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Great opening segment with Tully, Baby Doll and Mr. Olympia

Enjoying the babyface run of the Grapplers

Adonis is on his way to being the #1 heel after a run-in with Lawler

You just seem to have a knack for getting things done in such a simple but intriguing way as now we are onto the next feud for Oates Outstanding

Colon vs Bock-  HUGE

Nice development if the Light Heavyweight division

Johnny Rich-Wendell Cooley has such a Tennessee feel... looking forward to seeing how this plays out

Nice win for Martel!

Nice debut for Hart!

Sgt going after Baron... I think this might just be the beginning of Slaughter cleaning up USWA!

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USWA @ The County Coliseum Odessa TX 2-1-85

Rolling Thunder vs. Pete James and Rory Wills 

Nothing but a pure squash. DJ Peterson hits a flying shoulder tackle from the top rope and Mike Shaw follows with a big splash for the easy win. 


Scott McGhee vs. Tiger Chung Lee 

These guys have been trading wins in their feud. Lee tries to hit McGhee with his kendo stick but McGhee kicks him, grabs the stick and nails Lee. The Ref DQs McGhee. Lee gets the win but McGhee is the one standing. 


"Wildcat" Wendell Cooley vs. "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal w/Johnny Valiant 

Good fast paced back and forth match. The big moment is when Johnny Rich shows up at ringside in a suit. Cooley sees him and heads towards him with fury in his eyes. Regal rolls Cooley up with a handful of tights to get the pin. Cooley gets right up and goes out after Rich but Rich is out of there in a hurry. 


Central States Tag Team Title Bout 

Bad Attitude (C) w/"Cool" Carl Fergie vs. The Super Samoans

The crowd is into this hard hitting match up. A pier six brawl ensues. Tui is thrown out of the ring. Fergie runs over and puts the boots to him. Inside the ring, Bad Attitude hit a double rib breaker on Sakalia for the pin. Bad Attitude retain their titles. 


Adrian Adonis vs. "The Technician" Mark Fleming

Fleming catches Adonis off guard and frustrates him with some solid wrestling moves. After a lot of bumping, Adonis's frustration turns to anger and he finally finishes Fleming off with the DDT! 


Sgt. Slaughter vs. Baron Von Raschke 

Ron Slinker and his men did a number on Slaughter and Slaughter declared war. Slaughter has vowed to take out all the maggots until he gets to Slinker. Baron works Slaughter over and breaks just about every rule. Baron goes for the claw but Slaughter punches out of the attempt. The fans chant USA as Slaughter makes his comeback and finishes Baron off with a lariat! 


USWA Champ Nick Bockwinkel and Texas State Champ Tully Blanchard w/Baby Doll


Carlos Colon and Mr. Olympia 

Outstanding main event that goes 45 minutes. Each man shines. Tully and Olympia really go at it. Baby Doll gets in a couple slaps. Colon and Bock have some amazing exchanges. In the end, Tully and Olympia are fighting in the corner. Bock goes for a body slam but Colon cradles him for the 1..2..3! 



USWA @ The Dunn Center, Clarksville TN 2-2-85

Gypsy Joe vs. Kent Kelp 

Joe is new to the USWA but comes in with a wild reputation. Tonight the fans see that first hand as he just destroys Kelp before finishing him off with a flying knee drop from the top rope.


The Goldmine vs. Oates Outstanding  

After what happened on TV with Johnny Valiant, Jerry Grey and Goldie Rogers have decided to team up and call themselves the Goldmine. Valiant is booked elsewhere tonight and that plays a factor. Oates look good tonight but the Goldmine are  motivated. Goldmine win the match as Goldie Rogers punches Jerry Oates out of the ring while Jerry Grey executes a superplex on Ted Oates for the pin! 


"Timekeeper" Mike George vs. Hercules Ayala

George holds his own and gives Ayala some trouble but Ayala's power comes out on top as he finishes George off with a powerslam. 


Coat of Arms vs. "Captain" Ron Slinker and Killer Brooks w/Boris Zhukov 

Bob DellaSerra and Gino Brito put their past differences behind them and have formed a solid team. They've found themselves in a feud with The Legion. The Legion are in an alliance with Ron Slinker. Tonight Boris is in Slinker and Brooks corner and he's got a chain. That wont come into play...right? Of course it does as the Coat of Arms are on the verge of winning the match but while the Ref is distracted, Boris hits Brito with the chain and Slinker covers for the pin. 

TV Title Bout

Rick Martel (C) vs. Larry Zbyszko 

The match ends in a 10 minute draw. Larry spent half the time stalling on the outside drawing the ire of the fans. Larry's plan was to capitalize on Martel's frustration but once Larry got in the ring, Martel was all over him but rang out of time. I'm sure Larry will think he deserves a rematch. 


Central States Champ Kerry Von Erich and The Naturals vs. The Movement w/Sonny KIng

Wild 6 man tag that has the fans up and cheering. The Ref earned his money tonight as he had a lot to deal with. After 30 minutes of action, a pier six brawl breaks out and Adias hits a flying body press on Jones for the win! 


USWA Tag Team Title Bout 

The Grapplers (C) vs. "Dream Machine" Troy Graham and "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol 

Graham comes to the ring wearing his old mask (The one the Grapplers tore off his head on national TV) These teams go all out in a back and forth fight. Idol and Graham control with some heel double teaming but the Grapplers are no strangers to breaking rules and do the same. Grapplers take control as they double punch Graham through the ropes. On the outside, Graham takes something out of his trunks and puts it in his mask. Grappler 1 hoists Idol up in a bearhug and Grappler 2 comes off the middle ropes with a clothesline 1..2..Graham comes off the top ropes with a loaded mask headbutt on Grappler 2. Grappler 1 starts punching Graham into the corner. Idol barely is able to put his arm on top of Grappler 2. The Ref drops down and counts 1..2..3! 


Grappler 1 checks on his partner as Graham pulls Idol out of the ring. Graham takes off his mask as the foreign object drops to the ground. Ringside fans see it and scream at the Ref but to no avail. Graham holds his mask up with a smile then yanks the titles from the Ref. 

Troy Graham and Austin Idol are the new USWA Tag Team Champs! 





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USWA @ The Civic Auditorium Knoxville TN 2-7-85


Highlights are shown from Clarksville as Troy Graham and Austin Idol defeat the Grapplers to become USWA tag team champs. Graham wore his old Dream Machine mask during the match. The finish saw Graham put a foreign object inside the mask and execute a diving headbutt on Grappler 2 to get the tainted win. 

Lance Russell: Hello again and welcome to another edition of USWA wrestling here on the USA Network. Big matches lined up tonight as the Coat of Arms take on The Legion. Killer Brooks faces Gypsy Joe. Ron Slinker versus Scott McGhee. Mike George takes on Tiger Chung Lee and in the main event Kerry Von Erich teams with the Naturals to take on The Movement accompanied by Sonny King. We'll be hearing from Sgt. Slaughter. We'll also hear from the USWA champ Nick Bockwinkel as well as his upcoming challenger Carlos Colon. Fans let's get to the ring. 


The Goldmine vs. Sam and Sean Smith

Jerry Grey and Goldie Rogers formed the Goldmine under unusual circumstances. Both men were once managed by Johnny Valiant. Last week they wrestled to a televised draw. Valiant came out for a promo and berated both men and said he doesn't manage them anymore because they're losers. Grey and Rogers confronted Valiant. The Oates ran out and everybody was brawling. The Goldmine has scored recent house show wins over the Oates.

The Goldmine get a nice showcase tonight as they seem to be in sync. The match ends when Grey hits a backbreaker on Sean and holds him while Rogers comes off the middle ropes with a double stomp to the chest for the pin! 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Ok, joining me now are the new USWA tag team champs, Troy Graham and Austin Idol. 

Massive boos as Graham and Idol come out smiling and showing off their titles. Graham also holds up his Dream Machine mask. 

Idol: Lance, darling, don't we wear these titles oh so well! You're looking at the most charismatic and talented tag team in the universe baby! And these titles prove it.

Lance: Well there was some controversy as your partner here put something in that mask of his. 

Graham: Whoa slow down babay! I did no such thing. (Holds up his mask) That match was a retirement match for this legendary mask. I had to show those masked wannabe posers what a real masked man is capable of. This here mask will be put in my hall of fame shrine at home. Now, moving on to a new chapter. As the Universal Heartthrob told you, we are the best thing going in wrestling. No other team compares. I understand we have rematches coming up with those masked dopes. Fine with us, because were going to enjoy beating them up again. 

Boos as Graham and Idol hold up their titles before leaving. 


"Captain" Ron Slinker vs. Scott McGhee


Lucky for Slinker, Sgt. Slaughter isn't here yet. McGhee however isn't so lucky as he's been in a feud with Tiger Chung Lee and Lee accompanies Slinker to the ring. 

McGhee is all over Slinker as he executes several hip tosses and follows with a dropkick that sends Slinker into the corner. McGhee charges and monkey flips Slinker over. Slinker staggers up and McGhee puts him down with a running forearm uppercut. McGhee swings off the ropes and hits a jumping knee drop 1..Lee gets on the apron and distracts the Ref. McGhee gets up and runs at Lee but Lee hops down. Slinker slowly gets up but McGhee turns around and picks him up for a body slam. As McGhee twirls Slinker around, Slinker's boot hits the Ref. The Ref goes down as McGhee slams Slinker. McGhee hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with an elbow drop. Lee runs in with his kendo stick and whacks McGhee on his back. Lee helps the Ref up before rolling back out of the ring. Slinker slowly rises. Slinker picks up McGhee and puts him down with a karate kick 1..2..3! 

Winner of the match- Ron Slinker 

After the match, Slinker cuts a promo and says he hopes Slaughter was watching because he's going to get a lot worse! 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Joining me now is Carl Fergie.

Fergie: Look here nerd, this is the last time I'm going to tell you. The name is "Cool" Carl Fergie! But not even a nerd like you is going to spoil my big announcement. Right now I'm on top of the world as I've guided Matt Borne and Gary Young to the Central States tag titles. Bad Attitude is ready to knock down all comers brother and you'll see them in action next week. Now, what I want is to lead a man to singles success. And boy have I hit the jackpot. Without further adieu, let me introduce to you, the Memphis Mafia Man, Johnny Rich! 

Lance: Oh come on. 

Johnny Rich comes out wearing a suit. 


Lance: I know your having some issues with Wendell Cooley but I didn't think it would lead to this. 

Rich: Since you brought it up, let me address that but first take a look at me. Don't I look good? Wendell Cooley was going to hold me back. I tried to give him a chance but he couldn't pull his weight. Mediocrity is the best we would achieve as a team. Cooley is mediocre and he's ok with that but I'm not! Cool Carl Fergie is the man that will take me higher than I've ever dreamed. Now I hear Cooley is looking for me. Boy, you best stay out of my way! 

Fergie: I'm telling you Johnny Rich has all the tools and I'm going to make sure nothing gets in his way! 

Lance: I just don't believe it. Fans to the ring. 


Killer Brooks vs. Gypsy Joe

Joe has made his rounds on the house shows and makes his TV debut tonight. Brooks has been causing trouble as Ron Slinker's henchman. 

The bell rings and before you know it these guys are involved in a slugfest. They fight through the ropes and end up fighting to a double c.o. The bell is ringing but the fists continue to fly into the commercial break. 


Commercial Break


Larry Zbyszko vs. Trent Watkins 

Larry dominates while also antagonizing the fans. Larry finishes off Trent with a swinging neckbreaker for the pin. 

Boos as Larry heads to the podium. 

Larry: Listen up Spudheads, I'm a living legend therefore I need a title. Who better to represent the USA Network on television than yours truly. This means I have to beat that underachieving TV champ Rick Martel. Martel, the last time we crossed paths, you stalled and ducked me until the time limit expired. You're gutless and it's time you faced me like a man! 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Fans, I want to bring out the Central States champ Kerry Von Erich. Kerry, we'll be seeing you later on in the main event. I wanted to get your thoughts on Hercules Ayala. Ayala is the number one contender to your title and you'll be facing him in the near future. 

Kerry: Lance, right now I'm focused on my 6 man match later tonight. As you know I've been having issues with the Movement and tonight the Naturals and myself are looking to end those issues. I've said this a million times, I want to be a fighting champ and I'm looking forward to defending this title against Ayala. 

Lance: Ok, a very focused Kerry Von Erich. Let's get to the ring. 


Tiger Chung Lee vs. "Timekeeper" Mike George 


Ron Slinker accompanies Lee to the ring but the Ref sends him to the back. Slinker throws a fit but Lee gives a devious smile and says it's ok. Slinker takes Lee's kendo stick and sets it on the ground outside the ring. 

Lee attacks at the bell and works over George with thrusts and kicks. Lee chokes George on the ropes. Lee swings George to the ropes and goes for a backdrop but George kicks him. The fans cheer as George punches away on Lee then scoop slams him. George follows with a standing leg drop 1..2..Kick Out. George picks up Lee and vertical suplexes him back. 

Boos as Slinker comes back out. Slinker distracts the Ref. The Ref is telling Slinker to get to the back. Lee staggers up and hits George with a lowblow. Cheers as Scott McGhee storms out, picks up Lee's kendo stick, hits the ring and blasts Lee's back! McGhee runs out as George cradles Lee. The Ref turns around and runs over 1..2..3! 

Slinker runs in but George rolls out. The fans cheer as Slinker throws a fit. 

winner of the match- Mike George


Commercial Break 


Rolling Thunder vs. Gary Williams and Todd Rooney 

Pure squash as Rolling Thunder just destroy their opponents. The end comes when Shaw executes a running powerslam on Rooney then tags in DJ. DJ runs over and knocks Williams off the apron. DJ climbs to the top rope. Shaw picks up Rooney by his hair and holds him as DJ nails him with a flying shoulder block for the pin! 

DJ and Shaw cut a promo and say the Super Samoans have blown their chance for the titles and they should be next in line. And if the Samoans have a problem with that then they can try and do something about it! 


Commercial Break 


Footage is shown from last week as Mr. Electricity Steve Regal attacks Bruce Hart from behind and suplexes him on the concrete.

Lance: I would like to bring in Bruce Hart. Bruce, we were all looking forward to your debut and that was ruined by Steve Regal. 


Bruce: Lance, I was really looking forward to debuting here in the USWA. I hear the competition is fierce here and that's why I'm here. Well it appears Steve Regal has a problem with me. Regal, I'm in the USWA and I'm not going anywhere. You and I will cross paths and you better be ready for the wrestling lesson of your life! 

Lance: Bruce Hart makes his long awaited debut next week. Let's go to the ring for a big tag match. 


Coat of Arms vs. The Legion w/Ron Slinker 

This feud has been building and reached a boiling point when Zhukov interfered with a chain to help Slinker and Brooks get a win over the Coat of Arms at a recent house show. Before the bell even rings, Brito and Baron are fighting while DellaSerra and Zhukov are exchanging fists. Slinker motions for the back. Lee and Brooks come out and jump DellaSerra and Brito. Cheers as McGhee, Mike George and Gypsy Joe run out. It's chaos as everybody is fighting! During the chaos, Slinker rolled out of the ring and grabbed Zhukov's chain. 

The fans come unglued as SGT. SLAUGHTER storms out and nails Slinker from behind! Slaughter grabs Slinker and clamps on the cobra clutch! 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Oh my that was quite the fight. Ron Slinker had to be helped out of here. Here comes Sgt. Slaughter. 

Slaughter: Slinker you maggot, it's only a matter of time before I get you one on one. I took care of Baron last week and this weekend Boris Zhukov is next, after him it's just you and me Slinker. Get your affairs in order! 

Lance: Ominous words from Sgt. Slaughter. Fans, I want to bring in the man who'll be facing Nick Bockwinkel for the USWA title at the Hemisfair Arena on February 15th, Carlos Colon. 


Colon: Thank you Lance, I've worked very hard to get to this point and I'm going to make the most of this golden opportunity. Nick....

Boos as Nick Bockwinkel strolls out. 


Bock: Just a minute Mr. Colon, you will have your time but I want to make something absolutely clear. There is no way you're going to outwrestle me for this title. No doubt about it, your a solid competitor but nowhere near the level of a true champion like myself. You just don't have enough intestinal fortitude to get the job done. Your going to find out the hard way what a true champ like myself is all about. Good day. 

Bock arrogantly walks off. 

Colon: Nick Bockwinkel is in for a big surprise. Rest assured I'm ready and brother I plan on taking that title away. 

Lance: I for one am looking forward to that tremendous match up. Fans, before we get to our main event, I'm thrilled to announce that Jerry "The KIng" Lawler will return to TV next week. As I announced last week, the first match signed for the big Scores to Settle card on March 14th will be Lawler versus Adrian Adonis. Looking forward to the return of the King next week. 


Commercial Break 


TV Main Event 

Central States Champ Kerry Von Erich and The Naturals vs. The Movement w/Sonny KIng 

Action packed match as both sides go all out. Wells takes Jones down with a flying headscissors then tags in Adias. Jones staggers up and Adias nails him with a flying press from the top rope 1..2..Whatley and Conway run in to break it which brings in Wells and Kerry. While the Ref is getting control, Whatley nails Adias from behind. The Movement work over Adias and King gets in some cheap shots. Adias finally makes the hot tag to Kerry! Kerry cleans house. Kerry presses Conway over his head and slams him down. Whatley and Jones run in but Adias and Wells are quick and the fight is on! King runs around the ring and distracts the Ref. Whatley and Wells fight through the ropes. Adias and Jones wrestle over the top rope.

HERCULES AYALA runs in and blasts Kerry with a running clothesline! Ayala picks up Kerry and powerslams him over then sets Conway on top of him. Ayala rolls out of the ring while King yells at the Ref to turn around. The Ref turns around and makes the count 1..2..3! 

Ayala storms back in the ring, picks Kerry up and clamps on the bearhug! 

King grabs a chair and nails Wells from behind! King does the same to Adias! 

Whatley picks up Wells and rams him into the steel post! 

Jones body slams Adias on the concrete! 

Ayala throws Kerry down to the mat. 

The show ends as Ayala stands tall with The Movement in the center of the ring. 



Hemisfair Arena Card 2-15-85

USWA Heavyweight Title Bout 

Nick Bockwinkel (C) vs. Carlos Colon 


USWA Tag Team Title Bout 

"Dream Machine" Troy Graham and "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol (C) vs. The Grapplers 


Texas State Title Bout 

Tully Blanchard (C) w/Baby Doll vs. Mr. Olympia 


Central States Title Bout 

Kerry Von Erich (C) vs. Hercules Ayala 



Scores to Settle Closed Circuit Event 3-14-85 

. Market Square Arena, Indianapolis IN

Grudge Match 

Jerry "The KIng" Lawler vs. Adrian Adonis 






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I enjoyed the recap of how Valiant tossed away the Goldmine and the attack by the Oates.  Between all of us and our angles, I admit that sometimes I forget things.  That recap was very helpful!

Soon people will beware of Asian men carrying kendo sticks... Too bad that time has not come for McGhee... or has it.... Nice revenge a few segments later.  

I like Johnny as the Memphis Mafia Man... kind of like Wildfire in ECW.  I think Johnny could have used more heel time in real life in order to get over.  Heel turns or babyface turns do so much for a career.

Great appearance by SARGE!!  That moves him even higher up the pecking order!

A few times in NY, WWC from Puerto Rico was on and Colon was like a GOD!  If he puts down Bock, his stock is going to be on the rinse here in the states also.

The Main Event has really pushed that card in the HemisFair Arena.  Looking forward to Kerry vs Ayala.  Hercules is another of those guys I knew little about but through this game... he has become HUGE!  That is what makes this fun to read and write!  Great Job!

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USWA @ The Freedom Hall Civic Center, Johnson City TN 2-8-85


"The Memphis Mafia Man" Johnny Rich w/"Cool" Carl Fergie vs. "Bronco" Bruce Hart

Hot match to open the show but things get crazy when Mr. Electricity Steve Regal runs out and attacks Hart. Rich and Fergie are about to join in but Wendell Cooley sprints into the ring and knocks Rich through the ropes. Fergie gets Rich out of there quick and Regal soon follows. Hart gets the DQ win. 


Rolling Thunder vs. The Super Samoans

Rolling Thunder called out the Samoans and the Samoans accepted. Both teams are in title contention and want the win bad. Very hard hitting match up that ends when Tui goes for a Thesz Press on DJ but DJ holds him as they fall back which allows Shaw (from the apron) to grab Tui's head and drop it on the top rope. DJ lands on top for the pin. 


"Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal vs. "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley

Valiant is booked elsewhere tonight but it doesn't matter because before the match even starts, Johnny Rich nails Cooley from behind on the aisle. Regal isn't safe because Bruce Hart hits the ring and fists are flying! All four men give the fans a good fight before Security breaks things up. 


TV Title Bout 

Rick Martel (C) vs. Larry Zbyszko 

Larry has had some words for Martel and in his mind he thinks Martel has been dodging and stalling during matches so the time will run out. As soon as the bell rings, Larry bolts out of the ring and once again infuriates the fans with his stalling game. Martel finally has enough and goes out after him. During the match, Larry gets his moments (and stalls). Martel controls most of the match but unfortunately the 10 minute time limit expires once again. 


Central States Tag Team Title Bout 

Bad Attitude w/ "Cool" Carl Fergie vs. The Coat of Arms

Solid 15 minute match as Brito and DellaSerra give the champs a run for their money. In the end, Fergie distracts DellaSerra long enough for Borne and Young to execute a double rib breaker on Brito to retain the titles. 


Sgt. Slaughter vs. Boris Zhukov 

Zhukov brings his chain to the match but that proves to be a big mistake. After a Ref bump, Zhukov tried to use the chain but Slaughter kicked him and followed with a clothesline. Slaughter grabbed the chain. As Zhukov staggered up, Slaughter blasted him with it! The Ref crawled over to make the 3 count. The fans chant USA as Slaughter grabbed the house mic and told the fans that Ron Slinker is next! Good thing Slinker is booked elsewhere tonight. 


Central States Title Bout 

Kerry Von Erich (C) vs. Tiger Conway Jr. 

Kerry's ribs are bandaged after what Hercules Ayala did to him on TV. Conway got the pin on Kerry during that 6 man TV match. Kerry is beyond angry tonight as he just tears into Conway. Conway breaks the rules to give Kerry some trouble but Kerry is a man possessed. Kerry Military Press Slams Conway then swings him hard into the turnbuckles, Conway staggers right into a discuss punch that puts him down for the 1..2..3! 


USWA Title Bout 

Nick Bockwinkel (C) vs. "Timekeeper" Mike George 

Interesting back story here. This was originally a non title match but when Bock found out that he wouldn't be wrestling last he demanded this be a title bout because nobody main events a card but the true champion. 

George makes the most of this opportunity and gives Bock quite a match and quite the scare. The fans really got into George and thought he would pull it off. However, this is Nick Bockwinkel and the man is resilient. Bock comes back and wins the match with a piledriver! Fans boo as Bock arrogantly holds his title high. 



USWA @ The Sam Houston Coliseum Houston TX 2-9-85


Hercules Ayala w/Sonny KIng vs. Sam Smith

Ayala has aligned himself with Sonny King and The Movement. The match is a total squash as Ayala finishes Smith off with a bear hug ram into to turnbuckles followed by a belly to belly suplex! 


Scott McGhee and Gypsy Joe vs. Tiger Chung Lee and Ron Slinker w/Killer Brooks 

Pretty wild match all the way through. Brooks tries to get involved but Gypsy Joe tackles him through the ropes and unloads on him with punches but this leaves McGhee in the ring alone. Lee nails McGhee with a thrust hit and Slinker follows with a karate kick to get the win. 


Brian Adias vs. Shaska Whatley w/Sonny King 

The Naturals and Movement have had some heated matches and tonight one half of those teams have a good fight. Whatley controls for awhile but Adias makes a hot comeback. Adias goes for a pin close to the ropes which allows KIng to grab Adias by his hair to break the count. Adias is at the ropes yelling at King. Whatley sneaks from behind but Adias turns around and quickly hot shots Whatley on the top rope 1..2..3! 


The Goldmine vs. Oates Outstanding w/Johnny Valiant 

Last time the Goldmine got the win but tonight Valiant is in the Oates corner and of course that decides the outcome as Valiant trips Grey and Grey stumbles into a double clothesline by the Oates. Oates get the win tonight but the Goldmine aren't through with them yet. 


"The Technician" Mark Fleming vs. Baron Von Raschke

Fleming gives Baron a headache as he outwrestles him. The tide turns when Ron Slinker comes out to support his comrade. This distraction allows Baron to take control and punish Fleming. Baron swings Fleming into the turnbuckles. Slinker applauds Baron as Baron smiles at him and raises his arms. Baron charges in but Fleming sunset flips over him 1..2..3! Big Upset! Baron gets up and puts the boots to Fleming as Slinker joins in. Baron then clamps on the claw! The fans boo until Scott McGhee and Gypsy Joe run down to stop this. 


George Wells vs. Adrian Adonis

Wells has Adonis bumping as he dropkicks, hip tosses and clotheslines him all over the place. Wells swings Adonis into the corner and charges in with a shoulder ram but Adonis moves and Wells goes through the ropes and hits the post shoulder first. Adonis grabs Wells and puts him down with the DDT for the win! 


Carlos Colon vs. Roosevelt Jones w/Sonny KIng 

Jones gets in his slams and headbutts but Colon comes back with a vengeance. Colon back drops Jones and follows with a jumping fist drop. Colon climbs to the top rope, sends King a warning and finishes Jones off with a diving clothesline for the win. King looks at Jones lying in the ring and simply walks away. 


USWA Tag Team Title Bout 

"Dream Machine" Troy Graham and "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol (C) vs. The Grapplers 

Big rematch! The Grapplers are all over the champs and they don't mind bending the rules. Grappler 1 hoists Graham up and Grappler 2 nails him with a clothesline from the middle ropes but Idol runs in the ring with one of the title belts and blatantly hits Grappler 2 over the head to get DQed! Grappler 1 goes towards Idol but Idol wallops him with the belt. The fans are in riot mode as Idol and Graham head up the aisle with their titles. BOOOOOOO. 


Texas State Title Bout 

Tully Blanchard (C) w/Baby Doll vs. Mr. Olympia 

A lot of hatred as developed between these two and brother it shows as these guys go all out. Both men are bleeding. The Ref catches Baby Doll trying to interfere and after all the managers involvement tonight, the Ref has enough and sends Baby Doll to the back. That gets a huge pop. The match continues to go back and forth. Olympia makes a fiery comeback and the fans roar when he clamps the Sleeper on Tully! The bell rings and the place comes unglued. Olympia is celebrating but oh no. The time limit had expired! The fans and Olympia are disappointed. Olympia grabs the title from the Ref and lays it across Tully's chest as Tully is still out. 



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USWA TV @ The Civic Auditorium, Knoxville TN 2-14-85


Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of USWA wrestling here on the USA Network. Tonight's main event will be a 6 man tag match as The Legion and Killer Brooks will take on the Coat of Arms and Sgt. Slaughter! Another big tag match as The Super Samoans take on Rolling Thunder. Also in action will be Adrian Adonis. And Jerry "The KIng" Lawler returns! Before we get to our first match I want to bring out the Texas State Champ Tully Blanchard along with Baby Doll. 

Boos as Tully and Baby Doll walk out. Tully has an arrogant smirk on his face. 

Lance: Last week in Houston it looked like Mr. Olympia had the title won but the time limit expired. 

Tully: Let me stop you right there! It doesn't matter what it looked like, I'm the one out here with the title. That masked coward had his chance and failed miserably. But it looks like Lawler isn't the only golden boy around here because that masked idiot gets yet another title shot this weekend at the Hemisfair Arena. This makes me sick. Olympia! You don't stand a chance boy! You're nothing but a weak man and inferior wrestler....

Cheers as Olympia comes out! 

Olympia: Enough talking! Let's not wait until Hemisfair. Let's do it right now! 

Olympia gets in the ring. Baby Doll goes to the ring and is berating Olympia. Tully takes off his jacket and sneaks around while Baby Doll is distracting Olympia. Tully gets in the ring and charges with his title but Olympia turns around and kicks Tully then starts pounding away on him as the title goes flying. Olympia swings Tully to the ropes and clotheslines him. Tully bumps then rolls out of the ring as Baby Doll helps him to the back. 

The fans roar as Olympia picks up the Texas title and holds it high. 


Commercial Break 


"Bronco" Bruce Hart vs. Todd Rooney 


Hart finally makes his televised debut. Hart looks impressive as he back drops Rooney and follows with a scoop slam. Hart executes a backbreaker then applies the camel clutch to get the submission win. 

Hart cuts a promo and says he's going to finish what Steve Regal and Johnny Valiant started. 


Commercial Break 


Lance reminds the fans of the big card at the Hemisfair Arena and says the main event will be the long awaited USWA title bout between Nick Bockwinkel and Carlos Colon. He also says the USWA tag champs Troy Graham and Austin Idol will defend the titles against the Grapplers. Lance brings out the Grapplers. 

Grapplers say Graham and Idol are afraid and that's why they intentionally got themselves DQed in their last match. Grapplers say they're going to win back those titles by any means necessary! 


Grapplers vs. Trent Watkins and Gary Riser 


Total squash that ends when Grappler 1 hoists Watkins up and Grappler 2 hits a diving clothesline from the middle ropes for the easy pin. 


Commercial Break 



Another vignette from Les Thornton strolling around and saying it's only a matter of weeks before he brings the greatest wrestler in the world to the USWA. He's talking about Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair. 



Lance: Tony St. Clair from the United Kingdom will make his debut against The Technician Mark Fleming at our Scores to Settle closed circuit event on March 15th. Speaking of the Scores to Settle event. Another match has been added as Sgt. Slaughter will take on Ron Slinker in a boot camp match. Wow! What a night that will be. Back to the ring. 


Roosevelt Jones w/Sonny KIng  vs. "Timekeeper" Mike George

King has recently shown some frustration with Jones but he's in his corner tonight. 

Jones attacks at the bell and goes to work. Jones swings George to the ropes and puts him down with a back elbow smash. Jones follows with a diving headbutt 1..2..Kick Out. Jones stomps away on George and looks over at King. KIng approves and nods. Jones body slams George then hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a headbutt but George moves. George fires up, swings Jones to the ropes and back drops him. George follows with a vertical suplex. KIng gets on the apron and yells at George. George walks over. Jones staggers up and heads towards George but George turns around and hammers away on Jones then slams him into the turnbuckles shoulder first. George scoops up Jones and hits a shoulder breaker 1..2..3! 

George enjoys the cheers as King looks at Jones, shakes his head and walks away. 


Commercial Break 


Central States Tag Team Champs Bad Attitude w/"Cool" Carl Fergie vs. Sam and Sean Smith 


Fergie loves what he sees as the champs take apart their opponents before finishing Sam off with a double rib breaker! 

Boos as Fergie leads his team to the podium. 

Fergie: Don't say anything nerd. That was a message sent by Matt Borne and Gary Young. Any team that thinks they deserve a title shot better think twice! 

Borne: That's right! There aint a team bad enough that can take us. 

Young: But if they want to try then bring it on boys! 

Fergie: Man, I love these guys. Now, later on you will see Johnny Rich in action and I have made sure that hellion Wendell Cooley has been banned from the building tonight. A class act like Johnny Rich doesn't need to be distracted by a loose cannon. I'm only thinking of our safety. 

Lance: (rolls his eyes) We'll be right back 


Commercial Break 


"Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal w/Johnny Valiant vs. Gary Williams 


Regal swings Williams to the ropes and hits a high jumping knee. Regal scoops up Williams and executes a Northern Lights Suplex for the 1..2..3! 

Regal and Valiant cut a promo and warn Bruce Hart this is only the beginning of his troubles. 


Valiant and Regal exit as Sonny KIng comes out with Hercules Ayala. 

Lance: Well it appears that Hercules Ayala has joined forces with The Movement. Your Movement has been coming up short against the Central States Champ Kerry Von Erich. 

King: You shut your mouth! Did you see what happened last week? Did you see Hercules Ayala throw Von Erich around like a rag doll? Young Von Erich your days as champion are over. Ayala is the number one contender and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Ayala has been overlooked time and time again but now that I'm with him that all stops! This weekend that punk can kiss his Central States title goodbye! And Naturals, don't think the Movement has forgotten about you. 

Lance: I want to ask about your recent behavior towards Roosevelt Jones.

King: Jones hasn't been pulling his weight recently and if that keeps up he will need to find employment elsewhere. Get what I'm saying? 


Commercial Break 


Rolling Thunder vs. The Super Samoans 

The bell rings and all four men are brawling. The Ref tries to get order but eventually throws the match out. It doesn't matter because the teams keep fighting and brawl all over the place! 


Commercial Break 


Pre recorded promos by Nick Bockwinkel and Carlos Colon as they get ready for their big title match at the Hemisfair Arena this weekend. 


"The Memphis Mafia Man" Johnny Rich w/"Cool" Carl Fergie vs. Pete Sampson 

Rich gets a lot of heat tonight as he works over his opponent while yelling insults at the fans. Fergie also chimes in as the fans really give it to them. Rich wins the match with a flying elbow from the top rope! 

Rich cuts a promo and says Wendell Cooley is nothing but an underachiever who wont amount to anything in this business. 


Commercial Break 


Adrian Adonis vs. Vic Dutro 


Adonis viciously works Dutro over with kicks, stomps, choking and punches. Adonis hits the DDT for the pin. Adonis isn't finished as he picks Dutro up and hits another DDT! The fans boo as Adonis picks up Dutro and clamps on the sleeper! The Ref is yelling and warning Adonis but Adonis continues to wrench away. 

The fans erupt as Jerry Lawler hits the ring!!! 

Lawler grabs Adonis by his hair and yanks him off Dutro. Lawler just pounds away on Adonis! Lawler winds up and sends Adonis over the top rope with a punch! Adonis bumps around on the ground before crawling out of there. The fans are on their feet cheering as Lawler checks on Dutro. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Ok, that poor kid Vic Dutro was taken out by medics. I'm glad Lawler was here before things got worse. Jerry, come on over. 

The fans are still cheering. 

Lawler: Lance, it's great to be back! What we just saw was absolutely deplorable! That kid is just trying to make it and that scumbag Adonis tried to severely injure him. Adonis! You and I have a date with destiny at Scores to Settle and brother I have a score to settle with you! It's not going to be a fight it's going to be a massacre! I'm going to beat you and beat you and then beat you up some more. I cant wait! Get ready because the King is back! 


Lance: Ok, the King is back in town! Our big main event when we come back.


Commercial Break 


Sgt. Slaughter and The Coat of Arms vs. The Legion and Killer Brooks w/ "Captain" Ron Slinker 

Slinker cut a pre match promo and said Slaughter isn't going to make it to their boot camp match at Scores to Settle. 

Slaughter, Brito and DellaSerra are in sync as they come out with guns blaring. Coat of Arms swing Brooks to the ropes and double clothesline him down. Slaughter follows with a knee drop 1..2..Legion run in and a pier six brawl starts. Brito dropkicks Zhukov through the ropes as DellaSerra clotheslines Baron over the top rope. Slinker jumps on the apron and Slaughter knocks him off. The Ref gets order. 

Slaughter and The Coat of Arms continue to dominate. Slinker hops on the apron and is distracting the Ref as another pier six brawl happens. Slaughter runs around the ring and yanks Slinker off the apron. Slaughter punches away on Slinker. Inside the ring DellaSerra hits a back suplex on Baron but the Ref is distracted by Slaughter and Slinker on the outside. 

Killer Brooks reaches in his tights and pulls out a foreign object and nails Brito then drops a loaded fist drop on DellaSerra! 

 Baron and Zhukov double suplex DellaSerra. The Ref finally turns around and counts 1..2..3! 

The Legion and Brooks continue to stomp away on Brito and DellaSerra. Slaughter sees this and storms the ring with fists flying but the numbers game is to much and Slaughter takes a beating. Slinker staggers into the ring with a chair. The Legion pull Slaughter up. Slinker blasts Slaughter over the head with the chair! Slaughter is busted open. 

The fans cheer as Gypsy Joe and Scott McGhee hit the ring with chairs! Slinker and his crew quickly exit but the damage has been done. 




This weekend at the Hemisfair Arena 


USWA Title Bout 

Nick Bockwinkel (C) vs. Carlos Colon


USWA Tag Title Bout

Troy Graham and Austin Idol (C) vs. The Grapplers 


Texas State Title Bout 

Tully Blanchard (C) w/Baby Doll vs. Mr. Olympia 


Central States Title Bout 

Kerry Von Erich (C) vs. Hercules Ayala w/Sonny KIng 



Scores to Settle Closed Circuit Event 3-15-85 

Market Square Arena, Indianapolis IN


Jerry "The King' Lawler vs. Adrian Adonis 


Boot Camp Match 

Sgt. Slaughter vs. "Captain" Ron Slinker 











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USWA @ The Hemisfair Arena, San Antonio TX 2-15-85


Scott McGhee vs. Tiger Chung Lee 

This feud is still raging and this match defiantly gets the crowd warmed up. After an intense few minutes, McGhee gets a quick pin via a small package. After the match, as McGhee was heading back up the aisle, Lee nailed him from behind with his kendo stick. Lee gave McGhee several hits before leaving. 

Winner of the match- Scott McGhee 


Coat of Arms vs. The Legion 

These teams have been tearing it up recently and tonight is no different. It's a solid and hard hitting match. A pier six brawl breaks out and as the Ref is guiding DellaSerra back to his corner, Baron sends DellaSerra through the ropes with a knee to the back. Zhukov blasts Brito with a clothesline from behind then Baron finishes him off with the claw!

Winners of the match- The Legion


"Captain" Ron Slinker vs. Roosevelt Jones w/Sonny KIng  

Interesting match between two heels. King has been fed up with Jones recent losses but decided to give him another chance tonight. Slinker gets massive heat stemming from busting Sgt. Slaughter open with a chair shot on TV. 

Jones seems rejuvenated tonight as he really takes the fight to Slinker. As this is going on, Slinker's army (Lee and The Legion) comes to ringside. Jones hammers away on Slinker and swings off the ropes but Lee trips him from the outside, Jones stumbles right into a karate kick to the face and Slinker gets the 1..2..3! Slinker isn't satisfied and puts the boots to Jones. Sonny King looks at all the men and puts up his hands and motions for them to do what they want. The fans boo as King leaves Jones in the ring. Slinker and his men really put a beating on Jones until the Coat of Arms run in to stop it. 

Winner of the match- Ron Slinker 


Texas State Title Bout 

Tully Blanchard (C) w/Baby Doll vs. Mr. Olympia

In their last encounter, Olympia looked to have the match won but the time limit expired. On TV they had a heated impromptu fight in which Baby Doll ended up having to help Tully to the back. 

Even though this is Tully's town, he gets a lot of heat. Once again these guys put on a show. They go back and forth in an intense match. At the 20 minute mark, Olympia is going to town and locks on the sleeper. Tully is frantically waving his arms and hits the Ref. The Ref goes down. Olympia has that sleeper locked on and Tully is just about out when WHAM! Baby Doll nails Olympia with a loaded purse! Baby Doll puts Tully on top of Olympia then drags the Ref over. The Ref slowly counts 1..2..3! 

Once again, Baby Doll has to help Tully out of there.

Winner of the Match and still Texas State Champion- Tully Blanchard 


Central States Title Bout 

Kerry Von Erich vs. Hercules Ayala w/Sonny KIng 

Of course King gets big time heat from that heartless act earlier. Those boos turn into a thunderous roar when Kerry comes down the aisle. Recently on TV, Ayala aligned himself with King then proceeded to put a beating on Kerry. 

Kerry has the fans up and cheering as he's all over Ayala during the opening minutes. Ayala comes back and unloads a series of power moves on Kerry. Kerry fights back and eventually the fight goes to the outside. Ayala gets momentum thanks to a cheap shot by KIng. Ayala hurls Kerry back into the ring and proceeds to take him apart. Ayala swings Kerry to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Kerry hits a sunset flip 1..2..3! The place goes crazy! 

WHAM! Ayala clotheslines Kerry from behind! Ayala puts the boots to Kerry then hurls him outside the ring. KIng gets in a few kicks. Ayala picks up Kerry and rams him headfirst into the steel post, busting him open. Ayala picks up Kerry and clamps on his bearhug then rams Kerry several times into the steel post before hitting a belly to belly suplex on the concrete. These Texas fans are in riot mode. Security comes out. Fans throw garbage at Ayala and King as they head up the aisle.

Winner of the match and still Central States Champion- Kerry Von Erich  


USWA Tag Team Title Bout 

"Dream Machine" Troy Graham and "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol (C) vs. The Grapplers 

The Grapplers are on fire tonight as they take it to the champs. Idol and Graham get in their moments but the Grapplers are on their A game. The Grapplers double clothesline Idol over the top rope then do the same to Graham. After regrouping, the champs grab their titles and just walk out. The fans boo as the Ref has no choice but to count them out. 

Winners by CO- The Grapplers

However still the USWA tag team champs- Troy Graham and Austin Idol. BOOOOOOOOO! 


USWA Heavyweight Title Bout 

Nick Bockwinkel (C) vs. Carlos Colon 

This is the big one the fans have been waiting for and man do these guys deliver. The first 10 minutes they match each other hold for hold. Bock takes control and works Colon over for a few minutes, executing a variety of suplexes. Colon fights back and takes it to Bock. Colon slams Bock, hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a fist drop but cant put Bock away. At the 45 minute mark, Bock is really working Colon's leg. Bock then applies the figure four! The fans are cheering Colon on as he refuses to submit. Bock puts the pressure on but Colon is able to reach the ropes. 

A frustrated Bock swings Colon into the corner and charges in but Colon raises his knee and Bock's head crashes right into it. After regrouping, Colon takes over and now he works the leg of Bock. The fans come unglued as Colon clamps on the figure four! Colon is wrenching away and Bock is screaming in agony. 

Ding! Ding! Ding! 

The time limit expires! 

The Ref tells Colon to break it and informs him of the time. Colon releases and lays back in disappointment. Bock is still laid out as the Ref sets the title on him. 

Official ruling- A 60 minute time limit draw

Nick Bockwinkel is still the USWA Champion


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I'm having fun catching up on USWA.....I've always enjoyed Johnny V and you've captured him well during his tenure with your promotions.

The Grapplers have long been a favorite team of mine and I'm enjoying their feud with Idol and Graham for the titles.

Kerry gets a big win over Ayala but Herc keeps his heat after the match....good. stuff

Looking forward to Lawler vs. Adonis!

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Awesome job of using tv to sell tickets at the big events!

Fun heel vs heel match with Roosevelt and Slinker... looks like a turn to the good side for Roosevelt

Tully and Baby Doll is proving to be a tough duo to get past!

Kerry gets a nice win but it looks like there is more to this feud!  

Like how you captured the fans boooooing when they didn't know the title didn't change hands with the CO

Nice showing for Colon as he takes Bock to the limit.  This will help him to get to over in a market that he isn't as well known... Good Job

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USWA @ The Eblen Center, Cookeville TN 2-16-85

The Movement vs. Sam and Sean Smith

Pure squash just to get the fans going. The Movement do a great job of getting massive heat. Whatley and Conway execute a double Russian Legsweep to get the easy win.

Winners of the Match- The Movement  


"Timekeeper" Mike George vs. "The Technician" Mark Fleming 

Solid opener between two fan favorites. Both men display their vast wrestling arsenal in this seesaw match. They have a good segment of chain wrestling before the 10 minute time limit expires. The fans cheer as both men shake hands. 

Official Ruling- A 10 minute draw


Rolling Thunder vs. The Super Samoans

Another hard hitting match up between two very hard hitting teams. In a wild finish, Shaw goes to clothesline Sakalia but Tui pulls the rope down and Shaw tumbles over. The Samoans nail DJ with a double superkick to get the pin! 

Winners of the Match- The Super Samoans


Killer Brooks vs. Gypsy Joe

This is nothing but a 7 minute bloody brawl as these guys just beat the hell out of each other. They end up colliding heads and Gypsy Joe just happens to fall on top to get the pin.

Winner of the match- Gypsy Joe


The Goldmine and "Bronco" Bruce Hart vs. Oates Outstanding and "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal w/Johnny Valiant  

Lot's of heat in this match. The Goldmine and Oates have been battling on the house show loops while Hart has a score to settle with Regal since that attack on TV. 

Fun and fast paced match. Regal manages to avoid Hart for most of the match. A pier six brawl breaks out and Hart finally manages to unload on Regal. The Ref is tangled up with them which allows Valiant to sneak in the ring and nail Grey with a loaded towel. Ted Oates covers as Jerry tackles Rogers. The Ref turns around and runs over 1..2..3! 

Winners of the match- Oates Outstanding and Steve Regal 


"Wildcat" Wendell Cooley vs. "The Memphis Mafia Man" Johnny Rich w/ "Cool" Carl Fergie

This one's been brewing and tonight they finally go one on one. 

The match is a barn burner. Cooley is on fire as he takes it to Rich during the opening moments, even drawing blood early. A distraction from Fergie allows Rich to take control. Rich comes back with a vengeance and manages to bust Cooley open. Rich goes for his flying elbow off the top rope but Cooley moves. It's all Cooley as he unleashes on Rich. Fergie jumps on the apron but Cooley grabs him, winds up and punches him off the apron. Rich gets up and they end up fighting through the ropes. The Ref hits the 10 count as both men are brawling all over the outside. They brawl for another couple minutes before Rich and Fergie take off. 

Official Ruling- A Double CO 


Central States Tag Team Title Bout 

Bad Attitude (C) vs. The Naturals

It appears Carl Fergie is still shaken up because he's not out here with his champs.

Wells and Adias are hitting their stride as a team and it shows tonight as they're really gelling well. On the flip side, Borne and Young are rolling as champs and show off some solid teamwork as well. The Naturals take control at the 15 minute mark as Wells puts Young down with a tackle off the ropes. Borne runs in as does Adias but the Ref gets sandwiched and goes down. The Naturals double dropkick Borne through the ropes. Wells swings Young to the ropes and Adias hits a crossbody block. Adias is on top for a few seconds but the Ref is still out. 

Boos as The Movement storm the ring and nail Wells with a double clothesline. They pick up Adias and hit a Double Russian Legsweep. The fans boo as they leave. Young rolls over on top of Adias as the Ref crawls over and counts 1..2..3! 

Winners of the match and still Central States Tag Team Champs- Bad Attitude 


Jerry "The King" Lawler and TV Champ Rick Martel vs. Adrian Adonis and Larry Zbyszko

Last month, Adonis interfered and costed Lawler his USWA title match with Bockwinkel. Adonis also put Lawler out of action with a DDT on a chair. Lawler finally  returned to TV and Adonis felt his wrath. Martel has been defending his TV title on the loops against Zbyszko. Thanks to a lot of stalling and mind games by Zbyszko, the matches have ended in 10 minute draws. 

The match starts with fire as Lawler goes right after Adonis and hammers away. Larry tries to bail but Martel grabs him and goes to town. The Ref lets them go for a bit before finally getting control. After Adonis and Larry bump for a few minutes they manage to finally turn things around as Larry nails Martel with a knee to the back from the apron. Adonis clotheslines Martel down and tags in Larry. Larry relishes this and works Martel over. Larry executes a swinging neckbreaker 1..2..Lawler runs in to break it. Adonis runs in but Lawler punches him back to the corner. Lawler punches Larry before going back to his corner. Martel eventually makes the hot tag just as Larry stumbles back and tags in Adonis. Adonis stays on the apron but Lawler grabs him by his hair and hurls him over the top rope. The fans go wild as Lawler unloads on Adonis. Lawler scoop slams Adonis, swings off the ropes and lands a jumping knee drop 1..2..Larry breaks it. Martel runs in and the fight is on! The Ref is lost in all the chaos. Lawler knocks Adonis out of the ring. Martel dropkicks Larry right into a back suplex by Lawler 1..2..3! 

Larry wasn't the legal man but the Ref lost control and counted him down. 

The fans are up and cheering! Lawler and Martel are standing tall. The King is back baby!  

Winners of the match- Jerry Lawler and Rick Martel 




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Nice card for the Eblon Center.  I admit I had never heard of it but did a little research and saw that it holds almost 10,000. I bet they all left happy after Lawler comes through with the main event win.  I think Lawler vs Adonis could be EPIC.

I said it before but I am really liking Johnny Rich as a heel.  I think him and Cooley is a great feud!

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