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March 30th, 1984

Fort Homer W. Hesterly Armory, Tampa, FL

-Hercules Hernandez fight Denny Brown to a double DQ. Hercules choked Denny with his chain postmatch!

-Charlie Cook & Boomer Lynch beat AWA Florida Heavyweight Champion Bill White & Rufus Jones by countout after Lynch used White's Florida Heavyweight title to knockout Rufus outside the ring!

-Don Kent beat Angelo Mosca with a small package after Mosca was distracted by who he thought was Dusty Rhodes in the entranceway but only turned out to be a staff member!

-Mike Graham & Mark Fleming vs Ric McCord & John Bonello ends in a no-contest after The Great Kabuki interrupts the match and mists everyone with the Green Mist. Everyone but Mike Graham - Kabuki kept the Red Mist for Graham!!!

-Wahoo McDaniel beat Tommy Wright

-Jay Youngblood beat Al Madril after interference from brother Mark, preventing Madril from using a chair!

-Matt Borne beat Vinnie Valentino

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AWA Atlantic Coast TV Championship Tournament

March 31st, 1984

Orlando, FL

Before the show started, Eddie Graham was introduced to the crowd by Tony Schiavone  and Eddie presented the Atlantic Coast TV Championship belt to the audience. Eddie also announced that the finals of the tournament would be contested inside a Steel Cage, to ensure that we have an undisputed winner and champion!

First Round Matches

-Jay Youngblood beat Ric McCord in 17:38

-Angelo Mosca upsets Dusty Rhodes when Rocky "The Best Kernodle" attacks Dusty with brass knuckles, allowing Mosca to score the upset win!

-Gerry Brisco beat Dory Funk Jr in 12:11. Gerry Brisco gets a bye and moves straight to the semi-finals

-The Missing Link (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat Tommy Wright in 13:15

-Rick Rude (w/Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) beat Larry Lane in 12:44

-The Great Kabuki (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat Mike Graham in 10:12

-Vinnie Valentino beat Barry Horowitz in 11:49


-Jay Youngblood beat Angelo Mosca

-Rick Rude (w/Bobby Heenan) beat The Missing Link (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink)

-The Great Kabuki (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat Vinnie Valentino


-Jay Youngblood beat Gerry Brisco

-Rick Rude (w/Bobby Heenan) beat The Great Kabuki (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink)

Non-Tournament Match: John Bonello & Hercules Hernandez beat Boomer Lynch & Denny Brown when Hercules submitted Denny to a full nelson



Rick Rude (w/Bobby Heenan) beat Jay Youngblood in 39:59 after Bobby Heenan slammed the cage door on Youngblood's head, allowing Rude to hit Rude Awakening on Jay to score the pinfall. Rick Rude from AWA All-Star is the inaugural AWA Atlantic Coast TV Champion!!!

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April 1st, 1984

Lakeland, FL

-Barry Windham & Masanobu Fuchi beat The House of Humperdink (Purple Haze & The Great Kabuki, w/Sir Oliver Humperdink)

-Wahoo McDaniel fight Dory Funk Jr to a double countout

-The Youngbloods beat The Heenan Family (AWA Atlantic Coast TV Champion Rick Rude & Curt Hennig, w/Bobby Heenan) by disqualification after interference from Bobby Heenan. Jay Youngblood got payback on Heenan for costing him the TV title last night!

-Gerry Brisco beat Bob Dellaserra with an Oklahoma Roll

-Al Madril & Greg Valentine beat Larry Lane & Paul Orndorff by countout after Rocky "The Best Kernodle" attacked Orndorff, the same way he did with Dusty Rhodes last night in the tournament. However,  Ricky Steamboat ran in to make the save and challenged Kernodle to a Falls Count Anywhere Match right now!!! Despite Kernodle's refusal, Orndorff sent Kernodle back in the ring and the impromptu match took place!

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Ricky Steamboat beat Rocky "The Best Kernodle".

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Orndorff vs Valentine 2 out of 3 Falls for the Heavyweight Title! That's gonna be one heck of a match. Though I can't believe "The Dragon" is very happy about being left out of that one.

Sullivan still calling the name of The Freebirds. How will they respond?? :-)

Digging the Kernodle angle, and I'm glad to see that it didn't end in another member of the HoH. Valentine having a buddy/lackey is a good thing that should lead to some fun.

Mosca cutting himself a money promo getting us all hyped up for the TV Title tournament!

Arena Shows:

Unexpected results from the TV Title tournament!

Kernodle costs Dusty! He's gonna pay for that!!

Brisco over Funk in only 12 minutes is a minor upset to me. That could have gone at least a half hour to an hour.

Did not expect to see Rude win the tournament. He is going to be a very busy man!

Windham shows up and gets a nice win over The House.

Youngbloods get a HUGE win over Rude and Hennig!!!!

Kernodle is really stirring up the shit around here, but Steamboat shuts him down.


Quite a run of action. Good stuff man, really enjoying it!

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The TV tournament was a lot of fun. Huge surprise as Rick Rude comes to town and wins the title! 

Rocky 'The Best' Kernodle is certainly making a name for himself as he costs Dusty a chance at the title then goes after Orndorff the next night. However, Steamboat beats him in an impromptu match. 

I do like the Briscos working as heels.

Hoping to see more Wahoo/Dory Funk matches. 

Barry Windham could be a top babyface in no time. 

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Huge win for Mosca over Dusty,  despite the interference it's still a big deal for him

I like Rick Rude as the TV champion, even though in '84, he's a LONG way from the Rick Rude we'd see in the late 80's....Bobby Heenan is here to guide him and make up for anything he's lacking here.

Windham/Valentine seem to be on track to be the breakout stars here.....with Steamboat/Orndorff in the mix as well. 

I love what you're doing with Rocky Kernodle!

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Great set of house shows!  That show is Lakeland was awesome as would be any show with Barry Windham in the opening!  

-Rick Rude is excited to be pulling some double duty here.  I hope he makes a good first champ for you.

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Atlantic Coast TV #4

April 6th, 1984

Sportatorium, Tampa, FL


(After the opening credits, we head to the broadcast booth where Bob Caudle is awaiting for the start of the show, solo.)


Bob Caudle: Hello, wrestling fans, and welcome to Atlantic Coast TV. I’m Bob Caudle, and my broadcast partner Tony Schiavone is standing outside of the Sportatorium, waiting for the arrival of Jay Youngblood. If you attended last Sunday’s show, you know that we’ve crowned our first Atlantic Coast TV Champion in Rick Rude and he certainly can thank his manager Bobby Heenan for that, as he provided him a bit of help, despite the match being held inside a steel cage. We’re hopeful to get a word from Jay Youngblood once he arrives at the Sportatorium shortly. Our feature bout this week will oppose 2 men who were part of the TV title tournament as Mike Graham will square off against The Missing Link. We’re ready for our opening match so let’s get started.


Match #1

Johnny Weaver beat Bernie Nye in 10:22 with the Weaver Lock


(Cameras go outside of the Sportatorium as Tony Schiavone is standing outside of the venue’s front door.)


Tony Schiavone: As I’m standing here outside the Sportatorium, the arrival of Jay Youngblood is imminent and it’s gonna be interesting to hear what he has to say about what happened last Sunday as he was so close of becoming to Atlantic Coast TV Champion and –


(Schiavone is interrupted as a car pulls off in the parking lot in the background. Two men emerge out of the rental car and it’s Jay Youngblood and his brother Mark. Tony Schiavone turns around and spots them so he goes to talk to them.)


Tony Schiavone: Just a second, Jay, if you don’t mind, fans would like to know your frame of mind after what happened in Orlando Sunday night as Bobby Heenan cost you the Atlantic Coast TV Championship and I’m sure you had a lot to think about as well.


Jay Youngblood: Well, Tony, this will have to wait because Eddie Graham wants to see me so I need to go talk to him first. As soon as we’re done, I’ll be able to share some thoughts with all of you, guys. Thank you.


(Jay and Mark Youngblood head into the venue.)


Tony Schiavone: Well, as you could hear Bob, Eddie Graham summoned Jay Youngblood to a meeting so what could this be about, I don’t know, but we’ll be set to hear about it a bit later in the show. Back to you and your guest, Bob!


Bob Caudle: Thank you, Tony. At this time, let’s welcome one man who is already a champion here, the current AWA Florida Heavyweight Champion, Bill White!



(Bill White comes to the booth to a decent ovation from the Sportatorium crowd.)


Bob Caudle: Bill, I think I speak for everyone when I say that it’s great to see you sporting some gold as you’re in the twilight of your career and I’m sure it gave you a boost of confidence in the process.


Bill White: Well, any title you can win, it does that to you. I don’t care which one it is but as long as you have “champion” next to your name, it means something. I’m proud of being the Florida Heavyweight Champion and I’ll do everything I can to keep that title around my waist. I’ll defend it against everybody and anybody.


Bob Caudle: And speaking about that, we have received news of the date of your first title defense of the Florida Heavyweight Championship and it’s gonna happen on Monday, April 15th from Bob Jones Stadium in Fort Mill, SC as you will defend that title against Don Kent. And as I understand it, there’s a possibility that this match could become a double title match as Eddie Graham will explain later on.


Bill White: Well, if that’s the case, the more, the merrier as they say. You can never discount any challenger placed in front of you. This is gonna be a very significant match for myself but also for Don Kent himself. For him, it’s gonna be the same reason I explained a few minutes ago about having “champion” next to your name. For me, it’s more than that. Any title match could be my last and I know it. Everyone in the back knows it as well. There are a lot of people in this business who loves to have that feather to their hat of ending someone’s career. Even moreso if they take a title away in the process. However, I can assure you that I’m not gonna go down easily. Whoever wants that title will have to pry it away from my cold dead hands. In this first case, it’s gonna be Don Kent in Fort Mill, South Carolina and I’ll be ready. I hope you’ll be too, Don.



Match #2

Porkchop Cash beat Larry Lane in 8:47 with a backbreaker



Match #3

Paul Orndorff beat Thornton Killam in 11:22 with a piledriver


Bob Caudle: ….Orndorff continuing to rack up momentum for his big match against Greg Valentine next Sunday, April 14th in Miami. And now, we’ve been waiting for this moment all day. Let’s talk to Eddie Graham and Jay Youngblood.


(Eddie Graham and Jay Youngblood make their way to the booth together to a nice ovation.)


Bob Caudle: Alright, Eddie Graham, we were told that you and Jay were going to have a meeting about something as soon as he arrived to the Sportatorium and maybe you could shed some light about this right now.


Eddie Graham: I sure will. First, I wanted to congratulate Jay Youngblood for his amazing performance in the Atlantic Coast TV Championship tournament but unfortunately, someone got in the way. However, I made it clear to Rick Rude and Bobby Heenan that if they thought they could hide in Minnesota and avoid repercussions, they’d be wrong. And I’m about to exercise one of those right now.


Bob Caudle: Which is?


Eddie Graham: Well tonight, we have a special event in Charlotte, NC along with the Superstars of the Superstation. All of our big stars will be there and so are theirs. Tonight, I’ll have Rick Rude defend the Atlantic Coast TV Championship against Don Kent and the reason I asked Jay Youngblood to come to my office was to ask him for a favor. Knowing how sneaky and a weasel Bobby Heenan can be, I needed a referee who could make sure that we couldn’t have more shenanigans. So I asked Jay if he would accept being the special guest referee tonight in Charlotte and he said yes.


Bob Caudle: Wow, that’s somewhat of a bombshell.


Jay Youngblood: Well, that’s the least I could do for Eddie Graham after I felt like failing the territory for not bringing the title back here. I won’t lie that I’m hopeful that Don Kent pulls this off and beats Rick Rude tonight. But I can’t be biased and I’ll do my best to remain professional.


Eddie Graham: I have a lot of confidence in you that you’ll do so. But like I said, Jay, actions have repercussions and that will also apply to you. And I’m gonna make this perfectly clear; if somehow, you’re directly involved in the outcome of this match, you’ll never be able to get a rematch for the TV Championship. No matter who’s the champion. Do you understand me, Jay?


Jay Youngblood: I definitely do. Like I said, I’ll do my best to remain professional.


Bob Caudle: Finally, Eddie, I understand you have a couple of other announcements regarding our Fort Mill card about 2 more title matches.


Eddie Graham: I do, Bob. First, as announced last week, Greg Valentine and Paul Orndorff will wrestle in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match to crown the Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion. Now, I can already confirm that the winner of this match will defend his title the very next night in Fort Mill against “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and it will be under Street Fight Rules. I want the fans to have a great show and I’ve booked this card with that in mind, which lead me to my final announcement for that card. One title that is very important in the entire AWA but not often talked about is the AWA World Light Heavyweight Championship. And so far, I’ll say that The Dynamite Kid, despite often resorting to questionable tactics along with his usual partner Davey Boy Smith, has been doing a great job of elevating that title. We don’t have a big amount of Light Heavyweight in the territory but we have a solid one in Denny Brown. He doesn’t always end up on the winning end of things but you can’t say he doesn’t fight hard. Therefore, after consideration with the AWA Board of Directors, I’ve been able to secure a Light Heavyweight Championship match for Denny Brown in Fort Mill as he’ll take on The Dynamite Kid or whoever will be the champ at that date. And to ensure that we’re gonna get a fair fight, I’ll have it contested inside a Steel Cage.


Bob Caudle: Big announcement, Eddie, but if I don’t mind saying so, considering that this didn’t prevent Bobby Heenan to interfere in the finals of the Atlantic Coast TV title tournament, nothing says that the same couldn’t happen here.


Eddie Graham: That’s true but it’s because Jay Youngblood didn’t have anyone in his corner to offset Bobby Heenan at ringside. So, I told Denny Brown that if I get to hear that Dynamite Kid is bringing along Davey Boy Smith with him, then he’ll have permission to have someone to second him as well. In the end, we want a fair match and an undisputed winner and that’s all that should matter.


Bob Caudle: Alright, thank you Eddie Graham and we’re getting ready for our feature bout of the week but first, let’s recap what we’ve learned about our Fort Mill card on April 15th.







“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes vs Winner of Greg Valentine/Paul Orndorff ©



The Dynamite Kid © vs Denny Brown



Bill White © vs Don Kent





Match #3

The Missing Link (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat Mike Graham in 25:41 with a Figure Four Leglock. After the match, as Link left, Greg Valentine showed up and taunted Graham, adding insult to injury by locking Graham in another Figure Four! The show ended with Greg Valentine walking away as soon as Eddie Graham hit the ring, shooting daggers at Valentine, who cockily walked to the back

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April 6th, 1984

Coliseum, Charlotte, NC


Match #1


“Mean”Mike Miller (c) vs Adrian Adonis


To kick things off, Mean Mike Miller defends his TV Championship against AWA Pacific’s Adrian Adonis. Two big hosses going at it during around 9 minutes.  At the end of the match, Adonis locks in a sleeper hold but Miller is able to back Adonis in a corner and Adonis is forced to relinquish the hold. Miller turns around and trips Adonis and used the ropes for leverage to secure a pinning combination and to retain his championship.


Winner: Mean Mike Miller (c) (retains the championship)


Match #2



Rick Rude (c) (w/Bobby Heenan) vs Don Kent


For those who didn’t catch this week’s Atlantic Coast TV, Jay Youngblood was appointed special guest referee of this match by Eddie Graham, who specifically requested Jay to be unbiased and to call the match right down the middle. Clearly, Rick Rude realizes that Jay Youngblood doesn’t want to be there and he and Heenan do everything they can to antagonize him. As for the match itself, Rude is giving the fans a dominant performance but that doesn’t deter Bobby Heenan and Rick Rude to play dirty in the match. Jay Youngblood admonishes Rude numerous times during the match but it doesn’t seem to take effect.  Things get heated when after Rude hits Rude Awakening on Kent, Jay Youngblood catches Heenan holding to Kent’s foot, to ensure he doesn’t kick out. Jay Youngblood stops the count and heads outside to argue with  Heenan. Heenan shoves Jay and Jay responds with a chop on Heenan’s head. Rude steps outside with Jay and starts arguing with him and Rude shoves Youngblood head first on the post. Rude returns to the ring and picks up Kent for another Rude Awakening but Youngblood had time to recover and climbs on the top turnbuckle and delivers a Tomahawk Chop on Rude! Rude goes down and Jay draps Kent’s body over Rude and makes the pinfall at a somewhat questionable pace, as well.  Youngblood hands over the Atlantic Coast TV Title to Kent, who isn’t too sure of what just happened neither does he realize the upset that just took place but he doesn’t have to ask questions as Jay immediately storms out of the ring. Looks like Jay will have some explaining to do with Eddie Graham!


Winner: Don Kent (new Atlantic Coast TV Champion)


Match #3

The House of Humperdink (Abdullah the Butcher & The Missing Link, w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Ole & Arn Anderson)


A definite clash of styles between those two teams but oddly enough, the crowd seem to rally more behind Ole & Arn, despite being villains themselves. However, the most notable highlight of this match is that throughout the entire thing, The Missing Link seems to be smitten by a woman sitting at ringside and it definitely messes up the chemistry between Abby & the Link, which is something that you don’t want to happen when you face a team as good as The Andersons. It gets to the point where Sir Oliver Humperdink goes talk to the woman in the front row to ask her to leave. Link, while doing a number on Arn Anderson, sees it and drops Arn on the mat to yell something at Humperdink. That distraction is all the Andersons need as Ole delivers a high knee in the back of Link who collapses on the mat. Ole places Arn on Link and the referee registers the pinfall to secure a huge win for the Andersons at the 12-minute mark. After the match, Link and Humperdink get into it as Link seems to be very protective of that woman. Is there trouble within the ranks of the House of Humperdink?


Winners: The Minnesota Wrecking Crew


Match #4

Greg Valentine vs Konga the Barbarian


The match was originally set to be Valentine vs Hercules Hernandez but with Hercules’ departure, he’s been replaced by Konga for this match. Definitely a bit of an adjustment for Valentine at first, considering he was preparing for Hercules at first but he’s able to turn things around and get some momentum on his side. The end comes as Valentine is able to dodge a Barbarian squash in the corner and locks him in an inside cradle to score a big victory at the 14-minute mark.


Winner: Greg Valentine


Match #5

Jack Brisco vs Ivan Koloff


A battle of two former World Heavyweight Champions as Brisco’s technical savvy squares off against Koloff’s brute force. Koloff thought he had the match won at some point with a big bearhug but a last-ditch effort from Brisco with a good ol’ fashioned ear swat, sends the Russian Bear a bit dizzy, allowing Brisco to recover a bit. In the end, it’s with the Oklahoma Roll that Brisco will secure a big victory over Ivan at the 13-minute mark.


Winner: Jack Brisco

Match #6

Dusty Rhodes vs Buzz Sawyer


Buzz Sawyer wasted no time, jumping on Dusty Rhodes, before the bell even rang, which gave him the advantage in the early moments of the match. However, the fighting spirit of the American Dream allowed him to get back in the mix and Dusty’s more aggressive side showed through until the very end.  Buzz hit a bulldog on Dusty but only got 2. Sawyer then went for it  a second time but Dusty shoved Buzz in the corner instead, stunning him. Buzz was then easy pickings for the Dream after he hits the Bionic Elbow to score the pinfall victory.


Winner: Dusty Rhodes


Match #7

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Paul Orndorff


Big showdown between two of the top contenders in their respective territories as perhaps the most dangerous threat to Butch Reed’s championship in Jim Duggan face one of the main favourites to become the Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion. When he usually is the stronger man in the match, this time is a bit different for Paul Orndorff as Duggan gives him a hard time in the strength department, Orndorff being unable to establish his strategy in the process, which results in Orndorff resorting to dirty moves, which is a bit unusual so far for Atlantic Coast faithful since he joined the territory. Orndorff hits his piledriver on Duggan but Duggan kicks out at 2.9, completely shocking Orndorff. Orndorff hits it a second time and once again, Duggan barely kicks out. This clearly offsets Orndorff as he tries it for a 3rd time but he goes to the well one time too many and Duggan reverses it. A completely disoriented Orndorff then falls prey to Duggan’s running shoulder tackle and that’s enough for Duggan to score the win.


Winner: Hacksaw Jim Duggan


Match #8


Butch Reed (c) vs Ricky Steamboat


Before the bell rings, Butch Reed takes the mic and says he has a lot of respect for Ricky Steamboat and he wants him to bring his best shot because he’s gonna bring him everything he’s got. Huge match for Steamboat, especially since he’s considered one of the top contenders for the Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship. Another classic case of powerhouse vs speed in which both  Butch Reed and Ricky Steamboat trade momentum and pinfalls left and right. They go at it for a solid 20 minutes until Steamboat decides to take things on the top rope. Steamboat dives for a cross body and lands on Reed but the momentum propels Reed over Steamboat and Reed solidly hooks Steamboat’s legs to get the victory and retain the championship. After the match, Steamboat and Reed shake hands and Steamboat raises Reed’s hand in a show of sportsmanship.


Winner : Butch Reed (c) (retains the championship)



Match #9


Ted Dibiase vs The Masked Superstar


An absolute drag-down fight between Dibiase and The Masked Superstar. Both men beating each other senseless in hopes to score the big pinfall and the regulatory 10-count for the Texas Death Match. In the span of 65 minutes, no less than 21 pinfalls were registered. Towards the end of the match, Superstar’s manager Angelo Poffo attacks Gary Hart at ringside, who goes down in a heap. Ted Dibiase steps outside and goes check on him, which allows Superstar to load his mask. Superstar then headbutts Dibiase and scores the pinfall. The referee starts the count and Dibiase struggles to get up and must use the ropes. Fans thought that Dibiase was up but at the count of 8, an exhausted Dibiase collapses on the mat and he can’t make the 10-count. After the match, Superstar doesn’t seem to be satisfied with that and picks up Dibiase to lock him in the Cobra Clutch. A defenceless Dibiase passes out and to add insult to injury, Angelo Poffo repeatedly kicks him in the ribs. Fortunately for Dibiase, Butch Reed & Dusty Rhodes charge the ring and chases off Poffo & The Masked Superstar. The show ends with Poffo & Superstar soaking the boos from the Charlotte attendance on their way back to the locker room while Dusty Rhodes & Butch Reed check on Dibiase.


Winner: The Masked Superstar

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April 7th, 1984

Raleigh, NC

-Dory Funk Jr beat Roger Kirby in 13:55 with the Spinning Toe Hold

-Mark Youngblood beat The Missing Link (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) in 8:12. Once again, the same woman who was in Charlotte attended the show and was at ringside. This time, after the match, Humperdink berated Link for losing the match and walked out without him. The woman comforted Link as he passed in front of her on his way back to the locker room.

-Mike Graham beat Tommy Wright in 14:14

Steel Cage: Rufus Jones beat Ivan Koloff in 18:56 by escaping the cage

-Gerry Brisco beat Ricky Steamboat in 21:20

-Greg Valentine beat Steve Diblasio in 8:55

AWA Pacific Heavyweight Championship: "Playboy" Buddy Rose beat Paul Orndorff in 30:01 to retain

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April 8th, 1984

Greensboro, NC

-Larry Lane  fought Boomer Lynch to a double countout. After the match, the brawl continued between Lane and Lynch with Lynch lowblowing Lane. Rufus Jones came to the ring to confront Lynch but all he got was a slap to the face from Boomer as he left!

-Masanobu Fuchi beat The Missing Link (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink). Same situation than the 2 previous nights. That woman at ringside is having an effect on Link's focus and Humperdink is besides himself!

Lights Out Match: Angelo Mosca Jr beat Ric McCord

-Angelo Mosca beat Greg Valentine by reverse decision. Originaly, Valentine had won the match by submission but with Valentine refusing to let go of the hold, Eddie Graham ordered the referee to reverse the decision and award the match to Mosca instead.

-Ken Timbs & The Great Kabuki (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat John Bonello & AWA Atlantic Coast TV Champion Don Kent when Kabuki pinned Bonello

-Rocky "The Best Kernodle" (w/Greg Valentine) beat Kevin Sullivan (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink and Fallen Angel) with a small package

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Lots of happenings here in the Atlantic Coast!!

Jay Youngblood takes the ref spot, but may have cost himself any chance at the title for a little bit of revenge.

Looking forward to Valentine/Orndorff quite a bit, but I can't say I am happy to see Big Dust already getting a shot at the winner.

Missing Link looks to be on the outs with the HoH and thats likely gonna end up a painful place for him.

Joint show was awesome. Love see'ing all the stars from the different territories coming in for a nice vacation in the Carolina's!

Great stuff man, keep it up.

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Great way to get us hooked in to the TV show with Youngblood coming out of the car but then not answering any questions as he headed up to the boss's office and this angle continued throughout your house show loop as we see Jay become the special ref and then promise to not get involved and then he did anyway... so the plot just keeps getting thicker.  Love It!

Great joint show and House show loop but I would have gone wild to see Reed vs Steamboat and Playboy Buddy Rose vs Orndorff.

With you continuing to used loaned talent from other places, your promotion feels like what could happen if we all came together as one and that is awesome!  

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Outstanding joint show as the fans got to see a lot of top stars in the AWA! 

What an upset as Jay Youngblood helps Don Kent win the TV title. Eddie Graham is going to want answers.

House of Humperdink and Andersons is a very intriguing match up. Nobody capitalizes like the Andersons. 

This woman sure has a spell on Link LOL.

Duggan proves he's one tough customer as he survives 2 piledrivers to come back and beat Orndorff.

Reed retains in a hard fought match against Steamboat. Reed is one of the top stars in the AWA right now.

Wild main event as Dibiase and Superstar go all out. Superstar and Poffo nearly cause a riot! 

Would of loved to see that Rose/Orndorff match in Raleigh! 

Rocky 'The Best' Kernodle just moved way up the ladder with that win over Sullivan in Greensboro.

As always you did a great job of utilizing talent from other territories. 


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*Got a bit of catching up to do here due to life stuff and everything and I don't wanna fall behind so I'm gonna go on short summary form for my TV for a couple of weeks*

Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling TV #5

April 13th, 1984

-The Missing Link (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) & Angelo Mosca Jr (w/Angelo Mosca) beat Vinnie Valentino & Milo Clifford. Once again, that mysterious lady was at ringside and had Link distracted for most of the match. Humperdink eventually got fed up and despite Link picking up the win for his team, Humperdink still confronted the lady at ringside but this time he grabbed her by the chin. Link lost it and charged Humperdink outside and attacked him! Both Moscas tried to get involved but Link attacked them as well. Link then grabbed the lady by the hand and they left together backstage...

-The debuting Bulldog Bob Brown beat Roly Horne

-In the main event, Greg Valentine beat Boomer Lynch in 11:07. Valentine cut a promo saying he's ready for his title match tomorrow night in Miami in which he'll beat Paul Orndorff 2 straight falls and capture the AWA Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship. Valentine also promotes tonight's Pick Your Poison Tag Match at the Armory in Tampa where he and Orndorff will pick each other's tag team partner and Valentine vows he can beat Orndorff that no matter who Orndorff picks for his partner, he'll beat them because he's just that better than him.


April 13th, 1984

Fort Homer W. Hesterly Armory, Tampa, FL

-Roger Kirby beat Porkchop Cash

-Rocky "The Best Kernodle" fight Angelo Mosca Jr to a 10-minute limit draw

-Angelo Mosca beat Denny Brown

AWA Atlantic Coast TV Championship: Killer Tim Brooks beat Don Kent to capture the Atlantic Coast TV Championship! - TITLE CHANGE!

-Billy Robinson beat Bulldog Bob Brown

-Boomer Lynch beat The Missing Link (w/Miss Elizabeth, as the ring announcer referred the lady that Link has been defending for a few weeks now) when Link was distracted by Sir Oliver Humperdink roaming around at ringside to intimidate Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Rufus Jones attacked Boomer Lynch in the ring and afterwards, took the mic and told Lynch that in 2 days in Fort Mill, SC, Lynch will finally learn to respect him once he beats him 1-2-3!

Pick Your Poison Falls Count Anywhere Tag Team Match: Mike Graham & Greg Valentine fight Paul Orndorff & Jack Brisco to a no-contest after Valentine got into a confrontation with Eddie Graham, who was seated at ringside. Valentine and Eddie Graham got into it and Mike Graham jumped on Valentine after Valentine punched Eddie Graham. After Valentine struck Mike Graham with a chair, Orndorff and Valentine got into it as well, with multiple wrestlers and police officers breaking up the melee.

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April 14th, 1984

Miami, FL

Before the show starts, Bob Caudle announces to the crowd that because of a family emergency, Greg Valentine won't be able to make it tonight to face Paul Orndorff. Instead, Jack Brisco will take his spot and face Paul Orndorff in the 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the AWA Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship.

-Bulldog Bob Brown beat Porkchop Cash

-"Avalanche" Buzz Tyler & Johnny Weaver beat John Bonello & Denny Brown after interference from a masked man wearing a Union Jack mask, who hit Denny with a roll of coins. Could it be AWA Light Heavyweight champion Dynamite Kid playing mind games with Denny Brown ahead of their big match in Fort Mill, SC tomorrow night?

Guest Referee - Gene Anderson: Ricky Steamboat beat Mike Graham by countout

-Vinnie Valentino beat Konga the Barbarian (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) by DQ via referee's reverse decision. Konga had won the match with a nervehold but Konga refused to let the hold go so the ref reverses his call. That brought in The Missing Link and Miss Elizabeth and both Link and Konga stared at each other before Humperdink asked Konga to stand down and retreat.

-AWA Atlantic Coast TV Champion Killer Tim Brooks & Ric McCord beat AWA Florida Heavyweight Champion Bill White & Don Kernodle by DQ after interference from Don Kent on Brooks. Looks like Kent wants a rematch with Brooks!

-Abdullah the Butcher (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat Rocky "The Best Kernodle".

-Billy Robinson beat "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert

AWA Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship, Best 2 out of 3 Falls: Jack Brisco beat Paul Orndorff  with 2 straight falls to become the inaugural AWA Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion!

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April 15th, 1984

Bob Jones Stadium, Fort Mill, SC

-Ricky Steamboat beat Larry Lane in 5:24

-Mike Graham beat Roger Kirby in 5:31

-Don Kernodle beat Porkchop Cash in 7:42

Respect Match: Rufus Jones beat Boomer Lynch. Per stipulation, Boomer Lynch had to say to Rufus Jones that he respected him after the match but Lynch sucker punched Rufus Jones instead before leaving.

AWA Florida Heavyweight Championship: Bill White beat Don Kent in 11:48 to retain

AWA World Light Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match: The Dynamite Kid beat Denny Brown in 26:58 to retain

AWA Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship Street Fight: Jack Brisco beat Dusty Rhodes in 52:47 to retain

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Always fun to see what's going to happen in Atlantic Coast Wrestling. You never disappoint. 

Liz  seems to have Link under a spell but then again Liz could do that LOL. I'm all for a Link/Konga feud! 

Killer Brooks comes in and wins the TV title! WOW! 

LOL, Instead of saying I respect you, Boomer just sucker punches Rufus. Nice heel move. 

Poor Valentine. He was really rolling and missed his title chance due to a family emergency. 

Jack Brisco steps in and wins the title! Very credible. Then he retains against Dusty is a street fight to solidify his credibility. 

Good stuff Edger! 

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Gotta think "The Hammer" is gonna come back gunning for everyone and everything to get that title. 

Kinda surprised to see Brisco get the spot over Steamboat.

But Brisco put down Orndorff and Dusty so you can't say he doesn't deserve it!

Killer Brooks and his immediate impact should make for some fun too!

Good stuff all around!

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Just look at the names... Steamboat, Dusty, Brisco, Orndorff, Valentine.... the possibilities are endless and you have done a great job getting us all hooked on ACCW Wrestling.  And lots not forget the havoc Sullivan and Humperdink can cause any time you want to stir the pot.  Valentine has been huge for you and I can't wait to see what you have planned next

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