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Nice balanced card from top to bottom here.  

Wow... the Vice Squad beating the Playboy Club... can't wait to see where this goes next.

Gordy vs Billy Jack.... Would love to see more of this.  Haynes vs Gordy is $$$$ in the Pacific

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Bam Bam is on a roll especially with that win over Mando. 

Kendo and Kabuki are solid contenders for some gold. 

Orton surprises everyone even Shultz with that lariat on Boyd. Looks like we've got a new feud coming.

WOW! Vice Squad pick up a huge win over the Playboy Club. Playboy's now have some serious contenders coming after them. 

Hito and Fuchi retain but Scorpio is the star of the match.

Pretty awesome main event as Gordy retains (Thanks to Hayes) over Billy Jack. Billy might be coming after Hayes. 

Solid show. 

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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Selland Arena, Fresno, March 22nd

 Ragin' & Ravishing vs. Mando & Chavo Guerrero

 Manny Fernandez pinned Chavo after hitting the Flying Burrito

Eddie Gilbert & Brutus Beefcake vs. Kendo Nagasaki & The Great Kabuki

 Gilbert caught Kendo in the Hot Shot for the victory

Leo Burke & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts

 Hayes pinned Burke after the running bulldog

Bill Dundee vs. Doug Somers

 Dundee won with a running cross body press

Al Perez vs. Masanobu Fuchi

 Perez was able to pull out the German Suplex for the win

Larry Cameron vs. Buddy Rose

 Rose trapped Cameron in a roll up in the corner with his feet on the ropes to get the dirty pinfall

California Title Match : Tom Zenk © vs. Mr. Hito

 In a tightly contested match, Zenk was able to successfully defend his title with the Missile Dropkick

Ricky Steamboat vs. Don Muraco

 Both men went to a 1 hour time limit draw

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Olympic Auditorium , Los Angeles , on ESPN / TSN , March 27th

 Bob Orton vs. Jonathan Boyd

 Many were shocked last week when Bob Orton ambushed Jonathan Boyd in the middle of a match where they were partners against the Brigade. In the subsequent week , the reasoning came out : back in June, Orton was sent packing from PCW when Boyd betrayed him and his then partner Tim Brooks in a Loser Leaves Town Match. Ever since his return, Orton has been biding his time and waiting for his shot at revenge.  But Boyd was certainly not going to take that lying down, and the two tore into each other like wild animals. The appearance of Rip Morgan and Dave Schultz, battling at ringside, certainly didn't help, but did provide sufficient distraction for Orton to blindside Boyd with a lariat to the back of the head. He followed up with a backbreaker to get the one two three, but things didn't end there, as both sides continued to slug it out until they were forced to return to the locker room.

Golden State Tag Team Title Match : Mr. Hito & Masanobu Fuchi © vs. The Thundercats

 Gary Hart's team has been ruthless in defending the Golden State Tag Titles since winning them in December, as many times have found to their chagrin. But Norman Smiley and Too Cold Scorpio, tempered by a series of Pacific Tag Title challenges to the Playboy Club, came in loaded for bear and caught the Japanese veterans off guard. With their blend of speed and skill, the two young superstars kept frustrating the champs, leading to several exciting near falls. When Scorpio hit a flying cross body on Hito on the outside and was able to make it back to the ring in time, the Thundercats had won the match by countout but not the titles. Regardless, the popular new team had certainly staked their claim on a rematch.

Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts vs. Billy Jack Haynes & Texas Red

 Given that , in past matches, the Freebirds have done everything they can to avoid locking up with Texas Red, it certainly seemed odd that they insisted he be the one to start the match for his team. Their plan revealed itself a few minutes into the match when, after Red bounced both men over the ring with his considerable power, Michael Hayes caught him from behind with a nasty clip to the leg that brought him down.  The two then relentlessly worked over the damaged leg, blocking every attempt to tag out. In the end, though, his sheer size won out, as he was able to fall back and his long arms reached Billy Jack. Haynes levelled Michael Hayes with a mighty lariat before blasting Buddy Jack with a series of power moves, culminating in a powerslam that got the pinfall. Haynes and Texas Red had won the match but the Freebirds had done a lot of damage, as Billy Jack had to help Texas back to the locker room.

Pacific Light Heavyweight Title Match : Keiichi Yamada © vs. Ron Starr

 While Ron Starr has gotten a few shots at Yamada's title before, he seemed especially keyed up for this match. Both men had their partners in their corner, but while Tracy Smothers loudly cheered on Yamada, Lanny Poffo seemed more than a little detached, coolly observing with a thoughtful look while stroking his mustache.  There were several points in the match where it looked like Starr just might take the title, notably when he had Yamada in a waistlock and set up for a German Suplex. But Yamada was able to dig in with his legs and block it, then reversed the waistlock into his own German Suplex to put an end to Starr's challenge. Even though his partner had lost the match, Poffo looked quite pleased as he helped Starr back to the dressing room.

Cage Match for the Pacific Television Title : Terry Taylor © vs. Chris Adams

 This is it. After throwing every obstacle he could in Chris Adams path, Terry Taylor had no way out. His closest ally, Jake Roberts, has abandoned him, and he had no escape. He had to defend his title in a cage, with no way to run away and no help coming his way. You could tell that Adams was psyched up for this match, and charged right after Taylor. Taylor did his best to back away, but there is only so much room to run in the cage, and took some brutal shots from Adams. To his credit, Taylor has a considerable amount of wrestling skill at his disposal, no matter how much he may prefer to make use of short cuts, and put up a game effort against the English Gentleman. But Adams would not be denied for long, and battered Taylor before trapping him in the corner and setting him up for the Superkick. However, at the last second, Taylor dodged out of the way, and Adams found himself caught with his leg stuck between the turnbuckle post and the cage. Taylor seized the opportunity and nailed the vulnerable Adams with a vicious low blow. He then followed up with the Fivearm and got the tainted one two three. After the door to the cage was unlocked, Taylor got on the mic and declared that Adams had just had his final TV title shot, to the tremendous disappointment of the fans.

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Loved the history on why Orton turned on Boyd. Makes total sense. Orton gets some payback but it looks like there's going to be more. 

Thundercats get the co win and come out as credible threats for the Golden State Tag titles. 

Hayes and Red win the match but the Freebirds inflicted some damage on Red.

Yamada retains against Starr but it looks like Poffo wants a shot. That's going to be a gem of a match.

We get a big blow off cage match between Taylor and Adams! Their feud all boils down to this and it's Taylor that comes out the winner. This elevates Taylor and I wonder who's next. 

Great show! 

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Nice job with the background of Orton and Boyd.

Good booking with the Tundercats winning but not getting the belts.  This keeps this feud really hot.

Anytime I see Freebirds vs Billy Jack and Texas Red,  I know we are in for a treat.  It will be interesting to see how Red's leg is.  Does this help Gordy in the long run?  Can't wait to see what happens here.

Taylor on top but is for good?    Another great angle and if it continues some how that is great and if it is over, can't wait to see what happens next for both of them

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Pacific Coast Wrestling Show from the UCSB Event Center, Santa Barbara, March 28th

 Michael Hayes & Buddy Jack Roberts vs. Leo Burke & Bam Bam Bigelow

 Bigelow put a real scare into the Freebirds, knocking them about the ring with impunity, but Buddy Jack managed to trick him into chasing him around the ring while Hayes was able to ambush Burke and pin him after a bulldog headlock.

Rick Rude vs. Al Perez

 Perez worked over Rude's arm with armlock submissions, neutralizing the dreaded Rude Awakening. In the end, the two were both counted out while brawling outside the ring.

Bob Orton & Dave Schultz vs. The Royal Family

 The Royal Family won by DQ after Schultz attacked him with an axehandle. After the match, when the ref tried to take it from him, Schultz brutally clobbered the ref with the axeandle. It was then announced that Schultz would be indefinitely suspended.

Jerry Blackwell vs. Steve Strong

 A hard hitting match that Blackwell won after a side slam

Pacific Tag Team Championship Match : Buddy Rose & Doug Somers © vs. The Vice Squad

 The Playboy Club really had to scramble against their former proteges, and wound up going to dirty tactics to protect their titles. Rose hit a low blow on Jimmy Del Ray to set him up for the brainbuster by Somers

California Title Match : Tom Zenk © vs. Manny Fernandez

 Fernandez went all out against Zenk, and it was all Zenk could do to try to corral the Ragin' Bull, but he still prevailed after hitting the Missile Dropkick

Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Terry Gordy © vs. Texas Red

 Texas Red was coming in with an injured knee, suffered at the hands of the Freebirds, but still put in a valiant effort against the champ. Even though Gordy relentlessly worked over his damaged leg, Texas Red kept battling back, but when he went for the chokeslam, his knee went out from under him, and Gordy hit a huge piledriver to score the victory.

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Freebirds open the show with a strong win. 

Perez and Rude put on a good match that goes to a double c.o. I would like to see these guys go at it a few more times. 

Shultz might be the craziest man in the game. A freak'n axehandle! Man this guy is nuts. I'm sure a lot of wrestlers are happy he's suspended. 

Blackwell looks good with that win over Strong. I would love to see Blackwell go after Gordy. That would draw some big money. 

Rose and Somers always find a away to win. The Vice Squad prove they are contenders. 

I'm enjoying Zenk's California Title run. He's defiantly been a fighting champ.

Gordy and Red finally meet one on one. It's to bad Red had that knee injury. He puts up a fight but Gordy capitalizes and puts him down. Gordy has been a dominant champ.  

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Pacific Coast Wrestling Show from the UCSB Event Center, Santa Barbara, March 29th

 Badd Company vs. Flamboyance

 Flamboyance won when Poffo hit the Skydrop on Tanaka

Larry Cameron vs. Doug Somers

 The veteran Somers worked over Cameron, but the powerful "Lethal" Larry came back and hit the Harlem Hammer for the win

Eddie Gilbert & Brutus Beefcake vs. Kendo Nagasaki & The Great Kabuki

 An intense match where Beefcake was bloodied but battled back and pinned Kendo after the Final Cut

Ed Wiskowski vs. Jack Victory

 Wiskowski won with the face first piledriver

Ricky Steamboat, Crusher Blackwell & Nord The Barbarian vs. Don Muraco & The Untouchables

 Steamboat came off the top rope with the Flying Cross Body Press on Steve Strong

Chavo & Mando Guerrero vs. Ragin' & Ravishing

 Rick Rude pinned Chavo after the Rude Awakening

Pacific Light Heavyweight Match : Keiichi Yamada © vs. Hector Guerrero

 A fast paced and exiting match where the returning Hector came close to winning the title on a number of occasions but Yamada prevailed when he caught him in a Dragon Suplex

Golden State Tag Team Title Match : Mr. Hito & Masanobu Fuchi © vs. The Thundercats

 An epic match that wound up going to a 30 minute time limit draw.

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, on ESPN / TSN , May 1st

 The Royal Family vs. Bob Orton & ?? ??

 Bob Orton's campaign of revenge against the Royal Family took a heavy blow with the news that his partner, "Doctor D" David Schultz, had left Pacific Coast Wrestling, following his suspension due to attacking a referee.  With the announcement that he was bringing in a new partner to this match, Boyd and Morgan both had sour looks on their faces, clearly ready to be displeased with whoever came out. They weren't any happier when a smirking Orton announced who would be joining him … "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka! The Polynesian superstar raced out and immediately went after the Royal Family. If the matches with Schultz were chaotic, the presence of the Superfly somehow made things even more so, and the match seemed like it might go completely out of control on a number of occasions. Even when Snuka hit the Superfly Splash on Boyd and got the three count, this did not end the action, as both sides kept slugging it out. It looks like Snuka is a lit match being dropped into the gunpowder of this feud.

The Playboy Club vs. The Vice Squad

 The Vice Squad had scored some shocking victories over their formers allies since their split with the Playboy Club, and were hoping to continue their success in this six man tag match. While the attention before had been on the battles the tag champions, Buddy Rose and Doug Somers, had with Jimmy Del Ray and Brian Knobs, this time out the Playboy Club's MVP was Ed Wiskowski. While the other men were battling in the ring, the Polish Prince ambushed Jack Victory by dragging him off the ring apron and driving him head first into the ring steps. He then bloodied Victory with several well placed shots with a chair. This provided a sufficient distraction for Knobs, who fell prey to several nasty double teams at the hands of Rose and Somers, until the Pretty Boy finally administered the coup de grace with a brainbuster. But this wasn't enough for the Playboy Club, who continued to batter and bloody Knobs with a chair until Del Ray came in with his own chair to run them off. As he stood helplessly over the broken bodies of his partners, it looks like Jimmy Del Ray would have to go forward in this feud on his own, outnumbered 3 to 1.

Tracy Smothers vs. Ron Starr

 While lately, much focus has been on the title matches between Smothers friend, the Light Heavyweight champ Keiichi Yamada, and Ron Starr's partner in Flamboyance, "Leaping" Lanny Poffo, this match gave "Rotten" Ron and "The Wild Eyed Southern Boy" plenty of reasons of their own to hate each other. The veteran Starr ripped his young opponent with shocking viciousness, clearly looking to rid himself of the young upstart in decisive fashion. But this only served to get Smothers blood up, and the man from Springfield, Tennessee, kept firing back with equal intensity. The ring proved to be not enough to contain their fury, as the action spilled to the outside and both men were counted out . These two may have taken second billing so far to the feud between their partners, but they now have clearly grabbed the spotlight for themselves.

Al Perez vs. Don Muraco

 While he may not have gotten the high profile of his partners in the Brigade, Al Perez has been quietly impressing with some hard fought victories of late. His combination of technical expertise and submission moves has gotten him noticed by discerning wrestling fans, while his Latin good looks has gained him favour with the female fans. Squaring off against the powerful and ruthless Muraco, Perez certainly had his work cut out for him, but he gamely faced the challenge. The Magnificent One clearly had Perez scouted, with big power moves and a crushing bearhug that wore down his back and neutralized the German Suplex and the Ally-Copter. Perez kept trying, using takedowns and limb locks to chip away at his much bigger opponent. It looked like he might just pull it out when going for a one arm take down to set up the Japanese Armbreaker, but Muraco blocked it and levelled him with a mighty lariat, followed by a belly to belly piledriver to get the one two three. A tough loss for Perez, but one that still gained him the respect of many of the fans in attendance.

 The Freebirds vs. Billy Jack Haynes, Leo Burke & Bam Bam Bigelow

 With his good friend Texas Red temporarily out of action from a leg injury at the hands of the Freebirds, Billy Jack Haynes has had to look elsewhere for allies in his war against the men from Badstreet. To that end, he has lined up with the cagey veteran Leo Burke, who brought with him his dynamic young charge, "The Beast From The East" Bam Bam Bigelow. Bigelow was showing a new focus since his battles with the Royal Family, and the Freebirds clearly had no idea what to do to contain the New Jersey fireball. Not only was Bigelow dominant in most exchanges in the match, he managed to knock around the Heavyweight Champion Terry Gordy with some shocking power moves. After he flattened Michael Hayes with a clothesline and followed up with a slingshot splash to get the victory, he was then greeted with the news from PCW Commissioner Dutch Savage that the match had been set up for Bigelow to challenge Gordy for the title at Seattle Showdown. The Freebirds were livid while Haynes and Burke cheered and congratulated their young partner for the plum opportunity.

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WOW! Didn't see Snuka coming in as Orton's partner! That was big time. Looking forward to watching an unhinged heel Snuka. 

Playboy Club makes a huge statement. Poor Del Ray is going to need some partners.

Smothers and Starr really go at it and this feud is elevating.

Muraco beats Perez but Perez is gaining a lot of fans and experience. 

Bam Bam shines in the 6 man tag and is rewarded with a title match. Damn, Gordy vs. Bam Bam will be one hard hitting ,match up. 

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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Victoria Memorial Arena, Victoria, on Pacific Super Cards, May 2nd

 Flamboyance vs. Mando & Hector Guerrero

 Poffo pinned Hector after the Skydrop

Eddie Gilbert vs. Mr. Hito

 Gilbert won with the Hot Shot

Leo Burke vs. Buddy Jack Roberts

 A hard hitting match between two veterans that ended when Burke was going for the Sleeper Hold, but Roberts countered with a small package assisted by a fistful of trunks that got the three count

Crusher Blackwell & Nord The Barbarian vs. The Untouchables

 A crazy match that could have gone either way but finally concluded with Blackwell hitting a running splash on Strong that gave his team the victory

Pacific Television Title Match : Terry Taylor © vs. White Angel

 Angel won by DQ when Taylor pulled the ref into the way of a lariat by White Angel. Taylor retained the title.

Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes vs. Billy Jack Haynes & Bam Bam Bigelow

 A lengthy match that went back and forth until Billy Jack trapped Hayes in the Full Nelson and forced him to give up

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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Kelowna Memorial Arena, Kelowna, May 3rd

 Mike Rotunda & Dan Spivey vs. The Royal Family

 Spivey pinned Boyd after hitting the Spivey Bomber

Falls Count Anywhere Match : Tracy Smothers vs. Ron Starr

 A wild match that went all over the arena until Starr executed a piledriver on Smothers in the concession area to finally get the victory

Al Perez vs. Masanobu Fuchi

 A technical matchup that went to a duel of submission holds where Perez was finally able to trap Fuchi in the Japanese Armbar for the win

Badd Company vs. Ragin' & Ravishing

 Rick Rude hit the Rude Awakening on Tanaka to score the pinfall

Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Keiichi Yamada © vs. Jimmy Del Ray

 Del Ray looked like he might pull out the win on a number of occasions but Yamada ultimately prevailed with the running palm thrust

California Title Match : Tom Zenk © vs. Bob Orton

 Orton knocked Zenk out of the ring with a lariat and the two continued brawling at ringside until they were both counted out

Ricky Steamboat vs. Don Muraco

 Both men went all out in a lengthy battle where Steamboat hit a sunset flip out of the corner and hold Muraco's shoulders to the mat just long enough for a three count

Pacific Tag Team Title Match : Buddy Rose & Doug Somers © vs. Bill Dundee & Larry Cameron

 Dundee and Cameron put in a valiant effort but ultimately Somers was able to execute the Brainbuster on Dundee to successfully retain their titles.

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Couple of fun house shows.

Flamboyance is moving up in Pacific. You've done a great job building these guys into something unique. 

Man, Blackwell and Nord make one devastating team! 

No matter what Taylor continues to retain his TV title. 

Money making main event as Billy Jack and Bam Bam get an impressive win over the Freebirds.


Smothers and Starr take their feud to another level as Starr wins this wild match in the concession stand. 

Rude and Fernandez might be wearing gold soon. 

Orton will be a tough opponent for Zenk and his Ca. Title

Steamboat and Muraco put on another classic. This time Steamboat pulls out the win. 

The Playboy Club retain again! They're having a great reign. 

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Enjoy all the work you do in planning things out and developing characters and angles.  I can't stop rushing things.

Tag Division has some big and powerful team that lead to some fun matches.  Really like Nord and Crusher and Manny and Rude.

I like the Falls Count Everywhere Match.  Again gives some extra meaning to one of your earlier bouts.



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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Portland Sports Arena, Portland , on ESPN / TSN , May 8th

 The Playboy Club vs. The Vice Squad

 In what seems to be a recurring motif in Pacific Coast Wrestling, a lone man would be coming out alone to face superior numbers after losing his partners the previous week. In this case, Jimmy Del Ray was the last man standing of the Vice Squad after Brian Knobs and Jack Victory were brutalized at the hands of the Playboy Club. Whatever Buddy Rose and his men might have been expecting, it certainly didn't seem to be what followed, as Jimmy Del Ray came out and declared the beginning of the new Vice Squad, and two lanky men with mustaches followed him out, introduced as Jimmy Golden and "Ravishing" Randy Rose. The Playboy Club didn't seem too impressed at first, but that proved a costly mistake, as these Southerners weren't rookies like Knobs and Victory, but seasoned veterans who instantly gelled as a team with Del Ray like a hand fits a glove. Golden was a rangy Tennessean with knuckles like pig iron, shown when his punches were able to knock the huge "Polish Prince" all over the ring. Randy Rose may have had an unconventional look, but clearly knew every dirty trick in the book, as well as being an accomplished tag wrestler, shown in some swift, effective double teams with Jimmy Del Ray. It was such a move, a running elbow smash on Somers into a belly to back suplex by Del Ray, that led to the win by the new Vice Squad.  The Playboy Club might have thought they had gotten the Vice Squad out of their hair, but they are clearly back with a vengeance.

Brutus Beefcake vs. The Great Kabuki

 Beefcake has increasingly come into his own with some victories over Kendo Nagasaki, but has had a hard time getting past the Japanese veteran Kabuki. Kabuki was clearly determined to maintain this advantage as he viciously attacked Beefcake's arm, wrenching it with nerve locks that neutralized the sleeper hold. Beefcake had Missy Hyatt and Eddie Gilbert in his corner to cheer him on, but it was tough going for the man from San Francisco. Beefcake showed a lot of determination as he was able to power his way out of a lot of painful holds and battle his way back. It looked like it would be all for naught when Kabuki whipped him into the ropes for the Thrust Kick, but Beefcake was able to catch himself on the ropes, in spite of the pain it caused his worked over arm, and came roaring back with the Final Cut (running knee pat). Three counts later and Beefcake had pulled out a hard fought and impressive victory.

Interview : Frank Bonnema  stands in the ring

 Bonnema : Folks, this is a bit unusual, my next guests requested some time on the show to discuss their issues in an open forum … The Crazy Gang.

The crowd loudly boos at the Crazy Gang as they make their way to the ring, but they don't seem to take any notice. Bob Orton, Jimmy Snuka, Rick Rude and Manny Fernandez all have deep scowls on their faces and seem preoccupied as they enter the ring. Frank Bonnema, sensing his presence is not required, hands the mic over to Orton and leaves the ring.

Orton : I called this meeting to try to clear the air. I get the sense that there is some dissatisfaction among the members of the Crazy Gang, so I am going to give everyone a chance to speak their piece.

Rude and Fernandez look at each other, and Fernandez shrugs and lets Rude take the lead.

Rude : Well, in the first place, I want to know where you get off in calling a meeting in the first place. Who died and left you in charge? We formed the Crazy Gang with Dave Schultz, not you. Schultz was the one who brought you in, and when he was sent out of PCW, you took it on yourself to bring in Jimmy Snuka as a replacement. What makes you think you can come in and give orders to the rest of us.

Orton : Now, all that is fair. I don't want people to think I am giving orders. But while, David Schultz, God bless him, was the toughest SOB I have ever known, he had no plan. He was picking fights with anyone who crossed his path. He had you guys spinning your wheels in opening matches with the Guerreros, when you should have been getting title shots. I have a plan. I have gotten my revenge on the Royal Family and that has given us the capital to start getting us where we need to go. I will get you guys title shots. I will get Snuka the headlining matches he deserves. I will make the Crazy Gang the most feared group in the whole of PCW.

Fernandez : Well, that is easy for you to say. But why should we believe you when you could be just blowing smoke.

Orton : I see where you are coming from, so I will put my money where my mouth is. I guarantee that, within a month, I will get you guys a title shot, and there will be gold in the ranks of the Crazy Gang. And if that doesn't happen, I will walk away, both from the Crazy Gang and PCW.  So who is with me? (Holding out his hand.)

Snuka puts his hand on top of his and, after looking again at each other, Rude and Fernandez put their hands in as a show of solidarity.

Nord The Barbarian vs. Konga The Barbarian

 No prizes for guessing that this match went to pieces before it even got started. The two Barbarians tore into each other without even waiting for the bell to be rung, and when the ref tried to get some semblance of control over the match, he was rewarded for his efforts by a huge punch from both of the combatants, sending him flying. The no contest result didn't stop them from going after each other and it took the entire security crew to finally get them separated.

The Freebirds vs. Billy Jack Haynes, Bam Bam Bigelow & Chris Adams

 On last week's show, Bam Bam made such a big impression against the Freebirds that he was granted a title shot against Terry Gordy at Seattle Showdown. This time out, the Freebirds seemed actively afraid of Bigelow, doing anything to avoid getting in the ring with him. This didn't do them much good, as he partners were, if anything, just as keen to get their shots in on the men from Badstreet. Both Adams and Haynes hit the Freebirds hard and fast, and seemed to relish their expressions when they brought Bam Bam in for some double teams. Haynes was laying in some big haymakers on Hayes when he went for a lariat, only for Buddy Jack to pull down the top rope, sending Billy Jack spilling to the outside. It was then that the match took a strange turn. A man suddenly jumped out of the audience and attacked Haynes. It was Jake Roberts! The Snake had not been seen since he walked out on his former partner Terry Taylor over a month ago. Jake grabbed Haynes and drilled him into the concrete with a vicious DDT. Billy Jack was clearly knocked cold and could not make it back to the ring, leading to a countout win for the Freebirds. After the match, Jake got in the ring and celebrated, and it was clear that he had now joined the ranks of the Freebirds. Impossible as it seems, the Freebirds have now become even more dangerous.


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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Portland Memorial Coliseum , Portland , on Pacific Super Cards, May 8th

 The Guerrero Brothers vs. The Vice Squad

 The Vice Squad won after Jimmy Golden and Randy Rose executed a Spike Piledriver on Hector

Falls Count Anywhere Match : Tracy Smothers vs. Ron Starr

 Another crazy match which Smothers won after hitting the Jawjacker from the top rope to the ringside floor

Al Perez vs. Jimmy Snuka

 Perez put up a brave fight but wound up going down to the Superfly Splash

Loser Of The Fall Leaves Town Match : Crusher Blackwell & Nord The Barbarian vs. The Untouchables

 Nord pinned Steve Strong after a top rope kneedrop to the chest . Steve Strong is now gone from Pacific Coast Wrestling

No DQ Pacific Television Title Match : Terry Taylor © vs. The White Angel

 White Angel won by countout when Terry Taylor grabbed the title belt and ran back to the locker room. Taylor retained the Television Title.

Michael Hayes, Buddy Jack Roberts & Jake Roberts vs. Chris Adams, Bam Bam Bigelow & Leo Burke

 Bigelow pinned Buddy Jack after a slingshot splash

Pacific Tag Team Title Match : Buddy Rose & Doug Somers © vs. Badd Company

 Badd Company ran the champions ragged and came close on a number of occasions to winning the titles but Somers pulled out a dirty victory by hitting Diamond in the back of the head with a loaded elbow pad

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Man, with so many awesome factions I cant pick my favorite. 

Del Ray brings in some crafty vets in Golden and Rose and it pays off as they defeat the Playboy Club. Not a bad debut. 

Beefcake gets a huge win over Kabuki. Hanging with Missy and Gilbert has worked wonders for him. 

Orton calls a meeting and makes some big promises. Will he come through? 

Love the battle of the Barbarians match up. Of course it ends in chaos. 

Shocking ending as Jake aligns with the Freebirds! This is a very dangerous group. Watch out Pacific. 


Vice Squad rack up another win over the Guerreros.

YES! Another falls count anywhere match! Smothers wins the battle but I don't think the war is over.

Pretty impressive win for the Superfly as he hits the splash on a game Perez. 

Strong is gone! 

LOL Taylor once again finds a way to retain. Classic chicken heel move. 

Bam Bam continues to get the best of the Freebirds. Can he carry that momentum against the champ Gordy? 

Badd Co. gives the Playboy Club a run but the rule breaking champs pull it out.

Lot's of good stuff this week. Great job!  




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Going back to the TV show, the interview with the Crazy Gang was great.  I know you have said on a few occasions that it is not your strong point but every tome you do one, it steals the show.  You have so many big stars and while I would love to see Terry Gordy face Texas Red or Bam Bam anytime, I am now really excited to see if Orton can deliver on his promise!

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from McArthur Court, Eugene,  May 9th

 Grizzly Boone vs. Hector Guerrero

 Boone won with a Bear Hug

Mike Rotunda & Dan Spivey vs. The Royal Family

 Rotunda pinned Boyd after a leaping clothesline

Keiichi Yamada & Tracy Smothers vs. Flamboyance

 Poffo hit the Skydrop on Yamada to get the win for Flamboyance

Jimmy Snuka vs. Leo Burke

 Snuka won with the Superfly Splash

California Title Match : Tom Zenk © vs. Manny Fernandez

 Fernandez gave Zenk a hellacious battle but the champion was ultimately able to prevail with the Missile Dropkick

Ricky Steamboat & Nord The Barbarian vs. Don Muraco & Konga The Barbarian

 Nord was able to put down Konga with a running Bombs Away Kneedrop

2/3 Falls Golden State Tag Team Title Match : Mr. Hito & Masanobu Fuchi © vs. The Thundercats

 1st Fall : Hito pinned Scorpio after a backdrop driver

2nd Fall : Smiley forced Fuchi to give up to the Norman Conquest

3rd Fall : Both teams went to a 45 minute time limit draw

Winner : draw

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Wow, Boone comes to town and gets a big submission win over Hector. 

The Flamboyance-Yamada/Smothers feud has been a gem undercard feud. 

Snuka racks up another win, this time over the tough Leo Burke. 

Zenk has been on fire since winning the Ca. title. 

Nord gets the fall over the other Barbarian. The Steamboat/Muraco feud continues. 

The fans got their money's worth on that main event. Man what a classic tag match. After that performance I'm hoping for a rematch. 


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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Cow Palace , San Francisco , on ESPN / TSN,  May 15th

 The Untouchables vs. Jimmy Tarantino & Tyrone Davis

 The announcement of this match got some people scratching their heads, as the recent loss by Steve Strong in a Loser Leaves Town Match seemed to put an end to the Untouchables. All became clear when Konga The Barbarian came out with his new partner, one Grizzly Boone. Tarantino and Davis were clearly wishing that the Untouchables had truly dissolved, as the result was what could basically be called a bear mauling. The huge, powerful Boone tore the two rookies apart, combining with Konga on some brutal power moves before crushing Tarantino in a mighty Bear Hug until he was unconscious. Sheikh Adnan Al Kaissie is always thinking several steps ahead, and his scary new recruit will certainly help him make the moves he needs to make.

Bill Dundee vs. Buddy Rose

 While the Playboy Club have had much of their attention occupied by their former proteges in the Vice Squad, they also have been facing a stiff challenge for their Pacific Tag Team Titles from the Thundercats, represented by Bill Dundee and Larry Cameron. In this singles match, Dundee was backed up by Cameron, while Rose had both Doug Somers and Ed Wiskowski in his corner. The powerful Cameron certainly wasn't intimidated by the greater numbers, and Dundee paid it no mind at all, as he frustrated the Playboy with his hit and run tactics. No matter what Rose did to try to put down Dundee, the Australian firecracker came back again and again to torment him. Unfortunately, just as the match was starting to get really cooking, all three members of the Vice Squad charged out and attacked both sides. A three way brawl erupted that led to a no contest decision for the match and was only quelled by the full security force coming out. Once things were calmed down, it was announced that , at Seattle Showdown, there would be a Three Way Elimination Style match for the Tag Team Titles, between Rose & Somers, Dundee & Cameron, and Del Ray & Randy Rose, with all other members of their respective groups banned from ringside.

Eddie Gilbert vs. Buddy Jack Roberts

 Both Hotstuff and the Freebird were having a tightly contested bout, but this wound up being overshadowed by the sideshow at ringside. Part way through the match, Michael PS Hayes and Jake "The Snake" Roberts showed up at ringside, with Hayes leering at Missy Hyatt while Roberts cackled behind him. Brutus Beefcake came out to interpose himself between his manager and the Freebirds, but this didn't scare off the Freebirds, who taunted Beefcake while catcalling the infuriated Hyatt. When Gilbert noticed what was going on, he turned to shout at the Freebirds. This proved enough of a distraction for Buddy Jack to take advantage of it, catching Gilbert in a rollup assisted by a fistful of tights that got a quick one-two-three. Gilbert seemed less concerned by the loss as the insult to his manager, as he rushed out to ringside. There was a shoving match between Gilbert & Beefcake and the Freebirds that was eventually broken up by the PCW officials.

Al Perez vs. Bob Orton

 Last week, Orton made some big promises to the rest of the Crazy Gang, saying that there would be title shots and gold in their ranks. He has since stated his intentions to take the California Title from Tom Zenk. This week, he would be facing Zenk's partner in the Brigade, Al Perez. The Latin Heartthrob was clearly intent on not being anyone's stepping stone, and put up a ferocious battle for the Ace. Perez used his technical skills to keep Cowboy Bob at bay, but Orton always seemed to know how to pull out one trick after the other to regain the advantage. Perez tried hard to get Orton in a single arm takedown to set up the Japanese Armbar, but Orton blocked it and leveled him with a lariat. Orton then hoisted Perez onto the top turnbuckle and executed the Superplex for the pinfall. An impressive victory for the Cowboy, and after the match, it was announced that there would be a title match at Seattle Showdown between Orton and Tom Zenk.

Golden State Tag Team Title Match : Mr. Hito & Masanobu Fuchi © vs. The Thundercats (Too Cold Scorpio & Norman Smiley)

 These two teams have had some epic matches on house shows, so there was a lot of anticipation for this big title match . The Thundercats have youth and enthusiasm on their side, but the cunning Japanese veterans have a wealth of experience and have thus far kept an iron grip on the titles. The Thundercats came out full throttle, with lots of double team moves and high flying that sent the champions reeling. Hito and Fuchi bided their time and waited for their opportunity,  which came when Fuchi lured Scorpio into a top rope move that Fuchi dodged, with Scorpio hitting the mat hard. Fuchi then mercilessly went after Scorpio's hurt leg, stretching it with nasty submission holds and coming down on it with hard kneedrops. He and Hito worked over Scorpio for a while, blocking his attempts to tag in his partner. He did finally manage to tag in Norman Smiley, and while the young Englishman kept the champs at bay with his canny counter wrestling skills, it would be only a matter of time before the numbers disadvantage caught up with him. The champs ultimately resorted to double teaming him, but they failed to notice that he had made a blind tag on Scorpio. Hito was trying to get up Smiley in a backdrop driver, while Scorpio ascended to the top turnbuckle. Smiley blocked the driver and tied up Hito, and while his leg was clearly wobbly, Scorpio was able to come off the top with a flying sunset flip on Fuchi. One … two …. THREE!!!! The Thundercats had finally won the Golden State Tag Team Titles! Bill Dundee and Larry Cameron rushed out to congratulate their teammates, and the crowd loudly cheered the new champions as they held the belts above their heads.

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Strong is out and Boone is in. Talk about a monster team. 

Things get crazy as 3 teams end up fighting. YES! A 3 way for the titles at Seattle Showdown. 

Right on, I'm all for a Freebirds/Hot Stuff feud. 

Orton looks good against Perez. Zenk's title reign might be in trouble with a focused Orton coming after him. 

WOW! New champs! The Thundercats pull it off in a exciting TV match. This title change felt huge. Nice job.

Cant wait for Seattle Showdown!

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