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Victory goes down in defeat (heh) but gets quick payback on Brickhouse. Should be a fun feud.

The Bomb Squad could be big.

Smiley catches quite the asswhooping & now The Thunderbirds have to be on the lookout for Gary Hart International.

Gilbert & Orton each arrive on a exciting new hobby to occupy their time now that their rivalries have ended, Kicking the crap outta each other!

Just when you thought The Crazy Gang couldn't get any tougher they bring in OMG! That a gamechanger right there.

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The Crazy Gang adding yet another gamechanger to their line-up really has them looking unstoppable! I, too, really want to see what Chris Candido and Al Snow can do together.

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver on Pacific Super Cards on ESPN / TSN , September 11th


The Thundercats (Too Cold Scorpio & Norman Smiley) vs. The Bomb Squad (Chris Candido & Al Snow)


Smiley came in still banged up from the previous night's attack by Brian Adams. The Bomb Squad capitalized by ganging up on him, ultimately pinning him with a double back suplex.


Tom Magee vs. Bret Hart


Magee has been getting a lot of attention with his good looks and exciting moves. He has been picking up momentum with some big wins, but Bret Hart was looking to nip that momentum right in the bud. The second generation star went after the Megaman hard, and the Canadian fans were rapt in attention at the battle between their two countrymen. Bret finally whipped Magee hard into the corner and came charging in, only to get cut off by a thrust kick from Magee. Magee followed up with a slingshot somersault legdrop that got him his most impressive win yet.


Nick Busick vs. The Masked Avenger


Busick was out to avenge the betrayal of his mentor Leo Burke by, err, the Avenger at Phoenix Firestorm. But the masked man had no interest in playing fair, backhanding the ref before grabbing a chair from ringside and clobbering Busick, which led to a DQ. He had Busick trapped in a corner and looked like he would do some serious damage, but Bam Bam Bigelow and Leo Burke rushed out to rescue their comrade. Avenger had no interest in facing them 3 on 1 and left the ring, but who knows what this masked menace might do next.


Scott Hall vs. Jim Neidhart


This was a power showdown between two big beasts, with the ring rocking throughout with their crushing moves. Hall showed considerable strength by hoisting the former Oakland Raider up in a side suplex, then dropping a second rope kneedrop for the victory. With two singles victories over the Hart Foundation in one night, Megaman and Gator have to be moving in to top contendership for a shot at the Harts' Golden State Tag Team Titles.


Ron Simmons & Vic Steamboat vs. Stan Hansen & Joel Deaton


An intense battle between rivals that ended when Hansen levelled Steamboat with a lariat


Brian Pillman vs. Hector Guerrero


In what the fans in attendance called the hottest match of the night, the dynamic Flyin' Brian and the always feisty Hector dazzled everyone present with an amazing duel of matwork and aerial moves that culminated in a battle of rollups with Pillman coming out on top with a double leg cradle. Hector was still keen to keep going with Pillman, and Pillman seemed ready to oblige him, but the ref ordered them back to the locker room.


British Steel (Steven Regal & Robbie Brookside) & Dave Taylor vs. The Midnight Express & Big Bubba Rogers


The Pacific Tag Champs didn't seem to be taking the young Englishmen seriously at first, but soon found themselves rapidly backpedaling from the technical prowess of Regal and Brookside. They ended up having to call on the huge Rogers to pin Brookside with a Bubba Slam, but for a while they got quite a scare. The Midnights have been very cocky lately, but have to be concerned about this new challenge from the UK.


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Buddy Rose © vs. Tony St. Clair


Speaking of champions running scared, Rose got the fright of his life from Tony St. Clair. In his short time in Pacific Coast Wrestling, St. Clair has proven to be someont to watch, and he gave Rose a ferocious challenge. Rose ended up going to underhanded tactics, calling in Fit Finlay to attack St. Clair, losing the match by DQ but keeping his title. Rose managed to wriggle out of this one, but can only dodge St. Clair for so long.

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The Bomb Squad show their vicious streak against Smiley.

Megaman upsets The Hitman!

Masked Avenger may have over-reached pissing off the entire Army.

Hall puts the Brigade 2-0 over The Hart Foundation. They've definitely got a title match coming.

Hansen gets a bit of payback in a tag match.

Pillman & Guerrero have a rematch in their future.

British Steel are excellent challengers for the MXE.

Rose needs Finlay's help to escape with his title tonight. St Clair won't take this lying down.

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Kelowna Memorial Arena, Kelowna, September 12th


Mike Rotunda vs. Mr. Hito


A very tight contest between the leader of the Brigade and the Japanese veteran that Rotunda was able to take with a Samoan drop.


Brickhouse Brown vs. One Man Gang


Brickhouse put in a gallant effort but the big 747 was just too much for him and Gang won with a Gourdbuster


Dan Severn & Jeff Jarrett vs. The Vice Squad (Jimmy Del Ray & Randy Rose)


A fast paced match with Jarrett just barely able to pin Del Ray with a sunset flip out of the corner


Iron & Steel (Tony Atlas & Larry Cameron) vs. The Wild Bulls (Ed & Rick Gantner)


Pure chaos that rapidly descended into an out and out brawl with all four men swinging chairs and the ref declaring a no contest


Too Cold Scorpio vs. Chris Adams


Both Norman Smiley and Brian Adams were at ringside leading to a lot of tension and the threat of outside interference for a match that ended with Chris Adams catching the former Light Heavyweight champ with a Superkick for the win.


Bam Bam Bigelow & Leo Burke vs. Big Bubba Rogers & The Masked Avenger


A bizarre match. The Avenger came out separately from Rogers and Jim Cornette and seemed reluctant to tag into the match, only coming in when he had a chance to attack Burke. When Big Bubba was was knocked out of the ring by a running headbutt from Bigelow, the Avenger jumped off the ring apron and walked back to the locker room, ignoring the pleas of Cornette. The end result was a countout victory for the Five Man Army and puzzled faces all round.


Black Gold (Steve Blackman & Shane Douglas) vs. The Dog Pound (Brian Knobbs & Rick Steiner)


Black Gold have really been coming into their own as a team, and scored another victory for the Army in a hard fought match with the always tough Dog Pound when Blackman pinned Knobbs following a vicious spinning knee strike to the side of the head.


California Title Match : Tracy Smothers © vs. Hiroshi Hase


Hase gave "Mr. Hollywood" a real run for his money in this match, but Smothers was able to successfully keep his title when he blocked an attempted Northern Light Suplex and countered with a small package for the pinfall.



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Hard fought win for the Brigade's captain.

OMG claims his first win.

I believe a stipulation is in order for The Wild Bulls/Iron & Steel.

2CS can't avoid the "Gentlemen"'s superkick.

2 in a row for the 5 man army!

Hase nearly takes the title but "Mr Hollywood" is too slippery.

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I always look forward to your post Supercard shows because I know we're going to get some some hot new angles.

Brickhouse gets the win but Hollywood Jack gets the last laugh.

Bomb Squad looking to make an impact. I'll say this, if I was a young wrestler, Pacific is where I would want to go. 

Are we going to get an Adams alliance? I hope so. 

Another fresh match up as Gilbert and Cowboy Bob battle to a double co. I could watch these great workers go at it every night.

Watch out Pacific! OMG has arrived! 


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To Vancouver,

Bomb Squad are off to a great start. 

Straight from the vault we get the lost Hitman vs. Mega Man match LOL. Mega Man looks like a million bucks and scores the huge upset.

Busick vs. Avenger is a Pacific dream match for me and after that finish, I'm hoping for more. 

I think Hall sealed the deal for him and Mega Man to get a G.S. tag title shot. 

Hansen has been devastating with his lariat. 

I agree, Pillman and Hector was a show stealer.

Could the Midnight's arrogance soon cost them their titles? 

Playboy is one lucky dude to have an enforcer like Finlay. St. Clair vs. Finlay is coming soon. 



Rotunda keeps racking up wins.

OMG is going to be a force in Pacific! 

The Odd Couple keep rising the tag ranks. 

Chaos at its best as Iron & Steel go chairs to chairs with the Wild Bulls. I hope this feud lasts forever.

Nice resurgence going on with Chris Adams.

Masked Avenger certainly isn't making any friends. Not that he wants to. 

Black Gold is another young team gunning for a title run. 

Smothers once again retains the CA title. Man, I'm enjoying his reign. 

Pacific is looking to end 1986 on a hot note!  


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16 hours ago, spaldoni said:

 I'll say this, if I was a young wrestler, Pacific is where I would want to go.

Spaldoni sums it up about as well as I could put it, right there! You are doing an awesome job building the future of professional wrestling out on the shores of the Pacific! With just the perfect mix of old veterans to teach them, and add to the shows.

Your tag team division is off the freaking charts.

and standing at the top, just as he should be is Buddy Rose. Absolutely the perfect guy for this part of the country to be "the man" as you build the next generation to come and take it from him!

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Boss Man and the Masked Avenger on the same side... great change of direction here in the last few weeks.  Like how they didn't come out together.

You have made Tracy Smothers into a real star.  I always thought he was underrated and should have gotten a bigger push.

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Portland Sports Arena, Portland , on ESPN / TSN , September 17th


One Man Gang vs. Ben Morgan


The One Man Gang | Wrestling superstars, Pro wrestling, One man gang


Last week, One Man Gang made a big splash with his first appearance in Pacific Coast Wrestling by attacking Barry Windham. This sent shockwaves throughout PCW, and young Ben Morgan was clearly terrified to be facing the big 747. His fears were proved well founded as Gang mauled him like a bear before putting him out with a front layout suplex. But Gang and Percy Pringle were looking to make an example of Morgan, and Pringle ordered Gang to give a literal big splash on the prone Morgan's back, to which Gang eagerly obliged. Morgan was taken out of the ring on a stretcher, and the other wrestlers in PCW have to be more than a literal concern.


Ron Simmons vs. Joel Deaton


image.png.7ecf37a8aaecb87994e5ba394406a6a2.pngJoel Deaton - OWW


The Crazy Gang may be on a high with the addition of the One Man Gang to their ranks, but Ron Simmons is clearly looking to bring them back down to earth.  Still smarting from a tough loss at Phoenix Firestorm to Stan Hansen, Simmons is looking for redemption and Joel Deaton is the first one in his sights on the road to that goal. Deaton was certainly not going to lie down for the intense Brigade member, and the match was back and forth for much of its duration. Then it seemed like Simmons simply had enough and he opened fire on the lanky Texan with a series of mighty power moves, before he hit the running Spear to get the win. A big victory for Simmons, but you know he won't be satisfied until he finally is able to defeat Stan Hansen.


The Thundercats (Too Cold Scorpio & Norman Smiley) vs. Brian Adams & Chris Adams


Wrestling Redux: WCW: 2 Cold Scorpio | Wrestling superstars, Pro wrestler,  Professional wrestlingNorman Smiley: Classic photos | WWEGallery - Online World of WrestlingWorld Class Memories: "...he was the one I always thought was going to be  as big as anyone could be in wrestling..."


A feud has quickly blown up between these two duos, with Adams in particular seeming to want to prove himself. The American Ninja was quite impressive with how he was able to dominate his smaller opponents, taking up most of the time in the ring for his team. This started to annoy both Chris Adams and Gary Hart, who tried to get his attention to tag out, but either Brian didn't hear them or didn't care. This would come to haunt him as the Thundercats managed to catch him off balance with a series of double team moves, but he was still able to catch Scorpio coming off the ropes and drop him throat first onto the top rope. He then hoisted him up an impressive press slam before dropping him to the match and following up with the spinning backbreaker to put him away. Brian seemed quite enthused by his victory, but Chris Adams and Gary Hart could be seen exchanging unhappy looks as they left the ring.


Tony St. Clair & ?? ?? vs. Buddy Rose & Fit Finlay


Exclusive Tony St Clair Interview by Seconds Away-British Wrestling Podcast  then and now • A podcast on AnchorLegend Playboy Buddy Rose Found Dead - OWWEvery Version Of Finlay, Ranked Worst To Best | TheSportster


With the news that Dave Taylor had to return to England to attend to family business, the fans were buzzing as to just who would be Tony St. Clair's partner in the match. Some of the questions were answered when St. Clair introduced the latest member of the British Invasion, Black Tiger. The masked wrestler had made a big name for himself in Japan, but was still pretty much a mystery to the Pacific Coast fans. Regardless, he was able to tie up Fit Finlay any time they locked up, leaving St. Clair to focus on Buddy Rose. The Pacific Heavyweight Champion was running scared from St. Clair for most of the match, and having his big equalizer neutralized by Black Tiger had clearly rattled him. This might explain why he was caught so flat footed by a surprise spinning forearm smash by St. Clair, which scored the Englishman the one two three. An important victory for St. Clair, but he still needs to get the pinfall in a title match.




Pacific Television Title Match : Bam Bam Bigelow © vs. Big Bubba Rogers


image.png.517a8bbc52143a1fcf716cb64e436911.pngBig Bubba Rogers ( Shown here with the UWF Title). He also portrayed this  particular character … | World championship wrestling, Wrestling  superstars, Pro wrestling


The Beast From The East has been a fighting champion ever since winning the TV title, seeing off a host of worthy contenders. But few have been as big and scary as the Louisville Slugger, Big Bubba Rogers. The personal bodyguard for Jim Cornette has destroyed nearly everyone who has crossed his path, and has come in hell bent looking to add more gold to Cornette's roster. Bigelow backs down from no challenge, and went all out against Big Bubba. Both of these men went at each other with an intensity that seemed like it could very well demolish the Portland Sports Arena. The ref did his best to maintain control, but wound up being crushed when he got between Rogers executing an avalanche on Bigelow in the corner. Bigelow was able to recover and take Rogers down with a clothesline, then followed up with a slingshot splash. Normally, this would be the end of the match, but the ref was completely out of it and unable to make the count. Bigelow went over and tried to help the ref regain consciousness. But then, out of nowhere, the Masked Avenger entered the ring and ambushed Bigelow from behind. He brutalized Bam Bam with nasty elbow smashes and slams. Cornette seemed caught by surprise , but got his man out of the ring while the Avenger did his damage, cackling all the while. When the Avenger had finished and left Bigelow a crumpled heap in the ring, only then did Cornette have his man go back in the ring and make the cover. By then , the ref had recovered enough to make the three count, and just like that, Big Bubba Rogers was the new Television champion. The crowd was shocked and disappointed, both that their favorite had lost his title and that he had lost it in such an ignoble manner. Can anything stop the rampage of the Masked Avenger?

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OMG puts the locker room on notice by sending some goober to the hospital.

Simmons puts down the Outlaw...but Hansen still awaits

Brain might wanna reign himself in before he alienates his stablemates.

The British Invasion's newest member aids his faction leader in getting a pin on the champ.

Oh man...Bubba wins the TV Title thanks to The Masked Avenger! Cornette's never gonna shut up now that all his men have gold.

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OMG sends a message to Pacific! 

Simmons gets an impressive win over Deaton as he works his way back to Hansen. 

Brian Adams gets the fall but irritates Chris and Gary. I wonder what's going on here?

What a way for Black Tiger to debut. Teams with St. Clair to get a big win over Finlay and champ Rose. Doesn't get better than that. Rose might be on borrowed time with a game St. Clair closing in. 

WHOA! Masked Avenger beats down Bam Bam and costs him the TV title! Bigelow will be out for some serious payback. Props to Bigelow on an outstanding TV title reign. I'm now looking forward to a Big Bubba run. 

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That's a neat way to get the belt on Big Bubba Rogers! I'm a true believer when it comes to Ron Simmons, he's got what it takes to take Stan Hansen and I love every bit of momentum he racks up along the way.

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Portland Memorial Coliseum , Portland , on ESPN / TSN Pacific Super Cards, September 18th


Dan Severn & Jeff Jarrett vs. The Vice Squad (Jimmy Del Ray & Randy Rose)


Jarrett dropkicked Rose into a takeover suplex by Severn for the victory


One Man Gang vs. Too Cold Scorpio


Gang pinned Scorpio after an Avalanche followed by a running splash


Brickhouse Brown vs. Jack Victory


Brickhouse won with a top rope missile dropkick


Nick Busick vs. The Masked Avenger


The Avenger was beating down Busick in the corner when Bam Bam Bigelow charged into the ring and attacked him, leading to a DQ win for the masked man. It took both Busick and Leo Burke to pull Bigelow away from the Avenger


Ron Simmons vs. "Mean" Mike Miller


Simmons flattened Miller with a devastating spear to score the pinfall


Brian Pillman vs. Hector Guerrero


Another heated and fast paced match that ended when Hector caught Flyin' Brian in the Guerrero Clutch to get the one two three


Eddie Gilbert & Vic Steamboat vs. Bob Orton & Joel Deaton


Gilbert pinned Deaton after a piledriver


2/3 Falls Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Buddy Rose © vs. Tony St. Clair


1st Fall : Rose pinned St. Clair with a roll up in the corner assisted by a fistful of trunks and his feet on the ropes

2nd Fall : St. Clair evened up the match after hitting a spinning forearm smash

3rd Fall : The match went to the 45 minute Time Limit


Result : Draw


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The Odd Couple beat former Tag Champs making a compelling case for a title shot.

The 747 grounds Scorpio.

Brickhouse must've made the crowd happy shutting up Victory.

Bam Bam & The Masked Avenger are headed for a collision course. Better reinforce the ring.

Simmons overcomes the leader of the Crazy Gang. Now onto Hansen.

Hector temporarily clips Flyin' Brian's wings.

Gilbert is on a major roll.

The Playboy & "Tough" Tony go broadway. What's it gonna take for St Clair to prove he's still "Simply the best"?

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If I could go ahead and get a taped copy of Rose and St. Clair going 45, that'd be great!

Liking the build for One Man Gang being an absolute monster here. You have some big boys on this roster, but the Gang has the potential to be on another level.

Speaking of big boys, the brewing war between Bigelow and the Avenger is about to get ugly, and when those two start throwing punches, everyone else had better get the hell out of the way. That's gonna be an awesome feud.


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Great show on ESPN this week.  The opening matches served to push OMG and Simmons.  Then we get the new angle going with what is going on with Adams and Adams.  This should be fun.  

Great main event with BBR taking the title from Bubba with the help of the Masked Avenger.  Still trying to figure out if he is really going to help Cornette or if this is all a set up.  Can't wait to find out!

Nice 2/3 falls main event.  Portland was so famous for these.  Nice job.

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The odd couple continue to impress.

Fun contrast of styles match between OMG and Scorpio. 

Bam Bam and the Masked Avenger are heading for one hard hitting explosive match. That's going to sell a lot of tickets.

Simmons gets another win on his way back to Hansen. 

I'm sure that Pillman/Hector match tore the house down. 

I would have paid top dollar to see that main event. What a match! St. Clair takes Rose to the limit but once again, Rose walks out with the title. Yes, I'm doing a "One more match!" chant. 

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from McArthur Court, Eugene, September 19th


Badd Company vs. The Bomb Squad (Chris Candido & Al Snow)


A long and competitive match where the Bomb Squad won in something of an upset when Candido caught Tanaka in an attempted cross body press and reversed it so that he and Snow hit a spike tombstone piledriver for the win


Barry Windham vs. Ed Wiskowski


A bruising battle between two big heavyweights which Windham won with a Western Lariat


Black Gold (Steve Blackman & Shane Douglas) vs. The Dog Pound (Brian Knobbs & Rick Steiner)


A very tightly contested match that Blackman won for his team when he knocked Steiner out with the running bicycle kick


Mando & Chavo Guerrero vs. Keiichi Yamada & Hiroshi Hase


Another spectacular tag team battle which ended when Mando pinned Yamada with a German Suplex


Scott Hall , Tom Magee & Mike Rotunda vs. The Hart Foundation & Mr. Hito


Magee pulled out the win for the Brigade by catching Hito coming off the ropes with a thrust kick to the jaw


Golden State Tag Team Title Match : The Midnight Express © vs. British Steel (Steven Regal & Robbie Brookside)


British Steel put up a fierce challenge for the Golden State titles but the Midnights came out on top when Condrey blocked an attempted Regal Plex by Regal and countered with a DDT.


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Bomb Squad get past the gatekeepers of the tag division.

Perfect night for The Brigade.

Really speaks to the depth of your tag division that you have only one singles match on this whole card.

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