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Simpson and Doll defiantly fit the name Glamour Boys. We'll see if they can climb the ranks of a very stacked tag division. 

California Cowboys impress with a tough title defense. I really like the Orton/Brooks pairing here. 

Garvin goes off on Rogers and puts him down! Garvin could really do some damage here. 

I enjoy Nord's squash matches. Who is this new mask man coming after Wakamatsu?? 

Texas Red will defiantly get some seasoning hanging around Hansen and Anthony. They lose tonight but Red seemed to look good. 

Spoiler helps Adonis get the win but I'm sure Baron will be looking to put the claw on Spoiler. 


Oakland gets a fun card. 

Bundy is on a roll and defeats the legend Vachon. Big win for Bundy. 

Like that Dynamite/Starr match. Dynamite has really become a top champ in the AWA. 

Cowboys and RnR would of been a money match for me. With a draw I'm hoping for more.

Billy gets a decisive win over rival Anthony. 

Of course there was going to be shenanigans in the main event. Larry Z better watch out because Piper will be gunning for him!  

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Olympic Auditorium , Los Angeles , on ESPN / TSN , February 24th

 Texas Red vs. Clarence Black

 Last week, Texas Red lost the fall in a six man tag match but impressed many with his performance. This time out, the big, raw boned galoot seemed out to prove himself as he battered Black from pillar to post and unleashed some powerful big boots on his opponent before finally polishing him off the that startling flying elbow drop of his. Texas Red was impassive as Tony Anthony and Stan Hansen clapped him on the back in congratulations, but the crowd was clearly in awe of this youngster. This red-headed rookie definitely seems to have the raw ingredients to go a long way in this business.

"Diamond" Timothy Flowers vs. Phil LaFleur

 Speaking of impressive youngsters, Phil LaFleur has certainly gotten the fans behind him with his enthusiasm and high flying moves. In this rematch from the TV title tournament , LaFleur managed to keep Flowers on his toes with his speed and aggression. The self styled "King Of Canada" was ultimately able to turn the corner by dodging the Reverse Flying Cross Body by LaFleur, then following up with a nasty Piledriver that put him away. Still, a respectable showing for the French Canadian who, with the right guidance, might just make a name for himself.

Interview : Frank Bonnema stands in the ring

Bonnema : Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time is the newly crowned AWA Pacific Heavyweight Champion … "Playboy" Buddy Rose!

The crowd boos as Rose comes out accompanied , not just by the rest of the Army, but by the Diamond & Gold Exchange, The California Connection, and Larry Zbyszko with the LA Express. All of them crowd into the ring as Rose grabbed the microphone

Rose : Thank you for that almost adequate introduction, Bonnema, but we aren't here to celebrate. This is no time for me to rest on my well deserved laurels. You see, when I made my decision to take over the AWA Pacific, my game plan was simple : Four Cities, Four Families, Four Rings, Four Kings. Nothing could be easier. But as I look at the ring right now, I don't see Four Rings. I'm not sure I even see Four Families. I see Three Rings, Three Families, and a gang of wannabes who *lost* their ring to Roddy Piper! What do you have to say for yourself, Zbyszko?

Larry : What are you picking on me for? That guy (pointing at Timothy Flowers) couldn't take the TV title from Leo Burke, why don't you pile on him instead?

Flowers : (waving his fist under Larry's nose) You watch your mouth, punk. Burke's time is running out and that TV title will be mine. And if you take a long look, you will see that this ring is still on my finger. Yours is in the hands of Roddy Piper, and you aren't even close to getting it back.

Larry : It's not my fault! Every time I get close to beating him, he cheats his way out of it!

Jesse Ventura : He cheated? That's the best you've got? If Piper cheats, just cheat harder! Flowers has proven himself and is still the King Of Canada . Rose is both Heavyweight Champion and King Of Portland. The Cowboys are the Tag Team champs. And my main man Adrian here is the King Of The Bay. From where I sit, all you are is the King Of Excuses. You keep failing to get the ring back from that skirt wearing freak, and your boys keep looking like fools against a deranged street lunatic and a pig farmer. (Starr and Embry look wary and take a half step back from Larry)

Adrian Adonis : You want your place in the Four Families, you are going to have to earn it. Your time is running out, Zbyszko. Get that ring back from Piper. Or else.

The Cobra, Keiichi Yamada & Super Strong Machine vs. Peter Harkey, Hunter Ellis & Gabriel Cade

 Last week, Cobra and Yamada appeared after a match by Nord The Barbarian in the company of a mysterious masked wrestler. This week, he was revealed to be a Japanese wrestler going by the name of Super Strong Machine.  The trio pulled off some impressive double and triple team moves , with SSM hitting some crushing suplexes before pinning Cade with a bridging butterfly suplex. A convincing victory, but it remains to be seen if the Machine will be a sufficient counter for Nord.

Tony Anthony & Stan Hansen vs. Jesse Barr & Brett Sawyer

 A lot of wrestlers on this show looking to send a message, but Anthony and Hansen took that way too far. They completely ran roughshod over Barr and Sawyer, with Hansen in particular nailing them with a nasty series of lariats which clearly badly hurt them. But that was not enough for Hansen, who wasn't satisfied with pinning Sawyer, and grabbed the cowbell from his bullrope and started hitting both men with it, busting them both open. When the ref tried to break it up, Hansen nailed him with the cowbell between the eyes for good measure, and this proved to be the breaking point. Commissioner Dutch Savage came out and announced that Stan Hansen had been indefinitely suspended.  Anthony will now have to get by without his huge partner backing him up.

Roddy Piper vs. Larry Zbyszko

 Larry Z was a man on a mission in this match : get that ring from Roddy Piper.  Everything he did in this match seemed to be based on that end. Part way through the match , Buddy Rose appeared near ringside, but he never interfered, just observed.  Piper took advantage of Larry's focus, using his single mindedness against him and luring him into a number of traps. Larry was finally able to get the ring from his finger and held it up in triumph, but it turned out Piper was just playing possum and snuck up behind him with a belly to back suplex that got the pinfall. Piper then retrieved the ring from Larry and scattered out of the ring. Rose just scowled and shook his head before leaving Larry in the middle of the ring, complaining as ever to the ref.


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Great interview with the 4 families.  I enjoyed the write up of the Piper/Zbyszko match.  Very well done!  

Texas Red is going to be awesome!

Hansen is a wild man and give him a cowbell and its lights out.  I wonder what indefinite suspension means for his future


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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the LA Sports Arena, Los Angeles, February 25th

 Texas Red & The Spoiler (substituting for the suspended Stan Hansen) vs. Billy Jack & Matt Borne

 Borne pinned Texas Red after hitting the Cannonball

East / West Connection vs. The Glamour Boys

 Jesse Ventura made Steve Doll give up to the Inverted Bearhug

Mad Dog Vachon vs. Goldie Rogers

 Vachon won with a running elbow smash

Johnny Valiant & Big Jim vs. LA Express

 Ron Starr trapped Big Jim in the corner and got the pin with a rollup with his feet on the ropes

Super Strong Machine vs. Gama Singh

 Machine got the victory with the Devil Windmill Suplex

AWA Pacific Tag Team Title Match : The California Cowboys © vs. The Rock & Roll Express

 The Rock & Rolls won by DQ when they were attacked by the Zambuie Express . The California Cowboys retained the titles.

AWA World Light Heavyweight Title Match : Dynamite Kid © vs. The Cobra

 Both men went to a 20 minute Time Limit Draw

Buddy Rose & Larry Zybyszko vs. Roddy Piper & Chris Adams

 Adams took the pinfall after hitting the Superkick on Larry Z. Once again, Rose left him in the middle of the ring after the match.

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Really great storylines on the current Pacific Wrestling TV show. 

Texas Red seems to be a star on the horizon. 

Flowers continues to impress with a win over LaFleur but LeFleur is creating some good buzz. 

Excellent interview segment with Rose and all the families gaining up on Larry Z. Just how far will Larry go to get that ring off Piper and get back in the good graces of the families???

Looking forward to seeing if Strong Machine can match up with Nord. 

Man, Hansen goes wild and gets suspended!! That was crazy! I  wonder if Anthony will be looking for some new back up.

LOL, poor Larry couldn't get the job done as Piper escapes with the ring. Rose didn't look to pleased. 

Fun card at the LA Sports Arena.

It's so awesome seeing the East West Connection in the tag ranks. 

Vachon bounces back from his Bundy loss with a solid win over Goldie. 

Strong Machine gets a good win over Gama as he prepares for his showdown with Nord. 

California Cowboys retain with help from the Zambuie Express. Looks like they aren't finished with RnR after all. 

That Dynamite/Cobra match might of been the show stealing match of the night! I'm sure they went all out for those 20 minutes. Great match! 

Once again Larry comes up short and takes the fall. That might of been the last straw for Rose LOL. 

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Catching up a bit on your stuff, now that I'm back in and as always, you're doing a great job. Always a bit weird for me to see Larry Z as a potential babyface but when you got such a hot heel like Buddy Rose (especially in the Pacific area), it can easily be done. Definitely looking forward to that.

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, on ESPN / TSN , March 2nd

 The Spoiler & Texas Red vs. John Raymond & Jed Hildebrand

 With Stan Hansen first suspended and now gone from AWA Pacific, it looks like Tony Anthony has brought The Spoiler into the fold to mentor his young, red-headed charge. Texas Red seemed to be paying close attention to the masked man throughout the match and followed his directions exactly when tagging in and out of the ring. He seemed particularly attentive when Spoiler walked the ropes before dropping an intense forearm blow to the back of Raymond's neck.  This led to a very surprising moment when the huge Texan tried it himself and got a gasp from the crowd as he walked the top rope before driving Hildebrand down to the mat. In spite of his ornery disposition, Texas Red was able to garner some applause from the fans for this impressive athletic feat. Following orders, he then tagged in the Spoiler, who forced Hildebrand to give up to the Clawhold. Although he has taken some losses, the powerful rookie is showing considerable potential.

Mad Dog Vachon vs. Eric Embry

 Not much has been seen of the French Canadian legend since his losses to Adrian Adonis and King Kong Bundy, but based on the results of this match, he is back with a vengeance. He tore into Embry in a way that the Flamboyant One was clearly not expecting nor prepared for.  Embry struggle to worm his way out from the onslaught of the Mad Dog, but Vachon was not to be denied, polishing off Embry with a brutal running elbow smash to the head. After getting the three count, Vachon stood in the ring, as though daring Embry's partner Ron Starr to come after him, but Starr stayed in the locker room. A wise decision, given the Mad Dog's renewed aggression.

AWA Pacific Tag Team Title Match : The California Cowboys © vs. The Glamour Boys

 The new tag team of Steve Doll and Steve Simpson has certainly drawn a lot of female fans, but that doesn't seem to impress the rough and tumble champs Bob Orton and Tim Brooks. That said, the two rookies but in a game effort to try to take the titles. No matter what the Cowboys threw at Doll and Simpson, they just kept coming back for more. It seemed for a moment that the Glamour Boys just might pull it off when Simpson whipped Doll into Brooks for the Flying Forearm Smash, but Brooks ducked at the last moment and then nailed Simpson with the Running Elbow Smash to the face (assisted by his loaded elbow pad). Brooks then got the pinfall, but all the same, the Glamour Boys are proving themselves to be a team not to be taken lightly.

Phil LaFleur & Jacques Rougeau vs. Ryan Aiken & Daniel Lue

 Another youngster who has been turning heads is Phil Lafleur, who looks to get a considerable boost by teaming with Jacques Rougeau of the legendary Rougeau family.  This alliance might well be just the catalyst to take LaFleur to the next level as a wrestler, as the pair easily dominated Aiken and Lue and gelled immediately as a team, with smooth tags and effective double teams.  The pair pretty much destroyed Lue when Rougeau had Lue in a Boston Crab and LaFleur came off the top rope with a kneedrop to the back. After the match, LaFleur was clearly psyched to have Rougeau as his new partner and Rougeau was proud of his young pupil.

The Cobra, Super Strong Machine & Keiichi Yamada vs. Nord The Barbarian, Mr. Hito & Gama Singh

 This match between the Japanese favorites and Wakamatsu's men was as intense and chaotic as you would expect.  Mostly, it was Hito and Gama against Cobra and Yamada. But when Gama tagged in the huge Barbarian, Yamada immediately brought in Super Strong Machine. Although Nord towered over the Machine, Machine was clearly not intimidated . He started lacing into the big man with brutal chops to the chest. Nord fired back with a huge backhand to the chest that would have sent anyone else flying, but Machine stood his ground. Nord tried to take him down with a big clothesline, but Machine ducked it and came back with a shoulder tackle that staggered the Barbarian. Both men kept exchanging huge shots with each other but both kept refusing to go down. In the end, Wakamatsu couldn't take it anymore and threw in his megaphone to Hito, but Hito was cut off by Cobra. This wound up descending into pure chaos with all 6 man brawling in the ring, and the ref had no choice but to declare a no contest.

AWA Pacific Television Title Match : Leo Burke © vs. "Diamond" Timothy Flowers

 A strong rivalry has developed between the Man Of A Thousand Holds and the leader of the Diamond & Gold Exchange.  Both men have scored wins over the other, with Flowers defeating Burke to be declared "King Of Canada" by the Four Families, but Burke coming back to beat Flowers to become the first AWA Pacific Television champion.  This wound up being Flowers trying as many of his dirty tricks to gain the advantage, with Burke countering with his deep technical expertise and lightning quick fists. Flowers seemed to have Burke set up for the Piledriver, but Burke countered with a small package that got a quick three count to defend his title. Flowers was clearly not satisfied with that result, as he ambushed Burke after the match, and the two continued to slug it out. Burke clearly will have to face the challenge of Flowers again before he is done with him.

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I like the pairing of Lafleur & Jacques Rougeau together. Definitely is a huge boost for Lafleur's credibility and a good way to sit under the learning tree.

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Fun card here.  I agree with Edger in the Lafleur/Rougeau is a good paring.  I also like the teaming of Doll and Simpson and it will be interesting to see if they can get over on the Champs!

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AWA Pacific is back with another solid TV show.

I like both Spoiler and Jacques playing mentors to their young but very gifted partners. Hopefully these two teams will meet at some point.

Vachon seems to be reinvigorated and ready to go. 

Glamour Boys give the champs a fight but the crafty Orton and Brooks retain. 

Wild 6 man tag that ends in chaos. This feud is far from over.

Great main event for the TV title as Burke retains but Flowers gives him a post match beating to continue this fun feud. 

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I really like the Glamour Boys team and I am looking forward to the ongoing feud with the Cowboys.

Nord is a guy I've always enjoyed, so I am glad to see him getting the push here. The showdown with Machine was a lot of fun, and the upcoming matches should prove to be even more fun.

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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Victoria Memorial Arena, Victoria , March 3rd

 Texas Red vs. Ricky Gibson

 Ricky Gibson made his debut in AWA Pacific and gave Texas Red a heck of a fight, pulling off something of an upset when he won by DQ after he went to the top rope for a missile drop kick, only to be knocked off by The Spoiler. Both Spoiler and Red attacked Gibson after the match but he was able to grab a chair from the outside and run them off.

Keiichi Yamada vs. Mr. Hito

 Yamada won with a top rope flying back body press

Nord The Barbarian vs. Big Jim

 KY Wakamatsu hit Jim with his megaphone when the ref had his back turned, enabling Nord to hit a Big Boot on Jim and get the tainted pin.

Tony Anthony vs. Billy Jack Haynes

 Billy Jack forced Anthony to give up to the Full Nelson

Rock & Roll Express vs. The Zambuie Express

 The Rock & Rolls were just barely able to get a pinfall on Elijah Akeem after a double dropkick, but the Zambuies kept fighting with them well after the final count.

CanCon & Mad Dog Vachon vs. The Diamond & Gold Exchange & King Kong Bundy

 In a vicious match where Vachon and Bundy kept going after each other and busted each other open, Ron Garvin was able to catch "Diamond" Timothy Flowers in a sunset flip for the three count

AWA Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Buddy Rose © vs. Chris Adams

 Adams won by countout after he superkicked Rogers out of the ring and the Playboy was not able to make it back in. Rose retained his title.

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Fun show.  I would have loved to see the Rock n Roll Express overcome the power of the Zambuie Express.  I also thought Nord vs Big Jim would have been a great bout.  

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Loved the main event between Buddy Rose and Chris Adams. Definitely proving to be a great champion in AWA Pacific.

Personally, I think the Rock N' Roll Express work best when they're oversized physically. Everything for Ricky Morton to play babyface in peril like no other and it works.

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Big Red continues to get some good buzz and I like the Spoiler as his mentor. Ricky Gibson proves he can get down as well.

Liked that Nord finish with the megaphone/big boot!

Looks like Billy Jack is getting the best of Anthony in their feud.

RnR get the pin but Zambuie keeps the fight going. 

Crazy 6 man tag as Vachon and Bundy tear into each other. Garvin with his sunset flip gets the fall. 

Rose barely hangs on to his title as Adams gets the C.O win. I think Adams has earned a rematch. 

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Portland Sports Arena, Portland , on ESPN / TSN , March 9th

 Texas Red vs. Ricky Gibson

 Gibson had made his Pacific debut last week at an arena show in Victoria, where he scored and upset win by DQ over Texas Red. This week would mark Gibson's first appearance on the Showcase and facing Texas Red once again, and Red was clearly out for revenge.  The experienced Gibson took advantage of that, letting Red's anger goad him into recklessness, leading Gibson to be able to dodge out of the way of many high impact blows. Red's mentor, the Spoiler, tried to interfere and tip the balance in favor of Red, but this would backfire when Gibson hit a top rope dropkick on Red, sending him flying out of the ring and on top of the Spoiler. The two became so entangled that Red was unable to make it back into the ring in time, and Gibson was able to score another victory, this time by countout. Red and Spoiler were livid, and Gibson wisely dashed back to the locker room to celebrate his win.

Super Strong Machine vs. Gama Singh

 Super Strong Machine has quickly emerged as a thorn in the side of KY Wakamatsu and his men, acting as leader to the Japanese favorites Cobra and Keiichi Yamada and rallying the fans to their side. Wakamatsu sent in the Great Gama to take down the Machine, and what resulted was a hard hitting match, with Singh's brutal takedowns and submission holds pitted against Machine's bone jarring suplexes. Machine was finally able to hit the Devil Windmill Suplex on Singh to get the three count, but you could tell that Wakamatsu was still plotting some way to take  him out for good.

Phil LaFleur vs. Ron Starr

 Young LaFleur has truly started to blossom (no pun intended) under the tutelage of Jacques Rougeau.  In this match, he had to deal with the notorious "Rotten" Ron Starr. One never knows which Ron Starr will show up, the technically gifted light heavyweight or the cheating brawler. Starr kept it technical for most of the match, leading to a hot, fast paced bout with LaFleur getting several near falls and keeping Starr on the defensive for much of the match. The dirty side of Starr showed up when the ref was momentarily looking the wrong way and Starr caught LaFleur with a nasty low blow knee strike. Starr swiftly followed up with a small package to get the pinfall. A cheap win, but further proof that Starr is at his most dangerous when you aren't paying attention.

Bob Orton vs. Steve Doll

 The new team of the Glamour Boys have been making a concerted effort to wrest the tag team titles away from the California Cowboys. For this match, one member of each team would face off in singles competition. Doll was giving up a few inches in height to the Cowboy but, perhaps getting inspiration from Ricky Gibson earlier in the show, used hit and run tactics on Orton to keep him off balance. The wily Orton wasn't at a disadvantage for long, but whatever he did to Doll, the younger wrestler kept coming back fighting. The tide turned for good when Orton ducked under a flying forearm from Doll, then nailed him with a huge lariat. He then put him on the top turnbuckle and brought him down with a Superplex to finish him off. A tough loss for Doll but it still showed that he could hang with one of the champs.

Matt Borne vs. Tony Anthony

 A highly chaotic match with both men tearing into each other from the get go. Things got even crazier when their respective allies (Billy Jack Haynes and Blackjack Mulligan on Borne's side, The Spoiler and Texas Red on Anthony's) showed up at ringside and started brawling with each other. While this madness was going on, Anthony was able to catch Borne in the Bucksnort Blaster to get the pinfall. After the match, it was announced that both sides would meet in a 6 man tag match the next night at the Portland Memorial Coliseum.

Buddy Rose & Al Madril vs. Roddy Piper & Chris Adams

 Buddy Rose may still be AWA Pacific Heavyweight Champion, but he has both Roddy Piper and Chris Adams very close on his heels. Both went after him during this match, but Rose seemed intent on letting his ally Al Madril soak up most of the punishment, only tagging in when his team had the advantage . He thought he was set to get rid of Piper when he was about to whip him into Madril who was standing on the apron, but Piper was only playing possum and reversed it at the last second, sending Rose crashing into Madril. As Madril tumbled to the floor, Piper rolled up the startled Rose for the one two three. This has got to put Piper in line for a title match for sure.


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Gibson picking up a second win over the impressive rookie. Can't think Red or Spoiler will take it lying down, so Gibson had better watch out.

LaFleur and Starr having a classic until Ron shows him why he's called Rotten. A good learning experience for the kid!

Orton picks up the win over Doll, but I still like the Glamour Boys as future tag team champs. It may take them some time to gain that tag experience, but once they do....

That 6 man that resulted from the Borne/Anthony match should be a wild one. Looking forward to it.

Piper gets the big W on the champ! Rose can't be happy with Madril, and he can't be happy with Piper potentially getting a title shot!

Great show man! 

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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Portland Memorial Coliseum , Portland , March 10th 

 Keiichi Yamada vs. Mr. Hito

 Yamada won with a running cross body press

The Rock & Roll Express vs. The East-West Connection

 In something of an upset, Morton dropkicked Ventura into a rollup by Gibson to get the victory for the Rock & Roll Express

King Kong Bundy vs. Baron Von Raschke

 Bundy crushed the Baron with the Atlantic City Avalanche

Jacques Rougeau & Phil LaFleur vs. LA Express

 Embry failed to notice Rougeau had blind tagged in LaFleur , and Rougeau schoolboy tripped Embry into a reverse flying cross body by LaFleur that gave the win to the youngster

 Billy Jack Haynes, Matt Borne & Blackjack Mulligan vs. Tony Anthony , Texas Red & The Spoiler

 While Borne was slugging it out with Texas Red in the ring and Blackjack and Anthony were brawling at ringside , someone charged out of the audience and yanked Billy Jack off the ring apron and attacked him before giving him a piledriver on the concrete! It was Dick Slater! As Billy Jack lay unconscious and bleeding on the floor, Slater disappeared into the crowd. Borne tried to tag out, but found his corner empty, and he ended up getting double teamed by Texas Red and the Spoiler before Red finally put him away with a flying elbow drop.

 AWA Pacific TV Title Match : Leo Burke © vs. Larry Zbyszko

 Larry tried to cut every corner and cheat every way he could to get the title from Burke but still wound up being pinned after a belly to back suplex

 AWA Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Buddy Rose © vs. Roddy Piper

 When Piper tried to vertical suplex Rose back into the ring, he was tripped from the outside by Al Madril, who held his leg down while Rose pinned him. After the match, Piper challenged Madril to a loser leaves town match, which Rose accepted on Madril's behalf (in spite of Madril's seeming reluctance).

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I could take Buddy Rose vs Roddy Piper on virtually every one of your cards. That's how good that matchup was.

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I love the way you keep everybody updated during the TV matches. 

Texas Red and Gibson is turning into a fun feud, so far Gibson is one step ahead of Red and Spoiler.

Ron Starr could turn into something big here.

Orton takes down Doll but Doll looks strong. 

Like the Borne/Anthony matches. Anthony gets one past Borne but this feud is far from over.

Piper earns a title match with a tag win over Rose.

Great follow up card in Portland.

I agree, that RnR win over East West Connection is a bit of an upset. Looking forward to these teams going at it again. 

Bundy once again shows his dominance with a win over veteran Baron. 

Jacques and LaFleur work well together as they defeat LA Express.

OH SNAP! Dick Slater has arrived! What a way to debut by hitting Billy Jack with a piledriver on the concrete! Slater will cause some havoc up here.

Madril helps Rose retain against Piper but now must pay the Piper in a loser leaves town match...thanks to Rose LOL. 

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