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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, on ESPN / TSN , February 2nd

 The Zambuie Express vs. Dirk Been & Joel Klug

 After their recent ambush of the Rock & Roll Express last week , JR Foley's new team make their first official appearance in an AWA Pacific and it turns out that they are the Zambuie Express, Elijah Akeem and Kareem Muhammed. The Zambuies made swift work of the rookies Been and Klug, tossing them around the ring like rag dolls before finally putting Been out of his misery with a side slam / elbow drop combination.  But while Foley and his men were showing off in the ring afterwards, they were attacked by the Rock & Roll Express, clearly not happy with the Zambuies having cost them the Tag Team straps. The two sides slugged it out until the AWA Pacific officials cleared them from the ring. Clearly, Ricky and Robert are out for payback and won't be satisfied until they get it.

The Cobra vs. Gama Singh

 KY Wakamatsu's men have been dividing their efforts been clawing their way up the tag rankings and trying to take down the masked Japanese phenom. This time out, it was the Great Gama who was challenging the Cobra. Gama seemed especially vicious in his attacks, with Cobra using his considerable speed to dodge out of a few tough scrapes. It seemed like Gama had his opponent set up for the Cobra Clutch, but Cobra was able to reverse it into a belly to back suplex and score the pinfall. Wakamatsu and Hito charged into the ring right afterwards to attack him, but Cobra was able to dive out of the ring just in time. He had escaped their clutches this time, but given how he is outnumbered, how much longer can he hold out?

Phil Lafleur vs. B.B. Anderson

 Young Lafleur has appeared in a few tag matches lately but this would be his first solo match in AWA Pacific and he certainly made an impression.  He easily dominated the unknown Anderson with rapid fire moves and high flying maneuvers before hitting a top rope back bodypress to finish the match. This up and coming Canadian could well be the one to watch in the AWA light heavyweight division.

Rip Oliver vs. Scott McGhee

 McGhee and his compatriot, Chris Adams, have drawn the ire of the members of Buddy Rose's Army, scoring some tough wins over the Playboy's crew in tag matches. This match was ostensibly one on one, but you wouldn't know it from how much interference there was from Rose and Madril from ringside, as well as Adam's attempts to keep them out of the action. Unfortunately for McGhee, the ref seemed to take more notice of Adams than the Army. McGhee had Oliver set up for the German Suplex, but the ref was off telling Adams to keep out of the action, and Rose snuck in the ring and popped McGhee in the back of the head with the big gold ring. Oliver then rolled up the groggy McGhee and put his feet on the ropes for the dirty one two three, in spite of the protests of Adams. Looks like there are no depths to which the Army won't sink to get a win.

Billy Jack vs. The Spoiler

 Billy Jack's regular partner, Matt Borne, is still out of action following his injuries at the hands of Tony Anthony and Stan Hansen, so the popular star of Oregon was going out in singles action. He certainly had his hands full with the always wily and dangerous spoiler, and was just barely able to escape being trapped in the clawhold on several occasions. He was able to establish dominance with his considerable power and was about to lock in the Full Nelson, when Anthony and Hansen charged into the ring and attacked him , leading to the DQ finish. Billy Jack took a few hard shots until Baron Von Raschke came in, swinging a chair, to clear the ring. Billy Jack then got on the mic and challenged the other side to a 6 man tag match, to which they readily agreed. Given how such things have tended to turn out lately, you would have figured that Anthony would know better, but it looks like he can't wait to get his hands on Billy Jack.

The Diamond & Gold Exchange vs. CanCon

 The fans were very curious to find out about this new team called the Canadian Connection, or CanCon for short.  Flowers and Rogers were clearly expecting Leo Burke when he came out, as they taunted him on the way to the ring. Judging by their subsequent panicked expressions, they weren't ready for his partner as he introduced ….the man with the Hands Of Stone, Ronnie Garvin! Diamond and Rogers did everything to try to avoid this tough new team, but Burke and Garvin tore at them like a pack of wild dogs.  Perhaps taking inspiration from Buddy Rose, Flowers tried to clobber Garvin with the gold ring, but Garvin instead caught him flatfooted with a lightning quick uppercut that put him out like a light. Rogers could only stand and watch as Garvin got the three count. Looks like a major new player has stepped into the war with the Four Families.

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Great card and I love CanCon.  It hasn't take you long to captivate us with your creative writing style.  Your roster is set with some of my favorites including Billy Jack, Rip Oliver and now Ronnie Garvin.  Still hope you decide to call in Dynamite Kid for a few Light Heavyweight title matches.  It seems of late that those with the gold rings have been taking a beating.  First by Piper and now by the Hands of Stone!

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Another exciting show from the Pacific! 

Zambuie Express demolish in their debut but RnR get some payback and show them they're not backing down. 

Love the Cobra/Singh match. Cobra gets the win but he might need some back up to contend with the numbers game. 

Lafleur has the right tools to be a light heavy contender. 

Tough loss for McGhee as that sneaky Rose takes advantage of the distractions to help Oliver get the shady win. 

More chaos as Billy Jack feels the wrath of Hansen and Anthony but out comes Baron to the rescue. This sets up a wild 6 man match. 

What a way to end the show as Ron Garvin comes out to team with Burke! D&G Exchange found out how tough these two guys are. The Four Families better watch out! 

Great job Rain! You are a master of storylines and continuity. 

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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Victoria Memorial Arena, Victoria , February 3rd 

 AWA Pacific Television Title Tournament First Round :

 The Cobra vs. The Spoiler

 In this battle of two masked men, Cobra was going up to the top turnbuckle for a flying cross body press, but was knocked off by Mr. Hito and Gama Singh. Spoiler then hit a running elbow drop for the tainted pinfall

Leo Burke vs. Al Madril

 Burke won with a belly to back suplex

Scott McGhee vs. Rip Oliver

 Once again, McGhee had Oliver set up for a German Suplex when Buddy Rose entered the ring. This time, however, McGhee caught Rose with a back kick to the midsection and was able to hit the German Suplex on Oliver to move on in the tournament.

Phil Lafleur vs. "Diamond" Timothy Flowers

 In what could be dubbed the Battle Of The Flowers, Lafleur put up a valiant fight but ultimately was drawn into the Piledriver, leading to a victory for Flowers.

Jimmy Valiant & Big Jim vs. The LA Express

 Embry and Starr didn't seem to know what to do with Big Jim's unconventional offense and approach, and Embry wound up catching a Big Boot to the face before being pinned by the popular Good Ole Boy from Mudlick.

AWA Pacific Television Title Tournament Semi-Finals :

 The Spoiler vs. Leo Burke

 Spoiler had Burke trapped in the corner and put something in his mask before charging in for a running headbutt. Burke, however, dodged out of the way just in time and when Spoiler went face first into the turnbuckle, Burke rolled him up for the one two three.

Scott McGhee vs. "Diamond" Timothy Flowers

 A very intense match that ended with McGhee going for a figure four leglock, but Flowers countering with a small package to move on to the tournament finals.

The Rock & Roll Express vs. The Zambuie Express

 An out of control brawl that ended with both teams being disqualified

AWA Pacific Television Title Tournament Finals :

 "Diamond" Timothy Flowers vs. Leo Burke

 These two have built up quite the rivalry of late, and the fact that this match was for the AWA Pacific Television Title only seemed to fan the flames of their hatred. They certainly brought it all out in the match, with both men being busted open at different points and the ref just barely able to keep control over the match. After a lengthy battle, Burke was finally able to catch Flowers in the Sleeper Hold. Goldie Rogers rushed out to break it up, but found himself intercepted by Ronnie Garvin. The ref dropped Flowers arm once … twice … three times. The ref then called for the bell and handed the belt to Burke. Leo Burke is the new Pacific TV champ!

Buddy Rose vs. Chris Adams

 Adams has no great love for the Playboy and showed it as he unleashed a furious attack on Rose. Buddy was on defense for much of the match, just barely dodging the Superkick on a number of occasions. Adams was finally able to catch him charging into the corner and nailed the Superkick. Rose was down for the count … only for Rip Oliver and Al Madril to charge in and attack Adams. The ref ruled a DQ win for Adams, and Rose's Army proceeded to put the boots to the Gentleman until Scott Mc Ghee came in and ran off the Playboy and his men.

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Nice card... As if the Spoiler is not tough enough, add a little help from Mr. Hito and Gamma Singh and he might be unstoppable.  

I admit I knew very little of Leo Burke before this but I am started to really like his toughness and I am excited to see how his title reign goes.

McGhee over Oliver is HUGE!  Can;t wait to see what is next for both of these guys.

Cool match intro with the Battle of the Flowers!  Haha

Valiant and Big Jim are a lot of fun.  Interested to see if they are championship material down the road

Even though Adams was attacked by the Rose Army, the heels seem to be having some difficulty in getting the main event wins of late.  I bet they are planning some sort of revenge as we speak!  




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The TV title lived up to high expectations. I really loved all the match ups here. 

Cobra and Spoiler start things off as Hito and Singh are spoilers and give Spoiler the victory. 

Great finish as Burke advances over Madril.

This time McGhee is prepared as he takes care of Rose and defeats Oliver. I liked this because it shows McGhee has good street smarts.

Flowers gets a hard fought win over Lafleur with his devastating piledriver! 

Big Jim looks impressive as him and Jimmy get a satisfying win over LA Express. 

Burke prevails over Spoiler's shady tactics and advances to the finals.

McGhee looks great tonight but Flowers small packages him for the win. Both men come out looking good. 

The feud between RnR and Zambuie Express only heats up after a wild double DQ. 

Burke is the TV champ!!! Wild match as Garvin helps his partner by preventing Rogers from interfering. Loved this tournament as it was full of great action. Burke really earned the title and is a fantastic choice as champ. 

Rose and Adams finish off a great night of action with a solid match. Of course the Army interferes causing a DQ. Thankfully McGhee saves Adams from a brutal beating. 

Good job in building up a lot of faces to battle the Families. 

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A major blockbuster announcement in the new press release from AWA Pacific Commissioner Dutch Savage. The last of the vacant titles, the AWA Pacific Heavyweight Title, will be decided in a tournament at the Portland Memorial Coliseum . This is the big one, folks, and some very big names will be in that tournament :

"Playboy" Buddy Rose

Jesse Barr

Larry Zbyszko

Chris Adams

Adrian Adonis

Roddy Piper 

Goldie Rogers

Ronnie Garvin


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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Portland Sports Arena, Portland , on ESPN / TSN , February 9th

 King Kong Bundy vs. Brian Adias

 Hoo boy. JR Foley's man has been on a path of destruction since showing up in the AWA Pacific, leaving a trail of broken bodies in his wake and sending Steve O fleeing from the territory rather than face him again.  Poor Brian Adias got it even worse, being dismantled by the "Walking Condominium"  before being sent hard into the corner and ending up on the bad end of an Atlantic City Avalanche.  Even after his traditional five count, Bundy still wasn't satisfied, giving repeated running splashes to the helpless Adias before being ordered to stop by the AWA officials. Many female fans in the audience could be seen weeping as Adias was taken from the ring on a stretcher, but Foley and Bundy seemed to drink in the sight of their tears like fine wine.

The Rock & Roll Express vs. Kel Gleason & Mitchell Olson

 Ricky and Robert are two people who certainly have no love for Foley and his crew, having been cost the Tag Team titles by the Zambuie Express. Perhaps looking to make a statement that they were hot on their trail, the Rock & Rolls had a blindingly quick match with young Gleason and Olson, dazzling the fans with their lightning speed and fast tags before putting  Olson down with the Double Dropkick. The Rock & Roll Express are on track for revenge on the Zambuies, and  after that, possibly the California Cowboys and the Tag Titles.

The Cobra & Keiichi Yamada vs. Mr. Hito & Gama Singh

 After a number of victories over Hito and Singh, Cobra has drawn the attention of their manager KY Wakamatsu, as shown by his men's interference knocking the masked man out of the TV Title tournament. With a shot at the AWA Light Heavyweight Title on the horizon, Cobra has brought in some backup in the form of Japanese rookie Keiichi Yamada. Although Yamada is fresh out of the Japanese wrestling dojo, he is clearly a wrestling prodigy. He have as good as he got in all exchanges with Hito and Gama,  and was even able to score the pinfall after hitting a top rope missile dropkick on Hito. The new team wasn't able to celebrate for long, though, as out of nowhere, a huge, curly haired, bearded man in furry boots charged into the ring and started knocking them out of the ring with big kicks.  Wakamatsu was clearly sneering at his two young enemies as this strange man started running back and forth between the ropes. Wakamatsu is clearly one of the most dangerous men in AWA Pacific and , with this huge new charge in his ranks, who knows what he might accomplish?

Big Jim vs. Bob Johnson

 Jimmy Valiant accompanied his amiable protégé to the ring and enthusiastically clapped along as Big Jim danced with several fans to the sounds of "Thank God I'm A Country Boy" by John Denver. Jim might not be the most polished of wrestlers, but you can't deny his enthusiasm or considerable power, as shown by his swift handling of Johnson. Big Jim tossed his much smaller opponent from pillar to post, smiling all the while before putting down a Big Leg Drop to end the match. At this rate, it seems like the LA Express are the only people who don't like the big , friendly man from Mudlick, Kentucky.

The Spoiler, Tony Anthony & Stan Hansen vs. Baron Von Raschke, Billy Jack & ?? ??

 In what seems like a never ending series of challenges and counter challenges, Anthony had agreed to this match between himself , Hansen & Spoiler, and Billy Jack, the Baron and a mystery man. Billy Jack got on the microphone and said he had really wanted to be announcing the return of Matt Borne, but doctors had ordered him to stay out of the ring for one more week as he recovered from his injuries at the hands of Anthony and Hansen. That said, he knew one man who would be up to the task of taking Borne's place and help avenge him, and that man is … Blackjack Mulligan! The crowds cheered Mulligan on to the ring, but the huge Texan was clearly focused on Stan Hansen and the two immediately threw down when he got the ring. What resulted was an insane brawl with all six men in the ring at the same time for much of the match. It was during one such melee that Billy Jack was able to catch Anthony off the ropes with a powerslam the got the quick one two three. A satisfying victory for the powerful Oregonian, but I think this war between these two factions.

Roddy Piper & Scott McGhee vs. Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver

 Since his dramatic arrival in the AWA Pacific, Roddy Piper has formed a bit of a friendship with Scott McGhee and Chris Adams, right alongside his enmity with Buddy Rose and all of the Four Families. Piper tags up with McGhee in this match with Rose's Army, with Adams at ringside to counteract the presence of Al Madril. This was a set up for an intense match where much of the Army's efforts were spent on trying to get the gold ring, which they claimed Piper had stolen, off the Scotsman's finger. (For his part, Piper claims that he owns the ring as he had beaten Larry Zbyszko when they had planned on presenting the ring to him.) Rose and his men shouldn't have been quite so focused, as they failed to notice Piper making a blind tag out , and while they were set on attacking Piper, McGhee was able to roll up Oliver and get the three count. Rose and his men were livid but there was nothing they could do about it. A big victory for Piper and his friends,  but the real test is coming up in the heavyweight title tournament.


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And the crowd goes home very happy!  I good day for all the babyfaces here with some awesome debuts by Yamada and Blackjack!  On the other side, a monster heel has arrived and it will be interesting to see how far KKB goes!

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Pacific Wrestling continues its streak of hot shows! 

WOW! Bundy just destroys Adias and sends him out on a stretcher. Bundy is rising fast.

RnR look sharp in a crowd pleasing squash. 

Cobra and his rookie friend Yamada defeat Singh and Hito but Wakamatsu has an ace up his sleeve as his new monster lays down some devastation. 

Big Jim has become quite the fan favorite.

Wild 6 man tag as Blackjack Mulligan arrives! Billy Jack gets the quick pin but this war is far from over. 

Fun main event as Piper and McGhee beat Rose and Oliver. It's great seeing McGhee up in the main event scene and hanging with Piper. I'm sure the Rose Army is plotting revenge as we speak. 

Cant wait for the Pacific title tournament. 

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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Portland Memorial Coliseum , Portland , February 10th 

 AWA Pacific Heavyweight  Title Tournament First Round :

 Buddy Rose vs. Jesse Barr

 Rose caught Barr in the Inside Out Backbreaker for the win

Larry Zbyszko vs. Chris Adams

 Adams went for the Superkick, but Larry was able to duck it. Unwisely, Larry took a moment to gloat to the crowd about how clever he was.  When he turned around, he was nailed by a second attempt at the Superkick that put him down for the count.

Adrian Adonis vs. Roddy Piper

 While Piper was coming off the ropes, Larry Z. snuck down to ringside and pulled down the top rope, causing Piper to spill to the outside. Larry then tried to get the gold ring from Piper's hand, screaming that it was his, and while he and Piper slugged it out, the ref counted Piper out. Adonis and his partner , Jesse Ventura, laughed in the ring after the match, feeling smug over having put one over on the Rowdy one.

Goldie Rogers vs. Ronnie Garvin

 Rogers was going for a piledriver, but Garvin countered with an inside cradle to get the one two three.

Blackjack Mulligan & Billy Jack vs. Tony Anthony & Stan Hansen

 A heated match that ended in a double DQ with both teams brawling in the ring. Anthony brought a chair into the ring and looked intent on doing some real damage, but found it grabbed out of his hands … by Matt Borne !!! Borne finally returned after being taken out by Hansen, and started swinging the chair wildly, sending Anthony and Hansen scrambling from the ring

AWA Pacific Heavyweight  Title Tournament Semi-Finals  :

 Buddy Rose vs. Chris Adams

 Adams really took it to Rose and was gearing up for the Superkick when Rip Oliver and Al Madril jumped on the ring apron. The ref sent them immediately down to the floor, but they caused a sufficient distraction for both the ref and Adams that Rose was able to pop Adams in the back of the head with the gold ring. The ref counted to three and gave the match to Rose while the crowd booed.

Adrian Adonis vs. Ronnie Garvin

 In what seems like a pervasive trend throughout this evening, Roddy Piper made an appearance at ringside, only to be intercepted by Jesse Ventura. That didn't stop Adonis from walking right into the Hands Of Stone punch, giving the win to Garvin.

The Zambuie Express vs. The Rock & Roll Express

 Ricky and Robert were able to hit the double dropkick on Elijah Akeem to finally get a victory on the Zambuies. After the match, JR Foley could be heard swearing vengeance and promising that they were far from over.

Ron Starr vs. Keiichi Yamada

 In a distinct contrast to the rest of the show, the American veteran and the Japanese rookie put on an exciting technical match that went to a 15 minute time limit draw.

AWA Pacific Heavyweight  Title Tournament Finals  :

 Buddy Rose vs. Ronnie Garvin

 Before the start of the match, AWA Pacific Commissioner Dutch Savage got on the match and announced that he was officially fed up with all of the outside interference in all of the matches, and was laying down the law in this match. He declared that everyone was banned from the ring and adjoining area except the ref and the two wrestlers, and if there was any interference from the Army, Roddy Piper, the Four Families or anyone else, they would face massive fines and possible long term suspension. He then personally escorted Rip Oliver and Al Madril from the ring. Rose immediately started panicking and Garvin immediately tore into him with chops and punches. Rose kept retreating but Garvin kept after him like a shark that smelled blood. The tide turned when Garvin was chopping away at Rose in the corner, and when the ref tried to get in between them, Rose came out with a vicious clip to Garvin's leg. Rose then proceeded to work over Garvin's hurt leg, but Garvin was able to rally and fight back. Garvin looked like he was about to put him away when he came off the ropes for the Hands Of Stone punch, but his damaged leg threw off his timing and Rose was able to dodge it. Rose then caught Garvin coming off the opposite ropes around the waist and dropped him throat first onto the top rope. Rose then nonchalantly put his feet on the ropes to take the pinfall and the Pacific Heavyweight Title, to the sound of enormous boos from the audience. Just goes to show that one best not underestimate the Playboy when he is trapped in a corner.

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Great show and just as it should be in the Pacific Northwest as all are chasing the Playboy!  Nice match between Star and Yamada as the rookie is quickly making a name for himself.  Also, your tag division is fun with a lot of quality teams with contrasting styles.  Should be very interesting!

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Awesome night of action as wrestlers battle for the Pacific Title! 

Interference was the theme until Commissioner Savage lays the law down in the finals. Feuds are out of control between Piper and friends versus the families.

Love the finals between Garvin and Rose. Rose takes it in the end. That Rose is one crafty dude. I have a feeling it's going to be hard taking that title off Rose.

The other big news was the return of Matt Borne! I'm loving that wild feud going on.

Nice bout between the light heavyweight contenders as Starr and Yamada battle to a draw. 

RnR finally get that satisfying win over the Zambuie Express. Foley is out for revenge now.  

The fans got their money's worth tonight. 

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Cow Palace , San Francisco , on ESPN / TSN, February 17th

 The Glamour Boys vs. Carl Bilancione & Silas Gaither

 The tag team division is fizzing with action in AWA Pacific and there is now a new entry into their ranks. The Glamour Boys, a team consisting of Steve Doll and Steve Simpson, features two handsome young rookies who show a lot of promise. The drew a lot of squeals of appreciation from the younger female fans and easily dominated their opponents, polishing off Gaither when Simpson whipped him into a flying forearm by Doll. An impressive debut, but they certainly have their work cut out for them to try to make their way up the rankings of the tag division.

AWA Pacific Tag Team Title Match : The California Cowboys © vs. Jesse Barr & Brett Sawyer

 Case in point … Bob Orton and Tim Brooks fought hard to get their Pacific Tag belts and look determined to hold onto them for a long while.  Barr and Sawyer put up a very concerted effort to take the titles in this match and a ferocious battle was waged, with the pendulum of momentum swinging back and forth throughout the match. But in the end, Orton blindsided Sawyer with a brutal clothesline, followed by a backbreaker that gave the decision to the champs. For all of the up and coming tag teams in AWA Pacific, they certainly have their work cut out for them to unseat the champs from their thrones.

Ron Garvin vs. Goldie Rogers

 Both men's respective partners, Leo Burke and "Diamond" Timothy Flowers, were present in the corners of this down and dirty match. Rogers seemed out to sneak every underhanded tactic he could whenever the ref's eyes weren't focused on him, getting the advantage over Garvin on several occasions and doing some real damage. But the man with the Hands Of Stone was not the sort to be kept down by this sort of thing for long, and would regain control of the match, either through his technical expertise or sheer hard-headed toughness. In the end, Garvin exploded on Rogers with a brutal series of lefts and rights that caught Goldie flat footed and sent him down for the count.  Garvin got the pinfall, but from the looks Flowers was giving him, the feud between the Diamond & Gold Exchange and CanCon was certainly not over.

Nord The Barbarian vs. Jeff Varner

 Nord is the newest charge in KY Wakamatsu's stable, having made his first appearance the previous week by attacking the Cobra and Keiichi Yamada. Wakamatsu was at ringside along with Gama Singh and Mr. Hito joining him, and the trio could be seen cackling as their unorthodox colleague brutalized Varner with a series of brutal, out of control power moves before finishing him off with a running Bombs Away knee drop. Their cackling became full on laughter when the spotlight came on the back of the arena and showed the Cobra and Keiichi Yamada staring at them , with Yamada clearly giving them a death glare. Wakamatsu and company jeered at their rivals and dared them to come after them, knowing they had the numbers advantage. But this quickly dissolved in confusion as the spotlight soon showed … another masked wrestler! The newcomer pointed at Wakamatsu's  men, then drew a finger across his throat before all three of them disappeared.

Blackjack Mulligan, Billy Jack & Matt Borne vs. Tony Anthony, Stan Hansen & Texas Red

 After the recent spate of mystery partners showing up in this feud, Commissioner Dutch Savage has ruled that all partners in tag matches for this feud would have to be named in advance. That didn't do much good in this case, as the new partner of Anthony and Hansen was previously unknown to both their opponents and the fans. Texas Red turned out to be a lanky redhead with a somewhat deranged look on his face. In spite of his strange look, he showed a lot of raw ability, displaying considerable strength and athletic ability, including an impressive flying elbow drop on Borne that might have gotten the win had not Billy Jack broken up the pin. In the end , it took a combination of a Bulldog from Mulligan and the Cannonball from Borne to put away the big, young Texan. Borne and company might have gotten the win, but Anthony and Hansen's young charge had certainly made a big impression in this loss.

Adrian Adonis vs. Baron Von Raschke

 Adonis has been acting like the cock of the walk since being declared "King Of The Bay " by Buddy Rose, and the Baron was looking to knock him down a peg or two. Jesse Ventura was at ringside and complained loudly to the ref about pretty much everything Von Raschke did, while Adonis did everything he could to stay out of the way of the Baron's notorious Iron Claw. In the end, this was sufficient distraction for both the ref and the Baron that they didn't notice the Spoiler sneaking his way to ringside. When Baron was finally able to sink in the Iron Claw, Ventura was able to distract the ref long enough for Spoiler to hit an elbow smash to the back of the Baron's head before dodging out of the ring. Adonis then drove Von Raschke head first into the mat and getting the one two three. The feud between the Spoiler and the Baron has got to come to a head sooner or later.

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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Oakland Alameda County Arena, Oakland, February 18th

 Phil LaFleur vs. Al Madril

 LaFleur put up a tough fight but missed a flying splash, followed by Madril trapping him in the Indian Deathlock forcing LaFleur to give up the match

Keiichi Yamada vs. Mr. Hito

 Yamada won with a flying back cross body press. After the match, Gama Singh and Nord tried to attack Yamada but Cobra and the other masked wrestler pulled him out of the ring

King Kong Bundy vs. Mad Dog Vachon

 Bundy put down the Canadian legend with the Atlantic City Avalanche

Blackjack Mulligan vs. Texas Red

 Mulligan won with the Bulldog Headlock

AWA World Light Heavyweight Title match : Dynamite Kid © vs. Ron Starr

 Dynamite successfully defended his title with the belly to belly piledriver

AWA Pacific Tag Team Title Match : The California Cowboys © vs. The Rock & Roll Express

 Both teams went to a 20 minute time limit draw

Tony Anthony vs. Billy Jack

 Billy Jack caught Anthony in a powerslam for the victory

Buddy Rose & Adrian Adonis vs. Roddy Piper & Chris Adams

 Piper and Adams won by DQ when Piper was attacked by Larry Zbyszko

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The Glamour Boys level of success may not yet be determined, but man they are gonna draw the teenage girls to your shows!! Great pairing.

Speaking of great pairings, what a nasty team Orton and Brooks make. It's gonna take one hell of a team to get the belts off those two grizzled old cowboys.

Nord is a personal favorite of mine, so him destroying jobbers while his partners watch on with glee was awesome! Looking forward to finding out who the new masked man opposing them is.

That 6 man had all the makings of a wild brawl. Impressive debut for Texas Red. He keeps running around with The Lariat and the Dirty White Boy and he'll have quite a future ahead of him.

The Rose/Adonis/Ventura trio is amazing. Looking forward to big things and lots of shenanigans from them in the future!

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Adonis/Rose/Ventura are an awesome trio....the promos alone are worth buying a ticket to see them.

I'm a big fan of Al Madril, nice win for him.

Piper/Zbyszko makes for an interesting feud

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And AWA Pacific continues to role.  Most of your feuds are heating up with Rose and Piper on a collusion course that will rock AWA Pacific to its core as we find out who is really in charge of the West coast.

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