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Eight year old me in '85 would have BEGGED my Dad to make the 2 and half hour drive to Memphis to see this card!


"The Vin Man" has arrived, I've loved the vignettes and now he's here and gets the win. I look forward to seeing how quickly he can make fans believe the hype!


"Diamond" Timothy Flowers is a guy I didn't get to see much of back in the day but read a lot about him in the magazines, I'm enjoying him here in the USWA so far, nice win over "Sweet" Norvell!


This Studd vs. Sivi Afi match has been well built and it delivered, Studd may not have heard the last of Afi just yet.


Ayala is one of those classic Memphis stories where a heel's toughness makes easy for the fan's to get behind him after turning babyface, I could totally see the fans backing Ayala especially against a heel like Singh.


The Armstrongs get a great win but there's no way Ron Fuller is done tormenting the Armstrong family…I doubt it will EVER be over between the Fullers and the Armstrongs.


Poor Cooley….just when he thinks he end all this madness with the Rich family, cousin Johnny shows back up to help Tommy get the win…..looks like Wendell needs some back up.


As I've mentioned in the past….I'm a big fan of Dr. Troy Graham and you've got him down pat…..but with the Nightmare there to even the odds, The Medics and Dr. Troy just couldn't pull off the win against the Grapplers, who are the most dominant team in the USWA for the past several months or more.


Orndorff retains against the 'Foreman' then outta nowhere Dick Slater arrives…..these two are sure to have some violent matches all over the USWA territory!


Wells put up a heck of a fight on his own but the Karachi Vice retain!


Nothing tops off a holiday in Memphis like a title win for the King!!  What a match! Everything it needed to be and then some…..great win for Lawler and the perfect way to send the fans hope happy on the 4th of July!!  Great show!!!

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USWA TV @ The Civic Center, Knoxville TN, 7-10-85


Show opens with footage from the Mid South Coliseum as Jerry Lawler defeats Tully Blanchard to win the USWA Title! 

Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of USWA wrestling here on the USA Network. We'll be talking a lot about what went down at the Independence Day show. The new USWA champ Jerry Lawler will be with us tonight. You'll see the debut of two new tag teams along with the debut of the electrifying Ben Bassarab. Tonight's main event is a big one as Big John Studd takes on Siva Afi. Studd gave Afi his first USWA loss but it looks like Afi is right back on his heels. Right now I want to show you some pre recorded comments from Bob Armstrong. 


Armstrong: On behalf of the Armstrong family we want to thank the great USWA fans for all their support. It appears Ron Fuller has left the territory and it so happens that we know where he's going. It saddens us to have to leave the USWA but the Armstrong's have unfinished business with Ron Fuller and we have to take care of it. Once again a big thank you to all you great fans and we hope to see you again someday. 

Lance: Ok there you have it....

Boos as the Syndicate (Brian Adias and Gary Young) come out.

Young: You see Brian, I told you! Ron has left us and it's all your fault! 

Adias: Whoa, what do you mean my fault? 

Young: Your the one who was pinned in our match with the Armstrong's! It sure the hell wasn't my shoulders on the mat! This was our big chance and you blew it! I'm disgusted just looking at you! Maybe I need to put you down the old fashion way. 

Adias: If you want to get in that ring with me, hey I'm good with that. But don't get upset when it's your shoulders on the mat this time! 

Cheers as Adias hits the ring, pumps his fists and tells Young to get in here. 

Lance: Oh boy, looks like we have an impromptu match. 


Gary Young vs. Brian Adias 

The bell rings and fists are flying as these two recent partners are going at it. Adias gets the upper hand and punches away then swings Young to the ropes and back drops him. Young staggers up and Adias puts him down with a big punch. Adias picks up Young and executes an airplane spin! Adias slams Young down and covers 1..2..WHAM!!! 

Lance: Wait a minute that's Joel Deaton! 

Deaton has a bullrope and is hitting Adias with it! Deaton helps Young up. They swing Adias to the ropes and clothesline him down with the bullrope! The fans are booing as Young and Deaton go to the podium. 


Young: Adias just doesn't have what it takes to be my partner. But this man sure does. 

Deaton: We're here and we're serving notice to all the tag teams in the USWA! Get ready boys because the Lone Stars are ready to fight! 

Lance: I certainly wasn't ready for that opening. We'll be back. 


Commercial Break 


"The Electrifying" Ben Bassarab vs. Gary Williams 


Ben dazzles the fans with his high flying offense. He slams Williams then goes to the top rope. Williams staggers up and Ben puts him down with a missile dropkick for the pin! 

Lance: Tremendous win for Ben Bassarab. I'm expecting big things from that exciting young man. Switching gears, at the Independence Day show, Gerry Morrow no showed and left his partner George Wells at the hands of Karachi Vice. Come on over Gerry, I have a lot of questions for you. 


Morrow comes out in a suit and sunglasses along with a bottle of Champaign and a couple glasses. He opens the bottle and pours the Champaign into the glasses. He smiles and gives one to Lance.

Morrow: A toast, to the finer things in life. 

Lance: Thank you but  I'm on duty Gerry. 

Morrow: (Laughs) AHHHHH you worry to much. Lighten up Lance. 

Lance: Ok let's get down to business. Just where were you on July 4th and how could you do that to your partner? I mean he suffered some injuries at the hands of Karachi Vice.

Morrow: (Takes a sip) AHHH this is very good. On July 3rd I received the greatest news of my life. I received a huge inheritance. More money than I know what to do with. So you see, I had bigger things on my mind than messing around with Karachi Vice. It is now time to enjoy the finer things in life. I will compete when I want to. George Wells wouldn't understand. I did not want to hear him cry. I don't need the aggravation. It's time to enjoy life and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Morrow takes his glass and taps Lance's glass then walks out. 

Lance: You talk about money changing a person. We'll be back. 


Commercial Break 


The Sweet Ebony Express vs. Todd Rooney and Willie Lopez


The fans cheer as Norvell Austin and Skip Young enter the ring. Norvell is wearing his purple fedora hat while Young is wearing a purple headband. Both men are wearing purple wrestling pants. The Express are in total synch as they work their opponents over. Norvell tags in Young. Norvell swings Lopez to the ropes and back drops him. Lopez staggers up and Young hits a sunset flip for the win! The fans cheer as the Express go to the podium. 

Lance: Ok big win for the debuting Sweet Ebony Express. Norvell how did this team come to be?

Norvell: Well Lance it was real simple. I got a call from my sweet buddy Skip Young and he said Norvell I'm looking for a lot of action brother. How's the tag team scene up there and I said it's fierce baby but I think we can make an impact and here we are! 

Young: Norvell is telling it like it is. Sweet Norvell has been tearing it up here and now Sweet Brown Sugar is here and together we're going to make some noise! 

Lance: There you have it from the Sweet Ebony Express. We'll be back. 


Commercial Break 


The Medics w/Dr. Troy Graham vs. The Club 

Graham is upset tonight which means his Medics are upset. The Club have fallen on hard times recently but are no pushovers. They put up a decent fight but a distraction from Graham allows both Medics to punch Steve O off the apron and hit a double rib breaker on George for the pin! While Graham escorts the Medics to the podium, Steve O realizes what happened and looks down at George with a disappointing look. 

Lance: Well Graham, the Grapplers got the best of your boys at the Inde....

Graham: I'm not going to tell you again! You will refer to me as Dr. Troy Graham because I damn well earned it! My Medics would of clearly won that match if it wasn't for that no good cheating coward of a man the Nightmare! So he thinks he can get one over on a smart man like me? Think again! You did me a favor Nightmare. Now I know exactly what to do! 

Graham pulls out his old mask and puts it on.


Graham: That's right! I'm getting back in the ring. Next week at the Hemisfair Arena,  It's going to be those three masked wrestling wannabes against the Medics and myself, Dr. Dream Machine! Oh yea babay, I'm back and the three of us are going to wipe the canvas with those three uneducated losers! 

Lance: Now I've heard it all. We'll be back with the Beauty Shop. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the Beauty Shop sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 


Brenda: Hi everyone it's so good to be back. If the USA network thought I gave them high ratings before just wait until tonight. I always have the big scoops and tonight I have a blockbuster one. My guests are none other than Tommy Wildfire Rich and his cousin the Memphis Mafia Man Johnny Rich. 

Boos as the Rich's come out. 

Brenda: Welcome gentlemen. It's so nice to be around real southern men like yourselves. Tommy, your cousin lost a loser leaves town match to Wendell Cooley at Parade of Champions. Now I'm so glad he's back but how did you pull it off? 

Tommy: Brenda I have to say, you are absolutely stunning. Now, Johnny Rich lost a loser leaves town match as a wrestler. He's not here as a wrestler. He's here as my personal bodyguard. Everybody knows that the Memphis Mafia are the greatest bodyguards in the world so who better to watch my back then the Memphis Mafia Man himself Johnny Rich.

Brenda: Wow! You are the smartest man I've ever met. That's pure genius. 

Johnny: You know Brenda, us Rich's are always one step ahead. We're a step ahead of the USWA and we're a step ahead of that idiot Wendell Cooley.

Brenda and the Rich's share a laugh.

Brenda: Once again you heard it here first. Until next week tooooooooodles! 


Commercial Break 


"Wildcat" Wendell Cooley vs. Vic Dutro

Cooley is all business and finishes off his opponent in less than a minute with a running bulldog! 

Lance: Wendell, I'm sure you heard the Rich's.

Cooley: I heard them alright and this is going to end once and for all! Next week at the Hemisfair Arena, I'm challenging Tommy Rich to a loser leaves town match. And when I win, both Tommy and Johnny must go. No more loopholes. I win, they're both gone! Lance, this will end! 

Lance: Oh my, the big challenge has been made. Wendell Cooley is fired up tonight. You've heard about the Hemisfair card next week. I also want to remind the fans the USWA will be at the Freedom Hall Civic Center tomorrow night. On that card the Karachi Vice will defend their tag titles against the number one contenders American Made. And listen to this, Paul Orndorff will defend the Central States title against Dick Slater. You all saw Slater attack Orndorff after his match on July 4th and it was Orndorff who wanted this match. 

Dick Slater storms out

Slater: I told you and everybody else that Central States title belongs to me! Tomorrow i officially take it home, where it rightfully belongs! Orndorff! You're through! 


Commercial Break  


The Technicians (Bob Roop and Brad Rheingans) vs, Sam Smith and William Hillman 


Technicians come out wearing their amateur wrestling attire. They easily work over their opponents with their vast wrestling skills. Roop executes a shoulder breaker on Sam then holds the arm while he tags in Brad. Brad comes off the top rope with a knee to Sam's shoulder and scores the easy pin! They head to the podium. 

Lance: Another solid tag team debut. Now how did you guys get together? 

Brad: I was watching the outstanding matches between Bob and Yoshiaki Yatsu. I realized how similar Bob and my backgrounds are and I thought we could make one hell of a wrestling team. 

Roop: We can learn a lot from each other and with our wrestling knowledge we know we can win. That's why were together and that's what we're gong to do. 

Roop and Rheingans shake hands and exit. 


Commercial Break 


Central States 6 man Champion Greg Gagne w/Arnold Skaaland vs. Franklin Jones  

Gagne is in solo action and simply toys with his opponent before finishing him off with a high flying dropkick! 

Skaaland and Gagne are joined at the podium with fellow Elite members Bruce Hart and David Sammartino.

Skaaland: Look at these men. They are champions! Now as champions they have certain rights. I told you any of these 3 men can go after any title in the USWA. I'm going to make good on that promise because next week at the Hemisfair Arena, Greg Gagne will go for the USWA title against that inferior wrestler Jerry Lawler.

Bruce: You got this Greg. You're going to wrestle circles around him. 

David: That clown can't even lace up your boots. The title is yours Greg. 

Greg: Thank you for the kind words. This is what a supporting family does. Lawler, you simply have no chance. I can outwrestle and out think you. Arnold, I'm bringing the title to the Elite. 

Skaaland: (Wipes Greg's forehead with his towel)  I know you are Greg. You're a good man. 

Lance: That title match takes place next week at the Hemisfair Arena. Our main event when we come back 


Commercial Break 


Big John Studd vs. "The Polynesian Prince" Siva Afi 


Studd attacks Afi as soon as he gets in the ring. The Ref signals for the bell as Studd pounds away on Afi. Afi starts to punch back then unloads. Afi hits a jumping headbutt then dropkicks Studd into the corner. Afi charges in but Studd lifts his big boot up and nails Afi's face. Studd regroups and goes to work. Studd executes a hanging suplex 1..2.Kick Out. Studd hits a gut wrench suplex then follows with a big elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. Studd is furious and starts choking Afi. Studd chokes Afi with his boot then rakes it across Afi's head. Studd lifts Afi up and hits a backbreaker 1..2..Afi gets his shoulder up! Studd spends to much time arguing and threatening the Ref. 

Studd picks up Afi and swings him to the ropes but misses a clothesline, Afi swings back and nails Studd with a flying headbutt. The fans pump Afi up. Afi starts to unload with punches. Studd is wobbling. Afi hits a jumping headbutt then another! Studd is wobbling. Afi swings off the ropes then hits a flying press that sends both men over the top rope! 

The Ref is counting. Both men stagger up and trade blows. Studd punches Afi to the steel post and charges but Afi moves and Studd hits the post shoulder first. Afi rolls into the ring as the Ref hits 10. The fans are up and cheering! 

Lance: How about that. Siva Afi makes it back in the ring just in time to get the count out victory. 

The fans roar as Afi gives them the hang loose sign and exits. 

Studd gets up and slams his fists on the apron. The Ref exits but Studd grabs him and starts berating him. The Ref says something and Studd grabs him by his shirt and tosses him! Other officials run out and one by one Studd punches and throws them! 

Lance: We're going to need some help! 

Prelim wrestlers run out but Studd is all over them! Studd is throwing bodies everywhere. Siva Afi, The Technicians and Wendell Cooley run out and then Studd finally retreats. 

Lance: We have a chaotic scene here. I know Studd is going to pay severely for his actions. We'll be back.


Commercial Break


Lance: Fans, I understand Studd will be punished for his actions. Also, Tommy Rich has accepted the loser leaves town challenge from Wendell Cooley. That will happen next week at the Hemisfair Arena. Also on that card, Jerry Lawler will defend the USWA title against Greg Gagne. Please welcome out the new USWA champ The King Jerry Lawler! 

Huge POP as Lawler comes out with his king's crown on and title on his shoulder. 

Lance: Congratulations King. 

Lawler: Thank you very much Lance, it feels so good to be wearing gold again. This has been quite a year for me. I went to war with Adrian Adonis and then went straight into title matches with Blanchard. Both men talked a lot of crap and vowed to put me out of wrestling and now both of them are gone. The King is standing tall and wearing the belt. I heard Greg Gagne and his boys out here talking. Yea you're a great wrestler Greg but let's see how you react to a punch in the mouth! You're next on the list and you're going down just like the rest. 

Lance: Ok, the USWA Champion Jerry Lawler, fans we'll see you next week. 



Tomorrow Night 

Freedom Hall Civic Center 


Central States Title Bout 

"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff (C) vs. "Dirty" Dick Slater 


USWA Tag Team Title Bout 

Karachi Vice (C) vs. American Made

plus more exciting bouts  


Next Week


Hemisfair Arena 

USWA Title Bout 

Jerry "The King" Lawler (C) vs. Greg Gagne w/Arnold Skaaland 


Loser Leaves Town Match 

Tommy "Wildfire" Rich w/"The Memphis Mafia Man" Johnny Rich vs. "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley 


The Grapplers and Nightmare vs. Dr. Dream Machine and The Medics 


Hercules Ayala vs. Tiger Jeet Singh 


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Great exit for the Armstrongs.  In this game we move talent around so often and it is hard to come up with reasons for it on out TV shows.  We usually use the big loser-leave-town bouts or say nothing but your idea was very creative and classy.  Nice job!

Nice debut for Joel Deaton!

Nice way to change Gary Morrow's character.  Very interesting.  Wonder if this is another departure or a new gimmick.  Either way... brilliant.  

Love the Sweet Ebony Express.  I am glad Sweet Brown Sugar ended up in a good place.  He was one of my favorites growing up and I am glad he ended up with the King of the Midcarders.

Oh yeah!  Dr. Dream Machine is here!  The Medics have not said a word but are already one of my favorite teams in the game.

The Beauty Shop was once again a big hit.  Wildifre is underrated in my opinion.  Where ever he went, he was Main Event Material and people always seem to put him down.  In a southern style promotion, he was magic on the mic and could draw the heat or get the love from any crowd he was in front off.  No different here.  Wildfire and Johnny are going to the fans going!  Poor Wendell Cooley better get some help.

You know your territory is hitting on all cylinders when you can make Greg Gagne interesting.  Really enjoying the Skaaland and the Elite.

WOW!   Was shocked that Sivi Afo got the win over Studd and then ever more shocked at how Studd reacted.  Can't wait for nest week to see the fall out of this one.

Lawler back wit the gold just seems normal but he better be ready for ALL the ELITE.  As Gagne said, the Elite is a supporting family!

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As mentioned, great way to write off the Armstrongs and leave the door open for an eventual return at some point.

The Syndicate meltdown happened sooner than I expected but what a great pairing with Deaton!

Speaking of great pairings the Sweet Ebony Express has a ton of potential and I look forward to seeing who they get into a feud with first.

Paging Dr. Dream Machine....I love it!  The Medics are even more dangerous with Dream rather than Troy!

Great beauty shop segment with the Rich Cousins! They've found a loophole to bring Johnny back and this is a huge problem for Wendell Cooley!

Nice win for Sivi Afi which was done in such a way it was impactful but doesn't hurt Studd at all, nicely done!

Lawler as the champ just feels right but he better not underestimate Arnie and the Elite!


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USWA @ The Freedom Hall Civic Center 7-11-85


"The Vin Man" Vinnie Valentino vs. Dave Penson 

Once again Vinnie is escorted to the ring by several attractive woman. Vinnie draws the ire of the fans with his constant smugness in the ring. In the end, he does an impressive sunset flip from the top rope to get the pin. 

Winner of the match- Vinnie Valentino 


"Avalanche" Buzz Tyler vs. Central States 6 Man Champ David Sammartino w/Arnold Skaaland

Arnold makes sure his boys are always announced as 6 Man Champions. Tyler dominates early with a series of power moves that has David bumping all over the ring. Things change when Arnold trips Tyler and he staggers into a powerslam as David picks up the win. 

Winner of the match- David Sammartino 


"Diamond" Timothy Flowers vs. Duke Myers 

Myers hasn't made his televised debut yet but a lot of fans are familiar with his recent Mid Atlantic run, so he gets a pretty good pop. Flowers on the other hand draws some good heel heat. The match is pretty hard hitting and back and forth. About 8 minutes in, Flowers is in control as he swings Duke to the ropes and flips him over with a knee to the mid section. Flowers hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a knee 1..2..Kick Out. Flowers picks up Duke and goes for his Cutter but Duke grabs him and hits a quick German suplex 1..2..3! Nice pop from the fans but it stops when Flowers gets up and clotheslines Duke from behind! Flowers gives Duke a pretty good beatdown before leaving. 

Winner of the match- Duke Myers 


The Rock N Roll RPMS vs. The Fabulous Blondes 

This has developed into an intense feud. Their last match was a tornado match on TV that ended in a draw when a member from each team's shoulders were pinned at the same time.

The action is non stop from the get go! The fans are really into this one and these teams put it all out there. At the 20 minute mark, the RPMs send Regal flying off the apron with a double forearm blast. They grab Chick and nail him with the Spandex Splits (powerbomb/neckbreaker combo)! 1..2..Regal comes off the top rope with a knee to the back of Davis's head. Lane runs over but the Ref guides him back. Regal drops another knee on Davis's head then lays Chick on Davis. The Ref turns around and counts 1..2..3! Lane is a second to late.  Regal has to help an unconscious Chick to the back. 

Winners of the Match- The Fabulous Blondes 


"The Japanese Fury" Yoshiaki Yatsu vs. Central States 6 Man Champ Bruce Hart w/Arnold Skaaland 

Yatsu throws Hart off early with some solid amateur wrestling moves. An eye rake turns things around and Hart takes control. Hart pulls out a variety of suplexes but cant put Yatsu away. Hart goes for a knee drop from the top rope but Yatsu moves. Yatsu fires away with palm strikes. Arnold gets on the apron and Yatsu puts him down with a chop. Boos as David Sammartino comes to ringside and jumps up on the apron. Yatsu goes towards him. Hart runs up from behind and charges but Yatsu moves and Hart sends David flying off the apron. Hart turns around and Yatsu puts him down with a superkick 1..2..3! 

Huge POP! Yatsu rolls out of the ring as David and Arnold get in the ring. 

Winner of the match- Yoshiaki Yatsu 


TV Title Bout 

Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair (C) w/Les Thornton vs. "Crippler" Rip Oliver 

Oliver has been a tough challenge for Tony. Their matches have yet to have a decisive winner. This one is no different as the tide turns back and forth several times before the 20 minute time limit expires. They have a pushing match after the bell rings but Les gets his man out of there. 

Official ruling- A time limit draw. Tony St. Clair remains TV Champ


USWA Tag Team Title Bout 

Karachi Vice (C) vs. American Made

Kernodle and Kirchner have won a lot of matches to get to this point and they make the most of it tonight. They get the fans cheering as they work over the champs with in and out tags and some hard hitting offense. The tide turns when Makhan nails Kirchner with a forearm blast from the apron. Gama and Makhan take control and really take it to Kirchner. They break all the rules until Makhan misses a big splash and Kirchner finally tags in Kernodle. Kernodle is all over Karachi Vice. After cleaning house, Karachi regroup and double team Kernodle but Kirchner runs in and a wild pier six brawl ensues. The Ref fails at getting control and finally signals for the bell. Both teams keep fighting. 

Official Ruing- A double DQ. Karachi Vice remain champs


Central States Title Bout 

"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff (C) vs. "Unpredictable" Dick Slater 

Tonight proves that the Central States title will be a very good money making main event on the B shows. These guys give the fans one hell of a match. After 45 minutes, both men are bloody and barely able to stand. The fans are roaring as these guys trade punches but neither man will go down. Slater goes for a big roundhouse punch but Orndorff ducks and atomic drops Slater into the turnbuckles then rolls him up 1..2..Kick Out! Orndorff picks Slater up and vertical suplexes him back 1..2..Slater barely gets his shoulder up. The fans are up and cheering as Orndorff gives the signal. He picks up Slater and goes for the piledriver but Slater back drops him! Both men are down. They slowly rise and once again trade punches. Slater gets the upper hand, swings Orndorff to the ropes and puts him down with a back elbow smash then follows with a elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. Slater slams Orndorff then goes to the middle ropes and comes down with a forearm drop but Orndorff moves. Both men are down and reeling.

55 minutes into the match and the announcer announces 5 minutes remain! 

Once again both men rise and trade punches. Orndorff wins this round and fires away, swings Slater to the corner and charges in with a high knee but Slater moves. Orndorff hits hard, Slater carries the momentum and rolls Orndorff up 1..2..3!!! 

Both men are lying there bloody and beaten. The Ref reaches down and raises Slater's arm then sets the Central States title on his chest. Slater is only able to lay his arm across the title. 

The fans actually cheer because they just witnessed an incredible match. 

Winner of the match and NEW Central States Champ- Dick Slater 








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The Vin Man seems to be off to a nice start here.  He is sure making a statement with his ring entrance!  Can't wait to see what happens when he steps up in competition.

The Elite grabs another title!  I am really liking this group.

Myers with a nice when and it seems like we got another feud started. 

Slater vs Orndorff is Main Event anywhere in the country. When the heel gets some love from the crowd, you know it was an awesome bout!  This is an awesome feud.  Would like to see these guys go at it for real.  

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Vin Man is building up some steam here, I feel like he's going to gave a long successful run here in the USWA!

Nice win for Duke Myers in his re-debut, but Flowers isn't happy about it and gets some revenge.

RPMs vs. The Blondes has queitly been becoming a feud to what here in the USWA as they have had some very hard hitting matches, Blondes pulled of the win here but I'm not counting the RPMs out just yet....they are a highly underrated team who could eventually make great champions down the line.

The Elite continue to be on a roll except for poor Bruce who got bested by Yatsu. I really love what you're doing with those guys!

What a main event! These guys could really go especially in this era....Slater takes the title and seemingly earned a few fans in the process!

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USWA TV @ The Civic Center Knoxville TN 7-17-85


Highlights from the Freedom Hall Civic Center are shown as Dick Slater defeats Paul Orndorff in an incredible match to win the Central States Title. 

Lance Russell: Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of USWA wrestling here on the USA Network. USWA Champ Jerry Lawler will be here as well as the new Central States Champ Dick Slater. Also in action will be the USWA tag team champs Karachi Vice. Porkchop Cash makes his debut. Duke Myers returns to the USWA. Lot's of big matches including the Lone Stars taking on The Club. Huge 6 man tag match as Tommy Rich and the Fabulous Blondes collide with Wendell Cooley and the RPMS. And in the main event, Tony St. Clair will defend the TV title against Rip Oliver. Let's get to the action. 


Porkchop Cash vs. Todd Rooney 


The fans are cheering as Cash nails Rooney with several punches, swings him to the ropes and mows him down with a diving cross body headbutt! 

Lance: Porkchop Cash, come on over here. Welcome to the USWA. What brings you here?

Cash: Lance, I'm feeling pumped up tonight baby! I'm here to put some soul into the USWA and collect some mean green while I'm at it! 


Commercial Break 


USWA Tag Team Champs Karachi Vice vs. Neil Colton and Trent Watkins

Karachi Vice simply destroy their opponents. Makhan hits a body splash on Colton then tags in Gama. Gama stomps on Colton's back then applies the camel clutch to get the easy win. Boos as they hold up their titles then head to the podium. 

Lance: Very decisive victory tonight. Gama, I wanted to ask you about your relationship with Tiger Jeet Singh. Singh will go at it with Hercules Ayala again this weekend at the Hemisfair Arena. I'm only asking because you have made some ominous comments about Singh in the past. 

Gama: I've know Singh for a very long time but myself and Makhan have no alliance with him. You know why? Because not even the Karachi Vice can control him! You saw what he did to Carlos Colon and that foolish man Ayala will have the same fate! 

Lance: Ok, now what about the team of American Made? They have been racking up wins and last week you and them went to a wild double DQ. I know a rematch has..

Makhan: Enough! Those idiotic patriots are no challenge! They don't have the same loyalty to each other like Gama and I do. 

Gama: And that is the big difference. They will not take these titles! As a matter of fact, the beating we give them next time will make them seriously think about ever teaming up again! 


Commercial Break 


Footage from last week is shown as Big John Studd is punching and throwing several officials all over the place. 

Lance: I've been told by Jerry Jarrett that striking officials will not be tolerated and he has informed me that Big John Studd has been terminated from the USWA. I hope that serves as a warning to others. Lets go back to the ring. 


"The Polynesian Prince" Siva Afi vs. Rory Jackson 


Siva body slams Jackson then goes to the top rope and crashes down with a diving headbutt for the win! Siva does a little dance and flashes the 'hang loose' sign to the cheering fans. 


Siva is blasted from behind! 

Lance: What is going on! That's Tui Selinga and wait a minute that's Leilani Kai with him! 


Tui pounds away on Siva then hits a suplex. Tui goes to the top rope and crashes down with a flying elbow drop! Kai slides a chair into the ring. Tui sets Siva on the chair then goes back up the top rope and crashes down with another elbow drop! Tui reaches down and pulls Siva's head up by his hair. Kai hits him with a forearm blast then Tui slams Siva's head down on the chair! Massive boos as Kai leads Tui to the podium. 

Lance: Tui Selinga! Just what was that all about? You've seem to have changed a lot since we last saw you. Did Leilani Kai have anything to do with that? 

Kai: I have a lot to do with it! I'm making my presence known here and this is only the beginning! Tui, tell this so called commentator why you just did what you did. It's obvious he's clueless.

Tui: For months I've been watching that disgrace Siva Afi give us Islanders a bad name. You see, Siva Afi is primitive. People look at him and think all Islanders are like that. Well we're not! He's nothing but a banana eating monkey! He climbs trees and sucks on coconuts. I'm educated and civilized. I eat with a knife and fork. Siva Afi has done a lot of damage to the Polynesian heritage and I'm here to change the people's perception. 

Kai: And Lance, like I said there's a lot more to come. 


Commercial Break 


"The Japanese Fury" Yoshiaki Yatsu vs. Dave Penson 


Yatsu puts Dave down with a spin kick the hoists him up and hits a Sitout Powerbomb for the impressive win! 

Lance: Another win for the Japanese Fury. I've been told that he will be next in line for a TV title shot. Fans I want to remind you about the big card at the Hemisfair Arena tomorrow night. Tommy Rich and Wendell Cooley will wrestle in a loser leaves town match and if Cooley wins both Tommy and Johnny Rich must leave. Dream Machine is coming back to the ring and will team with his Medics to take on the Grapplers and Nightmare. Please welcome out Hercules Ayala.

The Fans cheer as Ayala pumps his fist to them. 

Lance: Ayala, you and Tiger Jeet Singh will lock up again at the Hemisfair Arena. The last time you guys tried to wrestle, the match never even officially started and you guys ended up fighting all over the place. Is that going to happen again? And what about the words we heard earlier from the Great Gama?

Ayala: Gama's words do not intimidate me and neither does Singh! I was born to fight and I will not stop until I put Singh down and out for good! 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Fans, also tomorrow night at the Hemisfair Arena, my guest at this time Jerry Lawler will defend the USWA title against Greg Gagne. King, come on out.

Massive roar as Lawler comes out in jeans and a collared shirt with the USWA title on his shoulder.

Lawler: Lance, I told you how great it is to be wearing this title again and brother it's incredible. But now it's time to focus on defending it and Greg Gagne is first up. 

Boos as Arnold Skaaland leads Gagne to the podium. 

Skaaland: First off, listen up Lance, Greg Gagne and any member of the Elite is to be announced as Central States 6 Man Champions. They earned that right and damn well deserve it! And as for you Lawler, you mine as well save yourself some embarrassment and hand over that USWA title right now. 

Lawler: Why would I do that? 

Gagne: Give it up Lawler! You know you are not even close to the same league as I am when it comes to wrestling. You're a goof who wears a crown and pretends to be a King. Hand over the title or I'm going to expose you for the wrestling fraud that you really are. 

Gagne steps up and pushes Lawler back.

Lawler: (pauses) Just relax gentlemen. Let me think about this. (pauses) Ok here's my answer.

Lawler pushes Gagne down! 

Bruce Hart and David Sammartino run out and attack Lawler! 

Skaaland: Hold him up! 

Hart and Sammartino hold Lawler up as Gagne slaps him across the face several times. Skaaland takes his towel and slaps Lawler across the face with it. They drop Lawler. Gagne picks up the USWA title. Skaaland shines it with his towel, then Gagne holds it up to the booing fans. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the pink 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down on Brenda Britton 


Britton: Hi everybody and welcome again to the highest rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. Well I suppose I can't have the most riveting guests all the time but you know what they say, when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. My guest this week is the Electrifying Ben Bassarab. 

Pretty good pop as the young muscular wrestler comes out and waves to the fans. 

Brenda: So why do they call you electrifying? 

Ben: Well Brenda, some people gave me that name when I was starting out because they noticed I liked doing a lot of flying maneuvers and high octane offense. The ring gives me a high like nothing else man. 

A voice comes from outside the camera view

"Whoa Whoa Whoa! Why is this guy even getting air time? Nobody wants to see or hear him. These people want to see me...The Vin Man!"

Vinnie Valentino steps into the picture wearing a cool looking Miami Vice type suit and sunglasses. 

Brenda: Thank you so much! Vin Man, you just saved my show! 

Vinnie: My pleasure Brenda and if you ever want the best seat in the house for one of my matches, you're always welcomed to escort me to the ring anytime. 

Brenda: Oh my that would be a thrill! 

Vinnie: What do you say we get rid of this square here and talk some more? You like Italian food? 

Ben: Look, you two can do whatever you want but don't think you can come out here and disrespect me or these great fans with your rude interruption. 

Vinnie: You know I get rid of squares just like you. I mean where's Gino Brito Jr? Yea he's gone because of me! You want to be next? I would be happy to arrange it.

Ben: You want a match? Just tell me where to sign bud! 

Brenda: Oh wow! A match has been made right here on the Beauty Shop! Always something good going on on my show. Vinnie, I would like to watch you do what you do up close. 

Vinnie: Brenda, you got it. You can see me teach this square a lesson.

Ben: Keep talking mouth!  

Brenda: Wow! Just wow! Until next week, toooooodles! 


Commercial Break 


Duke Myers vs. Sam Smith 


Myers swings Smith to the ropes and puts him down with a back elbow smash. Myers hoists Smith up and puts him down with a front face suplex for the pin! As Myers acknowledges the fans cheers, Timothy Flowers goes to the podium. 

Lance: This is Duke's time. Are you still sore about losing to him at the Freedom Hall Civic Center last week. 


Flowers: Oh very funny Lance. Hey Duke! That win was nothing but a fluke! It was the luckiest win of your life! Don't forget that it was me who left you lying after the match. You have no chance of winning next time we meet. Like I say, I'm like the mailman and I always deliver! 

Duke is telling Flowers to get in the ring but Flowers just points at him and leaves. 


Commercial Break 


The Club vs. The Lone Stars 

Joel Deaton and Gary Young formed last week and want to get into things right away. Before the bell rings they attack the Club. They double clothesline Mike George over the top rope then hammer away on Steve O. Young holds Steve's arm while Deaton comes off the top rope with a knee to the arm! The Ref is trying to stop this. Young grabs Steve's arm and twists it while Deaton once again comes off the top rope with another knee to the arm! Young grabs Deaton's bullrope. George staggers back in the ring and the Lone Stars double clothesline him with the bullrope! Steve O is holding his arm in agony.

Cheers as the Sweet Ebony Express hit the ring! The Lone Stars exit. 


Lance: I don't know what to say. The Club are down and hurting bad. Thank goodness the Sweet Ebony Express showed up when they did. 

Lone Stars storm the podium.

Young: It finally feels great to have a partner on the same page as me! 

Deaton: We told you we were serving notice to all tag teams in the USWA! I guess those two slobs in the ring weren't listening! Hey, Gary, it looks like a couple of punks over there want to be heroes.

Young: Hey Sweet Ebony Express! You want to go? You wont be so sweet when we get through with you! 

The Express are staring at the Lone Stars while helping out the Club. 


Commercial Break 


Tommy "Wildfire" Rich and The Fabulous Blondes w/"The Memphis Mafia Man" Johnny Rich 


"Wildcat" Wendell Cooley and The Rock n Roll RPMS 

This is a barnburner of a match. These guys go at it fast and furious for a few minutes. A pier six brawl breaks out! Cooley and Rich fight through the ropes. Johnny runs over but Cooley punches him and slams his head on the apron. Tommy runs over but Cooley takes the fight to him. Inside the ring, the Fabs swing the RPMs to the ropes and go for back drops but the RPMS hit dual sunset flips and the Ref counts 1..2..3! 

Mega POP! 


Commercial Break 


Lance: That was quite a match. I think we're going to be seeing more RPMS and Fabulous Blondes matches. A lot on the line at the Hemisfair Arena when Cooley and Rich go at it in a loser leaves town match. Switching gears, please welcome out the new Central States Champ the unpredictable Dick Slater.


Slater comes out with a bandage on his forehead. He nods to the fans and holds up the central states title.

Lance: Dick, you and Orndorff went at it for 59 incredible minutes. Fans say it was one of the greatest matches they've ever witnessed. Congratulations on your title win. 

Dick: I wanted a fight with Orndorff and that's exactly what he gave me! I have to give the man his respect. Now that I'm holding the title I wanted, it's time for some more fights and that's exactly what I'm going to be, a fighting champ! Let's just see who's man enough to try and take this title away from me! 

Lance: There you have it from the new Central States Champ Dick Slater. Our TV title main event when we come back...

Dr. Dream Machine and Medics come to the podium. 

Dream Machine: Lance, you had champions on the show and big matches but bababy the biggest news in the USWA is me getting back into the ring tomorrow night! Grapplers! Nightmare! You're looking at 3 real masked men babay and tomorrow night we're going to finish you all off for good! Oh and I just heard Dicky boy Slater running his mouth. Maybe I can shut him up when we're done with those masked stooges. 

Lance: (rolls his eyes) I knew I couldn't get through the show without him. 


Commercial Break 


TV Title Bout 

Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair (C) w/Les Thornton vs. "Crippler" Rip Oliver 


After the introductions, Les grabs the mic.

"Rip Oliver! Time and time again you've failed to win the TV title. Enough is enough! This is your last shot and that's final!" 

The bell rings but Les is still jawing with Oliver. Finally, Oliver punches Les, grabs him and sends him through the ropes as the fans cheer! Tony nails Oliver from behind, swings him to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Oliver kicks him. Oliver punches away then slams Tony and drops an elbow 1..2..Kick Out. Oliver continues to work over Tony until Tony rakes the eyes and hits a snap suplex. 

Tony takes over and uses a variety of suplexes but cant put Oliver away. Tony swings Oliver to the ropes and nails him with a somersault/diving headbutt to the mid section and follows with a European uppercut that puts Oliver down. Tony goes to the top rope and jumps off with a knee drop but Oliver moves! 

Oliver regroups, hoists Tony up and atomic drops him. Tony fly's into the turnbuckles and staggers back. Oliver hops on the middle ropes then puts Tony down with a diving clothesline 1..2..(Les reaches in and puts Tony's foot on the rope)..3! 

The fans are up and cheering! Oliver jumps up and pumps his fists! Les is yelling at the Ref and pointing to Tony's foot on the rope. The Ref runs over and is telling Oliver what happened. Les is on the apron yelling at Oliver. The Ref signals for the match to continue. Oliver grabs Les and once again punches him off the apron! Tony comes up from behind and hits Oliver on the back with a high knee then rolls him up with a handful of tights 1..2..3!!! 

Boos as Tony St. Clair retains the TV title. 

Lance: Tremendous showing for Rip Oliver but the distractions were just to much. What a shame. I thought Oliver had won the title. Fans, listen to this, next week there will be a 10 man battle royal and the winner will get a USWA title shot the following week right here on TV. Pretty exciting news. I'll see you next week. 


Tomorrow night Hemisfair Arena 


USWA Heavyweight Title Bout 

Jerry "The King" Lawler (C) vs. Central States 6-Man Champion Greg Gagne w/Arnold Skaaland 


Loser Leaves Town Match- If Cooley wins, both Rich's must leave town. 

Tommy "Wildfire" Rich w/"The Memphis Mafia Man" Johnny Rich vs. "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley 


6 Man Grudge Match 

The Grapplers and The Nightmare vs. Dr. Dream Machine and The Medics 


Hercules Ayala vs. Tiger Jeet Singh 


Plus more exciting matches 








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USWA @ The HemisFair Arena 7-18-85


"Champagne" Gerry Morrow vs. Vic Dutro 

Morrow finishes his opponent off with the sleeper. After the match, Morrow gets a bottle of champagne, pours himself a glass and toasts his victory. 

Winner of the Match- Gerry Morrow


"The Electrifying" Ben Bassarab vs. "The Vin Man" Vinnie Valentino

Special Guest ring announcer- Brenda Britton 

Brenda draws the ire of the crowd as she gives Bassarab a boring intro but gives Valentino the star treatment. The match is very fast paced and the momentum changes several times. 10 minutes goes by quick and the match ends in a draw. Brenda announces the ruling but then says she thinks Vinnie is the real winner. More boos. 

Official Ruling- A Draw 


Duke Myers vs. "Diamond" Timothy Flowers 

The bell rings and these guys go at it. Hard hitting back and forth contest. After a few minutes, both men fight through the ropes. Duke knocks Flowers down. The Ref goes out and tries to get them back in the ring. Flowers grabs a chair. Duke walks towards him and Flowers cracks him over the head with the chair! The Ref immediately calls for the DQ.

Winner of the Match by DQ- Duke Myers  


The Technicians (Roop and Rheingans) vs. Central States 6 Man Champs The Elite (Sammartino and Hart) 

Arnold Skaaland is in the back with Gagne getting him ready for his title match later. 

The Technicians control early by outwrestling the Elite. Elite take control thanks to a cheap shot from David. The Elite work over Rheingans for awhile with double teaming and underhanded tactics but also show off their skills. Rheingans finally makes the hot tag and Roop is on fire for awhile until the Elite start double teaming him. Rheingans runs in and knocks David into the turnbuckles with a running forearm blast. David runs forward but the Ref guides him back. The Technicians execute a double suplex on Hart. The Ref turns around as Roop covers 1..2..3! 

Winners of the Match- The Technicians 


Loser Leaves Town Match- If Cooley wins, both Rich's must leave

Tommy "Wildfire" Rich w/"The Memphis Mafia Man" Johnny Rich vs. "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley 

Both men are bleeding within a few minutes. Johnny interferes quite a bit but Cooley just keeps taking the fight to Tommy. Tommy takes control but just cant put Cooley down. Cooley fires back and hoists Tommy up, spins him around for a big slam but Tommy's boot hits the Ref and the Ref goes down. Cooley picks up Tommy. Johnny hops in the ring. Cooley has Tommy in a headlock and executes his running bulldog. As he's in the air he dropkicks Johnny into the turnbuckles! Cooley has Tommy down but the Ref is still out. Johnny hops up on the turnbuckles and crashes down on Cooley with a forearm drop. Johnny wakes the Ref up then exits the ring. Tommy staggers up. Cooley slowly rises as Tommy nails him with the Thesz Press 1..2..3! 

Johnny runs in the ring to celebrate with Tommy. They head up the aisle as the fans throw garbage at them. Cooley slowly gets up and is clearly disappointed. The fans cheer Cooley, obviously impressed with his run here in the USWA. Cooley gives them a smile and waves goodbye. 

Winner of the Match- Tommy Rich 


Hercules Ayala vs. Tiger Jeet Singh 

Singh is a wild man as he storms down the aisle swinging his sword at the fans. A security guard gets in his way and Singh tramples over him. Ayala runs down the aisle and nails Singh from behind! The Ref quickly signals for the bell so this match can officially start. These guys brawl all over the place as the Ref pretty much lets them go. They finally get into the ring but not for long as they're back outside fighting all over. Ayala slams Singh's head on the apron and rolls back in the ring. Singh reaches in his trunks and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles. Singh gets on the apron. Ayala charges and Singh nails him with the brass knuckles. Ayala goes down. Singh enters the ring and falls on Ayala 1..2..3! 

Singh goes out and gets his sword. Ayala is one tough dude as he actually rises. Singh hops on the middle rope, jumps off and nails Ayala on the head with his sword. Security runs in but Singh punches them out. Singh starts choking Ayala with the sword. Prelim wrestlers run in but Singh starts hitting them with the sword. There's a massive roar as CARLOS COLON runs through the crowd, hops the railing and hits the ring like a wild man! The fans are going crazy as Colon unloads on Singh then punches him over the top rope! Colon rips off his shirt and shakes his fists. Singh staggers around and wants back in but is held back by security and wrestlers. Colon attends to Ayala while giving Singh an out of his mind look. 

Winner of the Match- Tiger Jeet Singh 


The Grapplers and Nightmare vs. Dr. Dream Machine and The Medics 

Another wild match that goes balls out for 20 minutes. Of course in the end a wild pier six brawl breaks out. Dream Machine is putting the boots to the Nightmare in the corner. Grapplers double clothesline Medic 1 over the top rope the turn around and punch Medic 2. Grappler 1 hoists the Medic up as Grappler 2 hops on the middle rope and dives off with a clothesline 1..2..3! Dream Machine has no idea what happened as he's choking away on the Nightmare. Grapplers run over and throw Dream through the ropes. Dream gets up and yells up at the Grapplers. 

Winners of the match- The Grapplers and Nightmare


USWA Heavyweight Title Bout 

Jerry "The King" Lawler (C) vs. Central States 6 man champ Greg Gagne w/Arnold Skaaland 

Just yesterday, the Elite humiliated Lawler on TV. This is fresh in Lawler's mind as he's all over Gagne in the opening minutes. Skaaland makes the mistake of getting on the apron and Lawler grabs him by his shirt and hurls him into the ring. Lawler picks up Skaaland, winds up and sends him flying with a big punch. Skaalnd rolls under the ropes and falls down in the outside. Gagne sneaks up from behind and executes a German Suplex 1..2..Kick Out. 

True to his word, Gagne starts working over Lawler with legit wrestling. However, he manages to get some choking, eye gouging and boot rakes in. Gagne goes for a vertical suplex but Lawler blocks it and suplexes Gagne. Lawler regroups and fires back.

Lawler swings Gagne to the ropes and back drops him. Gagne staggers up and Lawler scoop slams him and follows with a jumping elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. Lawler swings off the ropes just as Skaalnd gets up and is able to trip Lawler. Lawler turns around and goes after Skaaland. Gagne staggers up and sends Lawler through the ropes with a drop kick. 

While Gagne distracts the Ref, Skaaland runs over and chokes Lawler with his towel. Lawler finally gets up on the apron. Gagne hits him with a forearm shot then vertical suplexes him back in the ring 1..2..Kick Out. Gagne puts the boots to Lawler, picks him up swings him to the ropes and nails him with a high dropkick 1..2..Lawler barley gets his shoulder up. Gagne and Skaaland berate the Ref. Gagne slowly goes to the top rope and spends to much time yelling at the booing fans. Lawler gets up, runs over and slams Gagne off the rope! 

The fans roar as Lawler takes his strap down! Gagne staggers up and Lawler unloads with his Memphis punches, swings Gagne to the ropes and puts him down with a big punch. Boos as Sammartino and Hart run down the aisle. The boos turn to cheers as The Technicians run down and hammer away on the Elite which sends them running to the back. 

Skaaland once again gets on the apron. Lawler runs over and sends him flying with a punch. Gagne staggers up but Lawler kicks him in the gut and follows with a PILEDRIVER! The fans are up and cheering as Lawler hops on the middle ropes, bounces up and down then crashes down on Gagne with a fist drop 1..2..3! 

Massive Roar! 

The Ref hands Lawler his title and the fans keep cheering as Lawler holds it up high. 

Winner of the Match and still USWA Champ- Jerry Lawler




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Very good drama to the show! 

Nice touches pointing out nuances in the crowd reaction - particularly in Brenda's ring intro's, for example.

For a second there, I thought Cooley just might overcome, but it wasn't to be.

The King defends the mountain and stays at the top of it. Good stuff here.

Genuinely enjoyed the flow of the show! 

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Porkchop Cash makes a great debut, looking forward to seeing what's in store for him here in the USWA


Sivi Afi finally gets the better of Big John Studd and now he's immediately got Tui and Lelani Kai to contend with…..this is going to be a hard hitting feud!


The Elite get some heat on the King…..I think there will be a full scale riot if Gagne was to beat Lawler for the title!


The Beauty Shop has been a very effective way to get characters over and set up matches and this week was a prime example of that as we'll be seeing Ben Bassarab and the Vin Man square off soon as a result!


Wow, the tag team division is so stacked here right now….some really impressive (and original) teams and a lot of strong contenders for Karachi Vice


The war rages on with the Rich Cousins and Wendell Cooley but it looks like this is going to be settled soon!


Great TV title match this week! Rip Oliver has proven to be a solid contender for any title here in the USWA and I look forward to seeing him challenge St. Clair again soon!


Onward to the Hemisfair Arena!!


Morrow wins and celebrates in the most appropriate way


Nice addition having Brenda Britton as the special guest ring announcer after what went down on this week's "Beauty Shop" on tv


Diamond Timothy is now 0-2 with Duke Myers…..he's going to be fit to be tied on next week's tv.


Not sure if I mentioned this last week but I really like the Technicians tag team and they pick up a nice victory over 2/3 of the Six Man tag champs!


The dastardly Richs manage to end the amazing run of Wendell Cooley here in the USWA, unfortunate for the fans, but I'm super excited to have him headed to Twin States!


Big win for Singh here but perhaps more importantly….who would have ever thought we would see Carlos Colon coming to the aid of Hercules Ayala given their history especially just recently here in the USWA???

I think things are about to get even wilder here!


Even though I'm a huge fan of the Grapplers, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pulling for Dr. Dream and the Medics in this one!!


Lawler retains the title over Gagne but it was a long road for him to get there…..I think we'll see these guys meet again soon!

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5 minutes ago, GeneJackson95 said:

Porkchop Cash makes a great debut, looking forward to seeing what's in store for him here in the USWA


Sivi Afi finally gets the better of Big John Studd and now he's immediately got Tui and Lelani Kai to contend with…..this is going to be a hard hitting feud!


The Elite get some heat on the King…..I think there will be a full scale riot if Gagne was to beat Lawler for the title!


The Beauty Shop has been a very effective way to get characters over and set up matches and this week was a prime example of that as we'll be seeing Ben Bassarab and the Vin Man square off soon as a result!


Wow, the tag team division is so stacked here right now….some really impressive (and original) teams and a lot of strong contenders for Karachi Vice


The war rages on with the Rich Cousins and Wendell Cooley but it looks like this is going to be settled soon!


Great TV title match this week! Rip Oliver has proven to be a solid contender for any title here in the USWA and I look forward to seeing him challenge St. Clair again soon!


Onward to the Hemisfair Arena!!


Morrow wins and celebrates in the most appropriate way


Nice addition having Brenda Britton as the special guest ring announcer after what went down on this week's "Beauty Shop" on tv


Diamond Timothy is now 0-2 with Duke Myers…..he's going to be fit to be tied on next week's tv.


Not sure if I mentioned this last week but I really like the Technicians tag team and they pick up a nice victory over 2/3 of the Six Man tag champs!


The dastardly Richs manage to end the amazing run of Wendell Cooley here in the USWA, unfortunate for the fans, but I'm super excited to have him headed to Twin States!


Big win for Singh here but perhaps more importantly….who would have ever thought we would see Carlos Colon coming to the aid of Hercules Ayala given their history especially just recently here in the USWA???

I think things are about to get even wilder here!


Even though I'm a huge fan of the Grapplers, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pulling for Dr. Dream and the Medics in this one!!


Lawler retains the title over Gagne but it was a long road for him to get there…..I think we'll see these guys meet again soon!

LOL, don't worry, big plans ahead for Dr. Dream Machine! 

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First, the TV show....

I swear if you were the writer back then, the territory system might have survived.  Even if Vince took all the talent to the WWF, it would not have mattered.  You now have me interested in the Vinnie Vin Man Valentino!

Nice build up of Tiger Jeet as the Karachi Vice even think he is too crazy!  You have also put some work in building up baby face Ayala.  This will be interesting as in the end of the feud, only one may survive.

One of my favorite territories I ever fantasy booked for was Polynesian Power Pro and Super Fly Tui was one of my favorite.  Brilliant idea putting him with Leilani

Again... awesome job making the not so exciting Greg Gagne exciting.  Gagne vs Lawler is now must see TV as who knows what the Elite will do next.

Nice job having Slater as the champ as he can do it all.  He can travel everywhere and be interesting ,  will sell tickets, act as a heel, act as a baby face.  He gives you so many options!


As for the show at the HemisFair Arena....

- Like Champagne Morrow.... his new gimmick is going to be fun.  

- Not sure the Vin Man is a one women guy... but Brenda looks like she is trying.  Funny angle here.  Really enjoying it.

- Hate to see Cooley go but Wildfire is a favorite of mine so excited to see what's next for him and cousin Johnny.

- Tiger Jeet is one scary dude!  Colon vs Tiger is going to be wild.  I just remember Carlos vs the Butcher and the blood flowed like water in a river. Going to be fun.

-Dr. Dream Machine might be in need of new nurses as the Medics seem to be struggling.

Great write up of the main event.  Really could picture it as it was happening.  I also thought the match was going to end 4 different ways and it had my on the edge of my seat.  WHAT A GREAT MATCH!  

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USWA TV @ The Civic Center, Knoxville TN 7-24-85


Footage is shown from the Hemisfair Arena as Carlos Colon hits the ring and attacks Tiger Jeet Singh. 

Lance Russell: Hello again everybody and welcome to another edition of USWA wrestling here on the USA network. Big show lined up as you will see a 10 man battle royal and the winner will get a USWA title shot on next week's program. DJ Peterson returns to the USWA. Sunny War Cloud makes his debut tonight. Big match up as Dr. Dream Machine battles the Nightmare. Carlos Colon returns to action. I'll also be speaking with the USWA Champ Jerry Lawler and his thoughts on facing the winner of tonight's battle royal. Ok fans...

Boos as Dr. Dream Machine comes to the podium. 


Lance: Really? Already? Ok, Dream Machine what's on your mind? 

Dream: (grabs Lance by his shoulder and shakes him) It's Dr. Dream Machine! 

Lance: Hey get your hands off me! Fine, Dr. Dream Machine. 

Dream: (lets go) That's better! Tonight I'm going one on one with the man that ruined all of my plans. Yea you NIghtmare! You mask wearing disgrace! Nobody wears a mask better than me babay! Here's the deal. You started this Nightmare and I'm going to end it. Let's make our match tonight a loser leaves town match. I see how well this worked for the Rich cousins and I think it will work wonders for me. I can finally rid the USWA of you, you no talent Dream Machine wannabe! This is of course if you have the guts boy. 

Cheers as the Nightmare heads out.


Nightmare: I accept! Let's not wait any longer! Let's do this right now! 

Lance: Ok fans it looks like this is going down right now. Let's get to the ring. 


Loser Leaves Town

Dr. Dream Machine vs. The Nightmare 

The bell rings and fists are flying. These guys just slug it out for the first couple minutes. Nightmare gets the upper hand and knocks Dream through the ropes, Nightmare goes out after him and punches away then slams Dream's head on the apron and rolls him back into the ring. Nightmare hops on the middle rope. Dream staggers up and Nightmare nails him with a double axehandle 1..2..Kick Out. Nightmare swings Dream to the ropes and back drops him. Dream staggers up and Nightmare clotheslines him down. Nightmare hops on the middle ropes and comes down with a knee drop but Dream moves. 

Dream regroups. Nightmare slowly rises and Dream clips the hurt knee. Dream lifts the leg and drops an elbow down on the knee. Dream brutally works over the knee. Dream pulls Nightmare to the corner and slides under the ropes. Dream pulls Nightmare's legs then slams the knee on the steel post! The Ref is warning Dream. Dream hops on the middle ropes and crashes down on the knee with a knee drop. Nightmare is on the ground holding his knee in pain. Dream picks him up and executes a shin buster. Dream executes another shin buster! The Ref sees Nightmare can't continue and signals for the bell. The Ref quickly raises Dream's arm then attends to Nightmare. Dream picks up Nightmare and hurls him out of the ring. Dream goes to the outside and stomps away on the knee then picks Nightmare up and slams him into the steel post! Officials run out to stop this. Dream pushes his way through, punches down on the Nightmare then rips the mask of of him! Officials cover the Nightmare as Dream Machine raises the Nightmare's mask. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Wow! That was a hell of a way to kick off the show. I don't think Dream Machine needed to embarrass the Nightmare like that but at least the Nightmare's identity was not revealed. Best of luck to the Nightmare. I can't imagine what's next for Dr. Dream Machine. Let's go back to the ring. 


Sunny War Cloud vs. Vic Dutro 


Sunny comes out in a headdress and war paint on his face. Sunny looks impressive as he works Dutro over before finishing him off with a tomahawk chop from the top rope! Sunny raises his hand to the crowd's cheers before heading to the podium. 

Lance: Congratulations Sunny, very impressive win. It's obvious you take pride in your heritage. 

Sunny: Thank you Lance and yes I do. I wear this war paint every time I step foot in that ring because it keeps me in the mindset I need to be in. This sport is extremely competitive and I promise I will be at the top of my game every time I wrestle! 

Sunny yells out a war cry as the fans cheer.  


Commercial Break 


"Diamond" Timothy Flowers vs. Gary Williams 

It's obvious Flowers knows how to get under the fans skin as the boos are defining. Flowers takes it to his opponent while antagonizing the fans. Flowers tosses Williams by his hair then hits the Cutter for the win! Flowers yells at the fans all the way to the podium. 

Lance: It looks like the issues between you and Duke Myers are far from over and I don't think he's going to forget that chair shot you gave him at the Hemisfair Arena. 

Flowers: Hey that cheater got what he deserved! The guy is brainless so if anything I probably knocked some sense into him. I know he wont want to face me again. That's for sure! 


Commercial Break 


The Sweet Ebony Express vs. Neil Johnson and Willie Lopez 

The fans really love this team of Skip Young and Norvell Austin. They're in synch and are having a great time in there. Norvell slams Lopez then tags in Young. Young goes to the top. Lopez staggers up and Young nails him with a missile dropkick for the pin! Norvell and Skip are celebrating as the fans cheer.


The Lone Stars hit the ring and ambush the Sweet Ebony Express! They hurl Norvell out of the ring. Deaton picks up his bull rope. Him and Young swing Skip to the ropes and clothesline him down with the bull rope! Boos as the Lone Stars flash the Texas bullhorn sign. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: The Lone Stars have started something serious with the Ebony Express. I can tell you things are going to get volatile between those teams. Speaking of the Lone Stars, last week they broke Steve O's arm after assaulting the Club. Joining me now is the Club, Mike George and Steve O. 

Mike: Steve, I can't tell you how sorry I am. 

Steve: Save it Mike, I don't need your apology or anybody's sympathy. Lance, as you and everybody out there can see, I don't have a cast on my arm. The Doctors said my arm was broke but when I went in a couple days later they took more x rays and told me the arm was fully healed. They said it was a miracle. I thought long and hard about that. I think I'm some kind of super hero. I know now what my purpose in wrestling is and Mike it doesn't include you. Lance, you and all the people stay tuned. See you around Mike. 

Steve walks out as a puzzled Lance and Mike look on. 

Mike: Lance, I'm speechless, I..I don't know where to go from here. I think it's time for me to take some time off. 

Mike walks out. 

Lance: (pauses)I'm not sure what to make of all that. I guess we'll be right back. 


Commercial Break 

A commercial is shown for the next huge USWA event...September 5th from Fort Worth Texas- The LABOR DAY STAR WARS


Lance: That's right, the Labor Day Star Wars event is coming and fans trust me, you wont want to miss it. Back to the ring. 


"The Tidal Wave" Tui Selinga w/Leilani Kai  vs. William Hillman 

Last week Tui and Kai arrived on scene and attacked Siva Afi. 

Tui aggressively works over Hillman. Tui suplexes Hillman then goes to the top rope and crashes down with a flying elbow drop for the win! Tui pulls Hillman up and holds him while Kai blasts him with a forearm shot. Boos as they head to the podium. 

Tui: Haha the tidal wave is here and brother it's name is Tui Selinga! Siva Afi, you banana eating jungle boy, you're a disgrace to our culture and for that I must send you back to wherever it is you came from! 

Kai: Lance, I told you and all these people we mean business and speaking of business I have made a deal with this man right here. 

Boos as Dr. Dream Machine comes out with the Medics. 

Dream: Listen up babay! As everyone knows I'm a very smart man. I'm a main event wrestler, I'm a certified Doctor and I'm a very shrewd business man. (Holds up the Nightmare's mask) After sending that loser the Nightmare packing I'm hungry for a title. That means beware Dicky Boy Slater because your number one on the Dream's hit list! In order to focus on my career I had to know my Medics would be taken care of. So I made the deal of a lifetime and sold their contracts to the lovely, talented and tough Leilani Kai! 

Dream shakes the Medics hands and thanks them then shakes Kai's and Tui's hands and exits. 

Tui smiles and welcomes the Medics as does Kai.


Kai: I told you we were just getting started. Medics,  it's an honor to have you with us. I wanted the best tag team and I acquired them. As for you Grapplers, my Medics have unfinished business and you can bet we're going to finish it! 

Lance: Oh my, just what else could possibly happen tonight? 


Commercial Break 


"The Wrecking Machine" DJ Peterson vs. Samuel Smith 


DJ uses a variety of power moves then finishes Smith off with a flying shoulder block from the middle ropes. Cheers as DJ pumps his fists and heads to the podium. 

Lance: DJ, welcome back. I see why they now call you the Wrecking Machine. My goodness. 

DJ: (smiling) Lance I've been wrestling all over the country and my power has really been working for me so I decided to go all out with it. I'm back in ....

A big muscular blonde man appears with his back facing the camera. He flexes his biceps and turns around. 


Lance: Kevin Kelly, I heard you were coming in but not for a few weeks. 

Kevin: First off, you and all these peons will refer to me as Mr. Magnificent. Now (smiles and stares at DJ) as for you. Did you really think you could leave New York and escape my wrath? We started something that you didn't want to finish. Doesn't surprise me being the weak gutless coward that you are! Wrecking Machine? Yea right. Try taking me down punk! 

DJ: You're a very delusional man Kevin and don't think for one minute you or your muscles intimidate me! You want to pick up where we left off? There's a ring right there! 

DJ runs in the ring, pumps his fists and tells Kevin to get in here! Kevin just smiles and flexes then strolls away as the fans boo. 

Lance: Ok, obviously still a lot of bad feelings between those two powerhouses. We'll be back 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the pink 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down to Brenda Britton.


Brenda: Hi again and welcome to the highest rated segment in wrestling today, the Beauty Shop. Tonight I have two men who are true gentlemen. Please welcome Les Thornton and the Television Champion Tony St. Clair, who I believe is simply the best. 

Les and Tony come out and each of them kisses Brenda's hand. Brenda lifts her leg and smiles. 

Brenda: My oh my, such gentlemen. Mr. Thornton, you are an extraordinary manager. It's amazing what you and Mr. St. Clair have accomplished here in the USWA. Mr. St. Clair has held the TV title for over 2 months now and has defeated all comers.

Les: Brenda, being the class act that you are, you may refer to myself as Les and the TV champ as Tony. Tony St. Clair is a wrestling legend in the UK and I knew I had to bring him here to prove he's the best in the world. And what does he do? He soundly defeats the great Rick Martel for the TV title and has successfully defended the title night after night. The man truly lives up to his name Simply the Best! 

Brenda: So well put Les. Tony, I understand some guy name Yos..Yosos.. wait Yoshiaki Yatsu is next up for a title shot. 

Tony: (laughs) Yes you're correct, Yoshiaki Yatsu is next! He's an accomplished wrestler but nowhere near my league. He's going to find that out real quick when I educate him in my ring.

Brenda: So nice to have such classy gentlemen like you on my show. You two are invited back anytime. Until next week toooooodles. 


Commercial Break 


Carlos Colon vs. Dave Penson 


The fans are up and cheering the entire time as Colon makes his return after that fireball incident with Tiger Jeet Singh. Colon hip tosses and dropkicks Penson then finishes him off with a flying clothesline from the top rope! More cheers as Colon heads to the podium. 

Lance: Carlos Colon! Welcome back! You look better than ever. I know so many fans were glad to see you come to the aid of Hercules Ayala at the Hemisfair Arena.

Colon: It's so great to be back! I feel I'm at my best! Ayala and I have never saw eye to eye but like he said the respect was always there. We fought and bloodied each other many times but always with our fists unlike that coward Tiger Jeet Singh! Singh started a war and....


There's a huge commotion as Tiger Jeet Singh is being held back by a swarm of security. Singh is yelling at Colon. Colon heads towards him but now many prelim wrestlers come out to prevent an all out war. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: This feud between Colon and Singh is going to explode. Our battle royal is com...

Boos as Tommy Rich and Johnny Rich hit the podium. 

Johnny: Cousin, you did it! You finally got rid of that pest Wendell Cooley! Now it's time for Wildfire to get some gold. 

Tommy: Lance, did you say something about fired up? HAHAHA! The Rich's cant lose brother. I have the best bodyguard in the world watching my back which means we're always going to get a fair shake. The Memphis Mafia Man is right, Wildfire needs some gold so King you better be ready boy cuz I'm coming after you! 

Lance: Ok, well there you have it from the Rich's. Our main event when we come back. 


Commercial Break 

10 man battle royal- winner gets a USWA title shot next week

Participants- Duke Myers, Ben Bassarab, Vinnie Valentino, Greg Gagne, Bruce Hart, David Sammartino, Bob Roop, Brad Rheingans, Corporal Kirchner, Steve Regal 

Arnold Skaaland is on the outside yelling instructions to his Elite. Chick Donovan accompanied his partner Regal. Kernodle accompanied his partner Kirchner. And several woman accompanied the Vin Man. The Ref instructs everybody on the outside to head to the back. 

The bell rings and everybody starts fighting. The Elite are fighting with The Technicians and Kirchner. Vinnie and Bassarab are slugging it out. Myers is hammering away on Regal by the ropes. Boos as Timothy Flowers runs out, hops on the apron and punches Myers. Myers turns around and blasts Flowers. Regal comes from behind and hoists Myers over the top. 

Myers and Flowers start fighting on the outside and to the back.

As the action continues, Rheingans, Hart, Roop and Sammartino all fight over the top rope! 

Bassarab dropkicks Vinnie into the corner. Regal nails Bassarab from behind. Kirchner and Gagne are fighting. Regal charges Bassarab but Bassarab back drops him over the top rope! 

It's down to Bassarab, Gagne, Vinnie and Kirchner.

Gagne rakes Kirchner's eyes and drop kicks him over the top rope! 

Bassarab dropkicks Gagne from behind then tries to throw him over. Gagne is holding on as Bassarab is trying to hurl him over. From out of nowhere Vinnie runs up and pushes both men over the top rope! 

NO WAY! Vinnie Valentino wins the battle royal! 

His woman escorts run in to hug and kiss him. 



Commercial Break 


Lance: I'm here with the USWA Champ Jerry The King Lawler. King, you just saw it. Vinnie Valentino will get a shot at your title next week.


Lawler: (smiling) I just don't know what to say buy hey the kid earned it so he deserves the shot.

Boos as Vinnie and his woman come to the podium. 

Vinnie: Did you guys see that? Oh yea baby, the Vin Man has done it and that title is mine! Your days are over King. I specialize on getting rid of squares and there's not a bigger square in wrestling than you. Yea! Vin Man! 

Lawler: I get it, your young and fired up but your also very stupid. Don't think for one second you're going to take this title from me. No chance in hell Vin Man. You're a lot of laughs I'll give you that but you're going to be stepping in the ring with the King. You brag about sending people out but I've sent a few out myself and you might be next! 

Vinnie: You don't scare me. You're old news. The people want to see something new and fresh. You were pretty good in the 70s but these people want to see the cool 80s and that's me, the Vin Man! 

Vin Man exits while his woman blow kisses and wave goodbye to Lawler.

Lawler: That kid needs to be taught a lesson and I'm just the guy to do it.

Lance: Ok, next week Lawler defends the USWA title against the Vin Man. I'll see you all next week. 










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Dr. Dream Machine kicks the show off in a huge way by running the Nightmare out of town and taking his mask!!

Flowers gets another win with his innovative cutter finisher!

The Sweet Ebony Express is a great new tag team but they're going to have their hands full with the Lone Stars!

Steve O may be a super hero! I love it, can't wait to see where this goes

The Richs feel unstoppable after running Cooley out of town....Lawler better watch his back now that they have their sights set on his title!

The Vin Man pulls off the upset win in the battle royal and now has a shot at the King, Lawler better not underestimate this guy.

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USWA House Shows 7-26 to 7-30

Galveston City Auditorium, Odessa County Coliseum, Corpus Christi Convention Center 



"The Wrecking Machine" DJ Peterson and "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly fought to a double c.o. 


"The Vin Man" Vinnie Valentino defeated "The Electrifying" Ben Bassarab with a roll up and handful of tights. 


Carlos Colon defeated a local talent with a flying clothesline from the top rope. After the match Tiger Jeet Singh stormed down the aisle! Colon ran out towards him but they were stopped by a swarm of security guards. 


The Rock N Roll RPMS defeated The Fabulous Blondes in an exciting 25 minute match as Lane dropkicked Donovan into a back suplex by Davis. 


Duke Myers defeated "Diamond" Timothy Flowers with a quick cradle. Myers rolled out of the ring smiling as Flowers through a tantrum.  


USWA Tag Team Title Bout 

Karachi Vice (C) defeated American Made by DQ. As Makhan and Kernodle were fighting on the outside, Gama and Kirchner brought chairs into the ring and the Ref saw Kirchner blast Gama with his. 


Dr. Dream Machine and Tommy "Wildfire" Rich  w/ "The Memphis Mafia Man" Johnny Rich defeated Central States Champ Dick Slater and "Crippler" Rip Oliver. 

Johnny Rich held Oliver's foot while Tommy got the pin. After the match both teams brawled all over the arena! 



USWA House Shows 7-26 to 7-30 

Cook Convention Center, The Dunn Center, Hammond Civic Center 



Sunny War Cloud defeated a local talent with a tomahawk chop off the top rope. 


The Technicians defeated 6 Man Tag Champs The Elite (Hart and Sammartino) w/Arnold Skaaland. Rheingans sent Hart through the ropes with a high knee as Roop hit a shoulder breaker on Sammartino for the win. 


"Champagne" Gerry Morrow defeated Porkchop Cash with a lowblow followed by a cradle. 


The Sweet Ebony Express defeated The Lone Stars when Sugar rolled up Deaton. Lone Stars immediately went after the Express and gave them a post match beating.  


Hercules Ayala defeated "The Tidal Wave" Tui Selinga w/Leilani Kai by DQ when RIP MORGAN hit the ring and sent Ayala through the ropes with a big boot to the head! Kai instructed Rip to inflict more pain. Rip went to the outside and when Ayala staggered up, Rip sent him into the crowd with another boot to the head! Looks like Kai has added a new member to her group. 


TV Title Bout 

Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair (C) w/Les Thornton and "The Japanese Fury" Yoshiaki Yatsu wrestled to a DRAW. 


The Medics w/Leilani Kai defeated The Grapplers. After 20 minutes of hard hitting action, chaos ensued and Kai slipped a foreign object into Medic 1's mask enabling him to headbutt Grappler 2 and get the big win. 


USWA Heavyweight Title Bout 

Jerry "The King" Lawler (C) defeated 6 man champ Greg Gagne w/Arnold Skaaland. Lawler executed a piledriver on Gagne and followed with a fist drop from the middle ropes to retain. A furious Skaaland had words with Lawler so Lawler yank Skaaland's towel from him and slapped him across the face with it. 




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Great House Show Loops here!

I got side tracked and forgot to mention in my TV feedback that I love that the DJ Peterson/Mr. Magnificent issue from WWF is being carried on here! 

Tiger Jeet Singh shows Carlos that he's subject to turn up anywhere at anytime!

Having been on a roll so far in the USWA, Flowers just can't seem to get a handle on Myers....and he may have a mental breakdown before he figures it out!

Dr. Dream Machine and Tommy Rich are a '"dream team" for me! Love that pairing and they manage to get the win here thanks to the "Memphis Mafia Man"....Could there a "Memphis Mafia" forming here??

Champagne continues his winning ways....I like it!

Sweet Ebony Express get a great win but suffer a beatdown from the Lone Stars....I look forward to the rematch!

Tui under the guidance of Leilani Kai is dangerous enough but with Rip Morgan added to the mix, they are going to be even more formidible moving forward!

The Medics beat the Grapplers with an old school Grappler tactic.....perhaps the Grapplers may have to get back to their "evil" ways to beat the Medics.

Man....if you would have told me a few weeks ago that I'd be excited for a Jerry Lawler vs. Greg Gagne match I would have told you that you were crazy....but here we are...two matches with Gagne where fans had to think going in that this new heel version of Gagne just might take the strap from the King.....Arnie is not going to take kindly to the post match action from Lawler!

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Fun TV show that kicked off with a blast.  I am enjoying the return of Dream Machine and that was a great opening bout with the Nightmare.  

Sunny War Cloud gives you another character to hook in the fans!

I am really enjoying Sweet Ebony.  For some reason Sweet Brown Sugar was one of my favorites.  Nice to see them in an angle with the Lone Stars.

What is going on with Steve O.... very interesting

Super Fly Tui with a nice win but then it gets interesting.... Dr. Dream sells the Medics?  Kai has a nice stable but I want to see what Dream does with the cash.   Dream Machine might even be more unpredictable then Dirty Dick Slater who he called out.

DJ and Kelly fulfill the big horses match on your card.  Your roster really has something for everyone.

Brenda's Beauty Shop is a big hit with me.

Colon vs Tiger Jeet  checks another box and gives those blodd thirty fans what they want.  This one will be fun.

WOW!!!  Vin Man ..... not sure what to expect against Lawler.....

Awesome house shows this week... Wildfire and Dream vs Slater and Oliver would be my favorite match of the two cards.  Wildfire as a heel works so well in 1985.  I wish he had made this turn in Georgia so I could have watched it.  Never saw Memphis growing up.  Sweet Ebony over Lone Star... love it!  Wow.... Ayala gets help from Rip Morgon.  Poor Super Fly Tui, he wasn't going to fly in this match unless someone through him.  Seeing Lawler smack Skaaland would have been worth the price of admission all by itself.


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USWA TV @ The Civic Center, Knoxville TN 7-31-85


Highlights are shown from last week's TV as Vinnie Valentino wins the battle royal to get a USWA title match with Jerry Lawler.

Lance: Hello again wrestling fans and welcome to another edition of USWA wrestling here on the USA network. Big show lined up as Jerry Lawler will defend the USWA title against Vinnie Valentino. Central States 6 Man champs, The Elite will be in action. Leilani Kai will be here with her newest acquisition, Ripper Morgan. Siva Afi is back in action. The Grapplers will be in the ring as well as the Central States Champ Dick Slater. Fans as I mentioned last week, the USWA's next big event will be the Labor Day Star Wars on September 5th. The first match has been signed and it will be Carlos Colon going one on one with Tiger Jeet Singh! That will be an incredible night of action. Fans. let's get to tonight's action. 


"Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly vs. William Hillman 


Kelly beats his opponent down then gets a lot of boos as he spends a good amount of time flexing. Kelly clamps on the full nelson and it's all over. Kelly keeps it applied then swings his opponent around and tosses him as the fans boo. 

Kelly cuts a promo and says he looks forward to beating up DJ Peterson again. He ends the promo with a double bicep pose. 


Commercial Break 


Duke Myers vs. Vic Dutro 


The fans have taking quite a liking to Myers because he keeps on beating Timothy Flowers. Myers swings Dutro to the ropes and puts him down with a back elbow smash. Myers hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a knee drop for the pin. Myers heads for the podium. 

The fans cheer as Myers is joined by The Technicians, Bob Roop and Brad Rheingans. 

Lance: Big news for the three of you as you get an upcoming 6 man title shot against The Elite. Duke I bet this is a nice break from one Timothy Flowers. 

Duke: Yes it is. I'm done with Flowers and it's time to focus on some gold. I'm looking forward to teaming with two of the best wrestlers this business has to offer. 

Roop: Lance, I told you Brad and I were teaming to win and now along with Duke,  the three of us are going to do just that against the so called Elite. 

Brad: That's right. Skaaland better have his boys ready because we're coming after those titles! 


Commercial Break 


House show footage is shown as Gerry Morrow nails Porkchop Cash with a lowblow then cradles him for the win. 

Lance: Joining me now is Porkchop Cash. I know you're pretty upset about that cheap tactic by Morrow.


Cash: (Wearing blue jeans and no shirt)  Oh Lance I'm boiling up brother! I mean what kind of a man uses such a cheap and cowardly move like that? I'm here to say I want Morrow in the ring and asap! 

Boos as Gerry Morrow strolls out in a suit and bottle of champagne with two glasses. 


Morrow: Ah Mr. Cash, life is to short to be squabbling my friend. You need to relax and enjoy the finer things. What do you say we let bygones be bygones. I'll tell you what, why don't you spend an all expenses day out with me. It's very obvious you need some clothes so I will help you pick some out. I can see that you defiantly need a clean shave and haircut so why don't I take you to my stylist. Now let's have a toast.

Morrow pours champagne into the glasses and hands one to Cash.

Morrow: A toast to the finer things.

Cash takes the glass then pours the champagne on the ground. 

Cash: You heard what I said brother, you and me in the ring! 

The fans are up and cheering. 

Morrow takes a step back then smashes the bottle over Cash's head!!! 

Cash is down.

Lance: Whoa! Hold on! 

Morrow: Mr. Cash is a very foolish man. 

Massive boos as Morrow casually walks out.


Commercial Break 


The Grapplers vs. Sam Smith and Dave Penson 


Pure squash ends as Grappler 1 hoists Penson up and Grappler 2 just about decapitates him with a clothesline from the middle rope! Grapplers head to the podium. 


Grappler 1: So Leilani Kai and the Medics want to fight dirty? Hey fine by us because we wrote the book on that! 

Lance: I hate to mention this but people say you guys have lost a bit of focus because you've been calling out the Road Warriors. Is there any truth to that? 

Grappler 2: We've proven why we're the best team in wrestling. We're the only team to hold both the USWA and Central States tag titles at the same time! 

Grappler 1: We are the best! The Road Warriors got a fluke win at the Crockett Cup and we want it back. That doesn't mean we've lost focus and the Medics are going to find that out real soon! 


Commercial Break 


"The Polynesian Prince" Siva Afi vs. Mark Reynolds 


Siva's first match since that vicious assault by Tui Selinga a few weeks back. Siva looks sharp tonight as he dropkicks Reynolds down then body slams him. The fans cheer as Siva climbs to the top rope and crashes down with a big splash 1..2..3! Cheers as Siva heads to the podium. 

Lance: Great to see you back Siva. I'm sure you heard all the disparaging remarks by Tui Selinga and Leilani Kai. 

Siva: I have and I can't tell you how angry I am. I take my heritage and culture very seriously and take pride in it. I went through a lot of sacred rituals to become a prince. Tui Selinga not only attacked me but put myself and my heritage down. I will not stand for that and I will settle this. 

Lance: Well you will get your chance. I've been told that the two of you will meet at the Labor Day Star Wars event on September 5th. 

Siva: Tui made a big mistake and on Labor day he's going to pay dearly. 


Commercial Break 


The Lone Stars vs. Gary Williams and Willie Lopez 

The Lone Stars head to the ring.


They're jumped from behind by the Sweet Ebony Express! The fans are up and cheering as the Express take it to the Lone Stars! Norvell body slams Deaton on the concrete! Sugar swings Young into the steel post! The Express pick up the bull rope. Deaton staggers up and the Express clothesline him down with the bull rope! The fans are cheering as the sweet Ebony Express stand tall holding up the bull rope! 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Oh my that was something else as the Sweet Ebony Express give the Lone Stars some sweet payback. My guest at this time is Steve Olsonoski. Steve, you left myself, Mike George and all the fans a bit puzzled last week. Would you care to elaborate? 


Steve: (Very calm and monotone) It's all very simple Lance. After my miraculous healing from that broken arm I realized who I am and my purpose in wrestling. The USWA needs a true and blue superhero and I'm just the right man for the job. Right now you're talking with Steve Olsonoski but in that ring I'm Super Steve O. And Super Steve O is going to rid the USWA of all the bad guys and villain's. Let me run them down for you. The Japanese Fury, Sunny War Cloud, Duke Myers. Those names are scary and they're very bad people and must be stopped. The first name on my list is the Electrifying Ben Bassarab. He's a real menace and next week on TV I will defeat him. Take care Lance and fear not because Super Steve O has arrived. 

Boos as Steve walks away.

Lance: (pauses) I..ok, ah we'll be right back 


Commercial Break 


"The Real Thing" Ripper Morgan w/Leilani Kai vs. Todd Rooney 


Kai is holding Ripper back with a chain around his neck. The bell rings and Kai unhooks the chain. Ripper just destroys his opponent and finishes him off by swinging him to the ropes and putting him down with a big boot to the head! Kai shouts something at Ripper. Ripper presses Rooney up and throws him over the top rope! 

Kai hooks the chain back around Ripper's neck and pulls him to the podium.

Lance looks a bit nervous as Ripper stomps and yells while Kai yanks on the chain. 

While this is going on footage is shown from a house show as Ripper storms the ring and attacks Hercules Ayala and sends him out of the ring with a big boot! 

Lance: (eyeing Ripper) Just why has this man targeted Hercules Ayala?

Kai: Just relax Lance, (pulls on the chain) I'm the only one who can control this beast. However when I release the chain there is no controlling him. I'm here to show why Ripper Morgan is the real thing. He stands alone at the top of the mountain. Everybody told me that Hercules Ayala is the toughest man in the USWA. Not anymore! Ayala I believe you're a smart man so listen carefully to this warning. When I release the Real Thing on you there is no turning back. 

Ripper stomps and yells as Kai pulls him away. Lance seems relieved. 


Commercial Break 


Central States 6 Man Champs The Elite w/Arnold Skaaland are at the podium with Lance.

Arnold is in a cheap suit holding his towel while the Elite are wearing matching sweat suits. 

Lance: Alright, just what is going on? Your men have a match scheduled. 

Skaaland: Not today Lance. My men are champions and they wrestle on their watch. 

Gagne: Arnold is correct. We have a title defense coming up with that goof Dookie Myers and that bottom of the heap tag team. What's their names again? 

Hart: I don't know. They claim to be real wrestlers but they're not elite. 

Sammartino: Not even close. These titles prove that we're the best unit in wrestling.

Skaaland: You see Lance, my boys are more than ready so they deserve the night off. 

The Elite walk out to boos.

Lance: Oh brother they're something else. I'm sure Jerry Jarrett will have something to say about this. 


A montage video is shown of the Carlos Colon/Tiger Jeet Singh rivalry. Those two will meet at the Labor Day Star Wars event! 


Commercial Break 


Central States Champ "The Unpredictable" Dick Slater vs. Carl Romer 


Slater is all over Romer and quickly finishes him off with a swinging neckbreaker! The fans cheer as Slater holds up the Central States title and heads to the podium.

Lance: Dick, you heard the challenge made by Dr. Dream Machine.

Dick: Oh yea I heard it alright and I have no problem beating him from one side of the ring to the other! (holds up his fist) I'm going to inflict some serious pain on him! It's a damn good thing he's a Doctor because when I get through with him he's going to need a lot of medical attention! 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the pink "Beauty Shop" sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 


Brenda: Hi everybody and welcome once again to the highest rated segment on TV, the Beauty Shop. This week's guest is a far cry from the classy guests I had on last week. I mean Les Thornton and the TV champ Tony St. Clair are just so classy. Well anyways my guest this week is the Crippler Rip Oliver.

Cheers as Oliver comes out. Oliver smirks at Brenda.

Brenda: Ah ok, so why do they call you the Crippler?


Oliver: I've been in a lot of fights and I've hurt a lot of people. That's why! 

Brenda: Whoa take it easy. It seems you've gotten on the wrong side of Wildfire Tommy Rich and his bodyguard, the Memphis Mafia Man Johnny Rich. I don't think you can hurt them. 

Oliver: Oh right, Tommy is so tough he needs a bodyguard. That don't matter because if his goon wants to get involved I'll put him down along with his yellow cousin! Tommy Rich I'm going to put out your fire brother and all that will remain is the wildfire's ashes! 

Brenda: Well I hope I have a more civilized guest next week. Until then tooooodles. 


Commercial Break 


American Made vs. Trent Watkins and Royce Jones 

Kirchner hits the Fallaway Slam on Watkins then tags in Kernodle. Kernodle finishes the match with a fireman's carry slam! Cheers as American Made heads to the podium. 

Lance: You guys have really been giving the champs Karachi Vice some tough matches and there's yet to be a decisive winner. 

Boos as Karachi Vice head out. 

Gama: Just one second! We are the champs and this should be our time! 

Makhan: We've destroyed these patriotic flag waving morons and there's no reason why we should have to do it again! 

Kirchner: It sounds to me like you boys are a bit scared.

Gama: We are scared of nothing! 

Kernodle: Ok, then how about we settle this once and for all, next week here on TV! 

Gama: You want another severe beating! Is that what you want? Consider it done! 

Lance: Ok, looks like we have a big USWA tag team title match for next week's show. Should be a great one. Fans our big USWA title match is next! 


Commercial Break 


Lance is suddenly joined by Vinnie Valentino and his entourage of beautiful ladies. 

Lance: Come on shouldn't you be focused on Lawler and the USWA title? 

Vinnie: The Vin Man is always ready Lancey! I just wanted to invite you to my victory celebration tonight. Just look at these ladies. Oh Leaping Lancey it's going to be a lot of fun. I'll see you there.


USWA Title Bout 

Jerry "The King" Lawler (C) vs. "The Vin Man" Vinnie Valentino 


Mega pop as Lawler enters the ring. Vinnie waves Lawler back then gives each of the woman a peck on the cheek. They applaud him then step out to the outside. The bell rings but Vinnie is showboating in front of his ladies. Vinnie smiles then turns around. Lawler clotheslines him over the top rope!! The woman all run to Vinnie and try to help him up. 

The fans are cheering as Lawler smiles and blows kisses to all the woman. 


Lance: Oh my goodness that's 



The fans are shocked as Terry Funk puts the boots to Lawler! Funk is yelling at Lawler and calling him a pig! Funk stomps on Lawler then hoists him up and piledrives him down! Funk hoists Lawler up again and piledrives him down! Funk piledrives Lawler a third time! 

All the woman escort Vinnie to the back.

Funk gets his branding iron and sticks it on Lawler's chest and pushes it down! 

Prelim wrestlers and officials run in as Funk slides under the ropes and heads to the podium. 

Lance: I can't believe this...

Funk: (snatches the mic) You better believe it! Did you miss me Lance? I sure as hell didn't miss you. I sure as hell didn't miss that jackass Lawler! Hey Lawler! You jackass! Did you think I would forget about you? You have something that belongs to me. That USWA title! And I'm here to take it back! 

Boos as Funk throws the mic at Lance then yells at the booing fans.

Lance: I can't believe my eyes. Terry Funk is back and Jerry Lawler is laid out in the ring. Fans, I'll see you next week. 


Labor Day Star Wars 9-5-85


Matches already signed

Carlos Colon vs. Tiger Jeet Singh

"The Polynesian Prince" Siva Afi vs. "The Tidal Wave" Tui Selinga w/Leilani Kai 

The Sweet Ebony Express vs. The Lone Stars 




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USWA House Shows 

Freeman Coliseum, Amarillo Civic Center, Beaumont Civic Center  


"Super" Steve O vs. Frank Miles

Steve comes out wearing a T-Shirt with the Superman logo. He's wearing blue trunks (logo on the back) and red boots. Pure showcase as Steve wins the match with a crossbody press. 


"Diamond" Timothy Flowers vs. Sunny War Cloud

After a few minutes both wrestlers fight through the ropes. Sunny rolls into the ring just as the Ref counts to 10. A frustrated Flowers sees the Ref raise Sunny's arm and throws a fit. 


The Sweet Ebony Express vs. The Lone Stars

Another hard hitting and wild match between these teams. During a pier six brawl, the Ref guides Sugar to his corner which allows Deaton to clothesline Norvell from behind. The Ref turns around as Young covers 1..2..3! 


TV Title Bout

Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair (C) w/Les Thornton vs. "The Japanese Fury" Yoshiaki Yatsu 

Great technical match that ended in a 10 minute draw. St. Clair remains TV champ. 


The Grapplers vs. The Medics

Leilani Kai is booked elsewhere so the Medics are on their own. These guys put in a solid 20 minutes. The finish sees the Grapplers give the Medics a taste of their own medicine as Grappler 1 put a foreign object in his mask and headbutts Medic 2 for the pin! 


Central States 6-Man Title Bout

The Elite (C) w/Arnold Skaaland vs. The Technicians and Duke Myers

Back and forth match that gives everybody a chance to shine. Chaos breaks out as Roop and Hart battle in the corner. Rheingans and Sammartino fight to the outside. Skaaland is distracting the Ref. Myers has Gagne up for a vertical suplex but TIMOTHY FLOWERS runs in the ring and clips Myer's behind the knee! Flowers quickly exits as Gagne falls on Myers. Skaaland yells at the Ref to turn around. The Ref turns around and counts 1..2..3! The Elite retain the 6-man titles! 


Central States Title Bout

"The Unpredictable" Dick Slater (C) vs. Dr. Dream Machine 

These two give the fans one heck of a fight! Slater is bleeding but that just seems to make him fight harder. Both men have a heated exchange. The Ref tries to break them up but they both push the Ref down. The Ref calls for a DOUBLE DQ. The bell is ringing but these guys continue to fight. They fight all over the place for another few minutes until officials and security have to break them up. Dick Slater remains Central States Champ. 



USWA House Shows

Louisville Convention Center, Tyndall Armory, Roanne Fieldhouse 



"The Vin Man" Vinnie Valentino vs. Curtis Moore 

Vinnie wins the match with an impressive sunset flip from the top rope. After the match he gets the mic and says the USWA still owes him a title shot. 



2 out of 3 falls match

The Rock n Roll RPMS vs. The Fabulous Blondes 

RPMs won fall 1 with their Spandex Split finisher on Donovan

Fabulous Blondes won fall 2 with a double hot shot on Lane

Fall 3 ended in a draw


"The Electrifying" Ben Bassarab vs. Masanobu Fuchi 

Fuchi makes his USWA debut here. Very fast paced and clean match that ends when Bassarab hits a flying press from the top rope but Fuchi carry's the momentum over for the pin! Afterwards the fans cheered as both men shook hands. 


Hercules Ayala/ "The Polynesian Prince" Siva Afi / Porkchop Cash


"The Tidal Wave" Tui Selinga/"The Real Thing" Ripper Morgan/ "Champagne" Gerry Morrow w/Leilani Kai 

A lot of hate in this match and it shows. The match is crazy and chaotic! At the end everybody is in the ring fighting when Siva fly's off the top rope and hits a flying press on Tui for the 1..2..3! 


"Crippler" Rip Oliver vs. Tommy "Wildfire" Rich w/"The Memphis Mafia Man" Johnny Rich 

Within minutes both men are bleeding. Oliver hoists Tommy up on the turnbuckles. Oliver hops up and pounds away on Tommy's bloody head. Oliver goes for the superplex but Johnny runs over and grabs Oliver's leg. Tommy crashes down on Oliver. The Ref counts while Johnny holds Oliver's leg 1..2..3! 


USWA Tag Team Title Bout 

Karachi Vice (C) vs. American Made 

After 25 minutes of solid action the Ref gets knocked out. Both teams continue to fight. Kirchner and Kernodle double clothesline Gama over the top rope. They turn around and take it to Makhan. They swing him to the ropes and double back drop him. Kirchner follows with a standing leg drop. Gama hits the ring with a chair and levels Kernodle across his back! Kirchner kicks Gama, takes the chair and blasts him over the head and covers. Another Ref runs to the ring and counts 1..2..3! The fans go crazy! Kirchner goes to help his partner. The Ref gets the titles. The original Ref runs over and is shaking his head NO. The announcer gets with both Refs. It's announced that the original Ref saw Gama use the chair first therefore Karachi Vice is DQed! The fans are booing. Kirchner helps up Kernodle and they both are clearly angry and disappointed. Karachi Vice remain tag team champs. 


Terry Funk vs. Carlos Colon

Funk immediately gets on the mic and berates Jerry Lawler. He calls Lawler a gutless pig and a lot of other names. The boos are thundering but turn to a roaring cheer when Colon hits the ring with fists flying! The fans are going wild as Colon knocks Funk through the ropes. Funk walks around on the outside and just falls down. The match hasn't even officially started. Colon goes out after him. Massive boos as TIGER JEET SINGH runs out and attacks Colon! Singh rams Colon into the steel post! Funk staggers up, walks over and puts the boots to Colon. Singh starts choking Colon with his sword while Funk gets his branding iron then starts hitting Colon with it. The crowd erupts as HERCULES AYALA runs out and knocks Singh and Funk down! Ayala pumps his fists but is nailed from behind by RIPPER MORGAN and his chain! SIVA AFI runs out but TUI SELINGA is right behind him and they fight up and down the aisle! Officials must have told the wrestlers in the back what was going on and needed help but it only added to the chaos because RIP OLIVER and the RICH cousins joined in the fighting along with PORKCHOP CASH and GERRY MORROW! There was fighting going on everywhere! 









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Had a very easy time imagining myself in the crowd for these shows!

Slater and Dream Machine felt like a knockdown/drag-out affair, and the chaos that ensues from the Funk-Colon match felt like just the kind of melee that would send a crowd home happy.

Feels like a hot product right now! Looking forward to seeing where the ride goes next!

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I think we have the most creative writer in the game here gentlemen... I will be honest if I had this roster i think i would be flummoxed on what to do with half of them

Instead our friend spladoni here has given almost everyone a defined character and in many cases a highly entertaining gimmick. Kudos.

Also I kinda want a shirt with a picture of Valentino that says "yeah! Vin Man!"

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Gerry Morrow is moving up my list of favorite heels in the game right now.  Great character choice and angle.

Nice use of Lelani Kai and I am looking forward to the Grapplers vs the Medics

Afi and Tui is a great feud and gives those fans who like the combo of agility and power a great match-up!  Brings me back to me days watching Polynesian Pro on Saturday afternoons on MSG in NY.

Rooting hard for Sweet Ebony Express

Steve O better be a Superhero  or he is going to get a butt whooping for the trash he is spewing

Great job making Morgan look like the wild animal heel who needs to be chained up.  Makes his segments even more interesting.

Wow.... who do the Elite think they are... choosing when they wrestle!  I wonder if the USWA board is going to like having their match making powers taken from them?

Dick Slater is another favorite of mine as he could really ride the fence between baby face and heel!

Brenda and the Beauty Shop did a nice job here of hyping up the Crippler/ Wildfire situation!


Great set of House shows this week but that Main Event in Louisville was CRAZY!

Great stuff going on in the USWA!

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