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The Belfast Bruiser gets a few bruises in route to victory over Grizzly.

Sabu claims his most impressive scalp yet.

The Wild Bull can't put a dent in US steel.

The Hart brothers team for the first time & produce  classic with Los Guerreros.

Badd Company pulls out a flash win against the Army's wldmen.

First they've got Black Gold hot on their heels, now the Rainbow Warriors have a claim on a title shot. The MXE are having it rough.

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Anvil feels the wrath of Humongous.

Billy Jack sends a strong message to Victory, and Backlund doesn't seem to care LOL.

Cactus gains respect from the Wild Bull. 

Making Sweet Stan submit puts Blackman up a level. 

Jarrett gives Backlund a tough match but Backlund goes on an insane flurry before clamping on the chickenwing. Oh man, I sure hope we get a Backlund/Severn submission match.


Big Cat keeps his momentum going. 

Pillman defeats his old rival Orton. I always loved this match up. 

Wow, not even St. Clair's guidance can get British Steel on the same page. I'm not sure what can. 

Rose's tricks don't work tonight as Garvin gets the nice win.

Fun contrast of styles match between Bock and Simmons. Bock gets the win but Simmons made him work hard for it.

Black Tiger matches are becoming show stealers.

Backlund gets the fall on Windham, securing himself an inevitable rematch for the title. 

Santa Barbara,

It took a lot but Finlay gets the job done.

Sabu upsets Burke and raises his stock. 

Steel rebounds from his Bubba loss by putting Gantner down hard.

Harts vs. Guerreros! Tag team wrestling at its best! 

Badd Co. retain but Jack and Barr are defiantly on the rise.

Big 6 man tag to end the night. It looks like the Midnight's have another team to deal with. 






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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Victoria Memorial Arena, Victoria, on ESPN / TSN, April 29th


Vic Steamboat vs. Bobby Eaton


Vic Steamboat - OWWPro wrestler 'Beautiful' Bobby Eaton dies at 62


After running roughshod over the PCW tag team ranks, the Midnight Express find themselves having to face not just one challenger but two. With Black Gold driving hard for a title shot, the Midnights have also had had the Rainbow Warriors come back to challenge them. After getting a victory over them in a six man tag last week, one half of each team square off tonight in a singles match. Steamboat and Eaton went all out, struggling to achieve supremacy, until Eaton went for a swinging neckbreaker. Steamboat blocked it and countered with a backslide that just barely kept Eaton's shoulders to the mat for the three count. The Rainbow Warriors had gotten another victory and Jim Cornette looked like he was about to have a stroke.


Konnan vs. Bob Orton


Konnan in 2021 | Wrestling tattoos, Pro wrestling, Luchadorimage.png.4b7045972cb461f8b76ab620451cbddf.png


Konnan has pledged to rid Pacific Coast Wrestling of Lord Humongous, a pledge that has not sat well with the rest of the Crazy Gang. "Cowboy" Bob Orton presented a considerable roadblock on his campaign , using his considerable skill to inflict as much damage as he could to the masked man. Konnan proved to be quite resilient , and was able to get Orton in the Tequila Sunrise. It was then that the Crazy Gang sprung their trap. While Percy Pringle distracted the referee, Lord Humongous snuck into the ring and clobbered Konnan from behind. When the ref turned around, Lord Humongous had bailed out of the ring and Orton was covering Konnan. The ref made the count and Orton had stolen the win over Konnan. Orton and Humongous proceeded to put the boots to Konnan until the rest of the Brigade rushed out to save him. If the Crazy Gang think this is the end of it, they need to think again, as Konnan is not about to take this lying down.


Pacific Submission Championship Match : Dan Severn © vs. Mando Guerrero


Dan Severn (Page 1) - Line.17QQ.comMando Guerrero – Online World of Wrestling


Severn came into this match enraged at what had happened last week to his friend and partner Jeff Jarrett at the hands of Mr. Bob Backlund. Mando Guerrero is a skilled veteran and definitely no pushover, but he wasn't prepared for what came next. Severn stormed the ring and destroyed Mando with a series of suplexes. He then swiftly applied the bodyscissors sleeper, and while Mando was unable to tap out due to being unconscious, the ref declared and end to the match. A convincing victory, but you can tell the Severn won't be satisfied until he is forcing Backlund to tap out.


US Steel, Cactus Jack & Art Barr vs. Curtis Hughes & The Wild Bulls (Ed & Rick Gantner)


Making Waves in the WWF: Tugboat Becomes Typhoon | Ring the Damn BellMick Foley – Movies, Bio and Lists on MUBIArt Barr aka Love Machine | Pro wrestling, Detroit news, WrestlingCurtis Hughes – Online World of WrestlingEd Gantner - OWWBULL PAIN Rick Gantner Badass Biker Thug Classic Pro Wrestling Heel -  YouTube


With Leo Burke at his wits end trying to get Cactus Jack and Art Barr to try to behave, it looks like US Steel drew the short straw to try to maintain some semblance of order on the wayward sons of the Army. Not helped by his burgeoning issue with the Wild Bulls, who have been increasingly targeting the amiable hard hat. This all made for a chaotic match, with the ref run ragged trying to keep some sort of control over the match. Ed Gantner was able to catch Art Barr coming off the ropes to get the winning pinfall, but Barr and Cactus still wanted to keep going after the end of the match, until Steel grabbed them both and led them back to the locker room.


Interview : Frank Bonnema stands in the ring


Bonnema : Ladies and gentlemen, my next guest has been the centre of controversy ever since his arrival in Pacific Coast Wrestling … Nick Bockwinkel.


The crowd gives a blend of boos and cheers as the always confident Bockwinkel suavely strides to the ring.


Nick Bockwinkel - Wikipedia


Bonnema : Nick Bockwinkel, you certainly seem satisfied with yourself today.


Bockwinkel : As usual, Frank Bonnema, my satisfaction is well deserved. I laid out my plan and it is all coming together. I promised that I would beat all of the members of the Brigade on the way to the Pacific Heavyweight Title. I have beaten Konnan and Ron Simmons. All I have to do is beat Curt Hennig, and then Barry Windham and his title will be all mine.


Bonnema : But they are hardly victories to be proud of. Konnan was already injured by Lord Humongous.


Bockwinkel : Well, that's hardly my fault, is it? If he wasn't fit to compete, he shouldn't have shown up for the match. If someone is going to make themselves vulnerable in a match, any intelligent wrestler is going to take advantage of it. That is pure common sense.


Bonnema : Well, then you cheated to beat Ron Simmons!


Bockwinkel : You say cheated, I say outsmarted. A subtle but important semantic distinction. Ron Simmons is a fine athlete, certainly with a world of potential. But I am potential realized. He tried to take me to my limits, but in the end, I was the one putting his shoulders to the mat.


Bonnema : Even with these wins under your belt, you are certainly not the only contender for the title. One Man Gang certainly has a claim, and Bob Backlund has a pinfall victory over Barry Windham that would certainly establish him as a front runner.


Bockwinkel's grin tightens and he gives a hard look to Frank Bonnema


Bockwinkel : Mr. Backlund is a worthy gentleman with a career to his credit. But he is merely a secondary champion. Make no mistake about it. I am the genuine article and it is only a matter of time before that Pacific Heavyweight Title belt is around my trim and toned waist.


Bret Hart, Owen Hart & Brian Pillman vs. Gary Young & The Bomb Squad (Chris Candido & Al Snow)


Bret "The Hitman" Hart - An Evening with the WWE Wrestling Legend -  Tidemark Theatre20 Years Ago Today: The Life and Death of Owen HartAnything Wrestling - 22 Years Later: October 5th, 1997 - WattpadGary Young – Online World of WrestlingChris Candido - IMDbLeif Cassidy | Ring the Damn Bell


With Jim Neidhart temporarily out of commission with a shoulder injury, Bret Hart has spent his time teaming with his younger brother Owen. This six man team along with Owen's regular partner Brian Pillman was viewed as something of a dream team among the fans, and they certainly delivered. Facing an incredibly tough trio from the Knights Templar, the fan favorites worked together well and the result was a thrilling match that had the crowd hyped for the entire duration. The Knights were certainly not about to give an inch and there were many near falls on the way to the finish. While Pillman had many heated exchanges with his rival Gary Young, he was able to get the victory by hitting the Air Pillman on Al Snow. A big win closing out a great evening of wrestling.

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The Young Dragon starts the night off well with a win over Beautiful Bobby. Cornette's reaction was priceless!

Humongous helps the Ace end his dry streak against Konnan.

Backlund may rue the day he messed with Severn's partner. I know Mando does.

The Wild Bulls & the Big Cat force the Army to withdraw....for the moment.

Bockwinkel was gloriously smarmy in his promo. Right up until Mr Backlund was mentioned, That sounds like a purists dream.

Bret is proving quite the fit with the Snowbirds. Of course one of them being family helps.

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver on Pacific Super Cards on ESPN / TSN , April 30th


John Tenta vs. "Mean" Mike Miller


Tenta won with the Big Quake


Ron Garvin vs. Ed Gantner


Garvin laid in plenty of heavy shots on Gantner, but the big Bull was able to hit the Bull Hammer (running forearm smash to the face) and get the win


Cactus Jack vs. Maxx Payne


As could be imagined, a crazy match that ended with Payne pinning Cactus following a belly to belly suplex


Leo Burke & Black Gold (Steve Blackman & Shane Douglas) vs. Chavo, Hector & Eddie Guerrero


Leo Burke seemed to be relieved to not be trying to corral Art Barr and Cactus Jack and was instead teaming with his two good kids. This was a fast paced six man match that went to the army when Douglas pinned Eddie with a Sunset Flip


Tabarnak De Team (Big Jos Leduc & Pierre Carl Ouellet) & British Steel (Steven Regal & Robbie Brookside) vs. Badd Company, Mr. Hito & Masanobu Fuchi


As harmonious as things were tonight with the Army, things remained fragmented among British Steel. Suffering under the weight of a losing streak, Regal and Brookside could not get in synch with each other, and in spite of the best efforts of Leduc and Ouellet, Brookside was pinned by Masanobu Fuchi following a bridging back drop. Regal and Brookside could be seen arguing as they headed to the back of arena


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Barry Windham © vs. Bob Backlund


After a draining one hour draw two weeks ago with Bob Backlund, followed by Backlund pinning him in a tag team match, Barry Windham was feeling the pressure from Mr. Backlund's challenge. Nonetheless, he was determined to maintain his hold on the title, and dug in to face anything Backlund could throw at him. The result was a gripping match, with Windham working hard to escape the traps that Backlund set for him. It looked like he would prevail when he had Backlund set up for the Bulldog Headlock. But Backlund had it spotted and had grabbed the ropes to block it. However, that never came into play as John Tatum rushed into the ring and Superkicked Windham. The ref spotted this flagrant interference and called for the bell to give the win to Windham by DQ. Backlund was furious with Tatum and dragged him by his ear as he scolded him all the way to the locker room.

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Tenta shakes "Mean" Mike in the opener.

"Hands of Stone" falls to the Bull Hammer.

Payne & Cactus get nuts with Payne coming out on top.

The General leads his troops to victory over Los Guerreros. I like the "team dad" thing you're doing with Burke.

Hart's quartet capitalize on the fracturing British Steel to win the 8 man tag.

Tatum screws up while seemingly trying to help, costing Mr Backlund the Heavyweight title. The closing visual tickled me.

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Kelowna Memorial Arena, Kelowna, May 1st


Tony St. Clair vs. Ed Wiskowski


This was a grim and gritty battle between two hardened veterans that ended when "Tough" Tony hit the spinning forearm smash on Easy Ed for the win


Owen Hart vs. Sabu


Owen continued his return in an exciting match where he pinned the wild man of the Crazy Gang with a Northern Lights Suplex


Curt Hennig & Ron Simmons vs. One Man Gang & Nick Bockwinkel


Bockwinkel seemed content to let OMG do much of the heavy lifting, but chose his spots to do as much damage to Hennig as possible. Gang ended up getting the pin when he crushed Hennig in the corner with an Avalanche. Gang and Bockwinkel looked like they were set to try to continue the attack on Hennig, but Simmons stood in front of his fallen partner and gave them a menacing look and they thought better of it.


Pacific Light Heavyweight Title Match : Black Tiger © vs. Art Barr


Away from the influence of his friend Cactus Jack, Barr was a lot better behaved in this match. He and Black Tiger had a tightly contested technical match where it looked Barr just might take the title with a Victory Roll, but Tiger blocked it mid way through to retain. Both men shook hands after the match.


Texas Red vs. Bob Orton


Red came in bearing a grudge, as Orton had beaten him for the Television Title towards the end of his first PCW run. Orton was certainly no pushover, and the two had a battle for the ages, but Red came out on top after a Tombstone Piledriver.


Pacific Tag Team Title Match : The Midnight Express © vs. The Rainbow Warriors (Vic Steamboat & Brian Adams)


The Midnight Express were running scared through much of this match, and wound up going to desperate measures when Jim Cornette knocked Vic Steamboat off the top turnbuckle with his tennis racquet . The ref gave the match to the Rainbow Warriors by DQ, but the Midnights retained the titles.


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Tony proves too "Tough" for the "Polish Prince".

Owen is on a pretty good roll right now.

Bock & OMG are proving to be quite the team.

Black Tiger claims another successful defense. I like the note of Barr being more restrained without Cactus around.

Red settles an old score with the Ace of the Crazy Gang.

Corny resorts to desperate measures to keep the gold on his boys. Another rematch is surely in the cards.

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The best thing about Eaton losing to Steamboat was Cornette's meltdown LOL.

Thanks to Humongous, Orton gets the win. However, this only adds fuel to Konnan's fire. 

Damn, I think Backlund better be on high alert because Severn is a man on a mission. 

The visual of Steel grabbing Jack and Barr cracked me up. 

Bock is awesome! He had a well thought out answer for everything. Hmmmm, seeds planted for Backlund? I could see this being a fun story with Bock, Backlund and Windham.

Classic 6 man tag to end the show with Pillman getting the exciting win. 


Tenta has been unstoppable, getting big wins over tough competition. 

Gantner literally beats Garvin to the punch.

Payne beats Cactus in the battle of crazies.

Nice break for Leo as he gets a good win with the good boys.

Friction remains between British Steel. Tick...tick...tick. 

Tatum spoils another Windham/Backlund classic. The sight of Backlund dragging Tatum by the ear was priceless.


Tough Tony puts down Easy Ed. TV champ Bubba better get ready. 

Owen is rebounding well from his injury. 

Bock is one smart man, letting OMG soften up Hennig. 

Tiger gets the best of the technical version of Barr. 

Well, I would say Red got his payback on Orton. 

Rainbow Warriors are proving to be a real pain for the Midnight's. 

Great stuff Rain! 





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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Portland Sports Arena, Portland , on ESPN / TSN, May 6th


Bret & Owen Hart vs. Hector & Eddie Guerrero


Bret "The Hitman" Hart - An Evening with the WWE Wrestling Legend -  Tidemark Theatre20 Years Ago Today: The Life and Death of Owen HartHéctor Guerrero — The Movie Database (TMDB)Pin by Maria Mahoney on WTF | Eddie guerrero, Wrestling superstars, Pro  wrestling


With Jim Neidhart for the moment on the shelf, Bret Hart has formed a temporary team with his younger brother Owen that has gotten a lot of attention. They came in and faced another pair of brothers , with Hector Guerrero continuing to mentor his youngest brother Eddie. The two teams had a thrill packed match that had the fans going the whole time. As the match went on, Eddie seemed to be taking more time in the ring and more risks, in spite of his older brother calling him to tag out. This wound up costing him, as he ran straight into a boot to the midsection by Owen that was followed by a gutwrench suplex that gave the win to the Harts. Eddie was quite upset by the result, and while Hector tried to give him words of support and advice after the match, it was clear that Eddie was not listening.


Art Barr vs. Masanobu Fuchi


Art Barr aka Love Machine | Pro wrestling, Detroit news, WrestlingAJPW: Masanobu Fuchi Commemorative Meetings Announced | Superfights


Another junior member of a team who has become something of a loose cannon, Art Barr has been very adamant about walking his own path, even as a member of the Six Man Army. Cactus Jack has certainly played a part in egging him on, but there have been traces of his headstrong attitude even when away from the man from Truth Or Consequences.  Army leader Leo Burke was at ringside for this match, and unlike Eddie Guerrero , he seemed to be listening to Burke's advice as he squared off with the seasoned Japanese pro Fuchi. This was a very tight technical battle , with the rookie giving a good accounting of himself against Fuchi, but the finely honed instincts of Gary Hart's man proved to be the deciding factor as he lured Barr into a bridging backdrop that gave the match to him. Unlike Eddie Guerrero, Barr was completely stone faced as he left the ring, but still didn't seem to be paying much heed to the words of Burke as he headed towards the back.


Curt Hennig vs. Mando Guerrero


NEW PHOTO ESSAY - CURT HENNIG (PART 1)Mando Guerrero – Online World of Wrestling


With Seattle Showdown less than a month away, Curt Hennig finds himself as the last line of defense between Nick Bockwinkel and a challenge to his Brigade brother Barry Windham's Pacific Heavyweight Title. Before his match tomorrow with Bockwinkel, Hennig would have to face a fellow second generation star in Mando Guerrero. Mando was definitely not going to be overlooked, and gave a ferocious match to Hennig before finally going down to the Cradle Suplex. Hennig was able to prevail, but you just know that he has got to be wondering what he can do to put the brakes on Bockwinkel.


British Steel (Steven Regal & Robbie Brookside) vs. The Bomb Squad (Chris Candido & Al Snow)


The Golden Boys – in pictures: early years – Eire + AlbaChris Candido - IMDbLeif Cassidy | Ring the Damn Bell


One ongoing story that has saddened the fans has been the ongoing fracturing of British Steel. Regal and Brookside not only have been losing matches, but have seemed to be unable to get on the same page at all. That continued in this match, with Regal increasingly looking to cheap shots and short cuts while Brookside tried to keep him on the straight and narrow. Things came to a head when Regal held Snow up for a clothesline from Brookside, only for Snow to pull out of the way as Brookside hit Regal. As Candido rushed in to tie up Brookside, Snow executed the wheelbarrow suplex on Regal and British Steel had suffered another loss. After the match, Regal and Brookside started to argue, which broke down into a shoving match. Tony St. Clair and Black Tiger ran out and separated their young allies, but things are clearly coming to a head between these two young British stars.


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Barry Windham © vs. John Tatum


Barry Windham - Alchetron, The Free Social EncyclopediaJohn Tatum – Online World of Wrestling


Barry Windham is in for a tough week, not only having to have a 2/3 falls rematch with Bob Backlund tomorrow but tonight dealing with a challenge from one of Backlund's Knights Templar. Last week, Tatum's interference cost Backlund his previous shot at the belt. Both Backlund and Jack Victory were at ringside, with Victory loudly cheering on his friend, but Backlund, still displeased with Tatum, kept a stern look on his face at all times. There were times when it looked like Victory might try to put his hand in to help out Tatum, but a firm hand on his shoulder from Backlund was enough to keep him in place. This was something of a coming out party for Tatum, who gave the fight of his life to try to take the title, and Windham had to dig deep to withstand the attack. Tatum whipped Windham into the ropes to try to hit the Superkick, but Windham caught himself on the ropes to stop the momentum. Windham then came roaring out the blocks and levelled Tatum with a lariat. Windham got the three count to put an end to Tatum's challenge. Victory was very supportive of his friend as they headed to the back, but unlike most people this evening, Backlund just had his usual sourpatch expression as he led the Knights away.

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The Harts win the battle of the brother duos. Eddie might want to start paying more attention to what big brother's saying.

Fuchi proves a little too cagey for Barr who seems to be getting a little frustrated with Army life.

Hennig gets a good warm-up for Bock tomorrow.

British Steel is approaching their breaking point.

Tatum may have failed to capture the title himself but perhaps he opened the door for Mr Backlund?

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Portland Memorial Coliseum , Portland , on ESPN / TSN Pacific Super Cards, May 7th


Leo Burke vs. Curtis Hughes


This was a knock down, drag out scrap that left both men bloody where the Big Cat was just able to put down Burke with the Cat's Claw (modified side slam onto the knee)


Billy Jack Haynes vs. Mr. Hito


Billy Jack withstood an initial onslaught from Hito to come back and overpower the Japanese veteran with the shoulder breaker


Brian Pillman vs. Sabu


An exciting match between two high flying daredevils where Pillman ultimately prevailed by hitting the Air Pillman


Fit Finlay & Ron Garvin vs. Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskowski


Rose hit a low blow on Garvin from behind, setting him up for a face first piledriver from Wiskowski to give the win to the Playboy Club


Curt Hennig vs. Nick Bockwinkel


Hennig was determined to avenge the earlier losses by his Brigade brothers and went all out against Bockwinkel. After a long battle, the action spilled to the outside of the ring, leading to a double countout result.


Golden State Tag Team Titles : Badd Company © vs. Cactus Jack & Art Barr


Another ferocious challenge by the wild things of the Army that ended when Tanaka was able to hit a cartwheel kick to the top of the head on Barr


2/3 Falls Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Barry Windham © vs. Bob Backlund


First Fall : Backlund pinned Windham with the Backlund Bridge


Second Fall : During the second fall, Nick Bockwinkel came out to ringside to observe the match. Windham was able to reverse a small package by Backlund to even up the falls


Third Fall : While Windham was standing on the ring apron, Backlund attempted to vertical suplex him back into the ring. When he did so, Bockwinkel reached in and tripped Backlund, causing Windham to land on top of him. Bockwinkel then held down Backlund's leg, allowing Windham to get the decisive pinfall. After the match, Backlund was livid, but Bockwinkel was long gone.


Final Result : Barry Windham won 2 falls to 1, successfully defending his Pacific Heavyweight Title


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Always fun to try and catch up with PCW with your output. I like Billy Jack here and I am hoping he can build up the ranks.  Pillman and Sabu would be a helluva contest if given time and freedom to go wild.  Finlay and Garvin... completely crazy to think they lost but they would definitely leave their mark or marks on their opponents. Bockwinkle is on his final run and showing everyone he has still got it. The young buck, Curt Hennig, just can't get it done.  I like Badd Company as tag champs... Art Barr finds an interest partner in cactus jack but just can't get it done.

Lastly, our main event, Bock plays a role in the finish... Windham stands tall... Backlund not happy with what has happened. I am interested to see where these key pieces fit in the puzzle of PCW.

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The Big Cat goes big game hunting & nabs a great trophy.

Billy Jack outfights Hart's enforcer.

Pillman wins a dogfight against Sabu.

Playboy Club takes the lowroad to victory.

Hennig/Bockwinkel with a surprisingly wild finish.

Badd Company fend off the Army's problem children.

I wonder how Windham feels about Bock lending a helping hand....& if Bock is ready for the retaliation of the Knights Templar?

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from McArthur Court, Eugene, May 8th


Shane Douglas vs. Ed Gantner


The big Bull hit the Bull Hammer (running forearm smash to the face) to defeat Douglas


Tony St. Clair vs. Rick Gantner


"Tough" Tony hit the spinning forearm smash for the win


Steve Blackman vs. Cannonball Grizzly


Blackman put up a fight but went down to the Cannonball Crush (top rope splash)


Ron Simmons, Konnan & Dingo Warrior vs. Maxx Payne, Lord Humongous & "Mean" Mike Miller


A hard hitting battle where Humongous wound up ambushing Konnan with a hockey mask assisted headbutt to the back of the head, allowing Miller to execute an over the shoulder neckbreaker to give the win to the Crazy Gang


Pacific Light Heavyweight Title Match : Black Tiger © vs. Masanobu Fuchi


A tense technical battle that ended up going to a 20 minute time limit draw


Texas Red vs. John Tatum


Billy Jack Haynes and Sunshine were in Red's corner for this match. Tatum had Jack Victory in his corner supporting him, but Knights Templar leader Mr. Bob Backlund was conspicuous by his absence . Coming off his challenge for the Pacific Heavyweight Title, Tatum gave Red a considerable battle, but the big Texan was finally able to pin him after a chokeslam.


The Rainbow Warriors (Vic Steamboat & Brian Adams) & US Steel vs. The Midnight Express & Big Bubba Rogers


After a fiercely competitive match, Steamboat had Lane in a Schoolboy Rollup, but Eaton came in and hit a kneedrop on Steamboat, then reversed the pin to give the win to the Midnight Express and Big Bubba



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The Harts defeat the Guerreros in a hot opener. I think young Eddie should heed his brother's words.

On a same note, Barr should do the same with Burke. 

Hennig gets past Mando but can he do the same with Bock? 

British Steel almost come to blows as the tension builds.

Tatum is on his A game but Windham pulls it out to retain.  


Things get off to a hard hitting start as Big Cat outfights Burke.

A win by Billy Jack always pleases the Portland fans.

Pillman and Sabu is a show stealing match. Hopefully we get more. 

Never underestimate the cunning duo of Rose and Easy Ed.

Looks like Bock's title match might be on hold as Hennig holds him to a double c.o.

Barr and Cactus are defiantly the future of Pacific but for now Badd Co. is still on top. 

Backlund gives Windham a scare and maybe would of pulled it off. However, Bock puts an end to that. I'm dying for a Bock/Backlund interview segment. 


The Gantner's go 50/50. I'm liking St. Clair's win streak. 

Grizzly literally makes a splash tonight. 

Humungous is really getting the better of Konan lately. 

Another fantastic LHW match up. 20 minutes of this is worth the price of admission. 

Even though he came up short both times, Tatum's been on his game. Texas Red has some serious momentum going. 

Warriors and Steel have been thorns to Cornette but tonight his men get the job done. 



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The Iron Bulls break even in singles action.

Grizz crushes Blackman.

The Crazy Gang claims victory in what i'm sure was a wild 6 man.

Another mat classic for the Light Heavyweight title.

Tatum goes down fighting against big Texas Red.

Cornette's boys win big in the main event.

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Oakland Alameda County Arena, Oakland, on ESPN / TSN, May 13th


Cactus Jack vs. Gary Young


Mick Foley – Movies, Bio and Lists on MUBIGary Young – Online World of Wrestling


Gary Young's first run in PCW was fairly undistinguished, but ever since his return as Mr. Bob Backlund's right hand man in the Knights Templar, he has become a force to be reckoned with. While Brian Pillman has been gunning hard for a second shot at him, tonight Young would face one of the wild things of the Army, Cactus Jack. Backlund was in Young's corner providing his usual brand of solemn moral support. For the first time in a long while, Young seemed uncertain of himself, faced with the reckless and unconventional man from Truth Or Consequences. Cactus got a number of near falls on Young that got gasps from the crowd. Young was able to stay the course and keep his calm, luring Cactus into a DDT that got the three count. A hard fought victory, but one that left its mark on Young, who came away with a black eye and was bleeding from the mouth from Cactus' furious offense.


Black Gold (Steve Blackman & Shane Douglas) & Art Barr vs. Chavo, Hector & Eddie Guerrero


Gallery - Online World of Wrestlingimage.png.7be12b2b0c294826b36b197b636a552c.pngArt Barr aka Love Machine | Pro wrestling, Detroit news, WrestlingWrestling's Chavo Guerrero Sr. was a true classic | Sports |  postandcourier.comHéctor Guerrero — The Movie Database (TMDB)Pin by Maria Mahoney on WTF | Eddie guerrero, Wrestling superstars, Pro  wrestling


Speaking of Cactus Jack, it seems like his comrades in the Army are doing everything they can to keep him apart from Art Barr. Even Cactus' old friend Shane Douglas seems to be at a loss to try to keep Cactus and Barr from going off the page in every match where they team together. Even without Cactus in the match, Blackman and Douglas were having difficulty wrangling their junior partner.  It certainly didn't help that Barr would have his personal nemesis , Eddie Guerrero, facing him across the ring. Chavo and Hector also seemed to be at their wits end trying to keep Eddie under control. Eddie kept charging into the match , heedless of the wishes of his older brothers, and wound up charging right into a bicycle kick from Blackman that gave the match to the Army. As per usual, Barr and Eddie had to be held back by their older partners from going after each other post match. These kids today, huh?


John Tenta vs. Mr. Hito


earthquake wwe cheap onlineMr Hito - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia


In his short time in PCW, big John Tenta has been a dominant force up and down the coast. Even though Tenta towered over him, Mr. Hito was not intimidated by the former Sumo wrestler. The Japanese veteran was able to dodge Tenta's attempt to grapple with him, all the while lacing into Tenta's legs with brutal kicks. Hito was able to stagger Tenta, and it looked like his tactics were paying off. But then Tenta managed the seemingly impossible feat of hitting a standing dropkick on Hito that sent him to the mat. He followed up with an elbow drop, then after a couple of side belly to belly suplexes, he hit the Big Quake for the win.


Golden State Tag Team Title Match : Badd Company © vs. British Steel (Steven Regal & Robbie Brookside)


piZap by Mary Isbell | Wrestling, Memphis, CompanyThe Golden Boys – in pictures: early years – Eire + Alba


The decline in the fortunes of British Steel have had a deleterious (TM Mr. Bob Backlund) effect on the mental health of Regal and Brookside. Regal in particular has been uncharacteristically aggressive of late, and this showed in this match. He even ended up wrestling much of the match on his own, in spite of Brookside imploring him to tag out. This came to a head when Pat Tanaka ducked under an attempted running forearm by Regal, and Regal hit the ref by mistake. The ref immediately  called for the DQ, further infuriating Regal. Regal wanted to keep after Badd Company, but Diamond and Tanaka wisely retreated with Gary Hart to the locker room. Brookside was still trying to calm him down as they left the ring.


Interview : Frank Bonnema stands in the ring


Bonnema : Ladies and gentlemen, my next guest is on a campaign to take the Pacific Heavyweight Title … Nick Bockwinkel.


The crowd booed loudly as Bockwinkel made his entrance, mixed with some cheers from his die hard fans. Bock's trademark smirk and strut seem a bit more restrained as he joins Bonnema in the ring.


Nick Bockwinkel - Wikipedia


Bonnema : Nick Bockwinkel, your path to a title shot has hit something of a roadblock in your inability to get past Curt Hennig.


Bockwinkel : A temporary setback, nothing more. I faced off with his father, Larry Hennig, more than once, and it is no surprise that young Curt is of a similar caliber. He is certainly a tough nut to crack, but he will crack. By Seattle Showdown, I will have earned my shot at Barry Windham.


Bonnema : Speaking of Barry Windham, you recently interfered in one of his matches, but you actually cost Mr. Bob Backlund his chances of winning Barry Windham's title. Care to explain?


As if on cue, any answer Bockwinkel might have given is cut off by a commotion at the back. Mr. Bob Backlund and the rest of the Knights Templar walk out to the ring. They all have the same stern expressions on their faces, except for John Tatum and Jack Victory at the back of the line, who seem to be making jokes to each other and cracking up, earning dirty looks from the rest of the Knights.


Bob Backlund (Wrestling) - TV TropesGary Young – Online World of WrestlingChris Candido - IMDbLeif Cassidy | Ring the Damn BellWrestling With Sin: 294 | Ring the Damn BellJohn Tatum – Online World of Wrestling


Backlund : Frank Bonnema has raised a very good question, *Mister* Bockwinkel. You chose to interfere in my business, and by extension, in the business of the Knights Templar. This is not something we take lightly. So I am going to give you a chance to explain … and I strongly recommend that you choose your words quite carefully.


Bockwinkel : Bob … Mr. Backlund. I'll get straight to the point. Don't you have enough on your plate as it is? You already have the California Title to defend. You have Dan Severn after your head. And you seem to have your own house to keep in order. (Bockwinkel gives John Tatum a significant look. Tatum pouts in reply.) But you are an intelligent man, and I wouldn't dream of insulting your intelligence. The reason I interfered is simple. I want the Heavyweight Title for myself, and if you win it, it will be that much more difficult for me to get another shot. I've put a lot of work and planning in getting that shot, and I am not about to let it slip away just so you can add another trophy to your case. So I took matters into my own hands. So, what do you intend to do about it?


Backlund : Bockwinkel … your candor is, I must say , refreshing. I thought for a second you might try to imply you were doing some sort of favor. The fact is, Bockwinkel, that your reputation precedes you. You have a wealth of experience and skill. You have your prestige. You have considerable credentials. But you are alone. If I want to make it so, the Knights Templar could make your life very difficult. (Bockwinkel frowns and balls up his fists, ready for anything.) But I don't want to. You raise some good points. I do have more than a few plates spinning right now. So I will do you a favor. Just this once, I will let this slide … only once. There will be no retaliation. Go get your title shot with the blessings of the Knights Templar. But in exchange, I expect you to do me a favor. Should you be successful in your quest for the Pacific Heavyweight Title … you will then give me a shot at your title. Just you and me for the belt. Do we have a deal?


Bockwinkel pauses, then replies.


Bockwinkel : Mr. Bockwinkel … we have a deal!


The two men shake hands, and the world just got a little darker.


Curt Hennig, Konnan & Ron Simmons vs. Maxx Payne, Lord Humongous & Sabu


NEW PHOTO ESSAY - CURT HENNIG (PART 1)Konnan in 2021 | Wrestling tattoos, Pro wrestling, Luchadorimage.png.7ecf37a8aaecb87994e5ba394406a6a2.pngMaxx PaynePage 2 - 10 wrestlers who secretly hated their gimmickssabu wrestler,Free delivery,OFF66%,welcome to buy!


It seems like the Brigade and the Crazy Gang have been at war forever, but Konnan and Lord Humongous have been taking it to a whole new dimension. Humongous is relentless in going after Konnan, tearing at his mask and bruising him with hockey mask assisted headbutts. Konnan fought back furiously , managing to take the huge Humongous down with a big clothesline. Konnan's fellow Brigade members were able to take the match when Simmons pinned Sabu with a Spinebuster Slam, but the two masked men kept at it long after the end of the match. Something needs to be done to settle things between these two once and for all.

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A battered & bruised Young claims victory over Cactus. I wonder if i should read into Burke not seconding Cactus to the ring?

The interactions of Eddie & Barr continue to be one of the most entertaining things in PCW.

Tenta wins a tough battle with Hart's gatekeeper.

A questionable call by the ref sends Regal even further over the edge.

Glad to see Mr Backlund & Mr Bockwinkel settle things like gentlemen.

Another wild one between the Crazy Gang & the Brigade closes the show.

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Cow Palace , San Francisco,  on Pacific Super Cards, May 14th


Billy Jack Haynes & Texas Red vs. The Wild Bulls (Ed & Rick Gantner)


This match between four big broncos had plenty of hard hitting, smash mouth action. Red pulled out the win with the Tombstone Piledriver on Rick Gantner.


Art Barr vs. Jack Victory


Victory pinned Barr with the Victory-Plex


Tabarnak De Team (Big Jos Leduc & Pierre Carl Ouellet) vs. Hector & Eddie Guerrero


Eddie went for a Frog Splash on Ouellet , but Ouellet rolled out of the way and Eddie went crashing into the mat. Leduc came into the ring and hit an Elbow Drop on Eddie to get the pinfall.


John Tenta, Fit Finlay & Ron Garvin vs. Buddy Rose, Ed Wiskowski & Cannonball Grizzly


Finlay gave a vicious low blow kick on Rose right in front of the ref, leading to a DQ decision.


California Title Match : Bob Backlund © vs. Owen Hart


Owen finally got a rematch and came very close on a number of occasions to pinning the champ, but Backlund was finally able to put his shoulders to the mat with the Backlund Bridge


Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Barry Windham © vs. One Man Gang


This was a long, bloody brawl with both men getting busted open. The match went for a long time and ended in DQ when Gang hit Windham with his chain.


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Red & Haynes win a tag team slobberknocker in the opener.

Victory topples the wild thing Barr.

Eddie crashes & burns leading to a TDT victory.

Rose gets a taste of his own medicine thanks to Finlay.

With one load taken off his shoulders, Mr Backlund is able to retain his California title.

OMG may not have claimed the title but he settles for leaving the champ laying in his own blood.

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Pacific Coast Wrestling show from the Selland Arena, Fresno, May 15th


Cactus Jack vs. John Tatum


Cactus was all over Tatum and nearly pulled out the win until he recklessly ran right into a Superkick that gave the match to Tatum


Submission Title Match : Dan Severn © vs. Mando Guerrero


Severn was in no mood to mess around, flattening Mando with a series of jarring suplexes before trapping him in a Boston Crab to force the submission. I'd hate to be Bob Backlund when Severn finally catches up to him.


Ron Simmons & Dingo Warrior vs. Mr. Hito & Masanobu Fuchi


Dingo clotheslined Hito into a belly to back suplex by Simmons for the win


Pacific Tag Team Title Match : The Midnight Express © vs. British Steel (Steven Regal & Robbie Brookside)


The Midnight Express won by DQ when Regal grabbed Jim Cornette's racquet and started whalloping Bobby Eaton with it. Brookside tried to pull him off, and the two started an argument that broke down into shoving until Tony St. Clair and Black Tiger ran out and separated the two.


Pacific Light Heavyweight Title Match : Black Tiger © vs. Brian Pillman


Another exciting match between the two that ended when Tiger pinned Pillman after a Victory Roll


Pacific Television Title Match : Big Bubba Rogers © vs. Tony St. Clair


St. Clair won by countout when he ran off the ring apron and hit a running forearm on Rogers on the floor. Big Bubba remained TV Champ.


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Young gets the win but Cactus didn't make it easy.

I think Eddie and Art will have to settle things in a gimmick match. Get it all out of their systems LOL.

Tenta continues to be a force.

Regal is really coming apart. 

The Bock/Backlund intrigue continues. I couldn't wait for this exchange and of course these two delivered with words. Two pros at their finest.

Simmons gives his team the win but Humungous and Konnan are heading for a brutal one on one.

Cow Palace,

You know it's going to be a wild night when Billy Jack and Texas Red open up against the Wild Bulls. 

Victory is another guy quietly racking up win after win.

TDT gets an impressive win over the Guerreros.

Even though he got his team DQed, I'm sure Finlay walked away satisfied.

Backlund retains against Owen in another classic. 

Man, you can't say Barry isn't a fighting champ. He's taken on all comers. Looking forward to his blow off with OMG. 


Jack's recklessness costs him. No reason for Tatum to pout tonight.

Backlund might be in serious trouble because Severn's in beast mode.

Dingo and Simmons are proving to be quite a team. 

Yep, Regal's defiantly losing it. 

Tiger and Pillman give the fans a thrilling bout. I'm loving Tiger's reign. 

Oh man, St. Clair gets the win but not the one that gives you the title. Does St. Clair have Bubba's number? 

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Cactus gets carried away & Tatum makes him pay for it.

Severn takes some frustration out on Mando.

Simmons & Dingo muscle past Hart International's Japanese enforcers.

Regal is about two heartbeats away from killing somebody....& i'm here for it.

Tiger wins a thriller with Pillman.

St Clair is closing in on the TV Title. Bubba & Cornette should be getting worried.

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