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Mega Man has got some momentum going.

Oh yea, looks like we're going to get a Thunderbirds/Iron & Steel program. Nice way to rekindle that storyline. 

Young Jarrett is making a name for himself in Pacific and has even gotten over with Severn. 

Stopping Hansen has really elevated Simmons to another level. Just ask Mike Miller.

LOL, I never would of guessed Finlay would align with the Playboy Club. Didn't see that coming. I have to say, I think Buddy Rose might be a genius.  

Solid 6 man tag to end the show. Bubba once again gets the best of Burke but now he has another big man to deal with. Who is this masked man???



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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver on Pacific Super Cards on ESPN / TSN , June 5th


Dan Severn & Jeff Jarrett vs. The Suicide Blondes (Chris Candido & Todd Morton)


The newly forged duo of Severn and Jarrett were victorious when Jarrett dropkicked Morton into a belly to back suplex by Severn


Tony Atlas vs. Norman Smiley


Atlas pinned Smiley after a running splash. After the match, Atlas and Larry Cameron tried to do more damage, but Too Cold Scorpio came out and the two teams slugged it out until separated by security


Badd Company vs. The Vice Squad (Jimmy Del Ray & Randy Rose)


Badd Company pulled out an impressive win over the former Pacific Tag Team champs when Diamond hit a reverse flying cross body press on Del Ray


Brian Adams vs. Shane Douglas


The bodyguard for Gary Hart International had quite the struggle with young Shane Douglas but was able to put him down with a spinning backbreaker


Barry Windham vs. Ed Wiskowski


This hard hitting battle of big men went to Windham when he caught Wiskowski flat footed with a Western Lariat


Pacific Tag Team Title Match : The Wild Bulls (Ed & Rick Gantner) © vs. The Midnight Express


As the champions were on the way to the ring, they were ambushed by the Midnight Express, who ran Rick Gantner head first into the ring steps, taking him out of the match. Ed Ganter did his best to fight the match on his own, but the Midnights  mercilessly took advantage of his injured leg. Ed Ganter looked like he just might pull it off when he tried to get Eaton up in a choke slam, but Condrey viciously clipped his leg from behind, and Eaton fell on top of Gantner. The ref counted three and that was that, the Midnight Express are the new Pacific Tag Team champions.


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Buddy Rose © vs. Eddie Gilbert


In this rematch from Seattle Showdown, Gilbert had Rose trapped in a figure four leglock, but the Great Muta charged into the ring and broke it up with a Power Driver elbow drop, leading to a DQ finish. Gilbert and Muta kept fighting long after the end of the match.

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Kelowna Memorial Arena, Kelowna, June 6th


Steve Blackman vs. "Mean" Mike Miller


Miller showed the viciousness that is his trademark and pinned Blackman after an over the shoulder neckbreaker


Nick Busick vs. Hector Guerrero


After an intense battle, Busick caught Hector in the spinebuster slam for the win


Vic Steamboat vs. Stan Hansen


Hansen clearly had some frustration stemming from Seattle Showdown, and took it out on young Steamboat, brutalizing him before finishing him off with a Lariat


Steve Wright & British Steel (Steven Regal & Robbie Brookside) vs. Fit Finlay, Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskowski


The Englishmen won by DQ when the Dog Pound (Brian Knobbs & Rick Steiner) charged into the ring and attacked them. The Playboy Club continued to gang up on them until Regal grabbed a chair and used it to run them out of the ring


Keiichi Yamada & Hiroshi Hase vs. Tracy Smothers & Jack Victory


Smothers hit the Jawjacker on Hase to pull out the victory


Scott Hall vs. Joel Deaton


Hall was able to defeat the Outlaw with a power slam


Golden State Tag Team Title Match : The Hart Foundation © vs. The Snowbirds (Owen Hart & Brian Pillman)


Another rematch from Seattle Showdown, this was an epic match that ended when Bret hit a top rope clothesline on his brother Owen to successfully defend their titles.

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The Pacific Coluseam.

Teaming officially for one match and Jarrett & Severn already have a tandem finish. Good sign.

The Thunderbirds/Iron & Steel feud picks up steam.

Badd Company can fly under my radar at times but showings like tonight make me sit up and pay attention.

The American Ninja picks up a solid win.

Windham wins what must have been a slugfest against the Polish Prince.

Muta screws Gilbert out off the PCW Heavyweight Championship! Again! Ohhh Gilbert must be soooo pissed.

To the Memorial Arena!

"Mean" Mike reassert his position with a win over "The Lethal Weapon,"

Buisck scores another impressive victory.

Oh poor Vic having to get in there with a pissed off Hansen.

The strengthened Playboy Club wastes no time making the brits lives miserable.

Mr Hollywood & The Big V get the duke over the Japanese Snowbirds.

It seems the Outlaw had himself a gator problem.

A rough night for the Snowbirds as Owen & Pillman fail to regain the Golden State tag titles.

British Columbia sees two great nights of PCW action.

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The odd couple Severn and Jarrett are in synch and beat the Suicide Blonds. 

Things are heating up as the Thundercats and Iron & Steel have a pretty good post match brawl. 

Badd Co. has been quiet lately but prove tonight they're still in the game.

Windham might soon be in the title picture. 

WOW! New tag team champs as the Midnight Express find a way to take down the Bulls! The Midnights were always great at taking advantage of a situation. Very much looking forward to this title run and also hearing about it from Cornette. 

I have a feeling only one man will survive the Gilbert/Muta feud. 


Another guy who's been quiet has been Nick Busick. That changed tonight with a spinebuster win over Hector. 

Hansen sends a strong message and Steamboat feels the pain. 

Looks like the Playboy's plan is paying off. However, the British guys will up for the fight. 

Hart Foundation prove their title win wasn't a fluke. 

I like that you always manage to find fresh things to do for guys that have been in the territory awhile. 


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Two great events for Pacific.

For me, you continue to be the master at help building the starsof tomorrow.  Giving JJ, Severn to help teach him the ropes was a perfect idea.  

The Midnight Express conitine to roll of late.

While the fans are not to happy with Playboy being back on top in Pacific, it gives me the feeling that everything is right in the world of wrestling.  Nice job!

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I particularly loved the way the Midnight Express won the gold. It reminded me a tad of one of my all-time favorite tag matches, which I was also in the building for. SummerSlam 90 with the pre-match injury to Shawn and the match-long hope spot that he could recover just enough to keep his partner from having to suffer through the match 2-on-1, but the pain was too much for him and ultimately his partner had to. It spelled the team's demise. I sensed a spirit to this one that took me back to that place. Excellent work. 

I'm so here for more Muta and Gilbert as well!

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Went back and realized I neglected the most important news outta the Pacific Coluseam, New PCW Tag Team Champions! Oh Corny's gonna be gloriously insufferable now that his men have the gold.

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Portland Sports Arena, Portland , on ESPN / TSN , June 11th


The Masked Avenger vs. BB Anderson


After showing up for the past couple of weeks to rescue Leo Burke from the clutches of Big Bubba Rogers, we finally have the in ring debut of the mysterious masked man. Going by the name the Masked Avenger, he certainly didn't give away much, simply coming to the ring and easily overpowering the rookie Anderson. This huge stranger was certainly impressive, hitting some jarring slams before finishing off Anderson with an over the knee backbreaker, but said nothing and didn't interact with the crowd as he left the ring. Just who is this masked man?


Tom Magee, Scott Hall & Brickhouse Brown vs. "Mean" Mike Miller & The Vice Squad (Randy Rose & Jimmy Del Ray)


image.png.5ea79ed8b47c37ab714a8e4f3c405619.pngNightmare Vision on Twitter: "does any man look more powerful than young  scott hall… "Brickhouse Brown Passes Away at 57 Years Old After Battle with Cancer - PWP  Nation


image.png.ffdee4fd44f9ab6041287e6c4d5b3032.pngJimmy Del Ray - Alchetron, The Free Social EncyclopediaGreat Muta vs. Randy Rose

After some frustrating initial results against the Crazy Gang, the newest members of the Brigade have been on something of a roll of late. A big part of their comeback has been Brickhouse Brown, who has galvanized his teammates and led them to some impressive wins. It's likely because of this that the Crazy Gang went straight to the gutter before the match even started, ambushing the Brigade on the way to the ring, attacking Brickhouse with a chair and driving him head first into the ring steps. Brickhouse was dazed and busted open, and when the ref sent him to the back for stitches, it was clear he would not be able to participate in the match. It would be 3 on 2 and the Crazy Gang cackled at what they had pulled off. They seemed to be congratulating themselves too soon, as instead of falling apart, Megaman and the Gator tore into them with a cold fury. Determined to avenge his fallen comrade, Hall grabbed Rose and started dismantling him with crushing power moves. Any time one of Rose's partners tried to interfere, Magee was right on the spot to knock them out of the ring with a dropkick or a forearm smash. It seemed like Hall threw an extra pinch of anger into the Gator Breaker (fallaway slam) on "Ravishing" Randy, and when Miller and Del Ray tried to break up the pin, they were knocked to the ground by a double clothesline from Magee and the ref counted to three. The Crazy Gang thought they could cause the Brigade to fall apart by taking out Brickhouse, but these are not the rookies that they once bullied, and it looks like the Brigade are truly ready to take on the world.


Dan Severn & Jeff Jarrett vs. Dirk Been & Joel Klug


GWH News and Notes: Jeff Jarrett: Ain't I Great or Great, I Ain't? Depends  on How YOU Look At it.Dan Severn (Page 1) - Line.17QQ.com


Last week, Severn agreed to ally himself with Jeff Jarrett. The result is perhaps the oddest tandem in all of PCW, and this was clear with their ring entrance. Jarrett was all smiles, gladly shaking hands and giving high fives with the fans, while Severn was his usual stoic self, scowling and staring straight ahead. As odd a combination they might seem, the moment the bell rang, they went together like bacon and eggs. Swiftly tagging in and out, they easily dominated the young rookies, with Severn readily setting up Jarrett's high flying moves and Jarrett in turn feeding their opponents into Severn's takedowns and submission holds. The apex came when Jarrett dropkicked Been into a belly to back suplex by Severn for the win. They might both be confirmed lone wolves, but walking alone together seems to be working well for them so far.


Brian Pillman vs. Bob Orton



Hi, My Name is: Brian Pillman - Cageside Seatsimage.png.4b7045972cb461f8b76ab620451cbddf.png

Both of these men are coming off losses at Seattle Showdown. While Pillman is seeking to show he has what it takes to succeed outside of his tag team with Owen Hart, while Orton was fighting for relevance after losing the Television Title, as well as confirming his place in the new Crazy Gang. Both men went at it full bore, with Orton adding an extra hint of viciousness in his big shots but Pillman refusing to be kept down and coming back with precision dropkicks. It was one such dropkick that sent Orton flying out of the ring, and Pillman capitalized by going up top and landing on the Cowboy on the outside. When they were able to get to their feet, the two kept slugging it out until the ref counted them both out, and for a long while besides. Something tells me that we have not seen the last of these two facing each other.


Mike Rotunda vs. Joel Deaton


Mike Rotunda Married, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Salary, Career, Age,  Height, Wiki-BioJoel Jones aka Joel Deaton of the Deaton Gang | Wrestling, Gang, Sumo  wrestling


It's taken some time, but the tide of the war between the Crazy Gang and the Brigade seems to have turned to the Brigade since Seattle Showdown.  After their two big victories in Seattle, the Brigade have been brimming with confidence and reinvigorated with new energy. As you can imagine, the Crazy Gang are not pleased with that and are looking for any chance to bring the Brigade down a peg or two. To that end, they have sent the Outlaw himself, Joel Deaton, to bring down the Brigade's leader, and he certainly gave Rotunda quite the fight. Ultimately, however, Rotunda kept his cool and maintained control of the match, taking out Deaton with a Samoan Drop. Pringle's men will have to come up with another scheme if they intend to stop the momentum of the Brigade.


Interview : Frank Bonnema stands in the ring


Bonnema : Ladies and gentlemen, my next guests are coming off two controversial victories at Seattle Showdown … *deep , exasperated sigh* Jim Cornette, Big Bubba Rogers and the Midnight Express!


Shitloads Of Wrestling — The Midnight Express, Big Bubba Rogers, and Jim...


The crowd explodes in boos as Cornette and his men make their way to the ring. Cornette is particularly insufferable, with an exaggerated swagger to the way he was swinging his raquet.


Bonnema : Jim Cornette, you seem especially full of yourself lately.


Cornette : Well, Frank Bonnema, if anyone has a right to be, it is us! My main man, Big Bubba Rogers, proved he is the baddest man in the universe with his completely clean and legitimate victory over the Canadian Caveman, Leo Burke! The Midnight Express took the Pacific Tag Team Titles, just like I said they would, proving that they are the supreme tag team in wrestling. We are the supreme wrestling unit in Pacific Coast Wrestling, and nobody is even close to breaking our stride!


Bonnema : Well hold on a minute now, Jim Cornette. What about this mysterious Masked Avenger who has gotten involved in your matches lately?


Cornette : Don't talk to me about the Masked Avenger! Masked Avenger, pah! What a joke! He isn't fooling me for a second! I know who that guy is and I know that I don't like him!


Bonnema : So, who is he?


Conrnette : That's for me to know, Bonnema, and for you to find out. I'm not even going to dignify him with saying his name. He still wants to interfere in our business, then he will have to face the consequences. I have all the faith in the world in the Louisville Slugger, Big Bubba Rogers, and if Mister So Called Masked Avenger wants to stick his nose into our affairs, well then we will just have to break it off!


British Steel (Steven Regal &  vs. Buddy Rose & Fit Finlay


The Golden Boys – in pictures: early years – Eire + AlbaLegend Playboy Buddy Rose Found Dead - OWWEvery Version Of Finlay, Ranked Worst To Best | TheSportster


Last week, the war between British Steel and Fit Finlay entered a whole new dimension as Finlay and the Dog Pound joined forces with the Playboy Club. Rose and Finlay came out backed up by Ed Wiskowski, Rick Steiner and Brian Knobbs, clearly looking to intimidate the young Englishmen through sheer numbers.  For their part, Regal and Brookside brought out their mentors, Steve Wright and Dave Taylor, who was returning from being injured by Finlay, but they were still ceding a 4 to 5 advantage. British Steel put in a game effort , but the circus at ringside provided plentiful distraction. The inevitable breakdown came when the Playboy Club started fighting with Wright and Taylor at ringside. Rose immediately sought to take advantage as he reached into his trunks and pulled out a set of brass knucks. But out of nowhere, someone appeared in the ring behind him. It has "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan! Duggan flattened Rose with a clothesline from behind, then immediately exited the ring. Regal immediately trapped Rose with a cradle suplex and the ref turned around in time to make the three count while Brookside held off Finlay. The Playboy Club were furious, but the Brits formed a line in the ring, with Duggan in front with his 2 x 4 saying, "Come on!" Finlay still wanted to go at it, but Rose put his arm around him and said, "Next time!" as he led his men off. It looks like the British contingent may just have found their equalizer in their war with the Playboy Club.

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The Masked Avenger huh? Well let's see what he can do.

Damn, the Brigade couldn't buy a win over the Crazy Gang at first now they're going 2-0 in the same night including a 3 on 2 (unofficial) handicap match.

The Odd couple walk alone together towards another win. Looking forward to watching this play out.

If Pillman's looking to prove himself as a single wrestler Orton is a good measuring stick.

Corny humbly states the facts of how he and his men are the greatest in the world. This is gonna be fun. Also interesting that he claims to know the Avenger's identity.

Hacksaw is back! The British contingent gain a All-American ally in their war with the expanded Playboy Club.

PCW must be bringing ESPN some serious ratings.

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Who is the Masked Avenger??? This is going to be a fun story.

Crazy Gang take out Brickhouse but then feel the wrath of Gator and Mega Man. Nice twist here.

The odd couple might just end up being title contenders.

A Pillman/Orton program is something I can defiantly get behind. 

Brigade has some serious momentum going! 

LOL, I knew Cornette had to say something tonight. 

Good ol Hacksaw Duggan resurfaces and aligns himself with the Brits as he rekindles his feud with his former rival Playboy Buddy Rose. So many great matches will come from this faction feud. 

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The Masked Avenger is going to be an awesome angle.

The Highlight of the show was the Corny interview.  Wonder if he is just talking or if he really knows about the Avenger?

Hacksaw vs Playboy... Going to be fun!!


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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Portland Memorial Coliseum , Portland , on ESPN / TSN Pacific Super Cards, June 12th


The Masked Avenger vs. Jimmy Del Ray


The masked man took down Del Ray with an over the knee backbreaker


Scott Hall & Tom Magee vs. Chavo & Mando Guerrero


The Guerreros presented a real challenge for the Gator and Megaman, brining a wealth of experience and cunning that frequently stymied the young contenders. After a long match, Magee managed to pin Mando after a slingshot somersault legdrop, but it was a very close thing.


Steve Wright & British Steel (Steven Regal & Robbie Brookside) vs. Ed Wiskowski & The Dog Pound (Brian Knobbs & Rick Steiner)


As one could imagine, this was a wild and crazy brawl, with the new formation of the Playboy Club being already dropped into a heated feud with the British contingent. After a furious battle, Easy Ed stole the victory with an ambush clothesline to the back of the head on Wright, but both sides kept going after the bell and had to be ordered from the ring by security.


Ron Simmons vs. Stan Hansen


Another hard hitting slugfest that ended in a no contest when both wrestlers clotheslined the ref.


Owen Hart vs. Todd Morton


A fast moving, high flying match that ended after Owen hit a flying missile dropkick on Morton


Nick Busick vs. Chris Adams


After Adams' dastardly attack a few weeks ago on Bam Bam Bigelow, Busick was out to avenge his Five Man Army partner. Adams certainly managed to hold his own against the man from Powerhouse Hill, but was clearly finding Busick difficult to corral. He eventually had enough and called in Mr. Hito, and the two ganged up on Busick as the ref called for the DQ. They kept up the beatdown until someone charged into the ring and started laying them out. It was Bam Bam Bigelow, making his return after Seattle Showdown! He and Busick rallied and sent Adams and Hito beating a hasty retreat from the ring.


Pacific Tag Team Title Match : The Midnight Express © vs. Black Gold (Steve Blackman & Shane Douglas)


This would the first defense for the Midnights since winning the titles last week, and it would be against one of the most promising young teams in PCW. While Black Gold put in an impressive challenge, in the end the champs kept the titles after a double goozle on Douglas.


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Buddy Rose © vs. Vic Steamboat


This was a coming out party for young Steamboat, as he gave hit utmost to win the title that his older brother had carried with so much honour. While Rose was able to swing the momentum back in his favour on a number of occasions through sheer guile, Steamboat just kept coming back at him, and the crowd was on the edge of their seats after several near falls. It seemed like he just might pull it off when he went up top for the flying cross body press, but it was all a trap by Rose , who ducked at the last second and let Steamboat crash to the mat. Rose then swiftly followed up with the Inside Out Backbreaker to put an end to Steamboat's valiant challenge. The crowd still gave Steamboat a round of applause as he left the ring. Rose was quick to pat himself on the back, but he didn't have long to celebrate. A whoop went up from the crowd, and Rose looked to see that was causing it. It was "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, who was standing in the aisle, staring daggers at the champ. The two kept staring at each other as the show closed.

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from McArthur Court, Eugene, June 13th


Hiroshi Hase vs. Brian Adams


Hase did his best to use his speed and skill to bring Adams down, but in the end the sheer size of the American Ninja was too much to overcome, and Adams pinned Hase after a spinning backbreaker


Brian Pillman vs. Bob Orton


These two continued their war from the Saturday show, without letting up on the intensity. Orton was able to catch Pillman coming off the ropes with a power slam, and followed up with a lariat that scored the three count. This round went to Orton, but you can bet Pillman will come back just as determined as ever.


Dan Severn & Jeff Jarrett vs. The Suicide Blondes (Chris Candido & Todd Morton)


Severn and Jarrett continued their winning ways when Jarrett pinned Candido after a sunset flip out of the corner


The Thundercats (Too Cold Scorpio & Norman Smiley) vs. Iron & Steel (Tony Atlas & Larry Cameron)


Iron & Steel won by countout after Cameron gave Smiley a piledriver on the ringside mat


Barry Windham vs. Joel Deaton


These two big Texans had a pier 6 brawl that ended with Windham putting down Deaton with a running Bulldog Headlock


Golden State Tag Title Match : The Hart Foundation © vs. Badd Company


The Harts were looking to show their dominance as the new Golden State Tag Champs, but they certainly had their work cut out for them as Badd Company were determined to make the titles theirs. The result was a real barn burner that had the fans going the whole way and ended when Bret Hart dodged a crane kick from Pat Tanaka, then nailed him with the Russian Legsweep and scored the one two three.


California Title Match : Tracy Smothers © vs. Owen Hart


Smothers may have been able to survive the challenge of Keiichi Yamada, but Yamada's Snowbirds colleague Owen Hart seems equally set on making his own claim at a shot at the belt. This match went back and forth in a gripping duel between Owen's technical mastery and Smothers' wily Southern tricks. In the end, they were still going at it when the bell rang, signalling a 20 minute time limit draw. Owen may not have pulled out the win this time, but that will make him even more determined the next time.

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First Portland.

The Masked Avenger claims his first win over a proper member of the PCW roster.

The rookies of the Brigade score a impressive win over the cagey Los Guerreros.

The Polish Prince leads the Dog Pound to victory the British trio but this clearly isn't over.

Simmons & Hansen won't be controlled!

Owen knabs his first singles win since the seeming end of his team with Pillman.

Bam Bam is back!

Black Gold gives their all but aren't ready to claim the Golden State tag titles...yet.

Rose fends off the challenge of the younger Steamboat but Hacksaw lies in wait.

Onwards to Eugene.

The American Ninja scores perhaps his most impressive victory yet.

Orton claims first w in his burgeoning feud with Pillman. Gonna enjoy following this one.

The Odd Couple score a huge win as double j pins the Jr champ!

Cameron well and truly burns a bridge by piledriving Smiley on the floor!

Windham puts down the Outlaw in a hoss fest. The Brigade is really pressing their recent advantage.

Back to back defenses for the Hart Foundation as they put down Badd Company.

Owen takes Mr Hollywood to the limit. I smell a rematch.

PCW with 2 more slamming nights of wrestling.

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i like the Orton v Pillman feud thats building at a nice pace.

im really intrigued by the Jarrett/Blackman teaming as they dont seem like an obvious team but seem to be making waves.

Harts all going strong in there respective divisions.

All in all great work

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The Masked Avenger is off to a great start.

Gator and Megaman get a very impressive win over the Guerreros.

YES! We get our first Hansen/Simmons one on one. After that finish I think we're in for a lot more.

I'm glad Busick is involved in something. He's been built up so well here.

Blackman and Douglas have been impressive but the Midnights show them why they're the champs. 

After that performance, Vic's stock in pacific has gone way up. I'm sure Ricky is proud. Playboy now has Duggan to contend with. 


Orton wins a battle over Pillman. Thumbs up for this program. 

Very satisfying win for the Odd couple Severn and Jarrett.

Damn, that piledriver by Cameron was devastating. 

Badd Co. give the Hart Foundation a serious challenge. Impressive finish. Hart's are going to give the fans some classic title defenses. So many great teams for them to work with. 

Smothers and Owen is another exciting program I can get behind. These secondary title matches are giving us some show stealing matches. 


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I really enjoyed the card in Portland.  Seeing Hansen and the young Simmons in an all out brawl would be something I would remember for ever.  Busick is one of my favorites in the game and I real enjoy what you have done with him.  As always, your development of the youngsters is awesome to see.  Young Vic in the title match was cool but the Playboy is right where he deserves to be!

The Eugene card was also very interesting to see as the development of the youngsters continues to be a focus of PCW.  Adams with a nive win. JJ making the most of his tag team situation.  Windham seems to be getting on a roll here and your last two matches were big time.  

Can I ask are your California titles on the line even when the event is not in California?

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Yes, both the California Title and the Golden State Tag Team Titles are considered on the line , no matter where they are defended. In fact, a quick peak shows me the last 3 California title changes have taken place in places other than California.


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It's really cool to see the British feud developing into an even larger affair. It can be understated how cool it is to see the Midnight Express and the Hart Foundation in the same company!

I really hope Owen Hart can figure out a way to overthrow Tracy Smothers!

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Victoria Memorial Arena, Victoria, on ESPN / TSN, July 2nd


The Masked Avenger vs. Randy Rose


Randy Rose Net worth, Salary, Bio, Height, Weight, Age, Wiki, Zodiac Sign,  Birthday, Fact


Recently in Portland, the masked man faced off with Jimmy Del Ray, and tonight he would face the other half of the Vice Squad. "Ravishing" Randy was clearly reluctant to lock up with the leviathan, stalling for as long as he could, but eventually the Avenger got his hands on him and tossed him across the ring like a bag of dirty laundry. Rose tried to stick and move with the Avenger, but nothing he did seemed to make a dent, and when the Avenger hit him, it landed like a falling anvil. It looked like the Avenger had the match when he crushed Rose with a front slam, but just as the ref went over to make the count, Big Bubba Rogers came charging into the ring, with the Midnight Express in tow, and Cornette's Men attacked the Avenger as the ref called for the DQ. While the Avenger was usually more than a match for any challenge he faced, but 3 on 1 was too much for even him, and it looked like Bubba and the Express would do some serious damage. Lucky for him, Leo Burke rushed out to the ring, swinging a chair and scattering Cornette's Men to the wind. Burke helped up the Avenger , who stared at him for a few seconds before offering his hand. The two men shook  hands as the crowd cheered.


Ron Simmons vs. Tony Atlas


image.png.7ecf37a8aaecb87994e5ba394406a6a2.pngTony atlas, Wrestling superstars, Pro wrestling


This match would be a battle between two of the strongest men in PCW. Ron Simmons is currently embroiled in a feud with Stan Hansen, while Atlas is focusing on tag team action with his Iron & Steel partner Larry Cameron. Regardless, both were clearly taking this match very seriously. Every shot they made meant business, and the ring shook with every power move that landed. The incredible power of Simmons was like a force of nature, and he impressed many when he blocked Atlas' attempt at a Full Nelson with brute strength alone. Atlas, on the other hand, had a fair sized advantage in experience, using it to lure Simmons into traps and capitalize when Simmons made mistakes. The match reached it's climax when Atlas whipped Simmons into the ropes for a clothesline, only for Simmons to duck and come back with a massive Spear. One two three and Simmons had pulled out an incredibly hard fought win.


Shane Douglas vs. Dennis Condrey


image.png.7be12b2b0c294826b36b197b636a552c.pngThe Midnight Express - The Unstoppable Tag Team that Defined Greatness


With Black Gold challenging for the Midnight Express' Pacific Tag Team Titles, two members of each team squared off in singles action. Douglas was all enthusiasm, in contrast to the surly, ruthless demeanour of Condrey. His speed and energy got the crowd going, landing many rapid fire shots and drop kicks on Condrey. That said, Condrey proved to be just more cut throat, following up a leapfrog by Douglas with a low blow kick and then nailed him with a DDT to score the pinfall. Even in a singles match, the Midnight Express are a tough act to beat.


Owen Hart vs. Mr. Hito


20 Years Ago Today: The Life and Death of Owen HartMr Hito - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia


Owen Hart certainly impressed many with his run as Golden State Tag Champ along with his partner Brian Pillman. Now that he is focusing more on singles success, he has set his sights on the California Title held by Tracy Smothers. Before he gets there, though , he has to get past the Japanese veteran Mr. Hito and Hito wasn't about to make it easy on him. With vicious precision shots, jarring takedowns and grueling submission holds, Hito really took it to young Owen. But the second generation star was intensely trained in his father's Dungeon and withstood the onslaught to battle back hard. He unleashed the full arsenal of his high flying moves before catching Hito in a belly to belly suplex that got the three count. Owen is proving he can do it on his own and Tracy Smothers had best watch out.


Steve Blackman vs. Bobby Eaton


Gallery - Online World of WrestlingPro wrestler Bobby Eaton, a Huntsville native, expected to clear old  Jackson County DUI warrant (updated) - al.com


This would be the second singles match of the night between the Midnight Express and Black Gold, and if Blackman was discouraged by his partner's earlier loss, he certainly didn't show it. The tough man from Pennsylvania fixed Eaton with a steely glare, determined to even the score for his team. He made sure that Eaton felt every shot that he landed, with martial arts kicks and shots that wore down "Beautiful" Bobby. Never the less, Eaton had plenty of tricks of his own, and the momentum of the match kept switching back and forth. That came to a shockingly sudden end when Blackman caught Eaton flat footed with a running bicycle kick and dashed over for the cover. One … two … THREE! Shane Douglas raced out to the ring and embraced his partner as they jubilantly celebrated their victory. Let's see if they can keep this momentum going into their title matches with the Express.


Brickhouse Brown vs. Chavo Guerrero


Brickhouse Brown Passes Away at 57 Years Old After Battle with Cancer - PWP  NationWrestling's Chavo Guerrero Sr. was a true classic | Sports |  postandcourier.com


This was Brickhouse's first appearance since being brutally ambushed pre-match by the Crazy Gang. He was looking to show he still had what it took in coming back from his injuries, but faced an uphill battle against the eldest of the Guerrero Brothers. Guerrero took it to the popular Brickhouse, but Brickhouse was game for a fight and fought back just as hard. It was a battle every step of the way, with neither man letting up for a second. Brickhouse tried to put Chavo away with a swinging neckbreaker, but Chavo blocked it, grabbed him and a waistlock and hit a German Suplex that held him down for the count of three. A tough loss for Brickhouse, but one at with he acquitted himself commendably.


Barry Windham vs. "Mean" Mike Miller


Barry Windham - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopediaimage.png.ffdee4fd44f9ab6041287e6c4d5b3032.png


The Brigade and the Crazy Gang have been feuding for a while now. While the Crazy Gang had the upper hand early on in the feud, since scoring some big victories at Seattle Showdown, the Brigade have been on a roll and showing more confidence with every week. This has gotten under the skin of the leader of the Crazy Gang, "Mean" Mike Miller, and he is set on making sure that the Brigade's momentum goes no further. He didn't even wait for the bell to ring, just going after Windham right out of the gate with wild lefts and rights. The big Texan was no pushover and fired back with haymakers of his own. This was no technical match, just an out and out fight and eventually spilled over to the outside of the ring. The ref counted to ten but both men seemed oblivious and kept at it. Even when security managed to get the two separated, Miller was pointing at Windham. It looks like "Mean" Mike isn't done with Windham by a long shot.

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The Masked Avenger goes 2-0 over the Vice Squad with a little help from the Midnights & Bubba. Luckily Burke is there and they seemingly make their alliance official.

Atlas & Simmons must have had the Victoria Memorial Arena shaking from the force of the blows thrown.

The Midnights & Black Gold break even giving the fans some hope for the challengers.

Brickhouse returns from injury with a spirited showing against Chavo Classic.

Miller & Windham send us off the air with a wild brawl to send the Portland faithful home excited.

PCW continues to show just how few bells and whistles wrestling really needs.

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Oh man, I can't wait for the big Avenger/Bubba match! 

I would of bought a ticket for that Simmons/Atlas match. Classic powerhouse match. Simmons gets the win and is quickly rising the ranks. 

Douglas puts up a fight but Condrey's experience comes into play. 

Smothers better take Owen seriously. 

Blackman gets the upset of the night over Beautiful Bobby. 

Brickhouse and Chavo give the fans an exciting match. I liked that finish. 

Mean Mike and Windham put on one heck of a fight. Can't wait for more. 

I liked these match ups. Fresh and fun. 

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WOW WOW WOW... What an event

Cornette and the Midnight Express really seem to have a problem with the Masked Avenger and what win for Ron Simmons over Tony Atlas.  Liked how the feud between the Midnight Express and Black Gold was enhamced by each side winning a match!

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver on Pacific Super Cards on ESPN / TSN , July 3rd


Badd Company vs. The Vice Squad (Jimmy Del Ray & Randy Rose)


Pat Tanaka thrust kicked Del Ray into a German Suplex by Paul Diamond to get the win


David Taylor & Steve Wright vs. Ed Wiskowski & David Finlay


Wiskowski and Finlay brutalized Wright on the outside, with Easy Ed hitting a face first piledriver on the concrete, taking Wright out of the match.  Taylor put up an heroic struggle but the numbers disadvantage was too much to overcome, and Finlay hit a belly to belly piledriver to win the match. Wright was taken out on a stretcher.


Scott Hall & Tom Magee vs. Mando & Hector Guerrero


The Guerreros really took the Gator and Megaman to their limits in a close match but the young members of the Brigade pulled out the win when Magee hit a slingshot legdrop on Hector.


Pacific Light Heavyweight Title Match : Chris Candido © vs. Jeff Jarrett


A fast paced match that ended when Jarrett hit a running cross body press on Candido, only for Candido to reverse it with a rollover and pin Jarrett with his feet on the ropes.


Black Gold (Steve Blackman & Shane Douglas) & The Masked Avenger vs. The Midnight Express & Big Bubba Rogers


Strangely, the Masked Avenger didn't seem to want to have anything to do with Black Gold, coming off as disinterested in tagging in or helping in away way as they battled with the Midnight Express. Once Big Bubba entered the match, however, Masked Avenger became interested, forcing the tag and wading into the match to throw down with the Louisville Slugger. It wound up being Dennis Condrey who was pinned by the masked man with a front slam. After the match, the Masked Avenger quickly walked away from his partners, heading straight to the locker room while Blackman and Douglas celebrated in the ring.


California Title Match : Tracy Smothers © vs. Owen Hart


Early in the match, "Mr. Hollywood" could clearly tell that Owen meant business and got scared. He wound up summoning the rest of the Hollywood Knights, Jack Victory and the Suicide Blondes (Chris Candido and Todd Morton) to ringside for the rest of the match. Ultimately, when Owen had Smothers in the corner for a monkey flip, the Blondes distracted the ref while Victory interfered and drove Owen throat first onto the top rope.  When the ref turned around, Smothers was covering Owen and got the one two three. A dirty victory, but how long can Smothers keep this up against young Owen?


Jim Duggan & British Steel (Steven Regal & Robbie Brookside) vs. Buddy Rose & The Dog Pound (Brian Knobbs & Rick Steiner)


This was a wild struggle with Rose doing everything he could to avoid facing Jim Duggan. It wound up being Brian Knobbs who faced the brunt of Duggan's wrath, taking the three point clothesline to given Hacksaw's team the victory.

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