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TNT Wrestling TV @ Roane Fieldhouse, Memphis TN 2-22-84


Show kicks off with a highlight package of the big card in Louisville last week. Tommy Rich retained the TV title over Tully Blanchard. Nightmares retained the AWA Southern tag titles with questionable means over the Soul Patrol. Jerry Lawler retained the AWA World title in a hard fought victory over TNT Champ Nick Bockwinkel. 

Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of TNT Wrestling from Memphis. You all saw the fall out from Louisville and we have a lot to address tonight. Listen to these matches set for tonight. The Fabulous Ones will clash with Bob Sweetan and Dave Shultz! Lot's of bad blood there. Also, in a rematch, Tommy Rich will defend the TNT TV title against Tully Blanchard. If Tully loses, he must go to the back of the line. Let's get to the ring for a TNT wrestling debut. 


'New Generation' Johnny Wilhoit vs. Vic Dutro

Johnny Impresses the crowd with his high octane offense. He swings Dutro to the ropes and hits a high dropkick to get the pin! The fans cheer as Johnny pumps his fists to them and smiles. The fans boo as Johnny Valiant leads Kerry Brown to the ring. Brown nails Johnny from behind with a clothesline! Brown then picks up Johnny and hurls him out of the ring. Brown goes to the outside and body slams Johnny on the concrete! 


Commercial Break


Lance: Ok we're back and I'm here with Johnny Valiant and Kerry Brown. Gentleman just what was the meaning of that attack on Johnny Wilhoit? 

Valiant: First things first Lance. Let me introduce you to my newest client, the Blond Bomber Kerry Brown. There was no way a punk like that Wilhoit kid was going to upstage my introduction of Kerry Brown. Kerry Brown is the newest sensation in TNT and everybody here better deal with it, especially you Wilhoit! 

Lance: He's something else, I'm sure Johnny Wilhoit will be gunning for the Blond Bomber. Back to the ring. 


'Mr. USA' Tony Atlas vs. William Hillman

Atlas looks like a million bucks tonight as he overpowers his opponent. Atlas headbutts Dutro, military presses him and slams him down! Atlas hits a big splash and gets the pin! 


Lance: Big win for Tony Atlas. I have a huge announcement. On March 9th at the Nashville State Fairgrounds, Nick Bockwinkel will defend his TNT title against Tony Atlas. Please welcome out the TNT champ Nick Bockwinkel. 

Nick has his arms folded and is looking down at the ground while Lance reminds him of his recent defeat to Jerry Lawler. Nick pause then looks up. 

Nick: Mr. Russell, I am a champion and I do not dwell on the past. A great champion like myself moves forward and that's exactly what I'm going to do when I defeat Tony Atlas in Nashville. You all can rest assured that Nick Bockwinkel will not skip a beat. Tony Atlas, you're in for a pure wrestling lesson my friend and you will know why I am the holder of this title. Simply put, Atlas is nowhere near my status. 


'Hangman' Bobby Jaggers vs. Clint Cooper

Jaggers puts Cooper down with a back elbow smash off the ropes. He picks Cooper up and drops him with the Hangman's Neckbreaker to get the pin! While he's celebrating with the crowd, Adrian Street and Miss Linda come out. Street grabs Jaggers bull rope and starts to play with it while Linda goes around and distracts Jaggers. Jaggers looks down at Linda and is a bit confused by her being out here. WHAM! Street nails Jaggers with the bullrope from behind! Street uses the bullrope to pound away on Jaggers. Street then chokes Jaggers with the rope then tosses him over the top rope and continues choking him while Linda slaps him! Officials come out as they go to a commercial break. 


Commercial Break


Lance: Oh my I have no idea what that was about. Jaggers had to be helped out and taken to the back. 

Street and Linda come to the podium. Street is still playing with the bull rope. 

Street: EMMMMM, I like this new little toy. Bobby boy got himself a lucky win over the Exotic One a few weeks ago. What I did was settle my little score. Bye bye Bobby and don't worry (Holds up the rope) I'll take good care of this. 

Lance: That was just bizarre.  


Guerreros vs. Gary Williams and Todd Rooney

The end comes when Mando swings Rooney to the ropes and back drops him then tags in Chavo. Chavo gets on the top rope and executes a sunset flip for the pin! 

The Guerreros cut a promo about their recent loss to the debuting Sheepherders. They admit they were thrown off by the surprise but vow that wont happen the next time they meet. 


Phil Hickerson w/Johnny Valiant vs. Mike Sampson

Hickerson just destroys Sampson with stomps, kicks and face stretches. Hickerson body slams Sampson several times then drops a big elbow for the pin! 

At the podium, Lance is set to interview Valiant and Hickerson when Miss Linda walks out and hands Valiant a briefcase. Linda thanks them for a job well done in Louisville. Valiant shakes her hand and tells her Cocoa Samoa will never bother her or Street again. 


Commercial Break 


The Fabulous Ones vs. Bob Sweetan and Dave Shultz

This all started when Shultz and Sweetan attacked the Fabs and executed piledrivers on the concrete, injuring them and forcing them to vacate the AWA Southern tag titles. Fabs came back weeks later and costed Sweetan and Shultz a championship opportunity by blasting them with chairs. 

The bell rings and all four men are brawling! They brawl through the ropes and around the ring. Of course the match ends in a double countout. The bell continues to ring but both teams continue to brawl. The viewers get a good show as the brawl lasts a few minutes before several wrestlers from the back come out to try and break it up. 


Lance: Man oh man that was quite a brawl. I hope that situation gets resolved soon. Well the tag team division here is red hot and a lot of teams are in contention for a shot at these guys. Please welcome out Jimmy Hart and his champions, the Nightmares. 

Jimmy and the Nightmares cut a promo and laugh about all the teams beating each other up while they remain at the top. Hart says the Nightmares are going to remain on top for a long time baby! 


Commercial Break 


Lance goes over the shock of Jumbo Tsuruta turning on his partner Billy Robinson in Louisville and joining up with Stan Stasiak. Stasiak, Jumbo and Decimation join Lance at the podium. Lance asks him why? 

Stasiak: I'll tell you why! Jumbo Tsuruta is wrestling royalty in Japan. He should be a world champion. That washed up Billy Robinson was doing nothing but holding him back. I'm here to make sure Jumbo Tsuruta gets the respect he deserves. Mark my words Russell, Jumbo Tsuruta will be a champion within a very short time. As for my team Decimation, it looks like nobody wants to face them and I cant blame them. 


Terry Funk vs. Terry Gibbs

The battle of the Terrys tonight and Funk proves to be the better Terry tonight. Funk punches away on Gibbs then executes a Russian Legsweep. Funk works over the leg then applies the Spinning toe hold for the submission victory. 

Funk cuts a passionate promo and says he's ready to go after some gold. 


Commercial Break


Lance shows footage of Austin Idol's taped fist victory over Hercules Ayala in Louisville. Lance says both men were in the hospital for a few days and are now resting at their homes. Lance says that was one of the most brutal and exhausting fights he had ever seen. Lance mentions next week the Sheepherders will be in action as well as Harley Race and the Soul Patrol. Lance also mentions Jerry Lawler will be away for awhile as he's set to defend the AWA World Title against a slew of contenders across the AWA. 


Ratamyus and Cuban Assassin vs. The Gladiators 

Ratamyus and Cuban Assassin are fresh off their big tornado match win over Rolling Thunder in Louisville. They beat down their masked opponents. Cuban hurls one of the Gladiators out of the ring. They double body slam the other Gladiator. Cuban hits a backbreaker and Ratamyus comes off the middle rope with a knee drop to get the pin! On their way out Cuban picks up the fallen Gladiator and holds him while Ratamyus shatters a wooden chair over his head!! The fans boo as Cuban and Ratamyus give them sinister smiles. These guys are out of control! 


Commercial Break 


TNT TV Title Bout

Tommy 'Wildfire' Rich vs. Tully Blanchard

Well this feud has been going on for awhile now. Tully claims he was cheated by the Ref in their Louisville match. Rich, being the fighting champion he is, said he would defend against Tully, here on TV. Jerry Jarrett says this will be Tully's last shot for a very long time if he doesn't win. 

Fast paced back and forth during the first few minutes. Rich gets some momentum, swings Tully to the ropes and puts him down with a bionic elbow smash. Rich hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a forearm drop 1..2..Kick Out. Rich swings Tully to the ropes and back drops him. Tully staggers up and Rich grabs him and swings him into the turnbuckles and follows with a charging knee to the mid section. Rich hip tosses Tully over then flips over him while executing a neck snap. Rich drops an elbow 1..2..Tully gets his foot on the rope. Rich is in disbelief as the Ref is pointing to Tully's foot. Rich picks Tully up and starts to swing him to the ropes but the Ref gets caught between them and gets sandwiched and goes down. Rich is looking down at the Ref. Tully staggers to his knees then crawls over and low blows Rich! Tully regroups then hoists Rich up and executes the Sling Shot Suplex! The Ref crawls over and counts 1..2..3!!!! 

Tully Blanchard has won the TV title!!!! 

The show ends as Tully snatches the title out of the Ref's hands and holds it up high as the fans boo. 


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Street gets some major payback for the loss to Jaggers, Street is a dangerous man....even more dangerous with a bullrope in his possesion

I think Bockwinkle is right.....Atlas will be totally outclassed by the champ!

The Fabs despite appearances can brawl with the best of them as Sweetan and Shultz found out here, looks like a mere ring might not be able to hold this one!

Ever since I was a kid I was a huge fan of the Nightmares, they will be hard to beat as champs with Jimmy Hart in their corner.

Tully Blanchard winning the TV title makes me happy.....despite how the fans may feel there in Memphis

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Powerful intro here for Kerry Brown.

Looking forward to the Bockwinkle vs Atlas match to see if Atlas can reach the top of the pecking order here in TNT

Street has been a thorn in the side of TNT... first Cocoa and now Jaggers.  I wonder how many people he can prance over before finally getting his!

Guerreros-Sheepherders... main event action anywhere in the country except maybe TNT as your roster is just so great!

Valiant with Street?  .... Interesting

I could watch the different styles of The Fab Ones vs Sweetan and Schultz every day of the week.  Perfect TNT feud!

Stasiak was a great mouthpiece for Jumbo.  I wonder if Jumbo can get evil enough here to rise in the rankings and get some serious heat.  Can't wait to find out.

Ratymus continues to be the insane wildcard that nobody knows what is coming next.  One of my favorites in the game right now.

Tully wins the title by being Tully... the low blow is just what I would have expected.  Can Rich get his title back?  We will see!

Great show and TNT just keeps rolling



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TNT Announcement 

Jerry Jarrett has announced that at the upcoming card on March 8th at the Nashville State Fairgrounds, the Fabulous Ones will face Bob Sweetan and Dave Shultz inside a steel cage!!! Jarrett feels this is the only solution for this feud. On that note he also announces Tully Blanchard will defend the TV title against Tommy Rich in a street fight. Jarrett also announces other matches. 


TNT Title Bout 

Nick Bockwinkel (C) vs. 'Mr. USA' Tony Atlas



The Fabulous Ones vs. Dave Shultz and Bob Sweetan 


TV Title Bout- Street Fight!  

Tully Blanchard (C) vs. Tommy 'Wildfire' Rich 


AWA Southern Tag Team Title Bout

Nightmares (C) w/Jimmy Hart vs. Ratamyus and Cuban Assassin 


Terry Funk vs. 'Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol- Winner gets a TNT title shot 


Harley Race vs. Hercules Ayala


Exotic Adrian Street w/Miss Linda vs. 'Hangman' Bobby Jaggers


Cocoa Samoa/Soul Patrol vs. Phil Hickerson w/Johnny V and Decimation w/Stan Stasiak


Guererros vs. Sheepherders


Jumbo Tsuruta w/Stan Stasiak vs. Billy Robinson 


'New Generation' Johnny Wilhoit vs. 'Blond Bomber' Kerry Brown w/Johnny Valiant 


Rolling Thunder will also be in action 




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TNT Wrestling TV @ The Junction, San Antonio TX, 3-1-84



Show starts off with footage from last week as Tully Blanchard defeated Tommy Rich for the TNT TV Title. 


Stack: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of TNT wrestling right here on the USA Network. Earlier this week Jerry Jarrett announced the upcoming card at the Nashville State Fairgrounds on March 8th. The huge main event will be inside a steel cage as the Fabulous Ones will battle Bob Sweetan and Dave Shultz. Jerry Jarrett felt that for the safety of everyone here, neither team will be in the arena tonight. We will be talking about that big card throughout this show. As for tonight's show, the main event will be the Soul Patrol taking on Stan Stasiak's team, Decimation. Big night ahead, so let's go to the ring. 


'Mr. USA' Tony Atlas vs. Todd Rooney

Atlas tunes up for his upcoming TNT title match as he scoop slams Rooney and follows with an elbow drop. Atlas military presses Rooney over his head, slams him down and hits a big splash for the pin! The fans cheer as Atlas heads to the podium. 


Stack: Tony, on March 8th, you get a huge opportunity as you get a shot at the TNT title. I'm sure the fans would love to hear your thoughts. 

Atlas: Steve, I cant tell you how excited I am to....

The fans boo as Nick Bockwinkel comes out in a sweat suit and his TNT title draped over his shoulder. 

Bock: I'm sorry to interrupt but I just have some things to say. Mr. Atlas, no doubt you are a well proportioned individual and an above average athlete but you are about to be in the ring with the most premier wrestling champion in the world. Quite frankly I'm stunned that the suits in the TNT offices have deemed you the number one contender. You are nowhere near my level and it will be a shame to waste the money of the paying fans who are hoping for a solid and competitive wrestling match. With you in the ring, well, that just wont happen. 

Atlas: Mr. Bockwinkel, you have a pretty way with words. I'll tell you what, if you think this will be so easy why don't we give the fans here a preview and get in that ring right now!

Atlas pushes Bockwinkel and storms in the ring, telling him to come on! 

Bock's face is red with anger, then he takes a moment. 

Bock: A man of my intelligence will not be lured into childish games by a non deserving contender like Atlas. This title stays with me, right where it belongs. 

The fans boo as Bock strolls out. 


Commercial Break 


Sheepherders vs. Gary Williams and Roy Sanders

Sheepherders recently made their surprise debut when they defeated the Guerreros. Tonight they show the fans why they have such a brutal reputation. They just maul and beat down their opponents until they finally finish Williams off with a double rib breaker for the pin! 


Sheepherders cut a promo on the Guerreros and say the Guerreros are making excuses and that on March 8th they're going to send the Guerreros back to where they came from! 

Stack shows highlights from last week as Johnny Valiant led out Kerry Brown to attack the debuting Johnny Wilhoit. Brown ends up body slamming Wilhoit on the concrete.


Stack: Ok, please welcome out New Generation Johnny Wilhoit. Johnny, how you feeling?

Johnny: Still a little banged up but I'm here to say on March 8th, I'll be more than ready for Kerry Brown and if Johnny Valiant wants to interfere, well I would love to punch him right in the mouth! They spoiled my TNT debut but in the end, I'm going to show these fans why I represent the new generation by defeating that coward Kerry Brown! 


Commercial Break


'Exotic' Adrian Street w/Miss Linda vs. Vic Dutro

Last week Street stole Bobby Jaggers bullrope and choked him with it. Street skips around with the bullrope around his neck. Linda is admiring this. During the match, Linda gets her slaps in and Street pretty much plays with his opponent the entire match before finishing him off with a Hot Shot on the top rope! Linda hands the bullrope to Street and he has his fun with it. The crowd explodes as Bobby Jaggers hits the ring and just pounds away on Street! Linda gets out of the ring quick. Jaggers grabs HIS bullrope and starts hitting Street with it as Linda screams. Officials run in as Jaggers just keeps hitting Street. Jaggers is finally backed up as Street rolls around and screams in pain. 


Commercial Break


Stack: Things have certainly escalated between Adrian Street and Bobby Jaggers. Those two will meet on March 8th. Speaking of that card. The newly crowned TV champ, Tully Blanchard will be defending that title against Tommy Rich, in a street fight. Joining me now is the champ himself, Tully Blanchard.

Tully: Take a good look Stack! (Holds up title) Who's holding this title? That's right! Me! I did exactly what I said I was going to do and here I am holding the TV title. Now, Tommy Rich is whining and crying about a rematch. Rich! In Nashville, not only will I retain this title but I get to end you in a street fight. Get ready for the whipp'n of your life boy!  


Hercules Ayala vs. Terry Gibbs

This is Ayala's first appearance since his brutal taped fist match with Austin Idol. Ayala wanted a tough opponent to get him back on track because on March 8th, he faces Harley Race. Ayala body slams Gibbs then executes a back breaker. Ayala picks Gibbs up and clamps on a bearhug. He rams Gibbs into the turnbuckles, keeps the hold locked and really wrenches it on as Gibbs submits! 

Ayala cuts a promo and says he's back and moving on. He says a win over Harley Race would put him back in title contention. 


Commercial Break


Billy Robinson vs. Dave Wiley 

This is Billy's return since the shocking turn of Jumbo Tsuruta. Billy looks crisp as he blasts Wiley with several European Uppercuts. Billy executes a double underhook suplex then follows with a swinging neckbreaker for the pin! The fans cheer as Billy heads to the podium. 


Stack: Billy, I think everybody was shocked when Jumbo turned on you and then joined up with Stan Stasiak. I cant imagine what you're going through. 

Billy: You know Steve, Jumbo and I had talked about and planned our goals here in TNT. We arrived and we were rolling. We both wanted tag team gold but somehow Stan Stasiak got in his ear and Jumbo threw it all away. Stasiak, you called me washed up and said I was holding Jumbo back. Well, on March 8th I'm going to remind you and Jumbo just who your dealing with. 


'Quick Draw' Rick McGraw vs. Scott Ferris

Fun match up here as both men look pretty good tonight. Ferris gets in some impressive spots before McGraw takes over with a series of hip tosses and drop kicks. McGraw back drops Ferris then swings off the ropes and hits a flying body press for the pin! McGraw heads to the podium.

Stack asks him where his partner Ivan Putski is.


McGraw: This is hard to talk about and I assure you, Ivan will address everybody in the near future. After our tornado match loss to Ratamyus and Cuban Assassin, Ivan fell into a depression. He's doing better but just needs some more time. In the meantime, he made me promise him I would continue to excel in the ring. I'm going to keep my promise and announce right now, I'm going after the AWA Light Heavyweight Championship!  


Commercial Break


Tommy 'Wildfire' Rich vs. Kyle Harris 

Rich is aggressive tonight as he punches away on Harris, swings him to the ropes and hits the Thesz Press for the quick victory! 

Rich cuts a passionate promo and vows he's going to get his TV title back and also beat Tully Blanchard within an inch of his life in Nashville!


'Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol vs. Ryan Ward 

Like Ayala, Idol is returning to the ring after that taped fist match. Idol puts Ward down with a back elbow smash, follows with a shin breaker then clamps on the Las Vegas Leglock to get the submission victory! The fans boo as Idol winks and flexes at them. He then heads to the podium. 

Stack says on March 8th, Idol will face Terry Funk and the winner will get a TNT title shot. 


Idol: Let me tell you something baby, after giving Hercules Ayala the beating of his life, the Universal Heartthrob finally gets some recognition. There's no doubt about it baby, I'm the one who's getting that title shot! Terry Funk might be wild and crazy but I've already proven, he cant handle what I got! 


Commercial Break


AWA Southern Tag Champs The Nightmares w/Jimmy Hart vs. Neil Jones and Trent Knight

Jimmy Hart has his champs in ruthless mode as they prepare to meet Ratamyus and Cuban Assassin on March 8th. The Nightmares hurl Jones over the top rope. Davis gets on the top rope. Wayne hits a shoulder breaker on Knight and Davis crashes down on the shoulder with a knee drop to get the pin! Hart hands his boys the titles and raises their arms as the crowd boos. All of a sudden Ratamyus and Cuban come out. They storm around the ring. Cuban picks up Jones (hurled out of the ring earlier by the Nightmares) and Ratamyus grabs a wooden chair and bashes it over his head! Cuban then hurls Jones into the ring as he lays unconscious in front of a shocked Jimmy Hart. But the Nightmares stare down at Ratamyus and Cuban. They pick up their other opponent (Knight) and knock him out with their title belts! They pick up Knight and hurl him out in front of Ratamyus and Cuban. Security run out to prevent an all out war.  


Commercial Break 


Harley Race vs. Barry Kincaid 

Harley body slams Barry and follows with a diving headbutt. Race picks up Barry and piledrives him down to get the pin! The fans boo as Race storms to the podium. 


Race: Ayala! You come out here and say getting a win over me puts you back in contention. Who in the hell do you think you are?! I'm Harley Race! I'm a multi time world champion! On March 8th, I'm the one getting my hand raised! I'm the one who's getting back in contention! I'm the one who's going to put you down! 

Stack: Wow, a very angry and determined Harley Race. Before we get to our main event, please welcome out Cocoa Samoa. Cocoa, it appeared that Miss Linda had paid off Johnny Valiant and Phil Hickerson to do some dirty work and cost you your match with Street. 

Cocoa: Not a good investment! Hickerson! On March 8th, once I get my hands around that fat neck of yours, you're going to realize there's no amount of money that will be worth the beating I give you! You might have some big bad partners teaming with you but so do I. The Soul Patrol have my back brother! 


Commercial Break

Main Event

The Soul Patrol vs. Decimation w/Stan Stasiak

Good TV main event as Soul Patrol uses their quickness and high flying offense while Decimation shows off their power and ruthlessness. Shaw swings Ware to the turnbuckles and follows with a running clothesline then tags in Colley. Colley scoop slams Ware then hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a knee drop 1..2..Sugar breaks it. Later, Soul Patrol get control as they swing Colley to the ropes and hit a double back drop, Colley staggers up and Soul Patrol put him down with a double drop kick. Shaw runs in and all four men are fighting! In all the chaos, Johnny Valiant and Phil Hickerson come to the ring but Cocoa Samoa sprints out and attacks Hickerson and hammers away on him! The Ref is distracted by this and is looking out. Stasiak gets on the apron with a foreign object. Shaw swings Sugar to the ropes, when Sugar is about to swing off, Stasiak hits him on the back of the head! Sugar staggers into a powerbomb by Shaw! Ware and Colley are fighting in the corner. The Ref runs over and counts 1..2..3!!! Cocoa and Hickerson are still fighting on the outside as Decimation steals this one. 


Steve Stack hypes up the March 8th Nashville Card. Stack talks about the main event cage match and talks about the bitter TNT history between the two teams. The show ends with a special music video that highlights the Fabulous Ones/Bob Sweetan-Dave Shultz violent feud. That feud culminates inside a steel cage on March 8th. 




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Great opening statement... you seem to have Bock down pat.  Looking forward to see what Atlas can do against the champ

Sheepherders/Guerreros is a nice contrast in styles that should be fun to watch

Jaggers seems fed up with Street and it will be interesting to see how TNT officials and fans react to the violence of Jaggers

I am enjoying the Jumbo-Robinson match up.  Two huge names going at it and I have no idea who will come out on top.

Ayala goes from Idol to Race... if he can survive... he is going to get some real credibility with the others in TNT.

Great card in Nashville.  Can Wildfire regain the belt in his home state...

You have done an awesome transition here with so many new feuds getting started,  TNT is going great.


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I agree with Kevin, you channel Nick Bockwinkel quite well!

A streetfight would seem to favor Wildfire, will Blanchard's reign be short lived??

From all the WWC tapes I traded for back in the day,  I've always been a fan of Hercules Ayala....I look forward to following his exploits here.

The Sheepherders vs. The Guerreros could potentially be a blood bath.....the Guerreros can brawls when they need to.....they had some great bloody battles with the Fabs back in the day


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Everyone is complimenting your Bockwinkel (which is amazing) but props on that Tony Atlas line "Mr. Bockwinkel, you have a pretty way with words." which I can just picture Tony delivering with the biggest shit eating grin you've ever seen, before dropping that smile and challenging him to get in the ring right now with all the intensity he can muster. Great Stuff!

Very much like your portrayal of Adrian Street so far, and the stealing of the whip was good stuff and classic feud starting material.

Tully is awesome so far, and I can't see him letting go of that title anytime too soon, so I look forward to seeing what he has in store for the streetfight.

Digging Austin Idol quite a bit, though the challenge of The Funker is a big test. Should be a good one. 

Lastly, I would not want to be in the shoes of Hercules Ayala. A pissed off Harley Race who feels disrespected, probably a good time to skip town!

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TNT @ The Nashville State Fairgrounds 3-8-84

The cameras will be rolling for tonight's big card. 



'Quick Draw' Rick McGraw vs. Scott Ferris 

McGraw announced he was gunning for the AWA Light Heavyweight title so tonight he tunes up against the rough and credible Ferris. Ferris gets in some good blows but McGraw comes back with a series of hip tosses and drop kicks and finishes Ferris off with a flying body press for the pin! 

Winner of the match- Rick McGraw


'Blond Bomber' Kerry Brown w/Johnny Valiant vs. 'New Generation' Johnny Wilhoit 

A couple weeks back Brown body slammed Wilhoit on the concrete following Wilhoit's debut. Valiant said Brown wouldn't be upstaged by Wilhoit. Last week Wilhoit said he was coming for payback. Valiant high tails it out of the ring as Wilhoit hammers away on Brown. Wilhoit swings Brown to the ropes and kicks him in the mid section then hits a knee lift that bounces Brown through the ropes. Brown turns the tide with an eye rake from the apron. Brown hits a vertical suplex then grabs the ropes and chokes Wilhoit with his boot. Wilhoit mounts a comeback and unloads on Brown, swings him to the ropes and back drops him. Valiant gets on the apron and Wilhoit runs over and grabs him. Brown charges Wilhoit from behind and hits him with a high knee to the back followed by a roll up with a hand full of tights 1..2..3! 

Winner of the match- Kerry Brown


The Guerreros vs. Sheepherders

Wild one here as both teams fight with aggression. Guerreros use crisp teamwork and high offense to control the early portion. Sheepherders come back and break all the rules. The Guerreros aren't afraid to fight and the brawl is on as all four men end up in the ring. The Ref is trying to get control. The Sheepherders get the edge and swing both Guerreros to the ropes and go for a double back drop but Hector and Mando execute dual sunset flips and the Ref says the heck with it and counts 1..2..3! The fans explode as the Guerreros jump up to celebrate but the Sheepherders get up and attack them from behind! The Guerreros come back and everybody is brawling again! They fight to the outside and all around the ring for another couple minutes until security comes out to break the brawl up. 

Winners of the match- The Guerreros


Billy Robinson vs. Jumbo Tsuruta w/Stan Stasiak

Robinson and Tsuruta were clicking as a team but Stasiak somehow got in the ear of Tsuruta and here we are. After a post match beating, Robinson is out for revenge on his former partner. The match starts with some brutal exchanges as Robinson uses European uppercuts and Tsuruta uses some vicious chops. The match is very hard hitting but also very technical as both men bring out their arsenal. Each man uses a variety of suplexes that impress the fans. Billy has momentum as he executes a swinging neckbreaker and covers but Tsuruta gets his foot on the rope. Billy picks Tsuruta up and swings him to the ropes and clamps on a sleeper but Tsuruta is able to swing around and push Billy back against the turnbuckles. Tsuruta staggers forward and Billy grabs him, swings him to the ropes but misses a clothesline attempt, Tsuruta swings back and puts Billy down with a big boot! Tsuruta hops on the middle rope and crashes down with a big knee drop 1..2..3! Stasiak runs in the ring, gives Billy a stomp and raises Tsuruta's arm as the fans boo. This angers Tsuruta so he picks up Billy and executes a bridging Release Belly to Back suplex for good measure. 

Winner of the match- Jumbo Tsuruta


Harley Race vs. Hercules Ayala

Race jumps Ayala at the bell and proceeds to work him over. Race is hell bent on getting back in title contention and it shows tonight. Race chokes Ayala on the top rope then snaps his head back. Race body slams Ayala follows with a delayed knee drop then a delayed headbutt. Race hops on the middle ropes and goes for a diving headbutt but Ayala moves. Race crashes down on the canvas and Ayala regroups. Ayala gets up and works Race over with his power. He punches away on Race then scoop slams him. He picks Race up and body slams him again. Ayala swings off the ropes and drops a big elbow 1..2..Race gets his shoulder up. Ayala picks up Race and hits a backbreaker 1..2..Race gets his foot on the rope. Ayala picks up Race but Race grabs Ayala's singlet and pulls him through the ropes. Race regroups and rolls outside. Ayala gets up and the two trade punches as the Ref counts. Race hits Ayala with a headbutt, backs up and charges but Ayala back drops him into the ring as the Ref hits 10! Race wins it by countout. Ayala cant believe it and neither can the fans. 

Winner of the match by countout- Harley Race


TV Title Street Fight 

Tully Blanchard (C) vs. Tommy 'Wildfire' Rich

For the past few months these two have been battling over the TV title. It explodes in a street fight tonight. Both men are in jeans and T-Shirts. Nothing pretty as they brawl everywhere! Both men are bleeding within minutes. They fight to the outside. Rich gets the upper hand and swings Tully shoulder first into the steel post. Tully is holding his shoulder while lying against the post. Rich charges in with a clothesline but Tully falls down and Rich hits the post! Both men are on the ground and both are bleeding bad. They finally roll into the ring. They get their second winds and fists are flying. Rich gets control with a body slam and several knee drops. Tully comes back with a lowblow and drops consecutive elbows. After 20 minutes of brutal brawling, A barley conscious Rich swings Tully to the ropes and both heads collide! Rich falls back and Tully collapses on top 1..2..3! Tully retains but it takes a while for either man to get up. 

Winner and still TV Champ- Tully Blanchard




Soul Patrol/Cocoa Samoa vs. Decimation w/Stan Stasiak and Phil Hickerson w/Johnny Valiant

Pretty crazy 6 man tag action as numerous feuds are involved here. Both managers cause quite the distraction until the Ref bans both of them from the match! Soul Patrol and Cocoa use their speed and high moveset to keep their opponents off track. The tide turns as Colley puts Ware down with a clothesline. Heels take over as they work Ware over. Shaw one arm slams Ware down and Hickerson follows with a big elbow but Ware kicks out. Ware eventually makes the hot tag to Cocoa and Cocoa unloads on Hickerson. Eventually all 6 men are in the ring having a pier six brawl. Decimation hurl Ware and Sugar out of the ring and follow. The Ref is distracted by the fighting on the outside. The fans boo as Johnny Valiant runs to the ring. He yells up at Hickerson and tosses him a pair of brass knuckles but Cocoa nails Hickerson from behind with a drop kick! The fans roar as Cocoa puts on the brass knuckles. Hickerson staggers up and Cocoa nails him with the knuckles. The Ref turns around as Cocoa covers 1..2..3!!! Valiant is livid as he storms off. Decimation realizes what just happened and take out their anger on the Soul Patrol as they continue beating them down on the outside before leaving. 

Winners of the match- Cocoa Samoa and the Soul Patrol


'Exotic' Adrian Street w/Miss Linda vs. 'Hangman' Bobby Jaggers

This one has some heat as Street stole Jagger's bullrope a few weeks ago and used it to beat Jaggers up. Last week Jaggers got his bullrope back and returned the favor. The bell rings but Street is reluctant to lock up. Linda is comforting Street. Jaggers has enough and grabs Street, swings him to the ropes and puts him down  with a back elbow smash. Jaggers hits a gut wrench suplex and follows with a fist drop 1..2..Linda puts Street's foot on the rope as the fans boo. Jaggers snapmares Street over and follows with a neck snap. Jaggers swings Street into the turnbuckles and follows with a running forearm blast then hops on the middle ropes and punches down on Street as the fans count along. The Ref backs Jaggers off. The Ref is checking on Street. Linda gets on the apron. Jaggers looks at her and she sprays something in his face. Jaggers is blinded. Street staggers over, picks Jaggers up and Hot Shots him on the top rope 1..2..3! The fans are booing big time as Linda helps Street out of there while the Ref checks on Jaggers who's rolling around holding his eyes. 

Winner of the match- Adrian Street


Winner gets a TNT Title Shot

'Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol vs. Terry Funk

Idol arrogantly holds his fists up and taunts Funk. Funk gets the best of an exchange and pounds away on Idol, then short arm clotheslines him down. Funk works the leg and drops several elbows on the leg then goes for a spinning toe hold but Idol frantically reaches the ropes. Funk picks up Idol and hits a back suplex 1..2..Idol gets his shoulder up. Funk swings Idol to the turnbuckles and charges in but Idol hits him with a back elbow. Idol limps around then stomps away on Funk. Idol body slams Funk and the fans boo as he flexes for them. Idol swings off the ropes and crashes down with a knee drop. Idol picks up Funk and executes a Shin Breaker then goes for the Las Vegas leglock but Funk cradles him 1..2..3! Huge pop! Funk rolls out of the ring as Idol throws a tantrum. Funk gets a TNT title shot! 

Winner of the match- Terry Funk


AWA Southern Tag Team Title Bout

Nightmares (C) w/Jimmy Hart vs. Ratamyus and Cuban Assassin

Two of the biggest heel teams go at it here. Jimmy Hart is so afraid of Ratamyus that he makes it a point to stay way back. Both teams fight fire with fire and are not afraid to break the rules. The poor Ref has a hard time controlling this one. Cuban stomps on Wayne in the corner while Ratamyus chokes him. Cuban tags in Ratamyus and they execute a double body slam. Ratamyus hops on the middle ropes and comes down with a knee drop 1..2..Davis breaks the count. Ratamyus tags in Cuban. Cuban goes for a back drop but Wayne kicks him and tags in Davis. Davis hammers away on Cuban then hits a drop kick but Ratamyus storms in with a chair! Wayne charges in and drop kicks Ratamyus as the chair goes flying. The Ref is guiding the livid Ratamyus to his corner. Davis swings Cuban to the ropes and Wayne levels him with the chair! Davis covers as the Ref turns around and counts 1..2..3! Hart is ecstatic. The Nightmares get out of the ring and Hart hands them their titles. Ratamyus is on the outside flipping chairs over.  

Winners of the match and still AWA Southern Tag Team Champs- The Nightmares


AWA TNT Title Bout

Nick Bockwinkel (C) vs. 'Mr. USA' Tony Atlas

The first few minutes is them locking up and Atlas simply overpowering Bock. Bock's frustrations grow as he clamps on a headlock and wrenches away but Atlas wiggles a bit, picks Bock up and simply sets him on top of the turnbuckles then gives him a light slap and smile. The fans cheer as Bock throws a fit. Bock charges but Atlas scoop slams him down. Bock is in pain as he favors his back. The fans go crazy as Atlas picks Bock up and presses him over his head. Atlas holds him up then slams him down! Bock rolls out of the ring and falls to the ground. The Ref is counting as Bock slowly gets up and staggers up on the apron. Atlas grabs him and suplexes him back into the ring. Atlas swings Bock to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Bock nails him with a forearm uppercut and follows with a clothesline. This gives Bock much needed time to rest. Bock body slams Atlas then works the leg. Bock kicks away at the leg and follows with a seated senton on the leg. Bock clamps on the Indian Deathlock and wrenches away. Atlas manages to reach the ropes. Bock pulls him away then executes a back breaker and follows with a Boston Crab! Bock puts the pressure on as the fans cheer for Atlas. Atlas uses all his strength and pushes up and rolls Bock over to break the hold. Bock cant believe it. He grabs Atlas but Atlas hits him with a jumping headbutt that sends Bock flying. Atlas regroups. Bock staggers up and Atlas hits him with punches and thrusts and another headbutt. Atlas holds on to Bock as Bock's legs are wobbling. Atlas body slams Bock then limps around a bit. Atlas picks Bock up and swings him to the turnbuckles but the Ref slips and Bock mows him over. The Ref is down. Bock staggers backwards and Atlas executes a German Suplex. Bock's shoulders are down as the fans count but the Ref is still out. Atlas gets up and goes to check on the Ref. All of a sudden a man comes to ringside. It's Master G George Wells! Wells climbs the turnbuckles. Atlas is trying to help the Ref up but hears the commotion. He turns around and Wells hits him with a flying shoulder tackle! Wells leaves the ring as the fans boo. Bock drops a knee on Atlas as the Ref  crawls over and counts 1..2..3! Bock retains but the fans give it to him. What did George Wells just do???

Winner of the match and still AWA TNT Champ- Nick Bockwinkel 


Steel Cage Match!!!

The Fabulous Ones vs. Bob Sweetan and Dave Shultz

This one's been brewing for a long time and the fans have been waiting for the pay off. Sweetan and Shultz are in the cage taunting the fans. The fan's boos turn to a roar as the Fabs enter the cage, charge over and pound away on Sweetan and Shultz! The first few minutes is nothing but the Fabs pounding away. Keirn grabs Sweetan by his hair and rams him into the cage, busting him open. Lane grabs Shultz by his hair and does the same. Shultz is now busted open. The Ref gets some order as the Fabs control. Lane hits Sweetan with a karate kick and tags in Keirn. Keirn jumps off the middle ropes and lands an elbow on Sweetan 1..2..Shultz breaks it. Lane comes in but the Ref backs him up. Shultz hits Keirn with a clothesline to the back of his head then drags Sweetan to his corner and tags himself in. Shultz grabs Keirn and grinds his face on the cage. Keirn is now bleeding. Shultz bites Keirn's face then grinds his elbow on his face. Sweetan sticks his boot out and Shultz slams Keirn's head on it then tags in Sweetan. Sweetan slams Keirn's head several times on the turnbuckle then hurls him headfirst into the cage. Keirn is bleeding bad. Sweetan swings Keirn to the ropes and misses a clothesline attempt, Keirn swings back and clotheslines Sweetan down. The fans roar as Keirn makes the hot tag to Lane! Sweetan staggers up and Lane puts him down with a flying elbow smash. Shultz runs in and Lane back drops him then swings off the ropes and sends Shultz flying with a high knee. Lane is in control as he works over Sweetan. Lane picks Sweetan up for a vertical suplex but Shultz runs in and clips Lane's knee from behind. Sweetan rolls over and tags Shultz. Shultz pounds away on Lane then hurls him headfirst into the cage, grabs him by his hair and repeats this. Now Lane is busted open. Shultz picks up Lane and hits a snake eyes on the turnbuckles then tags in Sweetan. Sweetan hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a forearm drop 1..2..Keirn runs in and breaks it. Shultz runs in and him and Keirn battle to the corner. Sweetan picks up Lane and goes for a piledriver but Lane back drops Sweetan into the cage! Lane staggers over and helps Keirn. They swing Shultz to the ropes and hit a double drop kick. Lane goes over and picks up Sweetan as Keirn hops on the middle ropes. The Fabulous Ones hit a spike piledriver on Sweetan! Lane covers 1..2..3!!! Huge eruption from the crowd! The Fabs take a moment to celebrate with the crowd. Both men are bleeding bad. They exit the cage and slap hands with the fans on the way out. Inside the cage. Shultz gets up and looks down at his partner. He shakes his head then exits the cage. Sweet night for the Fabulous Ones, now they can finally focus on getting their titles back. 

Winners of the match- The Fabulous Ones








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Your cards in the 83 Project were always a highlight for me and it isn't different here! What a night in Nashville. We seem to be on a collision course between The Nightmares and The Fabulous Ones and I can't wait for that match!

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What a night of fights in Nashville!

The Fabs get revenge and The Nightmares had better get ready, cause they are coming!

The Funker pulls one out, but I don't think Idol is going to take it very well. I don't think we've seen the last of those two.

Nor do I think we've seen the last of Race/Ayala. That count out just begs for a rematch, but Harley may not see it that way!

Both Rich/Blanchard and that Six Man sound like absolute wars.

and What Did George Wells Just Do!! When you told me you had an idea for him, I certainly didn't expect that!! Tony is gonna be pissed!!

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As well the TV cameras should have been rolling.  Whatg a night in Nashville as the fans are treated to 12 big matches.

-I think Quick Draw should get a Lt. HW tiitle match

-Brown vs Wilhoit is a nice undercard feud going.

The Guerreros and the Sheepherders is a wild brawl every time.  They are both big team and whoever eventually takes this feud may be in line for a title shot.

-Surprised Jumbo got the clean win but Jumbo is Jumbo and could some day win the World Title.  Is this the beginning of the end of Robinson?  I bet not and Jumbo better be readt.

All of your title matches were really even and could have gone either way which is a nice way to keep the fans on the edge of their seats.

-Same could be said for Funk and Idol... looking forward to Funk getting a title shot!

TNT is ready for 2019 as that could have easily been a pay per view

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Wow....quite the supercard in Nashville!

Big win for the Guerreros showing they can get down and fight with the best of them.

Race narrowly escapes Hercules Ayala, I look forward to more battles down the line.

Happy to see the Nightmares retain....plenty of strong challengers out there for the titles!

Funk wins over Idol but it really could have went either way, Bock vs. Funk should be a classic!

Tully retains....I look forward to see where this title reign takes him as I consider Tully to be the greatest TV champion in history!

The Fabs much like the Guerreros proving here that they can fight and hang with the toughest in the sport....great win in the cage!

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TNT Wrestling TV @ The Roane Fieldhouse 3-15-84


Highlights are shown of last week's big card in Nashville followed by Lance Russell opening up the show.


Lance: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of TNT Wrestling here on the USA Network. TNT is sanctioned by the AWA. Well you just saw the highlights of everything that went down in Nashville and we'll be talking a lot about that on tonight's show. We do have a lot of action in store as Johnny Wilhoit takes on Austin Idol, Billy Robinson clashes with Randy Colley of Decimation and in our main event, a rematch from Nashville as Hercules Ayala goes up against Harley Race. All that and a whole lot more. Let's go to the ring as the Dream Machine returns to TNT. 


Dream Machine vs. Gary Williams

Dream Machine takes it to Williams and looks good tonight. He whips Williams to the ropes and puts him down with a clothesline then swings off the ropes and drops an elbow to get the pin! 


Lance: Impressive showing, now that your back, what are your intentions here in TNT? 

Dream: The last time you saw me I was wrestling for the TV title baby and I'm here to continue that quest. I want a shot and believe me I'm not going to let it slip away from me this time. 

The crowd boos as Tully Blanchard arrogantly walks out in a suit and sunglasses with the TV title on his shoulder. 

Tully: Whoa, slow down there my masked friend. In case you haven't heard, I'm the TV champion and I fought a lot of Jarrett's politics to finally get this title. Last time you were wrestling Tommy Rich for the title. I just got done beating up Tommy so badly that he's packed his bags and left TNT. You cant just come out and demand a title shot because I decide who's worthy for a shot. In other words, get to the back of the line Jack! 

Tully light slaps Dream Machine. Dream Machine pushes Tully's hand away and pushes Tully back! Tully takes off his sunglasses but officials come out to prevent anything further. 


Commercial Break


Lance: Tempers are flaring between Tully Blanchard and the Dream Machine. Please welcome out Jerry Jarrett. Jerry, I understand you have something to say regarding the TV title. 

Jarrett: Thank you Lance. I have decided that next week, the Dream Machine will wrestle Kerry Brown and the winner will get a TV title shot on April 6th at the HemisFair Arena. Since I'm out here, I would like to officially announce that also on that night, Nick Bockwinkel will defend the AWA TNT title against number one contender, Terry Funk. And one more title match will be added as the Nightmares will defend the AWA Southern Tag Team Titles against the Fabulous Ones. It should be a great night of action on April 6th at the HemisFair Arena. 

Lance: Indeed it will be. Speaking of the TNT title, we all saw the shocking actions of George Wells in Nashville as he attacked and costed Tony Atlas his match with Nick Bockwinkel. George Wells is set for action. 


'Master G' George Wells vs. Vic Dutro

Wells once again shocks everybody as he comes to the ring escorted by Jimmy Hart! Wells punches and stomps away on Dutro as Hart encourages him from the outside. Wells swings Dutro to the ropes and back drops him. Wells hops up on the middle ropes, Dutro staggers up and Wells nails him with a flying shoulder tackle for the pin! 

The fans boo as Hart raises Well's arm. Wells gives Dutro a couple more stomps before heading to the podium. 


Lance: Oh come on George, what's with you lately? First you attack Tony Atlas during his TNT title match and now you're out here with Jimmy Hart. Can you explain yourself? 

Wells: I don't owe you or these idiots out here any explanation! I will say that it felt so good knocking that fraud Atlas down! I've been looking all over the world for that coward and long and behold I find out he's wrestling for the TNT title. What a sham! 

Hart: It's simple Russell. George Wells is a winner and all he needs is some guidance and someone to help him cut through all the red tape he's seen his entire career. I'm that someone! I manage champions, I'm talking about the AWA southern champs my Nightmares (Laughs) and mark my words, George Wells will be a champion. HAHAHAHAHA! 

Lance: (Shaking his head) I don't believe this. Well Tony Atlas will be back next week and we'll see what he has to say about all this. 


Commercial Break


'New Generation' Johnny Wilhoit vs. 'Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol

Both men are coming off losses in Nashville as Wilhoit dropped one to Kerry Brown and Idol lost his number one's contender's match to Funk. The first few minutes is back and forth. Wilhoit takes control with hip tosses and drop kicks and almost puts Idol away with a flying press. Wilhoit swings Idol into the turnbuckles and charges in but Idol puts him down with a back elbow smash. Idol works over Wilhoit's leg then hits a Shin Breaker and clamps on the Las Vegas Leglock! Wilhoit puts up a good fight but ends up submitting. The fans boo as Idol gives them a wink and bicep pose. 


Commercial Break


When we come back, Wilhoit is still in the ring. The Ref helps him up but Wilhoit pushes him away. Wilhoit exits the ring and flips over a chair in frustration. 


Lance: Impressive win for Austin Idol and a clearly frustrated and disappointed Johnny Wilhoit. I want to bring in Bobby Jaggers. Bobby, I know you cant be happy about how things went down in Nashville as Miss Linda interfered to cost you your match with Adrian Street.

Jaggers: I'm not happy Lance! (Holds up his bullrope) But I'm going to do something about it. Street, let's see how tough you are. I'm challenging you to a bullrope match on April 6th! Let's see if you have the guts boy! 

Lance: Oh my! I would love to see the look on Adrian Street's face right now. Fans, back to the ring.


'Blonde Bomber' Kerry Brown w/Johnny Valiant vs. Pete Alfaro 

Brown body slams Alfaro then drags him to the ropes and chokes him on the middle rope. Alfaro is hanging on the ropes as Brown swings off and comes back with a body guillotine. Brown picks Alfaro up and hits a Shoulder Breaker for the win! The fans boo as Valiant leads Brown to the podium. 


Valiant: I told you so Lance! You heard the big news. My main man Kerry Brown is already in contention for the TV title. Next week he's going to dismantle that masked freak and then it's on to the TV title! 

Valiant and Brown laugh then exit. 

Lance: That match happens next week. I understand Stan Stasiak has something to say. Ok, Stan, you got your time. 

Stasiak: Just stay back and shut your mouth Lance! I guess that poor sap Billy Robinson is a gluten for punishment. Jumbo Tsuruta soundly beats him in Nashville and now he wants to face a member of Decimation. After Randy Colley gets through with you Robinson, you'll never want to hear my name again! Get ready for another beating! 


Commercial Break 


Steve Olsonoski vs. Terry Gibbs

Steve makes his TNT debut tonight, facing the rugged Terry Gibbs. Gibbs gets in an eye rake and works Steve over. Gibbs goes for a back drop but Steve leapfrogs over, swings back and puts Gibbs down with a forearm smash. Steve body slams Gibbs, hops on the middle ropes and hits a flying knee drop for the pin! The fans give Steve a good applause as he heads to the podium. Lance welcomes him to TNT. 


Steve: Thank you very much Lance and you and the great people here can call me Steve O. You know, I've held numerous regional titles in my career but in the last year or so I've been off track. Seen more losses than I wanted. I'm here in TNT for a fresh start. I'm focused and refreshed and ready to go! 

Lance: I for one am looking forward to watching Steve O here in TNT, when we...

Mr. Electricity Steve Regal walks up to the podium.

Lance: Oh ok, Steve Regal has joined me. Steve, I heard you signed with TNT but wasn't expecting you today.

Regal: I have something to say and it just couldn't wait. I was sickened by the comments of Rick McGraw. Where does he get off thinking he's in contention for the Light Heavyweight Championship? What has he done to earn a shot? Nothing! I've been a top light heavyweight wrestler for years. If anyone deserves a title shot it's me!

Lance: Ok, Regal brings up a valid point and I'm sure Jerry Jarrett will put some thought into this one.  


Commercial Break


Lance: Before we get to our next featured bout, I have some exciting news. On April 6th at the HemisFair card, Tito Santana will be making his TNT debut. Looking forward to having Tito Santana here in TNT. I also wanted to take a moment and say that the AWA World Champion, Jerry Lawler has been successfully defending his title all across the AWA against the best competition in the world. We look forward to seeing the King return to TNT television in the weeks to come. Back to the ring. 


Billy Robinson vs. Randy Colley w/Stan Stasiak

Billy is a man possessed as he runs in the ring and pounds away on Colley. Stasiak is still on the apron but Billy swings Colley into him and Stasiak goes flying. Billy hits a double arm suplex and follows with a gut wrench suplex then proceeds to drop several knees on Colley. Billy swings Colley into the turnbuckles and follows with several European uppercuts. Billy body slams Colley and swings off the ropes but Stasiak trips him. Billy stumbles forward then turns around and goes to the ropes and yells down at Stasiak. Stasiak is telling him to come out and fight. Billy heads through the ropes but Colley nails him with a knee to the back that sends him to the outside. Colley distracts the Ref as Stasiak stomps on Billy then hurls him back in the ring. Colley takes over with body slams and elbow drops then chokes him with his boot. Colley swings Billy to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Billy kicks him and follows with a European uppercut then hits a swinging neckbreaker 1...2...3!!!! The crowd cheers as the Ref raises Billy's arm. Mike Shaw hits the ring and clotheslines Billy from behind! Stasiak gets in there and they stomp away on Billy. Colley staggers up and Decimation swings him to the ropes and put him down with a double clothesline! Huge cheers from the crowd as Larry 'The Axe' Hennig storms the ring with a chair and swings wildly as Stasiak and Decimation get out of there. Stasiak and Decimation are looking in surprise as Hennig holds up the chair and motions for them to come back in. They leave and Hennig checks on Billy. 


Commercial Break 


Lance brings Larry Hennig over and asks him what he's doing here. 


Hennig: Billy and I have been in this business a long time and have known each other a long time. We might be winding down but him and I both think we have some fight left. Jumbo Tsuruta made a big mistake turning on Billy but I wont do that. Billy's got a partner in me and Decimation, rest assured we have another run left in us! 


The Guerreros vs. Frank Samson and Lou Larson 

The Guerreros are coming off a big win over the Sheepherders but the fight is clearly not over. Guerreros look sharp tonight as they hit a double vertical suplex on Samson. Mando tags Chavo. Chavo goes to the top. Mando swings Samson to the ropes and hits him with a knee to the mid section as Chavo comes off the top with a sunset flip to get the pin! 


Cocoa Samoa vs. Willie Jones 

Cocoa has the fans cheering as he hits a high drop kick on Jones then swings off the ropes and hits a jumping leg drop. Cocoa hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a diving headbutt to get the win! The Ref raises his arm in victory but Cocoa is distracted by Ratamyus and Cuban Assassin. They're on the outside causing a commotion. Cocoa watches them as he heads to the podium. Lance isn't sure what's going on here. He starts to interview Cocoa but Ratamyus and Cuban Assassin head towards them. Cuban walks to the podium. 


Cuban: Why is this savage out here? We want to say something! 

Cocoa: If you have a pro....

Cocoa is nailed from behind by Ratamyus with a chair!! 

Security is quick to respond as they take Cuban and Ratamyus out of there. 


Commercial Break


Lance: I have no idea what that was about and why Cuban Assassin and Ratamyus have targeted Cocoa Samoa. I hope Cocoa is ok. Fans, I want to bring out the current TNT champion, Nick Bockwinkel. Nick, we all saw the footage from Nashville and..

Bock: Let me stop you right there Mr. Russell. I know where you're heading. I was clearly giving Tony Atlas a wrestling lesson and had things in total control. I cant help it if Tony Atlas has made a list of enemies, that does not concern me. What concerns me is this TNT title. And as you can see it's clearly where it should be, around my waist. It will continue to remain around my waist for a very long time. Now, the matter at hand, Terry Funk. Terry Funk has been named number one contender but all that means is he will be just another domino I knock down, just another notch in my belt. He's a non issue. He's an uncontrollable Wildman who will be easily outsmarted by myself. Enjoy these next few weeks Mr. Funk, because it will be the closest you'll ever get to this here TNT title. A very good day to you Mr. Russell. 

Lance: Ok, there you have it from the TNT champ himself, Nick Bockwinkel. Terry Funk will be in action next week. Before we get to our main event I wanted to speak with the Fabulous Ones. You boys get a long awaited tag team title match on April 6th. That must feel great. 

The Fabulous Ones cut a promo and talk about how great it is to have taken care of Bob Sweetan and Dave Shultz once and for all. Now that that's over they are excited and focused on their upcoming tag title match with the Nightmares. They remind the Nightmares, they never lost those titles and the Nightmares have never beaten them. April 6th will be the Fabulous Ones night! 


Commercial Break 


Main Event 

Harley Race vs. Hercules Ayala 

These two start with a slugfest and Ayala gets the best of it. Ayala swings Race into the turnbuckles and Race staggers into a big back drop. Race staggers up and Ayala puts him down with a clothesline 1..2..Race gets his shoulder up. Ayala reaches down but Race rakes the eyes and gives him a knee lift. Race regroups and works Ayala over. Race body slams him then swings off the ropes and comes down with a delayed headbutt 1..2..Kick out. Race hoists Ayala up and vertical suplexes him back then follows with a delayed knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Race berates the Ref as he holds up 3 fingers. Race swings Ayala into the turnbuckles and charges in but Ayala moves and Race flips up into the turnbuckles. Race is hanging upside down as Ayala regroups. Ayala stomps away on Race then pulls him down. Ayala picks up Race and powerslams him over 1..2..Race gets his foot on the rope. Ayala swings Race into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Race ducks and swings back with a flying press but Ayala is able to hold him up as the momentum carries both men over the top rope. The Ref counts as both men try to get up and back in the ring. The Ref hits 8 as Race charges at Ayala but this time Ayala back drops Race on the concrete and slides back in the ring as the Ref hits 10! Ayala gets the countout win. Both men have traded count out victories. Needless to say a rematch is in order. 


Lance: What a great main event. I'm sure these men will meet again. Fans, this has been...

Cocoa Samoa storms out clearly favoring his back from that chair shot earlier. 

Cocoa: Ratamyus! Cuban Assassin! I'm not a target and I'm not somebody you can choose to punish! You want a fight? You got one. Next week I'll find a partner and then the both of you will feel my wrath! 

Lance: Oh my, I've never seen Cocoa that fired up. That should be a wild confrontation next week. Until then, so long. 



Upcoming TNT Card @ HemisFair Arena, San Antonio TX 4-6-84

TNT Title Bout

Nick Bockwinkel (C) vs. Terry Funk


AWA Southern Tag Team Title Bout

The Nightmares (C) w/Jimmy Hart vs. The Fabulous Ones


TV Title Bout

Tully Blanchard (C) vs. Dream Machine or 'Blonde Bomber' Kerry Brown 


Sheepherders vs. Guerreros 


Tito Santana debuts! 








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Fun show here.  I used to love when wrestling shows would show us a few highlights from their big shows like you did in the opening here.

-I thought it was cool how officials rushed out to stop the brawl between Tully and Dream Machine.  I have a bad habit of always going for the brawl.

- Nice use of George Wells... he is really underrated.  I saw him go toe to toe with Butch Reed in Mid-South and it looked like he deserved more of a push then he got.

-Larry the Axe with Billy Robinson just seems so perfect!

- I love the timing of you introducing your next big show.  3 weeks gives you a nice time to hype up all your feuds!

-Ayala keeps pushing the top stars here in TNT... he might just get over one day!

-Ratymus continues to be one of my favorite heels in the game!


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I'm telling you man....it'd be a crime if Tully Blanchard doesn't become your top star about a year from now!

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Funk vs Bockwinkel, I may cancel my April 6th show so I can come watch that!!

Love what you are doing with George Wells. Much more than I would have ever gotten out of him, very glad we made that trade. Great stuff.

Fabs/Nightmares should be awesome, and when we Race/Hercules again, it is gonna be a war.

and like Edger just said, eventually Tully Blanchard is going to run this company and I get the feeling Nick, Terry, and Harley may never see it coming.

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Amazing card coming to San Antonio!! Bock vs Funk will be an awsome title match! 

The long awaited Nightmares vs. Fabs match should not disappoint!

Loving the build for Hercules Ayala!


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TNT Wrestling @ The Junction, San Antonio TX 3-22-84



Stack: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of TNT Wrestling on the USA Network. Tonight you will see the Dream Machine take on Kerry Brown and the winner will receive a TV title shot against Tully Blanchard. Cocoa Samoa and a mystery partner will take on Ratamyus and Cuban Assassin as we saw last week the attack on Cocoa by Ratamyus and Cuban Assassin. Also a huge 6 man tag match as AWA Southern tag team champs the Nightmares team with Austin Idol to take on The Fabulous Ones and Bobby Jaggers. Let's get things going and go to the ring. 


Terry Funk vs. Gary Williams 

Funk gets his shot at the TNT title on April 6th and tonight he shows why. He works Williams over then hits a Russian Legsweep, he picks up Williams and executes a swinging neckbreaker to get the pin! The fans cheer as Funk heads to the podium. 

Funk: Last week Nick Bockwinkle called me a wild man and said he's gonna outsmart me. Well guess what? I am a wild man and I am crazy! Bockwinkle is the one who wont be able to handle me. And Bockwinkle is the one who's gonna lose that title! 


Commercial Break


'Mr. USA' Tony Atlas vs. Vic Dutro

Atlas simply overpowers Dutro then Gorilla presses and slams him down and follows with a big splash to get the pin! The fans cheers turn to boos as George Wells hits the ring and clotheslines Atlas from behind! Jimmy Hart is out there encouraging Wells. Wells hops up on the middle ropes. Atlas staggers up and Wells nails him with a flying shoulder block! Jimmy Hart runs in the ring and raises Wells arm as the crowd boos. 


Stack: Oh my, once again George Wells attacks Tony Atlas. This situation is getting volatile. With me right now is the current TV champion Tully Blanchard. Tully, I know you'll be watching the Dream Machine/Kerry Brown match very closely. 

Tully: (smirking) Why should I be watching? Neither one of those guys are the caliber of myself. Come on Stack, I'm in a league all by myself. I am the cream of the crop. I am the TV champion! 


Commercial Break


Jumbo Tsuruta w/Stan Stasiak vs. 'New Generation' Johnny Wilhoit

Wilhoit gets in some solid offense with drop kicks and arm drags. Wilhoit back drops Tsuruta and follows with a jumping elbow drop 1..2..Tsuruta kicks out. Wilhoit swings Tsurta to the ropes but Tsuruta comes back and puts Wilhoit down with a lariat! Tsuruta hits a gut wrench suplex and follows with a double underhook. Tsuruta hits a diving knee drop. Tsuruta picks Wilhoit up and executes a Sheerdrop Powerbomb for the pin! Stasiak gets in the ring and tells the fans they're looking at the next AWA World Champion! 

After Stasiak and Tsuruta leave the ring, the Ref is helping Wilhoit up. Wilhoit staggers up then pushes the Ref away. Wilhoit stumbles around then kicks the ropes in frustration. 


Commercial Break 


'Quick Draw' Rick McGraw vs. Frank Peters

McGraw looks sharp tonight as he hits a high drop kick on Peters then body slams him. McGraw hops on the middle ropes. Peters staggers up and McGraw hits a flying body press for the pin! 


'Mr. Electricity' Steve Regal vs. Dave Michaels

Regal works Michaels over then hits a vertical suplex. Regal climbs to the top rope. Michaels staggers up and Regal hits a Missile Dropkick to get the pin! The fans boo as Regal heads to the podium. 


Stack: Well Regal, it appears the point you made last week was heard by Jerry Jarrett because he's decided that you and Rick McGraw will face off next week and the winner will get a Light Heavyweight title shot on April 6th against the Dynamite Kid. 

Regal: I really don't know why I have to wrestle an underachiever like McGraw to get a title shot but whatever I'll just easily beat him and move on to a title shot that should already be mine. 

The fans cheer as McGraw heads out. 

McGraw: You know I've had enough of listening to you cry about what's yours. You obviously have put yourself on a pedestal but you haven't beaten me yet and brother you're looking at a man who wants that title shot bad. I'm going to prove to you why it should be me and not you getting that shot. See you next week. 

As McGraw leaves, Regal tries to hit him from behind but McGraw turns around, blocks the punch and puts Regal down with a punch! 


Commercial Break


Stack: We're just about set for a big tag match and...

Tony Atlas storms the podium.

Atlas: George Wells! You got me twice now boy but I guarantee that wont happen again! You hear me boy! You and me on April 6th at the Hemisfair Arena. I cant wait to beat you down!  


Ratamyus and Cuban Assassin vs. Cocoa Samoa and Steve O

Steve O comes out as Cocoa's mystery partner and all 4 men are brawling! Cocoa hurls Ratamyus out of the ring and follows. Steve O is pounding away on Cuban in the corner. Cocoa is punching away on Ratamyus on the outside. The Ref is trying to get control and backs Steve O up. Cuban reaches in his tights. Steve O heads towards him and Cuban throws salt in his face. The Ref signals for the DQ! Cocoa hears the bell and looks in the ring as Steve O is on the ground rubbing his eyes. Cocoa hits the ring and hammers away on Cuban, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a flying headbutt. Cocoa checks on Steve O. Him and the Ref are looking him over when WHAM! Ratamyus smashes a wooden chair over the back of Cocoa's head!!! The fans are shocked when Ratamyus grabs a piece of wood and starts grinding it on the forehead of Cocoa! Cocoa is bleeding bad. The Ref tries to get Ratamyus off but Ratamyus eye rakes the Ref and body slams him down! Ratamyus goes crazy and starts choking the Ref! Several wrestlers run to the ring to stop this madness. 


Commercial Break


Stack: I'm not sure what to say. That was one of the most disgusting acts I've ever seen on television. I'm sure Jerry Jarrett will have something to say about the horrible actions of Ratamyus. Cocoa, Steve O and the Referee have been helped out of here. Well lets go back to the ring. 


Larry 'The Axe' Hennig and Billy Robinson vs. The Jones Brothers

After Decimation's attack following Robinson's win over Colley last week, Larry Hennig made the save and said he's a partner Robinson can trust. They gel well tonight as they take the Jones Brothers to wrestling school. Robinson executes a suplex then tags in Larry. Robinson swings Jones to the ropes and Larry puts him down with the Running Forearm smash for the pin! The fans cheer as Robinson and Hennig hold their fists high. 


Commercial Break


Winner gets a TV title shot 

Dream Machine vs. 'Blonde Bomber' Kerry Brown w/Johnny Valiant 

Back and forth match as both men want that TV title shot bad. Brown gets the advantage by a distraction from Valiant. Brown works Dream over with a body slam and several knee drops. Brown puts Dream's head on the bottom rope and distracts the Ref while Valiant chokes away on Dream. Brown lifts Dream up and drops his head on the top rope. Brown gets on the middle ropes and crashes down with a forearm drop 1..2..Kick Out! Valiant is berating the Ref. Brown swings Dream into the turnbuckles and charges in but Dream puts his boot up and Brown hits it face first. Dream fires up and unloads on Brown, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a back elbow smash. Valiant gets on the apron. Dream runs over and grabs Valiant by his shirt and starts shaking him. Brown staggers up and charges Dream from behind and goes for a high knee but Dream moves and Brown high knee's Valiant off the apron! Dream rolls up Brown 1..2..3!!! The fans roar as Dream gets his TV title match. 


Commercial Break


Hercules Ayala vs. Terry Gibbs

Gibbs gets in some classic rule breaking offense but it doesn't last long as Ayala grabs Gibbs, hoists him up and crashes him back with a Samoan Drop. Ayala picks Gibbs up, clamps on a bear hug then rams Gibbs into the turnbuckles and follows with a belly to belly suplex for the pin! 

Ayala cuts a promo and says he wants Race one more time on April 6th but this time he wants the count out rule waved! 


Commercial Break


Main Event

AWA Southern Tag Team Champs The Nightmares w/Jimmy Hart and 'The Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol


The Fabulous Ones and 'Hangman' Bobby Jaggers

Fun 6 man tag as the tide turns several times and everybody shines. At one point Idol puts Lane down with a back elbow smash and tags in Wayne. Wayne hits a back breaker on Lane and holds him while Davis comes off the middle ropes with a knee drop. Later, Jaggers swings Davis to the ropes and hits him with a running bionic elbow then the Fabulous Ones followed by swinging Davis to the ropes and double back dropped him. This ensues a brawl! The Nightmares and Fabs are brawling on the outside as the Ref is distracted by this. Jaggers and Idol are going at it. Jaggers kicks Idol in the mid section and hits a Hanging Neckbreaker! The Ref is still distracted by the brawl on the outside. The fans boo as Adrian Street hits the ring with a leather strap and starts beating down on Jaggers with that strap. Street puts Idol on top of Jaggers and exits the ring. The Ref turns around, runs over and counts 1..2..3!!! Big time boos. Street hugs his leather strap and smiles then heads to the podium.


Street: EMMMMM, Bobby Boy wants a bullrope match with me on April 6th? Sure, I'll be more than happy to accommodate him. Just imagine what I can do to him EMMMMM. 

Stack: Unbelievable. Well, Street just costed Jaggers and the Fabulous Ones their match and I know Jaggers will be looking for payback. Fans, TNT will be back next week in Memphis as The King, Jerry Lawler will be back on TNT television. Fans, see you next week. 


TNT @ The Hemisfair Arena, San Antonio TX, 4-6-84

TNT Title Bout

Nick Bockwinkle (C) vs. Terry Funk


AWA Southern Tag Team Title Bout

The Nightmares (C) w/ Jimmy Hart vs. The Fabulous Ones


TNT TV Title Bout

Tully Blanchard (C) vs. Dream Machine


'Mr. USA' Tony Atlas vs. 'Master G' George Wells w/Jimmy Hart

Sheepherders vs. Guerreros

Harley Race vs. Hercules Ayala- Count Out Rule is waved


Bullrope Match

'Hangman' Bobby Jaggers vs. 'Exotic' Adrian Street w/Miss Linda


Decimation w/Stan Stasiak vs. Larry 'The Axe' Hennig and Billy Robinson 


AWA Light Heavyweight Title Bout

Dynamite Kid (C) vs. Rick McGraw or Steve Regal 


Tito Santana debuts 



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Great show once again.  

Funk vs Bockwinkle is an interesting match as they seem so different.  I wonder whose style will win out?

Glad Dream Machine is back with you as you are getting more out of him then I did.  Interesting match up for the TV title.

George Wells reminds me here if his feud with Reed in Mid-South except that he is now the heel.  He really had the look for a brawling feud and it should be interesting to see him vs Atlas.

Regal vs McGraw should be fun as both are legit threats to Davey Boy Smith

Billy Robinson and Larry "the Axe" seems like such a perfect team.  Can they win won more title at this stage of their careers?  You never know

Ratymus continues to be so wild that he is my favorite heel in the game right now

And what else can we say about the Main Event.... WOW


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Awesome Main Event!! Me being a "Southern Rasslin" guy since I was a kid....I'm a huge fan of everyone in that match!

Great card coming up on the 6th, fun seeing George Wells as a heel here with Jimmy Hart, I think this will serve him well.

Looking forward to another match between Race and Ayala.....hope to see Hercules Ayala pull off the win!

I like the Nightmares....but I think the Fabs may have their number this time around, we shall see!

Super excited for Funk vs. Bockwinkle, a great title match!

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