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If Adrian Street wasn't looking for attention before, he definitely got Bobby Jaggers' now. That Bullrope Match won't be pretty at all. That card in San Antonio is loaded!

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Fantastic edition of TNT television!

Love the set up for Regal/McGraw with both guys getting wins, Regal talking shit and McGraw coming out, then Regal going for the cheap shot but McGraw knowing it was coming and knocking him on his ass. Classic Stuff, I love it!!

I am so glad we made the deal for Wells, as you are getting so much more out of him than I ever would have. I am looking forward to seeing the clash with Atlas.

Axe/Robinson as the bad ass old guys is awesome. The Ratymus group is a fantastic heel threat for the company, and while I don't think Dream Machine poses much threat to Tully, the build up is solid.

Good lord, that card for the 6th is stacked!  Funk/Bockwinkel is a dream match for me, I can't wait!!

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I like giving random mid-card guys a title shot as well. It keeps things fresh and it shows the audience that anyone can be a threat. I think Santana is perfect for this area. In Georgia, he had a hard time fitting in, so I'm glad that I sent Tito here.

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TNT Wrestling TV @ The Roane Fieldhouse, Memphis TN 3-29-84


Footage is shown of Hulk Hogan defeating Jerry Lawler for the AWA World Championship. 


Lance: Hello wrestling fans, Lance Russell here and what a program we have lined up for you as we head into our big card at the Hemisfair Arena next Friday night. Tonight you will see two blockbuster tag team matches. TNT Champ Nick Bockwinkel teams with Harley Race as they take on Hercules Ayala and Terry Funk. Also TV champ Tully Blanchard teams with Adrian Street and they will face the Dream Machine and Bobby Jaggers. You will also see Rick McGraw battle Steve Regal with the winner facing the Dynamite Kid next Friday for the Light Heavyweight title. 

Well fans, you saw at the top of the program, Hulk Hogan has regained the AWA World Title. It breaks my heart to say this but please welcome out the former AWA champion, the King Jerry Lawler. 

The fans give Lawler a rousing ovation. He pauses to show his appreciation. 

Lawler: Lance, I have to admit, I'm not in the best spirits right now but being here in Memphis in front of all these great fans sure does help. (Big Pop) Now that the King is back in Memphis I'm ready to get back on track and....

Huge boos as Jimmy Hart makes his way out.

Hart: Oh boo hoo, the great Jerry Lawler loses the AWA title and these idiots still cheer this loser. Lawler, I'm sick and tired of you calling yourself the king of Memphis. Baby you're not the King. The true king is here and he's right behind you! 


Lance: Oh no! 

A guitar shatters over the back of Lawler's head! The camera pans up and it's the Honkytonk Man Wayne Ferris! 

Hart: HAHAHAHA! Ladies and gentleman, the real King of Memphis, the Honkytonk Man! 


Commercial Break


Lance: I cant believe what we just saw. Jerry Lawler was unconscious and had to be carried out on a stretcher. I hope to give you an update on his condition soon. Jimmy Hart and the Honkytonk Man were escorted out of here by security. Unbelievable. Well, lets go to the ring. 


Steve O vs. Kent Jenkins

Steve O hits a series of drop kicks and scoop slams then finishes Jenkins off with a Russian Leg sweep for the pin! The fans cheer as Steve O heads to the podium. 


Lance: Steve, last week you and Cocoa Samoa were involved in a tag match with Ratamyus and Cuban Assassin. Be warned this footage is quite graphic. Here's what happened.

Footage is shown of Ratamyus hitting Cocoa with a wooden chair then taking a piece of the chair and digging it in Cocoa's forehead. 

Lance: I received word from Jerry Jarrett that Ratamyus has been suspended for his actions and Steve you have been granted a match with Cuban Assassin next Friday in the Hemisfair Arena. 

Steve: That was a sickening act and Cuban Assassin played a big part in that. Cuban Assassin! You and I have unfinished business. Let's see how tough you are without your insane partner around. Next Friday, you're all mine! 


Commercial Break


'Master G' George Wells vs. Vic Dutro

Jimmy Hart was escorted out by security so Wells is on his own. Wells suplexes Dutro then hops up on the middle ropes. Dutro staggers up and Wells hits a flying shoulder block to get the pin! Wild cheers as Tony Atlas hits the ring and nails Wells from behind! Atlas pounds away on Wells, grabs him by his head and hits a jumping headbutt that sends Wells through the ropes! The fans are going wild as Atlas is pumping his fists while Wells is staggering around holding his head. 


Lance: My goodness things are hostile tonight. Here comes Tony Atlas.

Atlas: That's just a taste! You here me Wells! Next Friday I'm going to give you a first class whoop'n boy! 


Commercial Break 


TV Champ Tully Blanchard and 'Exotic' Adrian Street w/Miss Linda vs. Dream Machine and 'Hangman' Bobby Jaggers

Street spends the match avoiding Jaggers. Dream Machine is pounding away on Tully in the corner. Street comes in but Jaggers charges. The Ref guides Jaggers back. Street nails Dream Machine with a high knee. Tully clotheslines Dream Machine and tags in Street. Street works Dream Machine over then swings him into the turnbuckles and charges in but Dream Machine sticks his boot up and Street crashes into it. The crowd goes wild as Dream Machine tags in Jaggers. Jaggers goes wild and punches away on Street, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a back elbow smash. Jaggers swings off the ropes and lands a jumping elbow drop 1..2..Tully breaks it. Dream Machine charges in and blasts Tully with a forearm smash. The Ref is tangled up with Tully and Dream Machine. Jaggers hoists Street up for a suplex but Linda takes a leather belt and quickly wraps it around Jaggers leg and trips him. Street falls on Jaggers, the Ref runs over 1..(Linda holds Jaggers boot) 2..3!!! The bell rings. Dream Machine punches Tully through the ropes. Linda helps Street out of the ring as the crowd boos. 


Commercial Break


Bobby Jaggers and Dream Machine storm the podium! Jaggers says Street will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide when they meet in a bull rope match next Friday! Dream Machine says Tully better kiss that TV title goodbye! 


'Blond Bomber' Kerry Brown w/Johnny Valiant vs. Bill Jacobs 

Valiant is very vocal on the outside as Kerry Brown takes it to Jacobs. Brown swings Jacobs to the ropes and hits him with the kitchen sink. Brown body slams Jacobs, hops up on the middle ropes and crashes down with a knee drop for the pin! 

Valiant and Brown are at the podium. Valiant says he's so confident in Brown's ability that they're issuing an open challenge to anyone next Friday at the Hemisfair Arena! 


Commercial Break


Lance: A lot going on tonight. More action in a moment. Right now I want to bring out Mando and Chavo Guerrero. (Big POP) Well you boys and the Sheepherders have had quite a rivalry and next Friday you will meet again. 

All of a sudden the Sheepherders run out and attack the Guerreros. Lance runs out of there as fists are flying! Butch and Mando are brawling around the ring. Luke and Chavo end up fighting in the ring. The cameras are rolling with it. Everybody ends up in the ring. The Guerreros get the upper hand and double drop kick Luke out of the ring. They swing Butch to the ropes and double back drop him. Luke bounces to the outside. The fans are on their feet as the Guerreros are begging the Sheepherders to come back in. The Sheepherders gear up but several officials come out to prevent them from going back in. 


Commercial Break


'Quick Draw' Rick McGraw vs. 'Mr. Electricity' Steve Regal- Winner gets an AWA Light Heavyweight Title Shot

Fast paced back and forth match as both men want that title shot bad. McGraw puts Regal down with a high drop kick then goes to the middle ropes and crashes down with an elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. McGraw hits a vertical suplex, swings off the ropes and goes for a splash but Regal lifts his knees. Regal regroups and drops several knees on McGraw. Regal hits a delayed vertical suplex, swings off the ropes and hits a delayed knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Regal yells at the Ref then chokes away on McGraw. Regal swings McGraw to the ropes and goes for a back drop but McGraw hits a sunset flip 1..2..3!!! Huge Pop! McGraw has earned himself a title shot. The Ref raises McGraw's arm and Regal blasts him from behind with a forearm! Regal stomps away on McGraw then hurls him out of the ring. Regal grabs the mic "Good luck next Friday McGraw, you're going to need it" 


Lance: Very un sportsman like conduct on the part of Regal. However, Rick McGraw will face the Dynamite Kid next Friday for the AWA Light Heavyweight championship. Speaking of next Friday night, my guests at this time will get their long awaited AWA Southern tag title match against the Nightmares. Please welcome the Fabulous Ones. 

Fabs cut a promo and say this has been a long time coming and they're going to regain the titles they never lost. They're coming for the Nightmares and they're coming for the titles! 


Commercial Break


Decimation w/ Stan Stasiak vs. Curtis Chillemi and Mark Hillman 

Total squash match. Colley hits a back breaker on Hillman and tags in Shaw. Shaw swings off the ropes and hits a big splash 1..2..3!! Curtis comes in to check on his partner. Stasiak says something to Decimation. Decimation grabs Curtis, swings him to the ropes and put him down with a double clothesline! The fans boo as Stasiak leads his team to the podium. 


Stasiak: Did you just see that Russell?! That was pure Decimation at its finest. Do you really think a couple of washed up has beens like Larry Hennig and Billy Robinson can handle these guys? The better question is can they survive? (Decimation heads out) My other order of business. It seems everybody is so afraid of Jumbo Tsuruta that he cant even find an opponent for the Hemisfair show. What a bunch of cowards! 

The fans cheer as Ivan Putski comes out! 

Lance: Polish Power! It's been awhile since we've seen you. Welcome back! 

Ivan: Thank you Lance, great to be back! Stasiak, we go back a ways and you know I'm no coward. if Tsuruta wants a match, I'll be more than happy to give him one. 

Stasiak: It's your funeral Ivan. You should of stayed home and just enjoyed retirement...old friend (Laughs) 

Putski: I talked to Jerry Jarrett and I've got a match, right now. Stick around Stasiak and I'll show you something.


'Polish Power' Ivan Putski vs. Gary Williams

Putski hammers away on Williams, swings him to the ropes and hits the Polish Hammer for the quick pin! The fans cheer as Ivan gives them a flex then turns towards Stasiak and flexes for him. Stasiak has a bit of a concerned look but then gives Putski a point and warning. 


Commercial Break


AWA Southern Tag Champs The Nightmares vs. Thomas Simms and Matt Franks

Once again no Jimmy Hart. The champs look good tonight as they work their opponents over with quick tags and solid tag team wrestling. Wayne hits a shoulder breaker on Franks then tags in Davis. Wayne holds Franks in an armbar while Davis crashes down with a knee to the shoulder for the pin! The fans boo as the Nightmares hold up the titles then head to the podium. 

Nightmares cut a promo and say there's no way the Foolish Ones are going to take these titles. A lot has changed and they shouldn't even be worthy of a title shot. While they were vacationing with so called injuries, the Nightmares have been defending these titles against all comers. The Nightmares say they're better looking, better athletes and down right better wrestlers then the Foolish Ones! 


Commercial Break 


Lance Russell tells the viewers that Jerry Lawler has indeed suffered a concussion at the hands of the Honkytonk Man and his guitar. He hopes to see Lawler back real soon. 


'Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol vs. Kent Bauer

Idol executes a shin breaker and follows with the Las Vegas Leglock to get the submission win! 

Idol cuts a promo and says his time has come and he wants some gold! He's aiming high and actually issues a challenge to that Heartthrob wannabe Hulk Hogan! Idol then flexes and gives the fans a wink as they boo. 


Commercial Break 


Main Event 

TNT Champ Nick Bockwinkel and Harley Race vs. Terry Funk and Hercules Ayala 

Fun TV match up as all 4 men shine. Bock and Funk give a nice preview of their upcoming title match as they have a furious exchange. Bock works Funk over with a variety of suplexes but Funk comes back with suplexes of his own. Race and Ayala have a good segment as Race almost puts Ayala away with a swinging neckbreaker. Ayala made a comeback and almost put Race away with a scoop powerslam. All 4 men end up brawling. The Ref manages to get control. Funk and Ayala swing Race to the ropes and hit a double clothesline. Bock runs in and gets a double clothesline. The Ref once again gets control. Race staggers up and Funk puts him down with a DDT! 1..2..Bock drops a knee to break it. Ayala rushes in but the Ref guides him back. Bock picks up Funk and piledrives him down! The Ref turns around and guides Bock back. Both Funk and Race are down. The Ref comes back and starts the 10 count. Both wrestlers manage to get to their knees at the 8 count. Bock runs in and kicks Funk. Ayala charges in and sends Bock flying with a running forearm blast. Race crawls up from behind and gives Ayala a lowblow! Race tags in Bock. Funk staggers up, Bock grabs him and hits another piledriver 1..2..3!!! Bock helps Race out of the ring as the fans give it to them. 


Lance: Tough loss for Ayala and Funk thanks to a cheap shot from Harley Race. Well fans this has been a pretty hostile and crazy show. This Friday night at the Hemisfair arena should be a wild one. Fans, hurry up and get your tickets now because you wont want to miss this one. 








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Official TNT card @ The Hemisfair Arena, San Antonio TX


AWA TNT Championship Title Bout

Nick Bockwinkel (C) vs. Terry Funk 


AWA Southern Tag Team Title Bout

The Nightmares (C) w/Jimmy Hart vs. The Fabulous Ones


TNT TV Title Bout

Tully Blanchard (C) vs. Dream Machine


Guerreros vs. Sheepherders


Harley Race vs. Hercules Ayala- Count Out Rule waved


'Hangman' Bobby Jaggers vs. 'Exotic' Adrian Street w/Miss Linda- Bull Rope Match!!


'Mr. USA' Tony Atlas vs. 'Master G' George Wells w/Jimmy Hart


Decimation w/Stan Stasiak vs. Billy Robinson and Larry 'The Axe' Hennig


'Blond Bomber' Kerry Brown w/Johnny Valiant open challenge


Jumbo Tsuruta w/Stan Stasiak vs. Polish Power Ivan Putski


Tito Santana debuts



AWA World Light Heavyweight Championship Bout

Dynamite Kid (C) vs. 'Quick Draw' Rick McGraw

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Great TV this week with an awesome MAIN EVENT....so much star power in one much with Bock/Race/Funk which only elevates Ayala by association even if he did come out on the short end of the stick this time.

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Nick Bockwinkel & Harley Race is a dream team if there ever was one! And we finally get Jerry Lawler vs Honky Tonk Man in Memphis! Lawler wont have any time to wallow into the loss of his AWA title against Hulk Hogan because he has something to worry about now!

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That Hemisfair show is STACKED! Perfect episode of TV to build to it, touching on all the feuds and setting up the bouts with other bouts. Great stuff.

Looking forward to Lawler and Honky, that is bound to get bloody!

Still super excited for Bockwinkel and Funk, what a match that would be.

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Oh and the family feud begins!!!! Honky Tonk with the guitar shot.  If you have never seen it, search the Tupelpo Concession Stand fight.... awesome.

I am enjoying the resurgence of Master G!

Miss Linda is causing havoc... always fun when a female played a major role in the mid 80's!

Nice use of Regal and McGraw to give the Light HW title a little attention.

Nice role here for Stasiak as his in-ring career is winding down/  Decimation is ringing up quickly.

Can't wait for the big show in the Hemisfair Arena

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TNT @ The Hemisfair Arena, San Antonio TX 4-6-84



Tito Santana vs. Scott Ferris 

Tito makes his TNT debut and gets a good pop here. Tito works Scott over then hits him with a high drop kick. Tito swings Scott to the ropes and hits the flying forearm to get the pin! The crowd cheers as Tito yells "Ariba!" and raises his fist. 

Winner of the Match- Tito Santana


Decimation w/Stan Stasiak vs. Billy Robinson and Larry 'The Axe' Hennig

These two teams go at it as soon as the bell rings! Larry clotheslines Colley over the top rope. Billy hits Shaw with a European uppercut and Larry clotheslines Shaw down. Stasiak is on the apron yelling, Billy and Larry run over and send Stasiak flying off the apron with a double forearm blast! Decimation regroups and the Ref gets things under control. Billy hits a butterfly suplex on Colley then tags in Larry. Larry drops a big elbow 1..2..Shaw breaks it. Billy runs in but the Ref guides him back. Shaw drops a knee on Larry then drags Colley to the corner and tags himself in. Shaw body slams Larry then drops a knee 1..2..Billy breaks it. Colley runs in and him and Billy are trading blows. Shaw picks Larry up but Larry starts punching away. All 4 men are trading punches. The Ref is trying to break up Colley and Billy. Shaw and Larry are in the corner. Stasiak puts on a pair of brass knuckles, gets up on the apron and nails Larry! Larry is knocked out. Shaw scoops him up and powerslams him over. The Ref turns around and counts 1..2..3! 

Winners of the match- Decimation


AWA Light Heavyweight Title Bout

Dynamite Kid (C) vs. 'Quick Draw' Rick McGraw

The action is at a fast pace during the opening minutes. Dynamite takes control with a snap suplex followed by a vertical suplex. Dynamite gets on the top ropes and crashes down with a knee drop 1..2..McGraw barley gets his shoulder up. Dynamite body slams McGraw and once again goes to the top. Dynamite leaps off and goes for a flying headbutt but McGraw moves. Dynamite hits hard. McGraw slowly rises and regroups. McGraw body slams Dynamite, swings off the ropes and hits a jumping elbow drop 1..2..Dynamite gets his shoulder up. McGraw swings Dynamite to the ropes and hits a drop kick. McGraw gets on the middle ropes, Dynamite staggers up and McGraw hits a flying press 1..2..Dynamite gets his shoulder up! McGraw cant believe it. McGraw picks Dynamite up but Dynamite headbutts him and follows with a gut wrench suplex. Dynamite swings McGraw to the ropes and hits a lariat. Dynamite picks McGraw up and executes a reverse piledriver 1..2..3! The Ref hands Dynamite the title and he raises it high. 

Winner of the match and still AWA Light Heavyweight champ- Dynamite Kid


Open Challenge

'Blonde Bomber' Kerry Brown w/Johnny Valiant vs. ???

Valiant and Brown arrogantly walk around the ring and taunt the fans. Valiant grabs the mic "Just what we thought, nobody has the guts to accept our challenge" They taunt the fans and yell at the ring announcer. A Ref enters the ring and says something to the ring announcer. It's announced Kerry Brown has an opponent and he is Dan Spivey! The fans seem to be impress with Spivey's stature as he walks down the aisle. He gets in the ring. Brown and Valiant look pretty surprised. Valiant is shaking his head and arms and saying "NO Way" The Ref signals for the bell but Brown and Valiant are arguing with him. Spivey walks over, spins Valiant around and a right punch sends him over the top rope. Brown tries to punch Spivey from behind but Spivey unloads on him. Brown is up against the ropes. Spivey swings off the ropes and nails Brown with a big boot that sends Brown over the top rope and on top of Valiant! The fans count along with the Ref until he reaches 10. The fans cheer as Spivey gets his hand raised and makes quite a debut. 

Winner of the Match by Count Out- Dan Spivey


Jumbo Tsuruta w/Stan Stasiak vs. 'Polish Power' Ivan Putski

Putski gets the momentum going as he punches Tsuruta into the corner. Putski hip tosses Tsuruta and follows with a running forearm blast. Putski body slams Tsuruta and hits a standing leg drop 1..2..Kick Out. Putski swings Tsuruta to the ropes and hits the Polish Hammer 1..2..Stasiak puts Tsuruta's foot on the rope. Putski gets up and yells down at Stasiak. The Ref questions Stasiak and Stasiak denies everything. Tsuruta staggers up, grabs Putski and sends him flying with a bridging release suplex. Tsuruta goes on a tear with suplexes, knee drops and chops. Tsuruta picks up Putski and hits a Sheerdrop Powerbomb 1..2..3!! 

Winner of the Match- Jumbo Tsuruta


The Guerreros vs. The Sheepherders

The Guerreros head down the aisle but the Sheepherders attack them from behind! Both teams brawl down the aisle and all around the ring. The Ref is trying to get them in the ring to start the match but they keep fighting. After a few minutes the Ref finally throws the match out. The bell keeps ringing but they keep fighting. Nothing resolved here. 

Official Ruling- No Contest 




'Mr. USA' Tony Atlas vs. 'Master G' George Wells w/Jimmy Hart

This one's been brewing since Wells assault on Atlas during his TNT title bout. The bell rings and Hart exits quick as Atlas charges over. Atlas punches away on Wells, swings him to the ropes and back drops him. Wells staggers up and Atlas clotheslines him down. Atlas picks up Wells and rams his head several times on the turnbuckle. Wells staggers around, Atlas grabs him and headbutts him down. Atlas swings off the ropes and drops a knee 1..2..Hart reaches in and rakes the eyes. This gives Wells much needed time to regroup. Wells rakes his boot across Atlas's face then chokes him with his boot. Wells lays Atlas on the bottom rope then hops up on the middle ropes and drops a knee on the back. Wells body slams Atlas then hits a vertical suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Hart screams at the Ref and so does Wells. Wells slowly climbs to the top ropes. He spends to much time taunting the fans. Atlas rises, runs over and slams Wells off the top rope! Hart gets on the apron but Atlas grabs him by his shirt and gives him a big punch. Hart goes flying. Wells staggers up and Atlas picks him up over his head and slams him down! Atlas swings off the ropes and hits the splash 1..2..3! Huge pop! 

Winner of the Match- Tony Atlas


Steve O vs. Cuban Assassin

Cuban is on his own tonight as Ratamyus is suspended due to his violent actions on Cocoa Samoa. The bell rings and Steve O is all over Cuban. Steve pounds away and knocks Cuban down. Steve just starts stomping away on Cuban. Out of nowhere Sheik Ali Hasan hits the ring and clotheslines Steve O from behind! The Ref signals for the DQ! Sheik stomps away on Steve. Cuban shakes the cobwebs and joins in. They double body slam Steve and continue to stomp away. Several members of security run in to stop this madness. 

Winner of the Match by DQ- Steve O


Harley Race vs. Hercules Ayala- Count Out rule waved

Each man holds a countout victory over the other hence the waved rule. Hard hitting match up as these two have several brutal exchanges. Of course they end up fighting to the outside. They brawl on the outside for a couple minutes. Ayala gets the upper hand then knocks Race down with a forearm blast. Ayala rolls Race back in the ring. Ayala works Race over then hits a backbreaker. Ayala body slams Race then picks him up and clamps on a bear hug! Ayala wrenches away then rams Race into the turnbuckles and continues to wrench away. Out of desperation Race is able to rake the eyes and headbutt his way out of it. Ayala staggers back as Race staggers through the ropes. Ayala goes to the outside but is still shaking the cobwebs. Race grabs him and suplexes him on the concrete! Race rolls Ayala back into the ring. Race hits a swinging neckbreaker 1..2..3! 

Winner of the Match- Harley Race


Bull Rope Match

'Hangman' Bobby Jaggers vs. 'Exotic' Adrian Street w/Miss Linda

This match is under pin fall rules. The first few minutes is nothing but Street trying to avoid being strapped to the bull rope. Additional Refs come in to get Street's wrist strapped. Linda is throwing a fit. They finally strap Street in and ring the bell. Jaggers pulls the rope and clotheslines Street down. Jaggers wraps the rope around Street's neck and chokes away. Jaggers wraps the rope around his fists and just hammers away on Street, busting him open. Jaggers drags Street to the corner and kicks away. Linda gets on the apron and sprays something in Jaggers face. Jaggers staggers back rubbing his face. The Ref didn't see it but puts things together and the fans go wild when he bans Linda from the rest of the match! Additional Refs are needed to escort her out. Street gets up and uses the rope to choke Jaggers. Street then hurls Jaggers over the top rope and hangs him with the rope! Street pulls Jaggers back in and starts whipping down on Jaggers with the rope. Street drops an elbow 1..2..Kick Out. Street swings Jaggers into the turnbuckles, wraps the rope around his fist and charges in but Jaggers charges forward and hits Street with the rope. Jaggers slowly gets up and waits. Street staggers up and Jaggers clotheslines him down with the rope! Jaggers wraps the rope around Street's legs and covers 1..2..3!! The fans roar as Jaggers finally gets his revenge. 

Winner of the Match- Bobby Jaggers


TV Title Bout

Tully Blanchard (C) vs. Dream Machine

Tully does a quick strut to antagonize Dream. They lock up and Tully pushes Dream to the ropes. The Ref has Tully break. Tully slowly breaks then slaps Dream. Dream runs after him but Tully bails under the ropes and to the outside. The Ref is counting while Tully tells the fans how smart he is. Dream gets fed up, goes to the outside and punches away on Tully. Dream rams Tully's head on the apron and rolls him back in. Dream suplexes Tully, hops on the middle ropes and drops an elbow 1..2..Tully gets his foot on the rope. Dream swings Tully into the turnbuckles and charges in but Tully lifts his knees and Dream hits them. Dream slowly staggers up and Tully puts him down with a clothesline. Tully drops several elbows then grinds his elbow on Dream's mask. Tully hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a forearm drop 1..2..Kick Out. An irate Tully chokes away on Dream then goes to the middle ropes and goes for a knee drop but Dream moves. Tully rolls over, holding his knee while Dream regroups. Dream stomps away on the knee. Dream hoists Tully up and drops him back with a back suplex 1..2..Kick out. Dream goes back to the knee then applies a half Boston crab. Tully screams in pain but reaches the ropes quick. Dream body slams Tully then goes to the middle ropes and goes for a forearm drop but Tully moves. Tully grabs the ropes and helps himself up. Tully stomps away on Dream, body slams him, holds the ropes and drops several knees. Tully hoists Dream up and hits the Slingshot Suplex 1..2..3! Tully retains!

Winner of the Match and still TV Champ- Tully Blanchard


AWA Southern Tag Team Title Bout

The Nightmares (C) w/Jimmy Hart vs. The Fabulous Ones 

Great tag match as both teams are on their A game tonight. Hart is still reeling from that Atlas hit earlier and doesn't get involved. Each team shines as it goes back and forth for 30 minutes. Nightmares get control as Wayne hits Keirn from the apron. Keirn staggers into a front facelock drop by Davis. Davis tags in Wayne. Wayne stomps away on Keirn in the corner while Davis chokes him. Lane runs in but the Ref guides him back which enables the Nightmares to double suplex Keirn. Wayne tags in Davis, who goes to the top rope and comes down with an elbow but Keirn moves, rolls across the ring and tags in Lane! Lane is on fire as he hammers away on Davis and back drops him. Wayne runs in and gets back dropped. The Ref guides Wayne back to the corner. The Fabs swing Davis to the ropes and double drop kick him! Lane covers but Jimmy Hart is on the apron distracting the Ref. Keirn runs over but Wayne nails him from behind with a lowblow. The Ref is warning Hart while trying to get Wayne back to the corner. Boos erupt as the Honkytonk Man hits the ring just as Lane stands up. Honkytonk Man blasts him with the guitar!!! Lane just falls back and down. Honkytonk leaves while trash is being thrown at him. Davis puts his arm across Lane. The Ref jumps over and counts 1..2..3! Mega boos as Hart runs in the ring with the titles and gives them to the Nightmares. 

Winners of the Match and still AWA Southern Tag Champs- The Nightmares


AWA TNT Title Bout

Nick Bockwinkle (C) vs. Terry Funk

Big time main event as the Ref holds the title up. Neither man can gain an advantage in the early minutes as they trade hold for hold, showing off their scientific abilities. Bock wrestles Funk into the corner and nails him with a forearm blast to the chest but Funk reverses things and hits Bock with several knife edge chops in the corner as the Texas crowd goes wild. Funk grabs Bock and executes a rolling cradle 1..2...Kick Out. Oh man the fans thought it was over. A shocked and embarrassed Bock gouges Funk's eyes then kicks his knee. Funk goes down and Bock works the knee. Bock grabs his leg and drops several elbows on the knee then lays Funk's leg on the bottom rope and hits a seated Senton on the knee. Bock repeats this then drags Funk out and applies the figure four! Bock puts the pressure on while Funk tries to fight it. The fans are cheering Funk on. Funk uses all his strength and turns over to break the hold. Funk grabs the ropes to help himself up then limps around. Bock gets up and takes a swing at Funk but Funk ducks and hits Bock with several wild punches then knocks him down. Funk continues to limp around. Funk swings Bock into the turnbuckles and charges in with a shoulder thrust. Funk hits several shoulder thrusts then hoists Bock up and vertical suplexes him back 1..2..Kick Out. Funk hops up on the middle ropes, Bock staggers up and Funk crashes down with a double axehandle 1..2..Bock gets his foot on the rope.  Funk reaches down but Bock rakes his eyes, grabs Funk's tights and pulls him through the ropes. Both men are hurting. Funk gets on the apron at the Ref's count of 7. Bock once again rakes the eyes and snaps Funk's head on the top rope. Funk falls on the apron and rolls down to the ground. Bock rolls under the ropes and stomps on Funk. Bock grabs Funk's head and slams it on the table, busting Funk open. The Ref goes to the outside. Bock goes to swing Funk into the steel post but Funk reverses it and swings Bock towards the post but the Ref gets sandwiched in between. The Ref goes down as Bock hits the steel post. Everybody is down. Funk slowly gets up. Bock is leaning against the post. Funk charges but Bock moves and Funk hits the post. Once again everybody is down. Bock slowly gets up and grabs a steel chair as the crowd boos. Bock slowly walks towards Funk and gets ready to swing it down but Funk lowblows him! Bock slowly goes down and drops the chair. Funk staggers up and grabs the chair. Funk just blasts Bock over the head with the chair, busting him open. Funk slowly rolls Bock back into the ring. Funk throws the chair into the ring. Funk gets in the ring, hoists Bock up and piledrives him on the chair!! Funk thinks for a second then picks Bock up and once again piledrives him on the chair!! The fans are a bit shocked by his brutal behavior. Funk slides the chair out of the ring then goes out and hurls the Ref back in the ring. Funk picks Bock up and delivers yet another piledriver! Funk covers, the Ref crawls over and counts 1..2..3!!!! Terry Funk is the new TNT Champion! 

An official gets in the ring and hands Funk the title. Funk kisses it and raises it high. 

Winner of the Match and New AWA TNT Champion- TERRY FUNK! 




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Great card that didn't disappoint!

Nice debut for Spivey here....I think he should do well here.

Bobby Jaggers gets the best of Adrian Street here....but I feel he hasn't heard the last of the Exotic one.

I love Harley Race but I was really pulling Ayala here....hopefully he will find success in TNT in soon.

Nightmares retain over the Fabs with help from Honky! I don't think the Fabs will take this lying down!

FUNK WINS THE TITLE!! I love it....Bock makes for a great champion but I'm super excited to see where things go with the Funker as champion!

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Funk and Bockwinkel deliver a killer main event and we have a new champ!! Awesome match!!

The Fabs keep getting screwed out of the belt at every turn, I think we might need a Cage Match! HTM is garnering himself some major heat right off the bat.

Tully retains against Dream Machine, but with a huge debut from Spivey and the arrival of Tito Santana, he may have some new competition in the near future.

Glad to see my man Harley pick up the win against Ayala

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What a show for the fans in San Antonio!

Nice start with the AWA Light Heavyweight match where McGraw gave Dynamite Kid all he could handle.

Stasiak is making a great manager for Jumbo

Guerreros and Sheepherders might need a steel cage or a lumberjack match to contain this white hot feud.

I like Wells in this role of getting a lot of attention on TV but putting over Atlas in the big show.  Wells was really underrated and I love your use of him.  He could have been bigger in real life especially in the Southern brawling promotions like TNT.

Race and Ayala was a war and I could have seen that going either way.  Race is such a big name in pro wrestling but Ayala was one tough hombre.

You have done another magic act with a great midcard feud between Jaggers and Street.  Can Street now get revenge is the question.

Tully could be TV champ forever and it would never get old!  That is until he wants more.  The sky is the limit.

Nightmares are proving to be just that for the Fab Ones... a true Nightmare!

Funk vs Bockwinkle.... a perfect outcome for Texas!  What happens next?  If the big show is in Memphis... the King might have some input.  


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TNT Wresting TV @ The Junction, San Antonio TX 4-12-84



The show opens with footage of Terry Funk defeating Nick Bockwinkle for the TNT title at the Hemisfair Arena. 


Stack: Hello everybody and welcome to another addition of TNT wrestling. We have a loaded program for you tonight. The AWA World Champion Hulk Hogan will be in action. We also have a huge tag team title match tonight. Earlier this week in Odessa, Tony Atlas and Hercules Ayala won a tag team battle royal and will be wrestling the Nightmares for the AWA Southern Tag titles, tonight! Also George Wells takes on the Dream Machine and Rick McGraw will face Johnny Wilhoit. Well, it's my privilege to bring out the new TNT champion, Terry Funk.

Funk comes out to a good ovation and holds the title up. 

Stack: Congratulations Terry. I have to say you really put Bockwinkle down as you piledrove him on a chair and even gave him another one for good measure. 

Funk: I put Bockwinkle down, yes I did and I won this here title. I want every wrestler here in TNT to know that I will keep this title by any means necessary! I don't care if it's Bockwinkle, Blanchard, Lawler or Jaggers! You face the Funker and you're losing the fight!  I fought long and hard to get this title and I'm going to make damn sure it stays with me! 

Stack: Ok, Terry Funk promises to remain champion for a long time to come. Let's go to the ring. 


Tito Santana vs. Gary Williams

The fans are behind Tito as he puts Williams down with several drop kicks. The end comes when Santana swings Williams to the ropes and hits the flying forearm smash to get the pin! Santana goes the  podium.

Santana: It's great to be in TNT Steve. I'm looking forward to facing the competition here. These fans have been great and I'm going to give them my best. Ariba! 


Commercial Break


Cuban Assassin and Sheik Ali Hassan vs. Roy Stanton and James Richmond

Hassan made a surprise debut as he helped Cuban put a beating on Steve O at the Hemisfair card. Cuban and Sheik totally destroy their opponents. The ending comes when Cuban holds up Stanton and Sheik swings off the ropes and hits him with a high knee to the face for the pin! The fans boo as they head to the podium. 

Cuban and Sheik cut a promo and warn every team to stay out of their way! They laugh at Steve O and say Ratamyus sent in the Sheik. They laugh some more and say just wait until Ratamyus returns! 

Stack: Those menacing individuals give me the chills. When we come back, the AWA world champ will be in action! 


Commercial Break 


AWA World Champ Hulk Hogan vs. Terry Gibbs

The fans give Hogan a rousing ovation. Hogan slams Gibbs all over the ring then finishes him off with the Axe Bomber to get the pin! The fans cheer as Hogan holds up the AWA title and heads to the podium. 

Stack: Please welcome the AWA World Champion, the Incredible Hulk Hogan! 

Hogan: Man, Steve it's great to be here in TNT brother! I want all these great fans to know I'll be defending the AWA title next month at the Jackson Coliseum brother! 


Hogan is hit from behind by a steel chair as Austin Idol stands over him! Idol hits Hogan's leg with the chair then clamps on the Las Vegas Leglock! Stack is screaming for help as Idol wrenches away. Finally several officials come out as we cut to a commercial. 


Commercial Break


Stack: Oh my fans, Hogan was just helped out of here by several officials. I have no idea wh...

Austin Idol appears to a chorus of boos.

Stack: Austin Idol, what was the meaning of that?!?! 

Idol: I just couldn't take it anymore! I have had to watch as that Universal Heartthrob wannabe prances around with the AWA world title. The AWA needs the real deal representing them and that's exactly what I am! So Hogan, baby, what do you say? Me and you at the Jackson Coliseum. Steve, it's about time I put that imposter down baby! 

Stack: Well, we'll see what Jerry Jarrett has to say about all this. Fans, back to the ring. 


'Hangman' Bobby Jaggers vs. Vic Dutro

Jaggers is feeling pretty good as he's coming off his bullrope match win over Adrian Street. Jaggers swings Vic to the ropes and clotheslines him down, then finishes him off with the Hangman's Neckbreaker for the pin! 

Steve Stack announces Jaggers is the number one contender to the TV title and will face Tully Blanchard at the Jackson Coliseum card next month.

Jaggers cuts a promo and says now that he's taken care of Street, Tully and the TV title is next up! 


Commercial Break


'Quick Draw' Rick McGraw vs. 'New Generation' Johnny Wilhoit 

McGraw is coming off a disappointing loss to AWA light heavyweight champ Dynamite Kid while Wilhoit has shown some frustration after some losses recently. Both men are looking to get back on the winning track tonight. The first few minutes is fast paced back and forth action. Wilhoit takes control and has things going his way as he almost gets McGraw with several near falls. There's a buzz in the crowd as Mr. Electricity Steve Regal walks out. Regal circles the ring as the match goes on. Wilhoit swings McGraw to the ropes but misses a clothesline, McGraw swings back and drop kicks him down. McGraw is in control then hoists Wilhoit up for a vertical suplex but Regal reaches in and trips McGraw as Wilhoit falls on top. The Ref counts as Regal holds on to McGraw's leg 1..2..3! 

The fans are booing. Wilhoit looks puzzled as the Ref holds up his arm. Wilhoit rolls out of the ring as McGraw gets up and looks down at Regal. Regal walks over to Wilhoit and whispers something then, puts his arm around him and they head to the back. 


Commercial Break


Stack: Not sure what's going on between Regal and Wilhoit but I'm sure Rick McGraw isn't going to let that go. Fans, I want to bring out the former TNT champ Nick Bockwinkle. 

Nick comes out with his arms folded and looks down for a moment. 

Bock: Just doesn't feel right when I don't have gold around my waist. I only have one thing to say, I want Terry Funk and I want a rematch at the Jackson Coliseum. 

There's a commotion as Harley Race comes out. 

Harley: Nick, we've been friends a long time and with all due respect I think that title shot should be mine. 

Bock: We have been friends a long time but there's no way that title shot doesn't belong to me. 

Jerry Jarrett walks out.

Jarrett: Gentlemen, I have a solution. Next week on our TV show in Memphis, the two of you will have a match and the winner will wrestle Terry Funk for a TNT title match. 

Bock and Race stare at each other and nod in agreement then walk out. 

Jarrett: Next thing I want to address is the actions of Austin Idol earlier tonight. Regardless of what Idol thinks, he just cant demand a title shot and get it. And he just cant assault the AWA champion and not expect consequences. Rest assured Idol, I will be talking with Verne Gagne and you will be punished.


Dan Spivey vs. Kent Barber 

Spivey made quite a debut at the Hemisfair card when he beat an unprepared Kerry Brown by count out. The fans are impressed with Spivey's physique and power and he uses it to his advantage. He swings Kent to the ropes and puts him down with a big boot then drops a big elbow to get the pin! 

Spivey is cutting a promo with Stack when Johnny Valiant comes out to interrupt. 

Valiant: Let me be honest. Spivey you have a tremendous look and you were very impressive tonight but at the Hemisfair Arena you were just plain lucky punk! My main man Kerry Brown had a 103 degree fever and was out there against Doctor's orders because that's the kind of competitor he is. I assure you, he's healthy and ready to go. If you have the guts big man then accept his challenge next month in Jackson! 

Spivey: I don't need guts. I already beat him and I'll beat him again! It's on! 


Stack: Ok, another match set for the Jackson card. Should be a good one. It's now my pleasure to bring out Cocoa Samoa. Cocoa welcome back. It's good to see you after that horrible incident with Ratamyus a few weeks back. As you know, Ratamyus is currently on suspension for those actions. 

Cocoa: Great to be back Steve. Right now I want to make a plea to Jerry Jarrett. Jerry, I'm begging you. Lift the suspension! I want Ratamyus and I want him in a no DQ match! If he wants to fight dirty well I can fight dirty as well. Steve, I've made it my mission to rid TNT of Ratamyus and I wont stop until my mission is complete! Your time is ticking Ratamyus! 


Commercial Break


Dream Machine vs. 'Master G' George Wells w/Jimmy Hart

It doesn't take long for this to turn into a slugfest. These two hammer away on each other until Wells rakes the eyes and puts Dream down with a short arm clothesline. Hart is happy and cheering Wells on. Wells body slams Dream and chokes him with his boot then drags him over and chokes him on the rope. Dream is hanging over the ropes as Wells swings off the opposite ropes and hits a guillotine. Wells body slams Dream and drops a knee 1..2..Kick Out. Hart is on the outside berating the Ref. Wells goes to the top rope and goes for another knee but Dream rolls out of the way. Wells is holding his knee as Dream regroups. Dream stomps away on Wells then body slams him several times. Hart gets on the apron but cant jump down fast enough as Dream grabs him by his shirt. Dream levels him with a big right punch! The fans cheer as Hart fly's off the apron and on the ground. Wells nails Dream with a clothesline from behind that sends Dream over the top rope. Wells goes to the outside and sees Hart on the ground. Wells grabs a cable cord and chokes Dream with it. Wells doesn't listen to the Ref and the Ref signals for the DQ. Wells keeps choking Dream with the cable cord. Wells finally releases then picks up Dream and slams him on the concrete before helping Hart up. 


Stack: Oh my a lot of tension on tonight's show. Dream Machine is being helped out as we speak. I hope he's ok. Well fans, my guest at this time is the TV champion, Tully Blanchard.

Tully comes out in a suit and sunglasses with the title on his shoulder. He looks over at Dream Machine being helped out and smirks. 

Tully: After the beating I gave Dream Machine at the Hemisfair show, it's no wonder he's being helped out of here. Steve Stack you're looking at pure greatness. I mean who better to represent TNT television than me? I'm the one drawing the ratings. You know why all these idiots out here hate me? Because I back up everything I say in that ring. When your as good as I am, it's ok to brag. Now, I understand that hick Bobby Jaggers is next up. Yea, he's next alright. Jeez, could you imagine a man with a 4th grade education representing TNT television? That's why I'm champ Steve, I have to prevent guys like him from embarrassing TNT. Jaggers, wake up, you don't stand a chance at MY title! 


Commercial Break


Sheepherders vs. William Hillman and Steve Rooney

Sheepherders dismantle their opponents and finish them off with a double rib breaker for the pin! The fans boo as they head to the podium.

They cut a vicious promo on the Guerreros and say they want to beat up on them some more! Stack announces they will face the Guerreros at the Jackson card in a tornado street fight! The Sheepherders smile and say they cant wait. 


Commercial Break 


AWA Southern Tag Team Title Bout

The Nightmares (C) w/Jimmy Hart vs. 'Mr. USA' Tony Atlas and Hercules Ayala

Jimmy Hart is still in the back recovering from Dream Machine's punch. The fans boo as the Honkytonk Man (with his guitar) escorts them out. Atlas and Ayala teamed up at the last minute to pull off an upset in Odessa to win a tag team battle royal and earn this shot. Atlas and Ayala are going over strategy as Honkytonk and the Nightmares antagonize them. The Ref sternly warns Honkytonk. Honkytonk smiles, puts up his hands and walks to the outside. 

Atlas and Ayala control the early moments and work well for a makeshift team. They swing Wayne to the ropes and put him down with a double back elbow smash. Ayala works over Wayne then hits a big back drop and tags in Atlas. Atlas drops a knee and covers 1..2..Davis kicks Atlas on the head. Ayala runs in but the Ref quickly guides him back. Davis body slams Atlas before going back to his corner. Wayne finally tags in Davis. Davis stomps away on Atlas, hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a forearm drop 1..2..Kick Out. Davis tags in Wayne. They lift Atlas up and hit a double vertical suplex. Wayne swings off the ropes and drops a jumping elbow 1..2..Kick Out. Wayne pushes Atlas to the corner and the Nightmares double team him. Ayala runs over but the Ref guides him back. Honkytonk gets on the apron and him and the Nightmares beat on Atlas. Ayala has enough and runs back over with fists flying. He knocks Honkytonk off the apron and then sends Davis flying. The Ref gets order as Ayala goes back to his corner. Wayne swings Atlas to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Atlas kicks him and follows with a jumping headbutt before tagging in Ayala. The fans roar as Ayala punches away on Wayne. Ayala hits a backbreaker then picks Wayne up and clamps on the bear hug! The fans are going wild. Davis runs in but Atlas charges and sends him flying into the turnbuckles with a high knee. Atlas goes over and pounds away on Davis while Ayala still has Wayne in a bear hug. The Ref is trying to get Atlas off Davis. Honkytonk grabs his guitar and gets in the ring but the fans go absolutely crazy when Jerry Lawler hits the ring, grabs Honkytonk by his hair and hurls him out! Lawler goes out after him and just pounds away on him, then lifts him up and rams him into the steel post! Atlas punches Davis through the ropes and goes back to his corner. Ayala (with the bear hug clamped) rams Wayne into the turnbuckles and belly to belly suplexes him over 1..2..3!!!! The crowd goes nuts! Hercules Ayala and Tony Atlas are the new champs!! 

Jerry Lawler is looking down at a busted open Honkytonk Man, then looks up at Atlas and Ayala holding up the titles. Lawler smiles then leaves. 

The show ends as the crowd continues to cheer on the new champs! 

New AWA Southern Tag Team Champs- Tony Atlas and Hercules Ayala! 









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Idol is a strong challenger for Hogan and with this sorta heat, I think these two would sell a lot of tickets in this region to see them square off for the title! Looking forward to this one!

WOW! Thanks to Jerry Lawler, we may have the oddest pairing of Southern Tag Team champions of all time!! Tony Atlas and Hercules Ayala is an odd couple to say the least but they will be a tough team to beat for sure.  I hope the Nightmares find their way to Southeastern one of these days down the line.

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You are getting so much out of this Funk, Bockwinkle, Race trio and I could see them just playing musical chairs for a long time with the title and it would all be so believable.  

I was pleasantly surprised that it was Austin Idol who attacked Hogan.  That is another believable match that would have a lot of a pomp and circumstance.

Nice job getting the young Spivey into an angle right away.

Loved the tag team match for the title as I was completely unsure what would happen.  Atlas and Ayala should make great champs!


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I love the Funker as champion, and having Race vs Bockwinkel to determine the first challenger... Wow. Either guy can headline any territory and they are fighting for a shot!

Idol calling Hogan a "Heartthrob wannabe" is fantastic stuff. Definitely looking forward to that one too. 

Honky/Lawler is gonna be great when it happens. Love it boiling over and costing the Nightmares.

Ayala/Atlas is quite the odd couple, but it could lead to some fun matches.

I also still can't past the sneaking feeling that one day soon Tully Blanchard is going to turn his attention to that main event scene, and Terry, Harley, and Nick might never see it coming!

Good show dude. 

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Breaking TNT Wrestling News

TNT commissioner Jerry Jarrett had a telephone meeting with Verne Gagne to discuss the assault Austin Idol did on AWA World Champ Hulk Hogan at a TNT televised show. Verne explained to Jarrett that Hulk Hogan already phoned him and said don't do a damn thing. Hogan told Verne to make the match happen. So on May 3rd at the Oman Arena in Jackson TN, Hulk Hogan will defend the AWA World title against Austin Idol. Jarrett also announced more matches.


Upcoming TNT card at the Oman Arena, Jackson TN 5-3-84

AWA World Heavyweight Title Bout

Hulk Hogan (C) vs. 'The Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol


AWA TNT Title Bout

Terry Funk (C) vs. Nick Bockwinkle or Harley Race


TNT TV Title Bout

Tully Blanchard (C) vs. 'Hangman' Bobby Jaggers


Jerry 'The King' Lawler vs. The Honkytonk Man w/Jimmy Hart


Tornado Street Fight

The Guerreros vs. The Sheepherders


'Master G' George Wells w/Jimmy Hart vs. Dream Machine

Cocoa Samoa and Steve O vs. Cuban Assassin and Sheik Ali Hassan 

Dan Spivey vs. 'Blonde Bomber' Kerry Brown w/Johnny Valiant 


More matches to be announced




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TNT Wrestling TV @ The Roane Fieldhouse, Memphis TN 4-19-84


The show starts out with footage from last week as Austin Idol hits AWA World Champ Hulk Hogan with a chair then applies the Las Vegas Leglock! 


Lance Russell: Hello wrestling fans, we have a great show for you tonight. Well, you saw at the top of the program what transpired last week. Right after the show Jerry Jarrett phoned Verne Gagne to tell him what happened but Hogan had already called Verne and told him not to punish Idol and he will put the title on the line against Idol at the Oman Arena in Jackson Tennessee on May 3rd. We have prerecorded comments from the champ Hulk Hogan. 


Hogan: Austin Idol! After what happened last week, the only thing you proved to me was that you're nothing but a universal coward brother! On May 3rd I'm coming back to Tennessee and I'm not only going to remain champion but I'm going to give you a beating you'll never going to forget! It's going to be so much fun messing up that so called pretty face of yours! HulkaMania is going to run wild on you brother! 


Lance: Ok, there you have it, straight from the champ. We'll be seeing Austin Idol later on. Jerry The King Lawler will be in action as well as the NEW AWA Southern Tag Team Champs Tony Atlas and Hercules Ayala! Big main event tonight as Nick Bockwinkel will face Harley Race and the winner gets a TNT title shot against Terry Funk on May 3rd in Jackson. Well, let's get to the ring. 


Steve O vs. Gary Williams

Steve O looks good tonight as he sends Gary flying with a drop kick. Steve swings Gary to the ropes and back drops him. Gary staggers up and Steve hits a sunset flip for the pin! 

Steve cuts a promo and says him and Cocoa have nothing but payback on their minds as they face Sheik Hassan and Cuban Assassin on May 3rd. 


Commercial Break


'Blonde Bomber' Kerry Brown w/Johnny Valiant vs. Gus Franklin 

Brown is all over his opponent as Valiant cheers him on. Brown body slams Gus then picks him up and hangs him upside down on the turnbuckles. Brown just stomps away on the shoulder then pulls him down. Brown hoists Gus up and hits a shoulder breaker for the pin! The fans boo as Valiant and Brown head to the podium. 

Lance: Well Johnny, your man here will certainly have his hands full on May 3rd as he faces quite the physical specimen in Dan Spivey.

Brown: I'll take this Johnny. Fact of the matter is that punk got lucky last time. I had a 103 degree fever and on top of that he ambushed me from behind. That wont happen again! Come May 3rd that punk goes down! 

Brown exits.

Valiant: You heard it straight from the man. Now, listen up Lance Russell. I have put together a new team. When I saw these two guys. well I saw money baby. Let me introduce to you The Real Deal, New Generation Johnny Wilhoit and Mr. Electricity Steve Regal! 

The fans boo as Wilhoit and Regal come out wearing shiny red glitter jackets. 

Valiant: The name Real Deal speaks for itself. They're not phonies like the Fabulous Ones or washed up losers like the Guerreros. They're two guys in the prime of their lives and the sky's the limit under my guidance. 

Lance: Oh come on, Johnny Wilhoit, I don't know why you would associate yourself with these men? 

Wilhoit: It's simple. Where did kissing up to all these idiot fans get me? Nowhere! They didn't believe in me but Johnny Valiant and Steve Regal do. 

The fans cheer as Rick McGraw comes out. 

McGraw: Oh now this all makes sense. (Looks at Wilhoit) Last week I thought we were going to have a match of respect but then (looks at Regal) this goon interferes. You guys call yourselves the Real Deal? Well you haven't come close to earning that name! 

Regal and Wilhoit jump McGraw and start pounding away! The fans go crazy as Ivan Putski runs out with fists flying! They brawl around for a moment until Valiant is able to get his men out of there. 

Putski: Rolling Thunder is back! 


Commercial Break


Lance: How about that. Putski and McGraw are back together and I've been informed they will face the Real Deal on May 3rd. Lets go back to the ring.


Larry 'The Axe' Hennig vs. Ty Baker 

Hennig works over Baker with ease then finishes him off with the Running Axe Smash to get the pin! 


Larry cuts a promo and says his partner Billy Robinson will be out of town for a couple weeks. In the meantime he gets to wrestle Jumbo Tsuruta on May 3rd. Larry says he's looking forward to putting down the man that turned on his partner a few months back. 


Commercial Break 


Footage is shown of last week's show as Tony Atlas and Hercules Ayala shocked the Nightmares and won the AWA Southern Tag Titles! 


AWA Southern Tag Champs Tony Atlas and Hercules Ayala vs. The Smith Brothers

The champs have the fans cheering as they simply overpower their opponents. The end comes when Atlas Gorilla Presses his opponent and slams him down then tags in Ayala. Ayala clamps on the Bear Hug and the Ref signals for the bell. The fans cheer as Atlas and Ayala hold the titles high. 

Lance: Champs come on over. First off congratulations on winning the titles. 

The champs cut a promo and say they'll take on all comers.

Lance: With that said, on May 3rd it's been announce that the Fabulous Ones will face the Nightmares and the winners will be the number one contenders. I also understand that you guys will be watching at ringside. 

Atlas: We sure are. We're going to scout our competition up close. 

Ayala: We're looking forward to facing either team. We just want competition and we're ready! 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Ok let's....

Boos hit as Stan Stasiak and Decimation storm the podium.

Stasiak: I cant believe what I just heard! Everybody here is looking at the number one contenders to the tag team titles! How dare you Jerry Jarrett! How dare you exclude Decimation. Now we must take matters into our own hands. I guarantee we'll get your attention Jarrett.  


Decimation w/Stan Stasiak vs. Clint Carter and Steve Rooney

Total squash match as Decimation just destroys their opponents. Colley hits a running powerslam on Rooney then tags in Shaw. Shaw swings off the ropes and hits a big splash for the pin! Carter comes in to check on his partner and Decimation pick him up, swing him to the ropes and double clothesline him down! 


Commercial Break


'Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol vs. Wesley Winston 

Idol just toys with his opponent while taunting the crowd. Idol lifts Wesley up and hits a Shin Breaker. Idol struts around then applies the Las Vegas Leglock to get the submission win! The fans boo as Idol heads to the podium. 

Idol: Listen up Lance Russell! I heard that Universal Heartthrob wannabe Chump Hogan making idle threats. I cant believe how easy it was to put that paper champ down last week. Hogan baby, on May 3rd I'm going to give the AWA what it needs...A true charismatic champion brother. 

The fans boo as Idol winks and gives the camera a bicep pose. 


Commercial Break 


Jerry 'The King' Lawler vs. Sam Morgan 

The fans are roaring as Lawler body slams Morgan then hops up on the middle ropes and comes down with a fist drop to get the pin! The Ref raises Lawler's arm when the Honkytonk Man hits the ring! HTM swings Lawler to the ropes but misses a clothesline, Lawler swings back and just hammers away on HTM. Jimmy Hart runs in the ring and hits Lawler from behind. Lawler slowly turns around, smiles and grabs Jimmy by his shirt and gives him a big right punch! HTM nails Lawler from behind and hurls him out of the ring. HTM goes out after him and picks him up but Lawler blocks his punch and fires away. The two men brawl all around the studio and into the commercial break. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Wow! Things got pretty crazy. Those two will meet in Jackson on May 3rd and that should be a wild one! Fans, next week from the Junction, TV champ Tully Blanchard will be in action as well as the Guerreros, Jumbo Tsuruta, George Wells, Dream Machine, Tito Santana and the TNT Champ Terry Funk! And listen to this main event, Jerry Lawler teams with the Fabulous Ones to take on The Honkytonk Man and the Nightmares!  


'Hangman' Bobby Jaggers vs. Terry Gibbs

Jaggers gets a TV title shot on May 3rd. Tonight he shows why he deserves that shot. Jaggers swings Gibbs to the ropes and hits a big clothesline. Jaggers picks Gibbs up and drops him with the Hangman's Neckbreaker to get the pin! 

Jaggers cuts a promo and says he heard what Blanchard said about him last week about his education. Jaggers says he'll give Tully a learning lesson in the ring he'll never forget! 


Commercial Break 


Main Event- Winner gets a AWA TNT Title shot on May 3rd

Nick Bockwinkel vs. Harley Race

Even though both of these guys are rule breaking heels, the first few minutes is a pure scientific showcase. Both men trade holds as neither man can get the upper hand. Bock gets some momentum going as he body slams Race and follows with a backbreaker then applies the Boston Crab! Bock clamps it tight but Race is able to frantically reach the ropes. The Ref gets Bock off. Race staggers up and Bock clamps on a headlock but Race lifts him up and executes a back suplex. Race regroups and hits a delayed knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Race swings Bock into the turnbuckles and charges in but Bock moves as Race hits hard into the turnbuckles. Bock gets up. Race staggers up and Bock clamps on a sleeper! Bock swings Race around but Race runs forward and ducks down as Bock fly's headfirst into the top turnbuckle. Both men are reeling. They get up and have a furious exchange. Bock gives Race a knee to the mid section and follows with a gut wrench suplex. Bock picks Race up and hits a vertical suplex 1..2..Kick Out!  Bock body slams Race then hops up on the middle ropes and comes down with a knee 1..2..Race gets his shoulder up. Bock picks up Race and goes for a piledriver but Race back drops him. Once again both men are regrouping. They both get up. Bock swings Race to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Race stops and comes down on Bock with a headbutt. Race picks up Bock and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Race picks up Bock and hits a piledriver 1..2..3!!! 

Harley Race gets his title shot on May 3rd against Terry Funk! 







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Great main event between Harley Race and Nick Bockwinkel. Should be a classic between Funk and Harley. You always have a knack for finding the best names for tag teams! Gonna keep my eye on the Real Deal!

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Great Main Event!  Race vs Bockwinkle with a clean win...  I wish I had seen something like this when I was a kid.

Decimation is quickly becoming one of my favorite teams in the game!

Family Feud with Lawler and HTM is awesome!

Atlas and Ayala are quickly becoming the real deal and should be in line for an AWA title shot.  Imagine the power in the ring if the do meet the Road Warriors.

The Real Deal might just be what the Fab Ones need to put them over the top!

Looking forward to your work with Hogan vs Idol!  It is funny to me that Idol was so talented on the mic for a southern promotion that he really needed a title to get huge reactions from the crowd but Hogan to me is the opposite as Hogan needed that title


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Your main event scene is just fantastic.

Race vs Funk is gonna be awesome, and the Race/Bock match lived up to expectations to get us there!

Idol is a great contender for Hogan, and you've got Lawler in a blood feud with HTM that is gonna lead to some classic brawls.

Meanwhile Tully is biding his time with the TV Title.

Anyone of these guys could be holding the top title in a promotion, and you've got them all under on roof. The balancing is great, but at some point I hope you find a way to have all of these elements come together for some kind of once in a lifetime winner takes all match for the title!

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