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Images exceed device width on mobile

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Hi! I've popped back casually after a few years away and noticed the upgrade. One thing isn't quite right though. On mobile, images break the natural page width:

It seems to me that the cause is the addition of

.cPost div[data-role="commentContent"] img.ipsImage_thumbnailed{max-width:1000px;max-height:750px;}

to your framework.css. That's saying that if your image is larger than 1000px wide, then reduce it to that width, which is what is happening. However, it's taking priority over another rule which says do not allow an image to be wider than the page width.

I don't know what this rule was added for but it's clearly problematic. (And not the correct approach to take; changes should be made in custom.css. The stock CSS files will either be overwritten in future upgrades (meaning that you lose your changes) or not overwritten (meaning that changes that are part of upgrades won't be introduced) -- the jury's out as to which of the two approaches apply here!)

You need to get rid of this rule as it stands because of the knock-on problems it's causing but there'll be an alternative way of doing what you intended. What is it you were trying to achieve by adding this rule?

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Hey, I'm looking into this and trying to get it resolved. Sorry for the delay. What does this actually look like on your phone? Do you have a screenshot? This was a default setting that happened with the upgrade, not actually something we manually changed.

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