red & Chris Adams vs. The Fabulous Freebirds

 Adams pinned Hayes after hitting the Superkick

Pacific Television Title Match : Terry Taylor © vs. The White Angel

 White Angel executed the Moonsault, but it was right at the 30 minute mark, and the result was a time limit draw

Elimination Match : Hyatt International vs. Gary Hart's Far East Enterprises

 1st Elimination : Diamond thrust kicked Fuchi into a German Suplex by Tanaka

2nd Elimination : Hito pinned Tanaka after a backdrop driver

3rd Elimination : Kabuki pinned Diamond after the piledriver

4th Elimination : Beefcake pinned Hito after the Final Cut

5th Elimination : Beefcake and Gilbert pinned Kendo after a spike piledriver

6th Elimination : Gilbert pinned Kabuki after he hit the Hot Shot (assisted from the outside by Beefcake)

Sole Survivors : Eddie Gilbert & Brutus Beefcake

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Enjoying seeing Lanny Poffo get a little push.

Dundee is the latest to try and stop Buddy Rose...

So was there a No Show causing Zenk to wrestle twice?  Could be an interesting idea

I knew Steamboat needed some friends... hope he doesn't have to feed them

Texas Red is ready to explode!

To be honest, after Beekcake took a loss a few shows ago, I wasn't expecting him to be left standing with Gilbert.... Can't wait to see where all of this goes




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Ron Starr and Lanny Poffo=Flamboyance! Nice job putting these two together. 

The War rages on between Hyatt Int. and Gary Hart Enterprises. Hyatt has the upper hand after that elimination match. I'm really enjoying this feud.

Thundercats become the number one contenders but found out it's going to be a tough job getting the straps off Rose and Sommers. However they have found an ally in...

Superstar Bill Dundee!!!! I cant wait to see what Dundee does here. He's such a fun wrestler to write for. 

Zenk is on the roll of a lifetime as California champ and might end up earning a shot at Gordy down the line. 

Steamboat wasn't playing around as he gets Blackwell and Nord to help fight Muraco and the Untouchables. This hot feud just got hotter! 

Texas Red proves he's the real deal as he takes Gordy to the limit.

Liked that Orton/Perez match. Orton gets the win but Perez came out looking pretty good. 

Looks like the Freebirds are losing some momentum but never count them out. 

Pacific is on fire with fresh faces, great storylines and heated feuds. 



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Terry Taylor missed his flight, so Zenk stepped up for a title match. (Actually, I wanted one more babyface win in that spot, so made Zenk do double duty.)

Very realistic.  So many times when I look at old house shows, this is exactly what happened

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